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>> No. 27545 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 6:15 pm
27545 spacer
Is there an e-reader that works especially well for reading PDFs?
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>> No. 27548 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 7:19 pm
27548 spacer
If you truly have to read a lot of PDFs on a portable device, get a tablet mate. While it's possible to make resizable/reflowable PDFs nobody ever does so there's always margin and paging annoyances on an e-reader. Kindle does an alright job for occasional use but I crack out the MS surface for longer periods, using reference books etc.
E-readers for standard literature which is always available in a more appropriate format.
>> No. 27549 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 11:28 pm
27549 spacer
If it's a purely textual PDF or a textual PDF with embedded images then you're probably best off converting it to mobi or epub. If it's a PDF with specific tabling / formatting then that'll probably be lost in conversion and you'll be best off reading it on a tablet like otherlad said.
>> No. 27550 Anonymous
26th July 2020
Sunday 12:22 pm
27550 spacer
I read all mine on the Kindle - most of them are old O'Reilly books that I was able to buy in PDF form, back in the day. Never found any PDF that doesn't render; your milage will obviously vary if you're downloading a lot of PDFs from other sources.

I like the Kindle because it's so cheap, its practically disposable, and almost indestructible - I particularly like that fact its a one-task device, when reading on a phone/table/laptop, I find the temptation to switch task and start doom-scrolling websites too high.

Sageru, because most people don't like Kindle.
>> No. 27559 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 9:26 am
27559 spacer
I love my kindle, but...

Amazon intentionally gimp the basic models to push people to the more overpriced models up the range. The basic model now has a grainy low resolution screen, and it's only recently that they've started putting a light on it.

I'm sure the battery life on mine has plummeted over the 2 or 3 years since I bought it too, and it might just be tinfoil hat time but I wouldn't be surprised if that's intentional.
>> No. 27561 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 12:16 pm
27561 spacer
I have to disagree on the last point. Internally Amazon track the battery life of every single Kindle (they have a graph that shows the internal battery charge of all Kindles out there right now, and the average battery life of each model). Their business model involves giving the Kindles away - if you have one and it breaks, even slightly, they'll replace it free-of-charge without too much effort on your part (just be nice to the customer service rep).

>> No. 27528 Anonymous
18th July 2020
Saturday 8:57 pm
27528 ISPs
After years of perfect service the past couple of weeks it seems like Virgin Broadband has lost the fucking plot. I know I’m not the only one. Luckily I have BT as a backup and I load balance both lines usually - I’ve been thinking of getting a 5G or a Hyperoptic connection but would love to know what others are using at the moment.

So easy question - who is the absolute best/fastest ISP in the UK right now. I don’t care about the cost.
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>> No. 27534 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 8:05 am
27534 spacer
Hyperoptic symmetric 1Gbps is nice if you can get it. They do use CGNAT in a way that stops you running services but you can request a static v4 for £5/mo if that's a concern. Support was responsive and technically knowlegable the one time I've needed them. Had one outage of a couple of hours in the last year, otherwise flawless.
>> No. 27535 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 8:12 am
27535 spacer
If you've got Hyperoptic service at your address, don't hesitate to get it - short of a leased line, they offer the absolute fastest service in the UK at a very fair price. BT are starting to offer FTTP, but availability is very limited right now. Three are offering reasonably-priced 5G home broadband, but it's only available in a few major cities and the peak-time speeds can be quite unreliable.

If you need a new load-balancing router, I'd recommend Mikrotik.
>> No. 27536 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 9:50 am
27536 spacer

What you need is BT's guaranteed fuck-all service.
I'm actually pretty happy with my EE 4G service out here in th emiddle of nowhere. No fixed IP, though, and NATed to hell, but the actual bandwidth is tolerable at 20-30M, and 500gigs cap for £50 a month. Presents on an RJ45 as well as wifi.
It'll not do you as a main line, but as a fallback it has charm, and you can idle it when you're not using it, fire it back up in a day or two.
>> No. 27537 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 11:47 am
27537 spacer
I really cannot abide the fact that utilities contracts are getting longer.

My current place does not have Virgin or hyperoptic service, and as a result I had to take an 18 month contract for my broadband as unless I wanted to pay absolutely extortionate amounts, I had to take an 18 or 24 month contract. I am only living here for 9 months.

