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>> No. 24746 Anonymous
22nd October 2015
Thursday 8:50 pm
24746 USB Hubs
I'm in the market for a USB hub for my laptop. My main concern is will a non mains powered hub provide necessary power for my external hard and be able to charge my phone.

My other concern is price, with some hubs going for as little as £0.99 if you get what you pay for the outlook isn't very promising, here's an example of what I mean: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Laptop-Computer-4-port-Ordinary-Version/dp/B00WE5SZ6A/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1445542983&sr=8-6&keywords=usb+hub note the feedback from buyers.
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>> No. 24747 Anonymous
22nd October 2015
Thursday 10:06 pm
24747 spacer

Cheap hubs tend to have one socket which provides power and the rest don't, but still let you connect you usb stick, etc.

You definitely get what you pay for.
>> No. 24748 Anonymous
22nd October 2015
Thursday 11:13 pm
24748 spacer
>will a non mains powered hub provide necessary power for my external hard and be able to charge my phone

Probably not. The hard drive will draw close to the maximum current supplied by a typical USB port. Some laptops have high-current ports, but even then your phone will charge slowly. If you use a USB keyboard and mouse, you could run those from an unpowered hub to free up ports for your high powered devices.
>> No. 24749 Anonymous
23rd October 2015
Friday 1:40 am
24749 spacer

>will a non mains powered hub provide necessary power for my external hard and be able to charge my phone.
My phone warns me if it's charged on a low power USB port that doing so will affect its long-term battery life. I don't understand Li-ion battery tech enough to know if that's true, but if it is then you should probably stick to using your mains charger for your phone. (I know we've got at least one expert here who can correct me if this is wrong).

My experience of cheap USB hubs (having dealt with a bunch at work over the years) is that they are usually nothing but a headache. Especially if you're connecting devices that are drawing power from it and don't have any power supply of their own, you'll get devices disconnecting, USB power warnings from Windows, all sorts of crap. Spend a bit more and get a powered hub, with a mains adapter.

>If you use a USB keyboard and mouse, you could run those from an unpowered hub to free up ports for your high powered devices.
This is good advice, though even then I have 2.5" caddies with drives in them that won't spin up unless they have a second USB plug that's also connected to a powered USB port (see the attached).

>> No. 24743 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 11:00 pm
24743 spacer
Is telephone exchange equipment, most primarily DSLAMs, susceptible to brownouts?. I would imagine BT employ UPS systems, right? I keep experiencing mains voltage dips and I happen to be on the same transformer as my telephone exchange, each time this happens it knocks out my line.

My servers survive because I've got a rack of UPS boxes, but I'm trying to figure out what's killing my connection.

It's either my UPS spiking out a dirty phase when they click on, somehow fucking with my router. Or, It's exchange end.

I have no idea how to exclude either of those possibilities.
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>> No. 24744 Anonymous
19th October 2015
Monday 2:00 am
24744 spacer
All telephone exchanges have UPSes and backup generators, but they're primarily designed to maintain the POTS network and may not provide sufficient power conditioning for DSL equipment. By design, a DSL connection is running at close to the absolute limit of the line, so the connection is vulnerable to all sorts of minor disturbances.

Dips or transients causing equipment malfunctions at the exchange could be the source of the problem, but there is another (IMO more likely) candidate; a significant sag or frequency fluctuation could cause other electrical equipment to malfunction and produce electromagnetic interference, which is then picked up on your phone line.

If you have a compatible router, it might be worth using DSLstats or Routerstats to monitor your connection and see if that shines any light on the situation.
>> No. 24745 Anonymous
19th October 2015
Monday 2:34 am
24745 spacer
Thinking of it it now, my connection is overhead and my line passes close by some nasty old sodium street lights. That could very well be the source of my problem. Best find my air rifle.

Very informative, Thank you. Ill have a good look at that software.

>> No. 24740 Anonymous
14th October 2015
Wednesday 11:03 pm
24740 Laptop advice
Evening /g/ents, been asked to recommend a laptop for my nephew, and it's a while since I had to suggest anything other than a netbook, basically, so I thought I'd ask your advice first. He's about to start his GCSEs and has an interest in digital photography, and also plays bass so may want audio editing uses out of it at some point. He's sensible enough to be happy with something reconditioned rather than new, but what should he be looking for and what kind of budget does he need? My default advice would generally be 'buy a reconditioned Thinkpad' but he may be limited by what's available local to him, depending on what combination of his money and his mum's gets put towards it, so advice on brands, components (processor, graphics card, etc), or whatever else to seek out or avoid would be much appreciated.
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>> No. 24741 Anonymous
15th October 2015
Thursday 12:29 am
24741 spacer

> 'buy a reconditioned Thinkpad'

Sage advice for most people who essentially want a souped-up facebooking machine, and even for techies who are more interested in RAM and CPU potential than playing the latest games. Sadly most ex-lease refurbished Thinkpads don't come with very much in the way of video or sound cards / capability.

