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>> No. 21726 Anonymous
4th May 2014
Sunday 1:19 am
21726 spacer
Show us your desktop, britfa.gs!
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>> No. 23515 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 1:49 am
23515 spacer

Everything in it's place and a place for everything lad.
>> No. 23516 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 2:04 am
23516 spacer

I hate icons on my desktop.
>> No. 23517 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 3:37 am
23517 spacer

Desktop 2014-12-24 03:31:19.png

>> No. 23518 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 10:26 pm
23518 spacer

I just finished watching Wilfred, but my wallpaper changes every other day. I too, hate desktop icons.
>> No. 23519 Anonymous
24th December 2014
Wednesday 11:07 pm
23519 spacer

Screenshot (11).png

>> No. 23476 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 2:04 pm
23476 partioning
I have three partitions. A, B and C. C has the OS on it and is the smallest. B has data and A has nothing on it. Originally I wanted to just extend C but I can't do that because A has bad sectors. So I have two options:

1. Clone C to A, then extend A and resize C. (don't want to do this because it'll fuck with GRUB).

2. Move B to A and resize C. Which do you recommend?
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>> No. 23478 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 6:52 pm
23478 spacer
I had one I got in 2001 and it developed a bad sector in 2005. I used a program called HDD Regenerator whose blurb said

>Repairs most bad sectors by remagnetizing the disk surface without losing your data. Works independantly of the file system, making it compatible with all PCs, operating systems and hard drives

and the drive seemed perfect thereafter. I was still using it about three years ago and it still works but it's 60GB so too small to be of use for anything.
>> No. 23479 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:07 pm
23479 spacer
>bad sectors

3. Take a backup and buy a new drive.

Agree 100% with >>23477 - your question in /g/ should be related to the cheapest place to buy a new hard drive, because everything else you're considering is irrelevant. It's about to fail. Hard drives are like ballpoint pens, you are going to get through them in life, and as long as you recognise the warning signs when they're about to go wrong, you'll be alright.
>> No. 23480 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:15 pm
23480 spacer
This. Modern hard disks are overprovisioned, and reallocate bad sectors as needed. If you're seeing reports of bad sectors then it's likely running out (if not already run out) of spare sectors to reallocate, in which case for all intents and purposes the disk has failed and you need to do something about it.
>> No. 23482 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:27 pm
23482 spacer

Did you get any massive unexplainable phone bills around about the same time?
>> No. 23485 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 8:17 pm
23485 spacer

No. It's debatable whether it fixes errors or just hides them but it's a real program.


The bad sector never came back after fully wiping the hard drive and putting a different OS on it.

>> No. 23396 Anonymous
3rd December 2014
Wednesday 10:18 am
23396 spacer
What the fuck is digital marketing these days?

Is it the same as five years ago but 10x more browsers and social media sites to code for?

Has anyone spotted any innovation other than maybe html5, which lets be honest is just posh javascript.
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>> No. 23433 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 6:42 pm
23433 spacer
>The cost of beneficial feedback
"The gains", surely?
>> No. 23434 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 7:32 pm
23434 spacer
No. Doing a better job generally requires higher overheads.
>> No. 23436 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 9:51 pm
23436 spacer
Ok, but "The operation costs them less than they'd lose were the truth allowed to prevail" and "the cost of beneficial feedback outweighs the potential losses ensued from negative feedback" are mutually exclusive statements.
>> No. 23437 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 10:02 pm
23437 spacer
They seem perfectly congruent to me, although I can only understand the statements in the abstract. Beyond that I'm with >>23411. They'd become contradictory if we upheld your suggestion.
>> No. 23440 Anonymous
8th December 2014
Monday 12:35 am
23440 spacer
Surely >>23407 implies that magnitude of cost is less than the loss from negative feedback?

>> No. 23420 Anonymous
5th December 2014
Friday 6:00 pm
23420 spacer
Can a robot, or a piece of software, be jailed if it commits a crime? Where does legal culpability lie if code is criminal by design or default? What if a robot buys drugs, weapons, or hacking equipment and has them sent to you, and police intercept the package?


