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sad man at computer.jpg
>> No. 23842 Anonymous
16th February 2015
Monday 11:04 am
23842 Help me
I have an aptitude for the sorts of things involved in IT networking and support, but I'm in a completely different (and awful) line of work. What's the best way to get my foot in this particular door? Is this the sort of thing I should be looking at - http://www.networkacademy.co.uk/?page_id=62 - should I just gather the most frequently required certifications for the sorts of jobs I'm looking at? Will this do me any good without real-world experience? Is it better to do an NVQ or even foundation degree in a relevant networking or computing course?

It's worth noting that I'm 26 - is there any hope for me at all?
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>> No. 23843 Anonymous
16th February 2015
Monday 11:50 am
23843 spacer
Age is largely unimportant in IT support roles.

(I can't offer much advice on qualifications, I spent the best part of a decade bouncing around between uni and IT support work but all of that work came to me because of people I knew and previous experience rather than any relevant qualifications.)
>> No. 23844 Anonymous
16th February 2015
Monday 1:53 pm
23844 spacer

> all of that work came to me because of people I knew and previous experience rather than any relevant qualifications

Likewise. IT of any real calibre is an extremely difficult door to get your foot into by qualification alone. This is largely because any mainstream qualification (even industry ones like CCNA or whatever today's equivalent is) is going to be massively out of date by the time you get around to doing it. The upshot of this is that unless you have a classical comp-sci degree from oxford/cambridge/imperial and want to go into architecture or compiler design then what the industry really wants from you isn't your qualifications but rather an aptitude for learning and getting shit done. This kind of ability/aptitude is generally passed around by word and mouth and most companies who aren't mass-hiring graduates do mainly hire in this manner.

Sage for probably not being very helpful and not even having finished the first cup of tea of the morning yet.
>> No. 23845 Anonymous
16th February 2015
Monday 3:28 pm
23845 spacer
You're better off just blagging yourself into a low-level helpdesk kind of job, learning as much as you can in your spare time, and then just working your way up. IT qualifications are, as one lad pointed out, notoriously poor evidence of actual competency, especially given the diversity of applications. The people with the fun jobs in IT are just the people who arrived first and impressed the right people, or else they have a strong entrepreneurial background to sell themselves from. Without those advantages you are pretty limited.

I will warn you though. IT is in its own way a hellish career choice. I mean... Just imagine if all your colleagues were .gs users and 4chan posters, middle aged sci-fi nerds and incompetent diversity checkbox lasses/GAMER GURLS. I thought it would be great until I landed in it.

>> No. 23763 Anonymous
10th February 2015
Tuesday 5:26 pm
23763 Cheap Laptop
Hello chaps.

To cut a long story short, I am purchasing a laptop on behalf of a friend who basically needs it to run his HGV Theory Test CD's. As such, his budget is £150-200.

I would have preffered to get something with Windows 7 as the OS, as it's more similar to the XP he is familiar with, but 8.1 seems to be the only option.

I've had a look on PC World and eBuyer, before I commit to just getting him a bog standard 11" Asus or Lenovo or whatever, any sagely words of advice?
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>> No. 23814 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 9:32 pm
23814 spacer
>really very good error messages
That must be nice.

>> No. 23815 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 10:18 pm
23815 spacer

The fact that I understand that error message makes me want to cut myself.

If I ever meet Rasmus Lerdorf, I am going to fuck him. Not fuck him up, fuck him. In the arse. Dry.
>> No. 23816 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 11:29 pm
23816 spacer
If I had a dollar for every time I saw that....
>> No. 23820 Anonymous
13th February 2015
Friday 12:32 am
23820 spacer

This. I don't use haskell myself but I have two colleagues who use haskell and f# and I spend most of my life in windbg, IDA pro, and the python interpretor. As long as I have the debug symbols for the images I'm working with I honestly don't need an internet connection for my work at all beyond checking email once a day or so and the work irc for chatting. I can honestly work quite happily for days at a time with no internet connection at all with no lack of productivity. Manpages exist for a reason, after all.
>> No. 23822 Anonymous
13th February 2015
Friday 2:44 am
23822 spacer
Ah, PHP. Such a brave little soldier that it even if it errors it still just keeps on trying.

