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>> No. 24127 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 5:20 pm
24127 spacer
I'm looking for a cheap, long-battery, durable phone that can run whatsapp.

Anyone know of any good contenders?

Battery is the most important.
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>> No. 24195 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 2:10 am
24195 spacer
On a sidenote, it's very hard to find the classic blue jeans and george asda running shoes combo on google images.
>> No. 24196 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 2:38 am
24196 spacer
>But what kind of idiot spends £500/month on a mortgage? Admit it, you didn't really want a small flat, you just wanted a property and the ability to throw away £500/month for no reason.
>> No. 24199 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 3:05 am
24199 spacer
Nice comparison.
>> No. 24200 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 3:13 am
24200 spacer
Yeah, they're completely different. One involves buying something and paying for it over time, while the other involves buying something and paying for it over time.
>> No. 24203 Anonymous
31st May 2015
Sunday 3:50 am
24203 spacer
You're doing awesome. Keep going.

Screenshot from 2015-05-30 12:29:01.png
>> No. 24152 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 1:31 pm
24152 Linux Time
Just running Linux 12.04 and noticed the clock's an hour behind. Is it a daylight saving thing?
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>> No. 24154 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 5:53 pm
24154 spacer
Means you have the timezone set wrong lad. Set it to UK and not UTC.
>> No. 24155 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 5:59 pm
24155 spacer
I meant Ubuntu 12.04.
>> No. 24164 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 8:32 pm
24164 spacer
>he doesn't hide the dock

How people live like that I don't know.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 24165 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 9:04 pm
24165 spacer
Install a tiling window manager.
>> No. 24166 Anonymous
30th May 2015
Saturday 10:19 pm
24166 spacer

Or at the very least opt for Xubuntu.

>> No. 24105 Anonymous
17th May 2015
Sunday 1:39 pm
24105 Audio
Apologies if this goes in the wrong place but I'm finally about to get some Student Finance after not being paid for a few months and thanks to the severe austerity I've had to impose on myself I'm going to have a lot of spare money. I want some decent audio since my 5W USB speakers are cringeworthily bad. At home I have a set of huge panasonic bookshelf speakers connected to the base unit of one of those multimedia things you used to get with the huge CRT TVs back in the day -- you know what I mean, two huge speakers, a base unit that would play CDs and connect to the TV.

What I'm looking for is an amp and a set of smaller speakers that I can take to and from university with me, and if ant audiolads can advise, possibly a DAC.

So, Q1: Would a USB DAC on the cheaper end (~£50) be a marked improvement over the on board DACs on my high-end Samsung laptop and mid-range PC mobo (both some generic Realtek chipset)?

Q2: As I intend to buy used, what are some good brands of amp or receiver to look out for? Are there any particular brands/models that perform better than their price point would suggest?

Q3: Same as above, but with small bookshelf speakers?

Q4: Is there anything I've missed, or anything I should be wary of when looking at/for used equipment?

Thanks in advance lads, I know it's a long post but I'm clueless on this and I hope I'll be able to get some opinions.

Pic related: The pathetic tin cans I'm currently using.
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>> No. 24109 Anonymous
17th May 2015
Sunday 2:38 pm
24109 spacer

Yep, all you need is the source to plug into them. It's worth noting that most of this kind of speaker don't take the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, they either take the big 1/4" ones or stereo phono plugs.

You can either pop down to Craplin and get a couple of adaptors to chain together, or just go down the sound card route and get something like the smallest M-Box (designed for Pro-Tools recording, but works fine as just a general purpose sound card).

For £200 you should easily get a set of slightly bigger speakers than the one I posted above and a sound card, with change left over for a Cornetto.
>> No. 24110 Anonymous
17th May 2015
Sunday 2:44 pm
24110 spacer
Yeah, I'm using some chain of franken-adaptors at home because my old 3.5MM - > RCA adapter broke and that's what the TV thing takes.

What about the AV-40s? They seem to be the 'next one up' and still have an integrated amp.
>> No. 24111 Anonymous
17th May 2015
Sunday 2:50 pm
24111 spacer
I do think a cheap USB DAC can be a noticable improvement over most laptop sound under certain conditions. It does depend on your speakers/headphones, although it depends more on the sensitivity than the quality.

My PCs built-in sound seemed to pick up a lot of interference from the graphics card, although it was only noticeable on my grado headphones, nothing else I own was sensitive to pick up the buzzing.