Wow. Amazing article.
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>> No. 23429 Anonymous
5th December 2014
Friday 10:25 pm
23429 spacer
Auntiefucker has probably relapsed and gone around for another nosh.
>> No. 23430 Anonymous
5th December 2014
Friday 10:26 pm
23430 spacer

He's godded his auntie or something. Usual .gs stuff.

I don't even know what I'm insinuating, really.
>> No. 23431 Anonymous
6th December 2014
Saturday 1:20 am
23431 spacer
>Then the personal who programmed it is responsible. This is bloody obvious.
The person who writes a program is no more responsible for its use for criminal purposes than Ford are responsible for Transit drivers driving carelessly. The person using a program is considered to be committing the offence with the use of a tool. Not that any of that is relevant to what went on here, because last I heard it isn't actually illegal to buy drugs.

Where things get interesting is areas of law where agency doesn't apply, such as road traffic laws. Depending on what the underlying matter is, liability attaches specifically to one of the driver, the owner, the keeper, or the adult passenger (in the case of seatbelt offences). Consider a driverless car. If this automaton lands itself on double yellows, then the owner is responsible (unless one of the statutory exemptions applies). What if it is caught speeding (driver liability)? What if you're in the driving seat, but switched the vehicle to automatic some time earlier? What if you're in the back seat as a passenger? What if nobody's in it at all and you're sat in the office having summoned it from wherever it parked itself earlier in the day?
>> No. 23435 Anonymous
7th December 2014
Sunday 9:15 pm
23435 spacer
>Not that any of that is relevant to what went on here, last I heard it isn't actually illegal to buy drugs.
Well, funny you should bring up what is and is not relevant, because the exhibition the bot bought drugs for is located outside of the jurisdiction of UK drug laws...

>Consider a driverless car.
Given the caution and high profile with which these things are being introduced, I imagine the law has plenty of time to catch up with them and that these questions are being asked and answered by the right people.
>> No. 23439 Anonymous
8th December 2014
Monday 12:35 am
23439 spacer
>I imagine the law has plenty of time to catch up with them
If the talk I've been hearing is anything to go by, they've got about four to six weeks. There were trials here earlier this year, but they were limited to quieter roads and required a driver to retain control over the vehicle.

>> No. 23408 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 2:29 am
23408 spacer
I've become paranoid that my outlook email account isn't receiving all emails properly. It's quite important as I'm in the process of applying for many different jobs, and up until now my inbox has been quite busy.

My mother sent me some things through the other day and they took a few days to arrive, and when trying to confirm my account on a website, the email didn't arrive. (Yet on my gmail account it arrived instantly)

I don't know if this is related, but when playing FIFA on the pc, I noticed that I had a NAT type restrictive message. That has never happened to me before, not sure if that NAT filter or whatever it is, can fuck with my emails .

Is there a way to check if my email account is receiving emails properly?
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>> No. 23412 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 5:16 pm
23412 spacer

You're being watched and your e-mails are being filtered.
>> No. 23414 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 6:21 pm
23414 spacer

I have an old hotmail account I still use a a junk account. It plays up all the time and I do think I get delays in receiving messages. Every now and then I get random "can't connect to outlook right now" messages, and the only way to fix it is to reload the page.
>> No. 23417 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 9:06 pm
23417 spacer
Could you send yourself a bunch of emails with temporary email addresses?

>> No. 23418 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 9:18 pm
23418 spacer

Wouldn't be surprised.
>> No. 23419 Anonymous
5th December 2014
Friday 1:00 pm
23419 spacer

Check your forwarding rules to make sure some dolt hasn't accidentally set your email to be forwarded to some address and be deleted/archived from your current inbox.

>> No. 23409 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 4:26 pm
23409 The Testcard
Anyone remember being scared of this?

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>> No. 23410 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 4:29 pm
23410 spacer
I'm still scared by it. That clown thing is creepy as fuck.
>> No. 23413 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 5:43 pm
23413 spacer
>> No. 23415 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 7:54 pm
23415 spacer
The IBA's rules required instrumental music for startups. All those chopper shots gone to waste.