>> No. 23806 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:30 pm
23806 spacer
My parents just phoned and said their internet stopped working and they phoned their provider, Utility Warehouse, who said it was probably on account of an automatic update, and several of their customers had the same problem, and the problem wasn't at UW's end so "ask a family member who knows more about computers".

The helpline guy had them go and check a network driver was up to date or something and it said it was but I'm not sure how it checked with no internet connection.

They had one restore point from the 9th so they rolled back to that and it didn't help.

They have Speedtouch 510 v6 modem router right now which just goes into the phone line. Utility Warehouse gave it to them in 2009. Do you think replacing it would help? They don't want to spend a lot.

Could something like this be OK if they're not bothered about wireless?


I wonder if the "several customers" affected by this maybe have the same Speedtouch router if UW provided it.
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>> No. 23809 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:51 pm
23809 spacer
Call them and tell them fuck off. Switch to a different provider.
>> No. 23810 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:51 pm
23810 spacer
That modem is badly obsolete, and there's a good chance that they will get a faster and more stable connection with a more modern router, so it probably makes sense to upgrade regardless of the technical problem.

I'd be inclined to switch broadband providers, because they'll get a free router and will probably get a better deal. There are currently some excellent deals available, often including cashback - if you sign up for Sky Broadband this week, you'll get a free £100 M&S voucher after 90 days.

>> No. 23812 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 9:02 pm
23812 spacer

Thanks. They've been aware it's not a very good deal for a while, since they started getting their phone line from BT again, their friend who's a UW rep who signed them up in the first place even said it's not really worth it for just broadband. I think they don't want the hassle of changing but if it becomes more hassle to stick with UW, that will have to tip them over the edge.

headphone innards.jpg
>> No. 23807 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:47 pm
23807 spacer
So I need to replace the cable on my knackered old Audio Technica ATH-AD700s, but I'm a total noob at this.

Apparently a starquad cable is a good option; two cables for left and right, two cables for ground. What confuses me is the lack of colour coordination in the cables. It makes sense when you have one blue cable for left, one red for right, and two different coloured cables for ground, but most of these quad cables just have two blue and two white wires. Which wire goes where?

Also, I might need to replace the cable connecting the left driver to the right; the one with the thin little orange and red wires. What's this sort of cable called?
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>> No. 23808 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:50 pm
23808 spacer

headphone starquad cable.jpg

>> No. 23811 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:59 pm
23811 spacer
Starquad cables are generally used with the wires used in pairs, to reduce interference. They're often used for recabling headphones simply because they're a suitable replacement. You can buy starquad cables with four differently coloured inners, which will make your job easier. If you have a multimeter, that will make the job far easier. Take notes on what is connected where before you start desoldering, to stop yourself from getting in a muddle.

For the bridge cable between the two earpieces, you just need a two-core shielded cable of a reasonable size. The outer insulator may well be printed with the wire gauge, which will allow you to select a suitable replacement. Headphone cables don't carry much power and aren't particularly sensitive to impedance or capacitance, so I wouldn't worry too much about getting an exact match.

>> No. 23441 Anonymous
9th December 2014
Tuesday 8:13 pm
23441 TPB AFK
All this effort and for what? It's like they are trying to make it difficult for us.
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>> No. 23511 Anonymous
22nd December 2014
Monday 5:05 pm
23511 spacer

I just google for whatever it is and "torrent" and use a VPN to view kickass or whatever comes up. I find Bing's a little bit better for torrent searching because it seems to have a few more useful results on its results pages where its google equivalent has

>In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at ChillingEffects.org.
>> No. 23742 Anonymous
1st February 2015
Sunday 3:19 pm
23742 spacer
It's back.