You don't even need to spend £50, this is £25 and it should be pretty good. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Asus-Xonaru3-Mobile-USB-Soundcard/dp/B004ZI5E1S/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1431869882&sr=8-20&keywords=usb+sound+card

Of course follow the advice in >>24106 first, get some active monitors now, and worry about a USB DAC later.
>> No. 24112 Anonymous
17th May 2015
Sunday 2:53 pm
24112 spacer

Exact same thing with a slightly bigger speaker. If you can push it up to the next model, the BX-5, it'll be a significant improvement in terms of all-round frequency response though.

Be careful of leaving them switched on if you do go for these however, I had a set where the transformer caps eventually went dodgy. Still meaning to repair them but they are a bugger to disassemble. Check around for reviews on similar priced KRKs or Yamahas if you like, though I suspect the build quality for any brand is going to be similar in this price range.
>> No. 24114 Anonymous
17th May 2015
Sunday 3:17 pm
24114 spacer
Interesting. Thanks. I do have a cheap Sennheiser DAC I use to give my laptop a microphone port but I have to pay I prefer my laptop's DAC because I can use the onboard equaliser.

Looks like I'll go for the monitors and keep using the TV thing at home then.

>> No. 24060 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 1:43 am
24060 spacer
Ladchaps, I request your aid.
My Old WinXP Machine finally died a death, and the Missus has allocated me £200 to get a new one. Now I'm explicitly aware I wont be getting a full on turbo max settings on Crysis jobby, but what's the best sort of affair I can get for that price range? Really I'd use it for everyday posting on here, listening to music and storing the usuals. Already have the requisite keyboard & monitor etc.
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>> No. 24080 Anonymous
14th May 2015
Thursday 3:03 pm
24080 spacer

Yep, they have replaced the old publicly available ISOs with their new "Microsoft Software Recovery" service, which requires a legit CD key.

>> No. 24081 Anonymous
14th May 2015
Thursday 3:06 pm
24081 spacer
Still plenty of torrents out there, and the hashes to verify the ISOs are still widely available.
>> No. 24102 Anonymous
16th May 2015
Saturday 1:20 am
24102 spacer

OP here.

As it happens, i've been given this by a friend. Certainly a step up from what I had but, I figure it could be better.
>> No. 24103 Anonymous
16th May 2015
Saturday 1:58 am
24103 spacer
Does it do everything you need it to do?
>> No. 24104 Anonymous
16th May 2015
Saturday 3:01 am
24104 spacer

Needs a new mother board, CPU and RAM. £100 tops. Two 4gb sticks ddr3, the rest on the CPU, both from CeX, scrounge a compatible mb from somewhere.

>> No. 23908 Anonymous
22nd March 2015
Sunday 1:50 pm
23908 spacer
So after years and years of hating Apple, I have actually just bought a MacBook Air which I am using right now.

Can anyone tell me what is meant to be so fucking special about these things? The operating system is not as good as Microsoft Windows IMO, it seems a bit dumbed down to me. The main reason that I bought this machine was its portability. I could not find another laptop as powerful or as small as this one.

I would also love to hear any good tips and tricks for this Mac.
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>> No. 24097 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 1:44 pm
24097 spacer
Because the ability to run tf2 is probably not the exclusive draw of a macbook to most people considering one?
>> No. 24098 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 1:45 pm
24098 spacer

I'm a big fan of refurb Thinkpads, I've recommended them repeatedly on .gs, but they aren't gorgeous slabs of aluminium with stunning high-res displays. Spending a bit extra to get something really nice doesn't make you a fool.
>> No. 24099 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 2:35 pm
24099 spacer
It does mate.
>> No. 24100 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 2:35 pm
24100 spacer

I bet you wear George jeans and trainers off the market.
>> No. 24101 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 2:45 pm
24101 spacer
No, I buy them from Asda.

Seriously, what's wrong with George clothing? They aren't bad, you silly twats.

>> No. 24064 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 2:12 am
24064 Free/Libre Software
I've been trying Trisquel on a multi-boot laptop for the past week or so, mostly out of curiosity and a desire to try a different and slightly unusual distro rather than a hard-core embracing of their ideals - they seem well-meaning and sincere, and right on a number of issues, but also hopelessly removed from reality/pragmatism and ideologically entrenched on a number of issues that are various flavours of difficult to agree with them on ( a sort of Green Party of computing, if you will). Anyway, I was wondering what people think of Trisquel specifically and Free Software in general, if it's possible to have that discussion without ideological arguments.

One thing I have noticed is that although it's a damn sight more polished and usable than the last time I tried it as a live distro a few years back, it still works as a productivity aid since so few bells and whistles work whilst browsing websites in either Abrowser or Icecat. Freedoom was a nice surprise/consolation though...