Bonus points for anyone who can spot the obligatory vanity shot.
>> No. 23416 Anonymous
4th December 2014
Thursday 8:17 pm
23416 spacer
I remember the cunt popping up in "Life on Mars". Weird storyline.

>> No. 23390 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 11:29 pm
23390 spacer
I got this message a few minutes ago after browsing the website without issue maybe an hour earlier. http://watchseries.ag/

I also noticed that http://icefilms.info was blocked for me yesterday but got round it with the address :

Are these blocked for anyone else or is it part of an elaborate personalised trolling campaign by YMCAlad? Im with BT if that helps at all.
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>> No. 23391 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 11:37 pm
23391 spacer
Welp. This explains it, I guess.


The wordfilters are one of my favourite things here. Love you Purps x
>> No. 23392 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 11:42 pm
23392 spacer

Pirate bay proxies are added to the global ban list on a near daily basis, I think. Big trouble soon come.
>> No. 23393 Anonymous
28th November 2014
Friday 12:30 am
23393 spacer
Honestly I haven't noticed any difference with the streaming sites it's blocked. I always find what I want to watch up somewhere.
>> No. 23394 Anonymous
28th November 2014
Friday 12:33 am
23394 spacer
Thank God for VPNs.
>> No. 23395 Anonymous
28th November 2014
Friday 9:30 am
23395 spacer
You disgusting filthy pirate nonce militant daft wog, you.

>> No. 23386 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 7:05 pm
23386 spacer
Is there any way I can retrieve a copy of yesterday's ITV News?

One would think I could use ITV Player on itv.com, but the 6pm news programme is absent. I found mention of this routine removal saying they'd "found people wanted more specific coverage of individual stories".

Could someone with Sky/VM please check whether their on-demand services carry it? Otherwise is there another avenue available?

If you're curious why I'm interested it's because a friend appears on it and he wants a copy.
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>> No. 23387 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 7:19 pm
23387 spacer
If you or your friend has access to some sort of academic institute, http://bobnational.net/ has an archive of pretty much all British TV as far back as 2007.
>> No. 23388 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 8:34 pm
23388 spacer
That site is fucking awesome.
>> No. 23389 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 8:40 pm
23389 spacer
>If you're curious why I'm interested it's because a friend appears on it and he wants a copy.
It used to be that if you were on a programme you could just ask for a copy. Do they not still do that?

>> No. 23381 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 8:47 am
23381 Openreach Loses Court Case on DLM Patent Infringement for ADSL Networks

For a good while it won't mean anything, although some people are reporting stuck IP profiles already and there's a good chance connections will falter over time.
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>> No. 23382 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 12:20 pm
23382 spacer
So, basically, company holds BT to ransom and fails to get the sale it hoped for. How did they not know that BT were the corporate equivalent of North Korea in having a reputation so tarnished it can't be degraded any further?
>> No. 23383 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 4:23 pm
23383 spacer
I don't know what any of this means. Can someone explain it to me as if I were from the 1500s?
>> No. 23384 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 6:29 pm
23384 spacer
BT has made a statement now, that the effect is negligible.

>Update 27th November 2014: We have received a statement from BT which is reproduced in full below, and tells a slightly different story to the ASSIA release.

>"BT has been defending a claim brought by ASSIA since November 2011. They had asserted three patents against BT but during the proceedings, they had to narrow their allegations and withdraw one of these patents entirely.
>In January 2014, the High Court found BT was infringing on only a minor part of one patent, and the Court of Appeal, whilst invalidating the majority of the claims of ASSIA's other patent, ruled that BT's network infringes what remains of the other patent.
>Although BT was disappointed with the ruling, we have made minor changes to our programming which means these two decisions have no material effect on the operation or performance of our networks."

So it seems that ASSIA has pretty much spent millions in legal fees over the years, over what boils down to just a few insignificant lines of code.
>> No. 23385 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 6:30 pm
23385 spacer
So tl;dr software patents suck donkey balls?

>> No. 23344 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 7:56 pm
23344 RM
Anyone remember RM?
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>> No. 23358 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 10:46 pm
23358 spacer
>propitiatory OS
It may have been a lot of things, but it certainly wasn't that.
>> No. 23364 Anonymous
24th October 2014
Friday 5:10 pm
23364 spacer

Early cloud computing?