Tl;dr - Check that the model in question is capable of doing "extra-ordinary" things such as video or audio processing (or is capable of being upgraded to be so) before hitting 'Buy' on a thinkpad of any kind.

I'm not really sure what to recommend in its place, or what to look for instead but I would have felt bad if I'd not pointed that out, even if you know it already.
>> No. 24742 Anonymous
15th October 2015
Thursday 10:05 am
24742 spacer

For everything apart from gaming and a small number of VFX applications, the GPU is largely unimportant. Photoshop uses GPU acceleration for a small number of filters, but it doesn't make a huge amount of difference in practice. All "sound cards" are piss-poor, which is why musicians use specialised audio interfaces with low latency and suitable connectivity. Recent X- and T-series Thinkpads have very powerful processors, so for productivity tasks they're not significantly slower than a brand new machine. The biggest difference is the screen (newer laptops are starting to feature HiDPI displays) and connectivity options like USB3.0 and 802.11n.

CPU performance hasn't improved significantly over the last three or four years, so a refurb with an i5 or i7 chip will provide surprisingly good performance. The CPU in a brand new Lenovo X250 isn't actually any faster than that in an old X220, and the same applies to many other popular models of laptop. The market simply isn't demanding faster CPUs, so manufacturers are instead making machines thinner and lighter.

Ex-corporate is definitely the way to go; if not a Thinkpad then a compNanookle Dell or HP machine. He could have a refurb T420 or X220 for about £160, with many sellers providing a 12 month warranty. That is an absolutely astonishing bargain IMO, as those machines sold for well over a grand new and will match the performance of brand new laptops costing £600+. If money is really tight, then a T400 or an X201 can be had for less than £100. If mail order is out of the question for whatever reason, it's worth searching on eBay and sorting by location - there are hundreds of local resellers who have brick-and-mortar shops. I generally recommend buying a replacement battery for any refurb laptop, as the original is likely to be quite tired; a decent third-party replacement will cost about £20 on Amazon.

SSDs make a huge difference to real-world performance, so would be my first choice of upgrade. The T420 and X220 both feature mSATA slots, so you can fit both a conventional hard drive and an SSD.

>> No. 24726 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 4:24 pm
24726 spacer
So I bought a cheap tablet a while ago just to use abroad to keep in touch with people and go online and the like. However recently it's been doing this thing where, if I play videos, there's a somewhat blue haze about them. It's most noticeable on people, they look like they're smurfs or something (see crappy screenshot). Does this mean something in it has given out? I rarely watch videos on it but I recall this not being an issue the last time I did. I've Googled around and I haven't found anything to do with the blueness, but I'm just wondering if this is a fixable problem or not.
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>> No. 24727 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 4:36 pm
24727 spacer
If the blue tinge isn't there when you're viewing images or web pages, then it'll be a software issue. If it only happens in the YouTube app, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. If it happens in all video apps, you'll need to do a factory reset (Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory data reset). You might want to check the manufacturer's website for software updates or troubleshooting notes.
>> No. 24728 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 4:47 pm
24728 spacer
It's Linux based, right?

It's something to do with flash being gimpy on linux sometimes. It seems to get fixed, then show up again periodically.

On the desktop the solution is to right click on it, go through the options in there and the one that says "use hardware acceleration" or similar, switch it to the opposite of what it's set to now. That's always fixed it for me.

>> No. 24682 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 8:44 pm
24682 Pasting shit into Emacs
I have a little problem here ladchaps. Whenever I try to paste something into Emacs with Shift+Insert, it works but in a weird way, gradually increasing indentation with each line pasted.

On Vim I'd hit :set paste and everything would go smooth. I don't know what to do with Emacs though. Lend a hand please. I've performed a casual scroll through C-h a but haven't found anything that would help me.
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>> No. 24686 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 2:31 am
24686 spacer
Dunno, I just use nano.
>> No. 24687 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 3:48 pm
24687 spacer
Sure lad.
I'm trying to paste some settings into the fonts.conf file. The major mode seems to be nXML-mode. Emacs's version is 24.5. The terminal is XTerm both for Emacs and for Lynx from which I had copied those settings.