If not then I apologise to the mods, and will of course happily delete this thread.
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>> No. 24065 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 2:17 am
24065 spacer
>since so few bells and whistles work whilst browsing websites in either Abrowser or Icecat.
That doesn't seem right. What stops them?
>> No. 24066 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 2:28 am
24066 spacer
Problems with Flash and some Javascript, I think.
>> No. 24070 Anonymous
13th May 2015
Wednesday 6:29 am
24070 spacer

Trisquel doesn't include any non-Free software, which includes Adobe Flash. There's a Free alternative called Gnu Gnash, but it doesn't work particularly well because Flash is such a mess that it's extremely difficult to reverse engineer.

I think that the Free software zealots like Stallman do a very important job, but personally I don't get too hung up about proprietary software. I try and avoid anything with really blatant vendor lock-in and avoid proprietary file formats wherever possible, but I don't mind using non-Free drivers or plugins. I've always stood more on the BSD side of the fence, but I can see the case for GPL.

>> No. 24009 Anonymous
4th May 2015
Monday 9:24 pm
24009 spacer
You know sometimes when you want to open a list of links it's a pain in the arse? Well here's a link opener programme that does it for you. It's fucking awesome.

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>> No. 24055 Anonymous
5th May 2015
Tuesday 11:19 pm
24055 spacer
REALLY soon.
>> No. 24056 Anonymous
5th May 2015
Tuesday 11:22 pm
24056 spacer

Seconded. I thought I'd fallen into a timewarp at "Londis" but by the time I got to the "The soundproofing foam...." my mirth was quite audible indeed.
>> No. 24057 Anonymous
5th May 2015
Tuesday 11:38 pm
24057 spacer
I really want to make one of those bad echoey adverts now.
>> No. 24058 Anonymous
6th May 2015
Wednesday 12:34 am
24058 spacer
If I recall correctly, and I do, /i/ stood for Invasion and had a picture of Simon Pegg in a Guy Fawkes mask. Meanwhile /dj/ actually allowed music files to be uploaded to it, so of course purps cacked his keks before too long.
>> No. 24059 Anonymous
6th May 2015
Wednesday 2:35 am
24059 spacer
I have a theory. There is a board that can only be accessed with a Nepalese IP/proxy.

This is why Nepal never gets range banned.

1 copy.jpg
>> No. 23746 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 8:22 pm
23746 spacer
Have you ever seen anything odd on Streetview? If you go to Manning Street near NG3 4QT, there's a strange demonic figure in front of you every time you move forward. I think they had a leaf stuck to their camera.
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>> No. 24003 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 12:09 pm
24003 spacer

Actually, aside from the scattered body parts, I'm curious why they're "sunbathing" in April with anoraks on.
>> No. 24019 Anonymous
4th May 2015
Monday 10:44 pm
24019 spacer
Dat's nuffin m8, there are websites where you can compare current streets to photographs from up to a hundred or more years ago.
>> No. 24023 Anonymous
4th May 2015
Monday 10:54 pm
24023 spacer

Care to link? My google-fu is weak and that sounds awfully interesting.
>> No. 24034 Anonymous
5th May 2015
Tuesday 12:28 am
24034 spacer
You can use Alt + PrtScn to take a screenshot of the current window. I'm not sure if you knew.
>> No. 24048 Anonymous
5th May 2015
Tuesday 7:05 am
24048 spacer

I didn't actually. Thanks. Is it normal for the snipping tool to leave its faded out start menu link on the snip though or is that to do with my crappy graphics card?

>> No. 24000 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 1:40 am
24000 spacer
Wordpress wants a Nonce key.

What is this, some secret paedo backdoor?
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>> No. 24004 Anonymous
3rd May 2015
Sunday 8:53 am
24004 spacer

I giggled at 'cryptographic nonce'. What a child I am.
>> No. 24005 Anonymous
3rd May 2015
Sunday 12:11 pm
24005 spacer
Modern Britain M8. Half of parliament are crypto-facists, the other half are crypto-nonces.
>> No. 24006 Anonymous
3rd May 2015
Sunday 1:26 pm
24006 spacer


It's normal. In networking, there's a convention of talking about sending things from point A to point B by calling them Alice and Bob. You should have seen my lecturer try to keep a straight face when Alice sent Bob a nonce.
>> No. 24007 Anonymous
3rd May 2015
Sunday 4:59 pm
24007 spacer
Funny, I'm writing up a report on quantum key distribution and all of the scientific literature refers to Alice and Bob and an eavesdropper Eve. Trudy though? That's just weird.
>> No. 24008 Anonymous
3rd May 2015
Sunday 6:19 pm
24008 spacer
> an eavesdropper Eve

Eve would be for passive eavesdropping, Mallory (malicious) (sometimes named Trudy (intruder)) would be for an active MITM attacker. Schneier has a lot to answer for.