I'll get my coat.
>> No. 23365 Anonymous
24th October 2014
Friday 10:21 pm
23365 spacer

RM are still around, although they stopped making computers last year to focus on education-specific software and services. I don't recall them ever using a proprietary OS, although they did have a variety of "learning environment" software that presented a simplified interface. RM were Wintel from almost the beginning, as you can see from the magazine adverts posted by OP.


Funnily enough, you sort of hit the nail on the head. Along with Acorn, RM were well ahead of the curve in terms of networking. RM sold packages to schools which used a proprietary low-cost networking technology to share hard drives and printers; Using these shared resources substantially reduced the cost per computer. Acorn had similar technology (Econet), but they didn't provide the kind of complete service offered by RM. Schools were expected to go to local Acorn dealers for advice on procuring and installing a system, but the quality of that service was highly variable. In many ways, I think Acorn squandered the huge advantage they had gained through the BBC contract by failing to fully recognise the importance of supporting schools.

The first computer I ever owned was a cast-off RM 386, fished out of the skip at my school. If I remember rightly it wasn't perfectly IBM compatible, which necessitated various weird workarounds to run DOS games properly. The PE teacher at my secondary took a bit of a shine to me not like that, you rotten old cynics and tipped me off whenever the school was chucking stuff out, so I learned my trade by cobbling together computers from knackered old tat. I expect that there are still half a dozen old RM machines in my mum's loft, in various states of disrepair. Funny how little things like that can determine the course of your adult life.
>> No. 23366 Anonymous
24th October 2014
Friday 11:05 pm
23366 spacer
IIRC the early Nimbus line ran a slightly customised build of Windows. At one school I was at we had them running Windows 3.0, but with no green for some reason. DOS programs would happily show you green, but Windows programs would not. If you went into Excel 4.0 and set a cell background to (0,255,0), it would look just as white as the cells next to it.

I never used to hear about anything getting chucked out, but then that might have been because in the two secondary schools I was in nothing got chucked out while I was there. In the first they apparently got some new machines and a bunch of BBCs got replaced by the cascaded Nimbus boxes after I left. In the second a whole load of computers had been replaced before I got there, including a room full of A4000s over the summer before I started - though I did once manage to borrow a BBC Master for a couple of weeks for a project.
>> No. 23380 Anonymous
22nd November 2014
Saturday 7:41 am
23380 spacer
I remember them well since Windows 95. Before they started rolling them out, my old school mostly consisted of BBC Micro and Acorn Archimedes.

From what I recall, there was a custom login screen/shell and no admin access/access to certain settings. All programs were sorted into their own window and such for the end user. Can't remember if they had shipped with software preinstalled or if it had to be done manually.

>> No. 23373 Anonymous
3rd November 2014
Monday 11:55 pm
23373 Blender, 3d Max or cinema 4d
Hello my friend! I wish to learn 3d modeling, I've got a strong background with computer effects and motion graphics with programs like After Effects and it's various addons and plug ins. I know of many programs to produce 3d models with which of them would you recommend? Tah lads.
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>> No. 23375 Anonymous
4th November 2014
Tuesday 9:28 pm
23375 spacer
What are you doing it for? Game design? Movies/CGI? Do you intend to pay for the software? Are you doing this for a uni course or just as a hobby?

If it's just a hobby or bit of fun, Cinema 4D is easiest to get good results from and most fun to use. Cinema 4D is a bit limited though, so If you want to do it professionally you should think about using others. I think the industry standards for game design is 3DSMax, and Maya for movies (though you can use either really, it doesn't make much of a difference and are both made by the same company).
If you need it free, then you're stuck with blender; which in my experience is an absolute chore to use.

I haven't used any of it in 4-5 years though, so my opinions are probably a bit dated (though probably not by much, things move a bit slow in these industries). Also look into Z-Brush.
>> No. 23376 Anonymous
5th November 2014
Wednesday 3:41 am
23376 spacer
Blender is good if you're looking to learn as a hobby. It's free! And the interface is...interesting. Very hotkey focused as a design principle which makes it quite enjoyale to work with once you figure it out.
In all honesty I think it catches a lot of flack because it's not used as an industry standard so people aren't forced to learn its quirks as they would 3DSMax (which I mostly use) or Maya.