Just in case, the distro I'm using is Debian Unstable.
>> No. 24692 Anonymous
10th September 2015
Thursday 8:16 pm
24692 spacer

> gradually increasing indentation with each line pasted

Either the handling of windows vs unix newlines (\n vs \r\n) or tabs. Or both. cat the data into a file directly via bash and see if the same thing happens.
>> No. 24718 Anonymous
11th September 2015
Friday 4:50 pm
24718 spacer
All right, I have just `cat << HERE > fonts.conf' that shite and opened the resulting file in Emacs. The structure is unaltered, there are no excess indents.
>> No. 24724 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 9:55 pm
24724 spacer
Tested this in another VM under pretty much the same conditions. Everything works just fine.

Now the M-x has broken too in that Debian VM. It just prints 'ø' instead of giving a prompt. Fun times.

>> No. 24225 Anonymous
2nd June 2015
Tuesday 12:40 pm
24225 Windows 10
So who's looking to upgrade when the full product is released in the near-future? It looks to me like they've put a lot of work into this one, and most importantly the Start menu makes a welcome return.

I'd like to upgrade, but I'm not sure why it doesn't seem to like my laptop's bluetooth, anyone know how easy is will be to upgrade then roll back to 8.1 if it doesn't work?
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>> No. 24713 Anonymous
11th September 2015
Friday 2:28 pm
24713 spacer
You can spend an obscene amount of money to build a computer with allegedly secure components to calm your paranoia.

>> No. 24714 Anonymous
11th September 2015
Friday 2:33 pm
24714 spacer
Or you could donate money to your local church and hope god will safeguard your privacy.
>> No. 24715 Anonymous
11th September 2015
Friday 2:49 pm
24715 spacer
>It's not very nice but frankly you agreed to it when you bought the machine with that OS as part of the bundle.
I beg your pardon?
>> No. 24716 Anonymous
11th September 2015
Friday 3:45 pm
24716 spacer
Debian works well if your not scared of Linux. The only subversive tracking there is what you install yourself (popularity contest, tracking package installation being about as close as it gets to monitoring — but if course its opt-in).
>> No. 24717 Anonymous
11th September 2015
Friday 4:33 pm
24717 spacer
Debian popcon is pretty honest about what's collected. You are usually prompted to install it during a new installation but it is an active choice rather than sneaking in through the back door, and if you do install it opting out is as simple as removing the package.

>> No. 24638 Anonymous
5th September 2015
Saturday 3:39 pm
24638 spacer
In order to knock about a hundred and fifty quid off my car insurance I opted to install a telematics box for 3 months.

Information is sent remotely via mobile network to their server. Using the information, they can rank your 'driving skills' against a benchmark or the other policyholders and determine if you deserve a bonus discount on your insurance. I don't think they can penalise you outright if they decide you are a bad driver.

Do any of you have any experience with these devices or the implications of having my driving logged by an insurance company?

I've got some pictures of the inside of the unit and have some idea about how it all works if anyone is interested.
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>> No. 24675 Anonymous
7th September 2015
Monday 6:34 pm
24675 spacer
>It's worth remembering who the luddites actually were before using the term as a catch-all insult for those who are skeptical about the consequences of new technology and boosterism of progress at any cost.

Not really, since that's not what the use of the word refers to.
>> No. 24677 Anonymous
7th September 2015
Monday 7:07 pm
24677 spacer
It's obvious nobody has ever called you a luddite before. Sheesh.

Do say hello to Mister Ludd for me when you see him.
>> No. 24678 Anonymous
8th September 2015
Tuesday 3:56 pm
24678 spacer
Why do you even want to be a lackey?
>> No. 24679 Anonymous
8th September 2015
Tuesday 4:07 pm
24679 spacer
Because he lacks a spine.
>> No. 24680 Anonymous
8th September 2015
Tuesday 4:19 pm
24680 spacer

It's my best chance of avoiding the death camps.

Screenshot from 2015-09-01 02:45:04.png
>> No. 24628 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 2:53 am
24628 spacer
Installed Elementary OS recently, and I'm trying to make all the odds and ends tie up so everything looks smashing.

This is what happens when Firefox (with the "Elementary OS" persona installed) is maximised. My problems are, in order of importance:

1. I'm unable to find out how to replace the icons on the right with 7F7A7A-colour ones to match the theme.

2. That white line between the wingpanel and the browser window.

3. That either the clock on the wingpanel or the text on the browser window are not exactly centred and I want them to complement each other.