Likewise, vodafone tried to renew my mobile contract and conveniently forgot to tell me it was going to be for 24 months, when all my previous contracts were 12.

Give it a few years and we'll be swearing fielty for life.
>> No. 27540 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 8:30 pm
27540 spacer
>>27537 EE are happy to sell you a month's worth of 4g data.
I'll agree, long contracts are a cunt's trick, and should be breakable for a token fee. It feels like one of the few really onerous contracts out there.
seem to offer a rolling one month with a not too bad installation fee.

Annotation 2020-06-18 182407.png
>> No. 27473 Anonymous
18th June 2020
Thursday 6:25 pm
27473 Facebook Fake Giveaway Scams
I've noticed some of my friends (young and old) sharing shit from these clearly fake giveaway scams. Sometimes they'll pretend to be a legitimate company, other times it'll be something generic, but they are always running a prize draw for something amazing.

What's their endgame? How do the scammers make money out of this?
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>> No. 27484 Anonymous
19th June 2020
Friday 9:08 am
27484 spacer
Funnily enough this popped up on my timeline this morning. Took 2 seconds to check and see that the page was only created yesterday.

Is it just to grab a list of active (and gullible) FB accounts to sell to a spammer?
>> No. 27486 Anonymous
19th June 2020
Friday 1:51 pm
27486 spacer
If I had to guess, it's a great way to find accounts with lots of data to harvest - some of these people still have their mobile number and email set to public. On top of that, someone believing they can win a car by sharing a post is much, much more likely to follow through on your phishing link or whatever other scam you happen to be running.
>> No. 27487 Anonymous
19th June 2020
Friday 1:53 pm
27487 spacer

Also, compare and contrast to the chain posts that get people to share their mothers maiden name, their date of birth, etc etc.
>> No. 27526 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 12:27 pm
27526 spacer
>> No. 27527 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 1:53 pm
27527 spacer

Small charity lotteries are explicitly permitted under the regulations.


>> No. 27495 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 12:07 pm
27495 spacer
How do I get better at Excel? I can do the basics but that's about it.
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>> No. 27521 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
27521 spacer
Showing the middle aged people at my old work that they can just use Ctrl+D to copy the cell above, I swear they were about to dip me in the paint wash tank to check if I was a witch.
>> No. 27522 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 5:23 pm
27522 spacer

How did they react to selecting a range and then using control+enter to enter that formula in to every cell in one go?
>> No. 27523 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 7:31 pm
27523 spacer
Good Excel/VBA people can easily get 400 quid per day contracting.
>> No. 27524 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:27 pm
27524 spacer
I'd just like to say that as someone who spent two years of his miserable life staring at Excel through the lens of IDA Pro it's quite amusing to see a thread full of people who know how to use things like pivot tables to do the things they're actually intended to do rather than to cause an invalid memory access. Carry on.
>> No. 27525 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:51 pm
27525 spacer

I've done that before for that number, it was really more VBA work than anything, with pure excel people usually know enough to think they are using excel well, but don't know enough to know that their current models are crap, and when people do know enough to know their models are crap they usually fix it themselves, so it is harder market to work in than you would think.

>> No. 27502 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 6:27 pm
27502 spacer
How uncommon is it to not pay for a TV license? I don't use the BBC, watch or record any live television and my TV is not connected to an aerial. As far as I can tell, I'm not breaking any laws, but I'm hesitant to go about declaring this as I don't understand on what grounds it's determined you need a license, at this time as well I really don't want someone I don't know coming into my home to tell me I need to pay for something I wouldn't be using.
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>> No. 27509 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 7:20 pm
27509 spacer

it is a live broadcast.
>> No. 27513 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 7:39 pm
27513 spacer
>You are under no obligation to inform them that you don't need a license if your premises is currently unlicensed.
This. You can basically ignore them. They send cycles of scary letters, but after a while you'll get the pattern. They only bother doing house calls if they have enough of them in the area to justify it, and in any case you don't even have to answer the door.

Some people will tell you about various notices you can send them. Ignore this advice. TVL have some funky powers when it comes to search warrants, to the point where "obstructing a warrant" is a separate offence. They don't have much of a budget for actually doing this, so they use these sparingly, and sending them nastygrams is a really good way to get yourself on their radar.