Blender does have one big flaw in that it doesn't have an option to use smoothing groups in the way that 3DSMax (and others) do. There are workarounds, but you're still left with a nuisance when it comes to sharing models between different programs in that case.

3DSMax or Maya are both useful if you're interested in professional work. Both are used in games, but other than that Maya tends to be used by animators and 3DSMax by visualisation people. I use 3DSMax myself.

The main thing to learn with 3D are the core workflows, after that it's just a case of figuring out how they work in a particular program.

Games industry (video games & tabletop games) has seriously shifted towards digital sculpting these days too. ZBrush is the key software for that.
>> No. 23377 Anonymous
5th November 2014
Wednesday 5:58 pm
23377 spacer
I'm on my last year of a university course although it would be for professional use for films and CGI. I've never used any sort of 3D creation software, So I'm thinking of using blender as entry level and working my way up, would you guys recommend that? or would it be best just to jump in to the deep end so to speak?
>> No. 23378 Anonymous
6th November 2014
Thursday 6:08 pm
23378 spacer
I'd say start as you mean to go on. It'll just slow down your progress switching packages a year or two down the line. You'll have to learn new hotkeys, new ways of doing things you've done a hundred times before (like making textures), new names for tools etc
The whole thing would just be a bother you don't need, and offering no real advantage (other than you can use blender... which no one cares about).
>> No. 23379 Anonymous
6th November 2014
Thursday 9:22 pm
23379 spacer
> The whole thing would just be a bother you don't need, and offering no real advantage (other than you can use blender... which no one cares about).

Indeed. Don't go into this thinking that blender is somehow an "easy" or "beginners" tool. The only advantage it offers a beginner is that it's well and truly free (which, if you'd rather not pirate things, does save you a pretty penny).

>> No. 23337 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 11:52 am
23337 spacer
What's the demo scene like in the UK?

Is anyone here part of it?
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>> No. 23340 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 1:49 pm
23340 spacer
The demo scene that I think he's referring to isn't solely about music - it's about writing 'demos', to demonstrate ones coding prowess. These often feature music.
>> No. 23341 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 2:00 pm
23341 spacer

Oh. I'll be quiet then.
>> No. 23342 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 5:18 pm
23342 spacer

Didn't the demo scene die with the Amiga? I remember some of the old crews could do real magic with those little machines (you've actually just made me nostalgic for 'Jesus on Es' and one I can't quite remember the title of "[something] and sunflowers" maybe.
>> No. 23343 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 5:47 pm
23343 spacer
The demoscene is alive. Sometimes older platforms still get demos, like this one for the Megadrive:


Or this for the Amstrad CPC:


But perhaps the craziest are the PC ones that are size-limited. This demo, for instance, is 4KB:
To put into perspective just how tiny 4KB is - you could fit three hundred and sixty copies of this onto a single floppy disk. It's absolutely minuscule.

There's loads at pouet, something for almost every platform you could name:
>> No. 23370 Anonymous
30th October 2014
Thursday 7:25 pm
23370 spacer

>> No. 23361 Anonymous
24th October 2014
Friday 8:03 am
23361 Disconnect
I'm trying to get the disconnect add-on working in Seamonkey 2.29

I've been following the instructions here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1355415 and here https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/SeaMonkey_2

And I added this code to the install.rdf file:

<!-- SeaMonkey -->
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

codelite errors.png
>> No. 23359 Anonymous
24th October 2014
Friday 3:26 am
23359 spacer
How do you turn off these error messages in CodeLite? Because they are really, really fucking annoying and I've only been using it for 10 minutes.
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>> No. 23360 Anonymous
24th October 2014
Friday 4:48 am
23360 spacer
Settings → Build Settings → Build Output Appearance

remove the option: "Compiler errors/warnings displayed inline"

As seen on https://github.com/eranif/codelite/issues/421[/spoiler]
>> No. 23362 Anonymous
24th October 2014
Friday 11:05 am
23362 spacer


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