>> No. 23743 Anonymous
1st February 2015
Sunday 5:23 pm
23743 spacer
I've been using this recently, for some reason quite a lot of my torrents have been stopping at ~99% and the peer list shows everyone else stuck on the same value. What gives?
>> No. 23744 Anonymous
1st February 2015
Sunday 5:30 pm
23744 spacer
Check they weren't created by idiots. I've had torrents in the past where the uploader included the torrent file itself, and because they'd then deleted it the last piece wouldn't complete.
>> No. 23745 Anonymous
1st February 2015
Sunday 6:00 pm
23745 spacer
Stop the torrent, force re-check it, see if that fixes it.

>> No. 23728 Anonymous
31st January 2015
Saturday 5:03 pm
23728 spacer
Can you lot help me?

I'm after one of those all in one PC maintenance progs, clean the junk, update the drivers etc. Somebody recommended Glary Utils, but I've heard plenty of bad stuff about that. Figure you chaps might know best. Picture incredibly unrelated.
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>> No. 23733 Anonymous
31st January 2015
Saturday 5:28 pm
23733 spacer
New epic meme.
>> No. 23736 Anonymous
31st January 2015
Saturday 6:52 pm
23736 spacer
Ccleaner won't update your drivers, just FYI.
>> No. 23737 Anonymous
31st January 2015
Saturday 7:02 pm
23737 spacer

It doesn't update drivers but Secunia's PSI tells you when software you have installed is out of date and helps you update them. Obviously this is really helpful for keeping one step ahead of security problems.

>> No. 23738 Anonymous
31st January 2015
Saturday 7:12 pm
23738 spacer
Does it let you update Flash without the shitware that comes with it? I wish Adobe would stop dicking around with the direct link. It took me about four or five attempts to find one that didn't 404.
>> No. 23739 Anonymous
31st January 2015
Saturday 7:24 pm
23739 spacer
I don't know why you're wasting your time. I can tell from his first sentence that he's an unpublishable cretin - I've become adept at spotting them from limited samples of copy - and probably one with learning difficulties at that.

11 1.5.png
>> No. 23599 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 12:35 am
23599 spacer

Moot is kill.

2015 sucks.
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>> No. 23723 Anonymous
24th January 2015
Saturday 10:23 pm
23723 spacer
The OED's younger, better-looking cousin says it is.
>> No. 23724 Anonymous
24th January 2015
Saturday 10:26 pm
23724 spacer

>younger, better-looking cousin

Is that how they spell "retarded little goof ball"?
>> No. 23725 Anonymous
24th January 2015
Saturday 10:35 pm
23725 spacer
You'll hardly get to piss in her arse if you call her that.
>> No. 23726 Anonymous
26th January 2015
Monday 11:32 pm
23726 spacer
Is that really what todays memes look like? How embarrassing.
>> No. 23727 Anonymous
26th January 2015
Monday 11:48 pm
23727 spacer
There's nothing more evil than a descriptivist dictionary.

>> No. 23521 Anonymous
26th December 2014
Friday 4:55 pm
23521 IRC Locked
What am I doing wrong?
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>> No. 23596 Anonymous
19th January 2015
Monday 11:46 pm
23596 spacer

It's not a meme; it's real.
>> No. 23597 Anonymous
19th January 2015
Monday 11:56 pm
23597 spacer

To be a fly on the wall inside your head.
>> No. 23598 Anonymous
20th January 2015
Tuesday 12:03 am
23598 spacer

what kind of head has walls inside it? Ones made out of oak furniture?
>> No. 23611 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 6:26 pm
23611 spacer
[18:21] #britfa.gs unable to join channel (address is banned)

>> No. 23612 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 6:32 pm
23612 spacer


>> No. 23572 Anonymous
4th January 2015
Sunday 6:07 pm
23572 Battery Issues
I have Samsung Galaxy SII. It won't accept charge off either of the previously functioning charging cables I have for it, but it appears to wake up briefly before turning off at 0% charge when plugged into its data cable and USB. It's yet to reach any sort of functioning battery level. Does this seem like a solely battery issue? Any help appreciated, ta.
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>> No. 23573 Anonymous
4th January 2015
Sunday 6:22 pm
23573 spacer
I don't know whether your phone would be affected by it, but apparently for a time "too flat to charge" was a real thing. Apparently on some phones the power required to kick off a charging cycle was more than the threshold at which it would shut off.