In short: just ignore them.
>> No. 27514 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 7:44 pm
27514 spacer
If they don't have you name to the address, there's nothing they can do. Same with bailiffs.
>> No. 27517 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 8:58 am
27517 spacer
I haven't had a licence in over ten years. In that time I've had two or three 'I called.' notices throught the door, one of which I actually stood there and watched the guy put through the letterbox without ringing the doorbell. Clearly they couldn't give a toss so I've never even had the chance to deploy my 'nah mate it's only for Netflix' line.
>> No. 27518 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 9:01 am
27518 spacer
>How uncommon is it to not pay for a TV license?
>TV Licencing
>You don't need a license.

Lads, stop fucking about.

>> No. 27488 Anonymous
21st June 2020
Sunday 9:02 pm
27488 spacer
I have an old laptop that I want to give to my mum as she's currently stuck with an iPad. I'm a naughty boy though so I preferably need to remove any traces of smoking and porn. Anything you lads would recommend and is there anything you recommend I install for a pensioner when I set her up?

At a minimum I need to give it a fresh install and use a can of gas to get rid of all the tobacco crumbs. I'll probably have to open it up and shake out the crumbs as well. I'll be a bit paranoid if that's the limit though, maybe replace the fan?
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>> No. 27490 Anonymous
21st June 2020
Sunday 9:37 pm
27490 spacer
I'm pretty sure a full OS reinstall will format the drives, so any trace of porn will be deleted. If you want to give the discs a good scrub, you could use CCleaner with adjusted settings for multiple overwrites but it'd be unncessary if your parent is a layman (and it'll take a long time to overwrite unused diskspace).

I'm guessing you could use a solvent to de-tar the fan and bodywork, if required. Get a little bottle of isopropl or something from the chemist, tell them you want it for degreasing/cleaning.

Speaking of CCleaner; the company was bought out by Avast a few years ago. Apparently the company is notorious for poor secuity and the program was compromised shortly after their takeover of Piriform. The problem was rectified but it's left me wondering - is it still a trustworthy program?
>> No. 27491 Anonymous
21st June 2020
Sunday 9:42 pm
27491 spacer

>you could use CCleaner

Don't bother - Microsoft provide a secure deletion tool that isn't horrendously suspect. Download it, run "sdelete -c" from the command line and it'll wipe your free space.

>> No. 27492 Anonymous
21st June 2020
Sunday 10:55 pm
27492 spacer
>that isn't horrendously suspect

>> No. 27493 Anonymous
21st June 2020
Sunday 11:04 pm
27493 spacer

>> No. 27494 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 4:14 pm
27494 spacer
Killdisk + reinstall

>> No. 27454 Anonymous
18th May 2020
Monday 8:38 pm
27454 spacer
Later on in the year I'll be converting my garage and setting up a home office.

I've got a habit of getting carried away and buying things with higher specs than I'll actually need. For the job itself I won't need a computer to do much more than running Word, Excel and a few online tools.

If you had a budget of, say, £1,000 how would you allocate that between the computer, monitors, desk, chair and other equipment? I've been advised to also get a large whiteboard for one of the walls and I wouldn't mind a decent sound system eventually.
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>> No. 27461 Anonymous
18th May 2020
Monday 10:33 pm
27461 spacer

The current "shed" is actually a converted garage. The key is the gas heating which turns it into a lovable/liveable room.
>> No. 27462 Anonymous
18th May 2020
Monday 10:51 pm
27462 spacer


The sheer amount of real estate on a big 4k monitor is ludicrous - it's effectively four 1080p monitors in one seamless unit. There are arguments for multi-monitor setups, but a sufficiently large monitor gives you tons of flexibility. You know that window snapping thing that Windows 10 does if you drag a window to the edge or corner of a screen? That's actually useful when you've got enough size and resolution. I have quite a high scaling factor because of my terrible eyesight, but I've still got more desktop space than I know what to do with.
>> No. 27463 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 5:01 pm
27463 spacer
If you're not too bothered by the aesthetic, you might want to use a workbench for a desk. Much more durable than flimsy flat pack crap, and much more affordable than an actual solid, well-constructed desk.
>> No. 27464 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 5:04 pm
27464 spacer
If you're going in that direction, a fire door and four legs is incredibly good value. You can build an enormous/solid desk for about 40 quid.
>> No. 27466 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 5:20 pm
27466 spacer

I went a similar route with scaffold planks. So very easy to do.