Does anybody have any suggestions for these?

>> No. 24621 Anonymous
26th August 2015
Wednesday 1:15 pm
24621 spacer
Samsung have gone full Apple.


>> No. 24553 Anonymous
19th August 2015
Wednesday 5:36 pm
24553 Virtualised OS screen resolution
I run a number of virtual machines on my laptop in VirtualBox. The host OS is Windows 7, the guests are various Linux distributions.

Now why some distros [1] are able to run in full screen resolution (that is, 1366×768) while the others [2] tend to stick to 1024×768? What governs the max. available resolution for the VM?

My first guess was to fiddle with VirtualBox Guest Additions. I tried installing these into Fedora 20 VM. No result.

[1] openSUSE, Debian occasionally although not sure.
[2] Fedora, Arch, Debian, perhaps Ubuntu.
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>> No. 24560 Anonymous
19th August 2015
Wednesday 7:08 pm
24560 spacer
Xubuntu runs at the correct resolution for me in VB 5.0.1, although I recall it didn't at first before magically fixing itself after a few boots.
>> No. 24589 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 4:34 pm
24589 spacer
I haven't ben extreme distro hopping for a few years, but I remember it wasn't uncommon a while back to get fucked resolutions on some distros and not others. Could be the problem would show whether the machine is virtual or not. Can't really say without trying them both though.
>> No. 24594 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 7:08 pm
24594 spacer

> What governs the max. available resolution for the VM?

I'm not overly familiar with vbox internals, at least when compared to vmware, but my own educated stab in the dark would be differences in the guest-level X11 version and/or graphics drivers.

Modern hypervisors essentially allow guests to (appear to) "talk" directly to the host GPU / video card / driver, while my understanding is that vbox doesn't support this technology and doesn't plan to in the near future. Instead it still uses "virtual graphics cards" which emulate, to the best of their ability, the guest's configured video setup in software before passing it back to the host for rendering.

If guests are indeed responsible for their own graphics compositing, and given that different Linux distributions and versions thereof can come with wildly different kernel (and therefore driver) versions as well as opensource or proprietary videocard drivers etc, it would follow that different versions and distributions would have varying degrees of graphics performance when virtualized in this way.

You can probably fix just about anything by dicking around with your guests' Xorg configurations (http://linux.die.net/man/5/xorg.conf), however you might find that the cure (or at least the path to it) is worse than the disease.
>> No. 24602 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 3:46 pm
24602 spacer
LiveCDs, be it Fedora or openSUSE or Ubuntu, tend to behave normally on that machine. I've never had any problems with the display.
> Instead it still uses "virtual graphics cards"
Aye, VirtualBox uses Innotek something-something video adapter if I recall it correctly.
> wildly different kernel
That's an idea. I'll try diff-ing kernel configurations on those VMs. Maybe fiddle with xrandr too. Cheers.
>> No. 24603 Anonymous
22nd August 2015
Saturday 1:49 pm
24603 spacer
>virtual graphics cards

Is this why by default VB only assigns something tiny like 12MB of VRAM?

>> No. 24509 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 11:14 pm
24509 spacer
Data from hack of Ashley Madison cheater site dumped online


I can see divorce lawyers greedily rubbing their hands.
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>> No. 24597 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 8:43 pm
24597 spacer
In the olden days we used to achieve this by installing small doors. Technology isn't always better.
>> No. 24598 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 11:36 pm
24598 spacer

>> No. 24599 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 11:46 pm
24599 spacer
Lately, when I'm feeling really down, I make myself a cup of tea, and it just reassures me that everything will be okay, It alleviates my stresses. Music used to do that for me, and it still does. I suppose it is nice that tea does it for me now too, but I fear that I'm replacing things people expect from close family and friends with music and a reassuring cuppa.
>> No. 24600 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 12:18 am
24600 spacer
>Lately, when I'm feeling really down, I make myself a cup of tea, and it just reassures me that everything will be okay, It alleviates my stresses.

Welcome to Britain.
>> No. 24601 Anonymous
21st August 2015
Friday 12:20 am
24601 spacer
Music and a nice cuppa are more reliable and less demanding than friends and family.

>> No. 24408 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 6:14 pm
24408 Amazon/cheap tablets
Hello chaps,

Apparently the Amazon Fire Kindle 8Gb is £60 today, or £10 more for the 16Gb.