You might want to double-check that it is actually not accepting a charge by leaving the charger plugged in for an extended period (e.g. overnight), because it may be that while it's not displaying stuff on the screen it's still charging anyway. If that still fails, then it's probably an issue with the handset. If you have access to another phone that takes the same battery, try sticking your battery in there and see if it charges, or try and charge the battery from the other phone in your own.
>> No. 23574 Anonymous
5th January 2015
Monday 9:08 am
23574 spacer
That seems to have been the issue; after hooking it up to its data cable it managed to acquire some charge, after that plugging it in to its mains charger was fine. How peculiar. I've still ordered a new battery in case its current one is wearing out; I think I was mostly very perplexed by it doing this because I was tripping at the time.

>> No. 23537 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 1:23 pm
23537 Antivirus
Hello chaps,
I've recently returned back to Windows after having a Macbook for 6 years (As much as I wanted to, I could not justify paying the price for one, as I tend to use my iPhone more for daily internet activities.)

My laptop came with McAfee which pops up every now and again to remind me I'm on a 30 day trail.

Could any of you lads suggest a good alternative Firewall/Antivirus/Antimalware suite?

I'm running Windows 8.1

Thanks :)
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>> No. 23551 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 10:12 pm
23551 spacer


Peter Norton: Famous for wearing pink shirts
Eugene Kaspersky: Famous for looking like a Beegee and having his kid kidnapped.
John Mcafee: Famous for a monstrous MDPV addiction and allegedly murdering someone in Belize before going on the lam.

Well, I know who I'm basing my infosec career on.
>> No. 23554 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 3:29 am
23554 spacer

I thought it was a Chuckle brother.
>> No. 23556 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 3:43 am
23556 spacer

> McAfee
> Super Hans

>> No. 23566 Anonymous
2nd January 2015
Friday 7:10 pm
23566 spacer
MSE used to get my recommendation purely for its simplicity, but it has been worryingly shit for a while now, unfortunately.

I'd go with AVG or Avast. Both have free versions, are relatively hassle-free, and they fare better in detection rates.
>> No. 23568 Anonymous
2nd January 2015
Friday 8:42 pm
23568 spacer
Seconded. I remember checking the antivirus comparison sites a few months back and being surprised at how badly MSE did these days. Avast and AVG were still the best of the freebies, and Kaspersky and Bitdefender were the best of the paid suites.

>> No. 23543 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 5:52 pm
23543 spacer
My phone's fucked, but it's still under warranty. I have music not from a reputable media vendor on my phone including a torrent app and the torrents themselves. Is it wise to send it off?
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>> No. 23559 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 1:04 pm
23559 spacer

I read a "share secrets from your workplace" thread someplace and someone who fixed computers said they routinely snooped through people's HD's and copied anything they liked for their personal use. That's quite predictable really.
>> No. 23560 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 1:56 pm
23560 spacer
Yeah I've no way of knowing if the engineers actually did look through my stuff but if they copied my TV shows for themselves then good luck to them, I don't care.

Granted if I had the time on the job to go dicking around through every customer's media collection I'd question what the hell I was doing with my life, but that's neither here nor there.
>> No. 23561 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 2:23 pm
23561 spacer
I remember taking a PC back to the place that built it and finding a whole bunch of stuff I'd downloaded in the MRU lists of programs I personally didn't use to open them (e.g. videos in Winamp).
>> No. 23562 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 4:59 pm
23562 spacer
What about porno that could be misconstrued as something rather less appreciable?
>> No. 23563 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 8:10 pm
23563 spacer
I've even had a techie in a computer repair shop ask if he could copy all the seasons of South Park I had when I took my first PC in to have the exploded power pack replaced. He also pinched all my laboriously labeled discogs of classic and prog rock.