>> No. 23945 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 7:49 pm
23945 /IQ/
If you want to restore /IQ/'s legibility (without Comic Sans and Uppercase) you can use this in a userscript:

cs=document.getElementsByTagName('style')[0]; cs.parentNode.removeChild(cs);

It took me too long to realise this. I'd been messing around with text-transform and defining a function to make everything sentence case. Quite pleased it boils down to two lines of JavaScript.

Have mercy purpz..
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>> No. 23988 Anonymous
12th April 2015
Sunday 4:56 pm
23988 spacer


>It genuinely annoys me how some people some to have no awareness of the 'character' or 'tone' of a typeface.
>> No. 23989 Anonymous
12th April 2015
Sunday 4:59 pm
23989 spacer


It takes a special kind of dunderhead to think "Yes, I do want this very serious text to look like it was written in crayon.".
>> No. 23990 Anonymous
13th April 2015
Monday 4:59 pm
23990 spacer

I recall when I objected once at a government-funded charity and was told the reason they use it is because Comic Sans is scientifically proven to be easier for people with reading disabilities to read.
>> No. 23991 Anonymous
13th April 2015
Monday 5:20 pm
23991 spacer

There's no evidence for it. The British Dyslexia Association simply asserted that Comic Sans was more readable, without bothering to do proper research. The few studies available show no statistically significant difference in reading speed between dyslexia-specific typefaces and popular faces like Arial or Times.
>> No. 23992 Anonymous
13th April 2015
Monday 6:59 pm
23992 spacer

>There's no evidence for it.
But it is scientific fact.

old person using tablet.jpg
>> No. 23932 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 5:59 pm
23932 spacer
Can a decent tablet be had for the £80 mark? Me mam wants one for shitposting on mumsnet and watching youtube videos.
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>> No. 23950 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 9:23 pm
23950 spacer

Have a fucking whinge there, cuz.

You were recommending something well out of his price range, threads have a digression coefficient of X(A + B). If you want to be tangential, be useful first and then digress.

It's almost as if you want to cause problems.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 23951 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 9:32 pm
23951 spacer
>Have a fucking whinge there, cuz.

Steam from my arse, piss from my ears etc etc, I could go off on one about how it was you whingeing in the first place but clearly this is just intentional logical fallacies.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 23952 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 9:49 pm
23952 spacer

>> No. 23953 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 10:26 pm
23953 spacer

This should be embedded under the manifesto or on the splash page.
>> No. 23954 Anonymous
28th March 2015
Saturday 11:43 am
23954 spacer

Got one of these for my boy earlier in the year. Spot on it's been too.

>> No. 23896 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 2:17 am
23896 spacer
Where'd it go?
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>> No. 23901 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 7:22 pm
23901 spacer

Design flaws aside, javascript is actually a nice language. Not many people know it's actually based on Scheme.
>> No. 23902 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 8:28 pm
23902 spacer

Javascript could have been a nice language, in principle. It has a lot of Correct principles and features. However, the clusterfuck around its ongoing implementation has caused it to become a horrific mess, neither fish nor fowl, useful for nothing beyond fly by night web wankery.
>> No. 23904 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 9:21 pm
23904 spacer

Is it going to be replaced?
>> No. 23905 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 9:37 pm
23905 spacer

Javascript is a perfectly good language, it just happens to have a lot of properly fucking stupid features that you really shouldn't use. For reasons of backwards-compatibility we're stuck with most of that cruft in practical interpreters, but as a developer you don't have to touch any of it. Douglas Crockford's Javascript: The Good Parts sets out this subset of Javascript that actually works.


Javascript is in the process of being massively overhauled as ECMAScript 6. The ES6 specification is due to be finalised this year, and should be available in browsers soon after.

There's another way to think about Javascript, as a compiler target rather than a language itself. Google use this approach extensively, developing many of their major apps in Java and compiling that to Javascript using Google Web Toolkit.