My old man got a Hudl a month back, not bad for £100 after I took off all the Tesco bloatware; so since I've been looking for a cheap tablet for myself.

Any recommendations before I sign up for the Amazon Prime trail that unlocks the sale?
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>> No. 24495 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 6:53 pm
24495 spacer
I swear Guv, it just fell right off the back of that lorry.
>> No. 24498 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 7:31 pm
24498 spacer
Last year's HDX 8.9 for £140, or what looks like it might be the current Nexus 9 for £200-220? I'm aware that Amazon have sort of gimped Android on their table, and apparently want you to pay extra to disable their advertising. I'm also aware that both rather cuntily fail to support an SD card.
>> No. 24500 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 10:16 pm
24500 spacer
I guess we have an answer. The 65%-discounted HDXs from Amazon's special have apparently sold out. Does the Nexus 9 at £200 represent good value? Word on the street is that Google doesn't have a new tablet in the pipeline for this year.
>> No. 24501 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 11:46 pm
24501 spacer

The Nexus 9 is a superb tablet and is very fairly priced at £200.

The Asus Zenpad S 8 is a good alternative if you're looking for something slightly smaller and cheaper. The battery life isn't quite as good as the Nexus 9, but it is more powerful, and has USB Type-C and an SD card slot.
>> No. 24502 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 12:25 am
24502 spacer
I don't know. I've used 7-inch tablets and they didn't really seem that much better than my 5.5-inch phones, which were already difficult enough to do anything productive with, whereas the 9-inch Chinese knock-off I was recently shown was more like a decent size, albeit the display resolution was shite. I intend to use it both as a reader and as a second screen, so as a fat bastard with chunky fingers the extra inches make all the difference IYKWIM. But that SD card slot, though. Since I'm more likely to be using the phone for music, and putting mainly books on the tablet, the capacity may be less of an issue, but still the dishonesty of the SD card line bothers me a bit.

Choices, choices. Perhaps I'll just have to see if I can showroom a couple to see how they feel. Bizarrely, the price of the 16GB Nexus 9 has been slowly dropping all night. When I left work Amazon wanted £225, whereas now they're almost down to £200.

>> No. 24485 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 11:48 pm
24485 Crowdfunding
Alright lads, today I started my first ever crowdfunding attempt.


I may actually go down in the guiness book of records to be the first person ever to lose money on a crowfunding, since i am doing a competition.

Does anyone here have any experience with crowdfunding or startups?
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>> No. 24486 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 1:32 am
24486 spacer
I do.
>> No. 24493 Anonymous
16th August 2015
Sunday 4:01 pm
24493 spacer

Yeah, for sure. I have a lot of presentation skills which I've had to develop through my work in STEM fields.

Your idea is one I really like, open-source AI is something which could lead us down some interesting avenues, but it was a struggle to watch your video. The video is too long, I think it needs to be 5 mins tops in a nuetral setting with clean crisp colours with a higher definition. The lighting is too yellow. And someone to bounce off, so all the talking isn't just your responsibility. Do you have other team members, colleagues? Are any of them women?

I'm no expert, but having a relatable AND informative video is something you need to grab people's attention.

I'm not sure if that picture really does things much justice either, but It's probably too late in the game to do anything about that.

Good luck, I hope you manage to get somewhere with this.
>> No. 24496 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 7:05 pm
24496 spacer

Hey thanks for your reply and feedback, I really appreciate people having the time to look. I am actually going to purchase a better image, but right now it's the end of my month, and i am right out of money, payday is in 3 days, so then i will start pushing forward with stuff. The image i have is a bit naff because it was from a site that stocked non-profit, non copyrighted images - because i don't want to pilfer anyone's artwork.

I've been doing some background work, and it seems like a lot of it is about social media and getting the message "out there". The problem basically is that crowdfunding sites have a ranking system, and when your project starts off, it's got nothing so it starts at the bottom of the ranking tables (i.e. so far down the listing, you cannot see it). Once you get it in the top 3 pages, it becomes a lot more visible and people start seeing it a lot more. So far it's only had about 100 views, but I spoke to someone who is putting out tech news, and she is going to link to it, which is cool, and someone has just added it to their twitter tech news and they have 26k followers. I basically need to do more of this.

I agree with the video stuff. Basically I don't have any money at all, I even had to make my own teleprompter because it's very hard to remember my lines!

It's such a big project it's hard to condense, so I tried to get as much information in there as possible. I am kind of hoping that people pick up on the tech side of things and find it interesting / informative, because there's some genuinely innovative stuff in the project.