If I ever met an engineer who gave an active fuck about piracy I'd eat my hat.

Screenshot (25).png
>> No. 21726 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 1:19 am
21726 spacer
Show us your desktop, britfa.gs!
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>> No. 23515 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 1:49 am
23515 spacer

Everything in it's place and a place for everything lad.
>> No. 23516 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 2:04 am
23516 spacer

I hate icons on my desktop.
>> No. 23517 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 3:37 am
23517 spacer

Desktop 2014-12-24 03:31:19.png

>> No. 23518 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 10:26 pm
23518 spacer

I just finished watching Wilfred, but my wallpaper changes every other day. I too, hate desktop icons.
>> No. 23519 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 11:07 pm
23519 spacer

Screenshot (11).png

>> No. 23476 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 2:04 pm
23476 partioning
I have three partitions. A, B and C. C has the OS on it and is the smallest. B has data and A has nothing on it. Originally I wanted to just extend C but I can't do that because A has bad sectors. So I have two options:

1. Clone C to A, then extend A and resize C. (don't want to do this because it'll fuck with GRUB).

2. Move B to A and resize C. Which do you recommend?
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 23478 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 6:52 pm
23478 spacer
I had one I got in 2001 and it developed a bad sector in 2005. I used a program called HDD Regenerator whose blurb said

>Repairs most bad sectors by remagnetizing the disk surface without losing your data. Works independantly of the file system, making it compatible with all PCs, operating systems and hard drives

and the drive seemed perfect thereafter. I was still using it about three years ago and it still works but it's 60GB so too small to be of use for anything.
>> No. 23479 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:07 pm
23479 spacer
>bad sectors

3. Take a backup and buy a new drive.

Agree 100% with >>23477 - your question in /g/ should be related to the cheapest place to buy a new hard drive, because everything else you're considering is irrelevant. It's about to fail. Hard drives are like ballpoint pens, you are going to get through them in life, and as long as you recognise the warning signs when they're about to go wrong, you'll be alright.
>> No. 23480 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:15 pm
23480 spacer
This. Modern hard disks are overprovisioned, and reallocate bad sectors as needed. If you're seeing reports of bad sectors then it's likely running out (if not already run out) of spare sectors to reallocate, in which case for all intents and purposes the disk has failed and you need to do something about it.
>> No. 23482 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:27 pm
23482 spacer

Did you get any massive unexplainable phone bills around about the same time?
>> No. 23485 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 8:17 pm
23485 spacer

No. It's debatable whether it fixes errors or just hides them but it's a real program.


The bad sector never came back after fully wiping the hard drive and putting a different OS on it.

>> No. 23396 Anonymous
3rd December 2014
Wednesday 10:18 am
23396 spacer
What the fuck is digital marketing these days?

Is it the same as five years ago but 10x more browsers and social media sites to code for?

Has anyone spotted any innovation other than maybe html5, which lets be honest is just posh javascript.
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>> No. 23433 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 6:42 pm
23433 spacer
>The cost of beneficial feedback
"The gains", surely?
>> No. 23434 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 7:32 pm
23434 spacer
No. Doing a better job generally requires higher overheads.
>> No. 23436 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 9:51 pm
23436 spacer
Ok, but "The operation costs them less than they'd lose were the truth allowed to prevail" and "the cost of beneficial feedback outweighs the potential losses ensued from negative feedback" are mutually exclusive statements.
>> No. 23437 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 10:02 pm
23437 spacer
They seem perfectly congruent to me, although I can only understand the statements in the abstract. Beyond that I'm with >>23411. They'd become contradictory if we upheld your suggestion.
>> No. 23440 Anonymous
8th December 2014
Monday 12:35 am
23440 spacer
Surely >>23407 implies that magnitude of cost is less than the loss from negative feedback?

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