The biggest problem in web development is IMO the same as for any other kind of software development - dealing with dreadful old legacy shit. Most projects are a pleasure if you get to start with a blank slate, the misery generally kicks in when you have to incorporate a fucked-up old codebase, integrate with a braindead API, or maintain backwards compatibility with something that's poorly documented and hopelessly broken.
>> No. 23907 Anonymous
20th March 2015
Friday 6:10 pm
23907 spacer

Thanks, I enjoyed that. Can we have more of this kind of thing please

>> No. 23872 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 10:20 pm
23872 Thoughts on the iWatch?
Is this the innovative must have device for 2015?
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>> No. 23890 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 12:52 am
23890 spacer
I like how quick Apple were to (almost literally) cry over Google, Samsung et al copying features of the iPhone, when they are apparently now wearing massive irony blinkers whilst releasing the Apple watch.

Couldn't you already wear 6th gen iPod nanos on a watch strap anyway?
>> No. 23891 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 2:31 am
23891 spacer
unless it has a blood pressure / heart rate / blood sugar / hours of work left this week nexus which presents itself as a deaths head hourglass representing the time left until I can get un-sober again, I'm really just not interested. Technology really just never seems to solve my problems.
>> No. 23892 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 9:06 am
23892 spacer
Oh, hi Tim.
>> No. 23893 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 12:01 pm
23893 spacer
I think the most outrageous thing is that, the high end "Apple Watch Edition" has a price tag of $10,000–17,000...
>> No. 23894 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 10:49 pm
23894 spacer

I think that's the least outrageous bit. "Designer" tat being overpriced is less interesting than an attainable smartwatch that will likely open up the market.

I don't really get the point, though. If you truly have to check your emails and messages and such so frequently, you're probably sat on your laptop/tablet/phone 80% of the time anyway.

>> No. 23481 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:26 pm
23481 My computer
Hello chaps! I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to upgrade to 32 gig of ram with out bottle necking my processor, I've got a fairly basic computer knowledge but I feel it's always best to swallow my ego and ask for help when in doubt. It's a fairly new computer I ordered custom built for video editing and the such like. Is there anything on it that is slowly me down too much? If you could explain how and why I would be grateful as I am seeking to learn, thanks .gs!

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
17 in 1 3.5" Internal Card Reader
Onboard High Definition Audio
Corsair Ultra Low Noise 600W PSU
24x SATA DVD+/-RW Drive
1000GB 7200RPM Hard Disk - 6Gbps x 2
120GB Samsung 840 EVO Solid State Drive
16GB Corsair/Crucial PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (2 x 8GB sticks)
Asus Z87-K Motherboard - Haswell CPU only
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
Akasa Venom Voodoo Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler
Intel Core i7 4770K Haswell Processor Overclocked to up to 4.5GHz
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 23862 Anonymous
25th February 2015
Wednesday 7:47 pm
23862 spacer

Are you going to get a UHD monitor at least at some point? If not, you should, because really don't need that setup for 1080p gaming even on the most modern of games. A 780ti would have sufficed at that resolution as it is essentially a 970 as the 970 is based on the 780's architecture and it only has .5 less gb VRAM than the 970's 3.5 gb and there isn't much out there that will use 3GB at 1080p, with the obvious exception of poorly optimised Ubisoft games.
>> No. 23864 Anonymous
25th February 2015
Wednesday 9:31 pm
23864 spacer
No idea. Maybe. I'm happy with the monitor I'm using at the moment (Asus VG248QE) and I expect newer games will eventually tax this card more.
>> No. 23869 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 10:11 pm
23869 spacer
He has a 144hz monitor. A GTX 970 will not get 144+fps out of every game at 1080p, so it's by no means overkill. Even if it was a 60hz monitor, if you want a smooth 60fps with little to no drops at max settings a 970 is a perfectly reasonable choice.

Also it's nonsense to say "a 780ti would have sufficed", seeing as the 780ti is a far more expensive card. And the 970 is not based on the 780's architecture. The 780 used Kepler, the 900 series (and the 750ti) is based on the Maxwell architecture. And the 970 has 4GB of VRAM. The recent controversy has been about the slower memory bandwidth of the final 512MB of VRAM, not about whether or not it exists. Plenty of games (anything running on frostbite for example) will use up as much VRAM as they can, so it's not true to say there isn't much out there that will use 3GB at 1080p.
>> No. 23870 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 11:38 pm
23870 spacer

Adaptive sync is far more important in providing smooth video than a very high framerate. High-refresh monitors are a bit of a fudge IMO, because their main advantage is reducing the likelihood of tearing when running at reasonable frame rates without vertical sync. We really can't perceive much more than 60fps.
>> No. 23871 Anonymous
2nd March 2015
Monday 2:46 am
23871 spacer
I can definitely tell the difference. I must be special. I should ring my mum and tell her.

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