>> No. 27416 Anonymous
4th April 2020
Saturday 9:50 pm
27416 spacer
Now that it's gotten a bit warm outside, I've remembered that I don't actually own a fan anymore and was too lazy to buy one in winter like I said I would. And I bet it's going to be a proper scorcher this year with all of us trapped inside and having to duct-tape our windows shut to keep out the virus.

Do either of you have any recommendations for fans or other ways to prepare for a heatwave? I've noticed that bladeless seems to be taking off but they all still seem a bit too dear unless I go for the cheap as chips version:

You reckon one of these will keep me alive? I'm not fucking around, there's going to be a rush in a few days on fans and my tiny studio flat is going to turn into an oven if I'm not sorted.
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>> No. 27429 Anonymous
5th April 2020
Sunday 8:34 am
27429 spacer
I bought a few USB clip-on fans last year, and they were surprisingly good.
Like https://www.amazon.co.uk/IREENUO-Rechargeable-Operated-Portable-Personal/dp/B07CWPYS5M - I just searched if USB battery fan.
They go for quite a while on battery, and if you just want to blow the sweat off, they're great. Obviously no use for doing a whole room.
Wondering about a ceiling fan for the bedroom this year, the Mrs likes her pedestal fan, but it's annoying.
>> No. 27430 Anonymous
5th April 2020
Sunday 8:53 am
27430 spacer
The main downside is that they only work in dry heat. On a humid day they're useless to worse than nothing.
Otherwise, the small cheap ones you can get from china for £20-30, I really don't know how good they'll be, just for the fact that they probably can't physically move enough air through them to be useful. There's some bigger units around £100 that may be a better but then it's ending up being quite expensive for something that's only going to be needed a few days or weeks a year.
>> No. 27431 Anonymous
5th April 2020
Sunday 1:51 pm
27431 spacer

I wonder how hard it would be to turn a car A/C compressor into a room-sized air conditioner. You'd need some sort of motor to drive it, but I suppose a 500W electric motor should do the job.

It'd be more the supporting pipework, and putting the radiator mounts in appropriate places, and I'm no plumber.
>> No. 27432 Anonymous
5th April 2020
Sunday 3:25 pm
27432 spacer
How humid are we talking? We don't get real humidity here, do we?

Anyway, I am effectively non-functional for ~2 months of the year when the heat arrives. If there's something out there for shy of £100 that can help, it's getting fucking bought.

I've often pondered this. I'm happy to get stuck in with DIY but mounting radiators on a wall two storeys up is a bit beyond me.
>> No. 27433 Anonymous
5th April 2020
Sunday 3:33 pm
27433 spacer
Not him but I reckon this comes down to where abouts you live. Near any rivers or lakes you will already be aware of the humidity difference, fucked if you get hot-rain like we had last year.

I just copied >>27425 and ordered a Meaco 650. Seems to have rave reviews and will hopefully be enough for one person.

>> No. 27411 Anonymous
28th March 2020
Saturday 12:24 am
27411 spacer


Remember when computers were exciting?
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>> No. 27412 Anonymous
28th March 2020
Saturday 1:32 am
27412 spacer
I don't think much of that outro music.
>> No. 27413 Anonymous
28th March 2020
Saturday 1:59 am
27413 spacer
Christ, that's a women.
>> No. 27414 Anonymous
4th April 2020
Saturday 9:05 pm
27414 spacer
I wonder what became of the Greens. The fact that the computer was owned in a cooperative must've been a fucking nightmare.
>> No. 27415 Anonymous
4th April 2020
Saturday 9:10 pm
27415 spacer
Why did so many men in the '80s look like Stephen King? Alternatively, why does Stephen King still look like he's from the '80s?

>> No. 27404 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 3:33 pm
27404 spacer

This is almost /101/, but look at this lot, pretending they're reducing the bitrate to save this beleaguered society in our time of need, when really they're just cutting their bandwidth bill in anticipation of everyone's monthly usage going through the roof. Sanctimonious cunts.