The nice thing about crowdfunding seems to be that you can try again and again, so this is still new to me.
>> No. 24499 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 8:56 pm
24499 spacer
Speaking of social media, at risk of stating the obvious it might be worth pushing it on the obscure ones like Diaspora and GNU Social, since they seem to have a much higher rate of the kinds of people who'd support this, and you're using the GPL so the FLOSS crowd should be happy.

>> No. 24473 Anonymous
12th August 2015
Wednesday 5:35 pm
24473 spacer
I have a written a book I would like to distribute via BitTorrent. Is it legal for me to list the torrent on sites like Pirate Bay or Kickass? If not, are there any legal torrent indexes that get decent traffic?
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>> No. 24480 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 4:10 am
24480 spacer

There's also the completely legal sites if you want like Smashwords, and Lulu and Amazon. This free horror novel garnered 151, largely positive, reviews on Amazon and it's soooooooo bad.

This is one of the very few reviews which is representative of the experience of actually reading it.

>I'll admit I downloaded "Surviving the Fog" on the strength of it's reviews from other readers however I'm highly sceptical as to how genuine they are. The problems with this story are evident from the very beginning and unfortunately they run throughout.

>The story begins with a prologue that commits the cardinal sin of creating a false suspense by writing about the "thing" without actually describing it. This method could have been achieved much better and leaves the reader no better off. They have not been given a taster of what is to come and the first line hook fails miserably.

>That being said I was hopeful the rest of the story was better constructed however I was rather short sighted. The main story was just as bad and it was completely evident from the woeful first chapters. The story doesn't flow whatsoever and seems to jump at irragular points. One of the worst examples of this was a section where the lead character simply goes to bed because there was nothing else worth writing about. The next line (no break in story or anything, just a new paragraph!) begins "the next morning he awoke late". Nothing else worth saying?? Another puzzling example directly quoted "he walked downstream until he was opposite the bales of hay that were used for archery practice. He stared thoughtfully at the bales for sometime and then he walked back to the dining hall". This passage had no significance on anything that was to follow and again just felt like filler and was a painful example of blow by blow low value writing.

>Another passage that had me shaking my head in disbelief was one that depicted a huge jump in time. One character leaves the camp to find help, the children make spears then 6 days later the character returns. This happened in the space of two or three lines and felt simply awful.

>On to the characters. All the characters are linear and could have been carbon copies of each other. They are so one-dimensional that you lose interest in them almost instantly. The dialogue is particularly poor and they do not converse like regular teenagers would. It's all very cliche.

>One particularly annoying occurance was the constant desription of the location. Description is essential to progress a story but to endlessly list items in a room that are of no interest whatsoever to the story is just bad writing. i counted one section where 22 lines were written where a cabin was decribed at length, only for it to be used as a house for a radio. The radio was picked up and the scene left. It seemed like such a waste of narrative to describe all this when it had no value to the scene. It's like picking up a menu in a restaurant. You want a brief description of the food, but you dont need to know what time it was bought, what cooker it was make in, whhere the plates came from and what dishwasher powder was used to clean the knives and forkes. It makes the story boring and the additional lines are unneccessary.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 24481 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 4:20 am
24481 spacer

I'm digressing but I got this book from Mobilism and I was absolutely agog at it.

Morbid curiosity got me to read it because its synopsis included the paragraph

>An international slave trade supplied these houses with boys who were enticed or kidnapped from all over the world. Peg-houses were common in the Orient. The custom was brought to the West by seamen who had grown fond of such pleasures. Boys were trained to service customers by having their anuses enlarged by wooden peg of gradually increasingly size. They would be offered for selection while sitting on stools that displayed the properly sized peg protruding from the bottom to indicate the size penis that each boy had been trained to accommodate.

It was supposed to be about the serious sociological issue of child prostitution during the California Gold Rush but it has a meticulously detailed sex scene every two or three pages and the boys love their jobs. They're the world's most enthusiastic child prostitutes. It was just a noncey porno.

I was even more surprised people went to Amazon and left it positive reviews. People admit to reading this? The author also lives abroad and teaches children ESL so that's reassuring.
>> No. 24482 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 11:06 am
24482 spacer
>trained to service customers by having their anuses enlarged by wooden peg of gradually increasingly size
>looses and finds himself
>> No. 24483 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 12:34 pm
24483 spacer
I am NOT googling this at work.
>> No. 24484 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 12:41 pm
24484 spacer
I'm concerned enough about the fact it's come up on a work laptop.

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