Anyway. The BBC there are saying that a 2GB movie is HD. Are they just counting wrong (wouldn't be the first time), or are some of those paid streaming services actually that tight-fisted with their bitrate? I've been vaguely tempted to leave the "blurays and usegroups" approach behind. It's served me well, but it might be time to move on. I'll be fucked if I'm putting up with 2GB "HD" movies, though. Anyone use these things, any thoughts or observations?
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>> No. 27406 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 3:54 pm
27406 spacer
If you shift as much data as Netflix does, you'd be a muppet to pay for transit bandwidth instead of peering. Netflix has some of the most resilient and scalable systems around. To get there, they've built and deployed Chaos Monkey, which randomly switches things off. They happily run it in production, so somewhere in the world right now something of theirs is down and nobody cares.
>> No. 27407 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 4:05 pm
27407 spacer
I've heard of that rogue process daemon, "Chaos Monkey" is it.

The web is littered with articles about how Netflix are grudgingly paying ISPs, though, so clearly they pay the piper somehow.
>> No. 27408 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 5:48 pm
27408 spacer

It's mainly in the US with domestic ISPs, who held them to ransom by deliberately throttling their traffic until they paid up.
>> No. 27409 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 6:37 pm
27409 spacer

Netflix go well beyond peering - they provide free caching servers to ISPs, deployable down to the PoP level. If you're in a city, it's likely that your Netflix stream isn't travelling any further than your local telephone exchange.

Of course, none of that helps if ISPs have ridiculously high contention ratios. The problem is particularly acute for Virgin Media because of the architecture of DOCSIS - they can offer massive "up to" bandwidth, but they can't cope with peak demand.
>> No. 27410 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 6:37 pm
27410 spacer


320px-Oil_spill_on_laptop_-_ermin (1).jpg
>> No. 27318 Anonymous
30th November 2019
Saturday 5:58 pm
27318 spacer
I spilled water on the corner of my laptop keyboard and now it won't turn on. I'm hoping it's just a fucked battery, or something to do with the power, and that the motherboard is still alive. There was no smell, no other symptoms. It crashed and I switched it off, unplugged it, then set it upside-down overnight. I couldn't get the battery out as that requires unscrewing and I had no tools on me.

It's still dead, but it's been so cold that it wouldn't surprise me if there's still some moisture knocking around inside.

I'm going to buy a screwdriver set and have a poke around, but I'm not really sure what to look for -- how can I tell what part broke?

Am I better off taking it to a repair shop? Perhaps they test the components individually?

Model is a Lenovo Ideapad 320, if that matters.
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>> No. 27321 Anonymous
30th November 2019
Saturday 6:50 pm
27321 spacer

Well, tits. I'll wait it out. Thanks lad.
>> No. 27367 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 3:27 pm
27367 spacer

Lol what are you doing here mate? It says up at the top "No Faggotry"

take it into a repair shop and quit shitposting

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 27368 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 3:31 pm
27368 spacer
Is this /g/'s own version of helmetlad?
>> No. 27369 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 4:43 pm
27369 spacer

Who on earth is helmetlad?

Also, I had my laptop fixed by someone else, who replaced the motherboard.
>> No. 27370 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 4:54 pm
27370 spacer

>> No. 27339 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 6:17 pm
27339 Screen Capturing
I need some good free screen-capturing software for windows which records audio too. In need of a quick response.

I'm using Windows 7 if that makes any difference.
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>> No. 27362 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 4:31 am
27362 spacer
It's really, really not.
>> No. 27363 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 4:56 am
27363 spacer

Yes it is. It just comes back after every update.

There's many different ways to automate the process though.
>> No. 27364 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 10:10 pm
27364 spacer
Okay now I'm on Win 10. How do I get rid of all the spyware?
>> No. 27365 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 11:31 pm
27365 spacer
It's disabled my headphones somehow.
>> No. 27366 Anonymous
26th January 2020
Sunday 11:40 am
27366 spacer
I use ShutUp10, it's got quite fine-grained control over various privacy-related settings, but it needs to be run after each update. There's probably an auto-updating solution.

>> No. 27327 Anonymous
31st December 2019
Tuesday 9:34 pm
27327 Apparently Javascript was invented to run toasters.
Does NoScript actually protect my computer from anything? The only real benefit i'm aware of is preventing all these embedded youtube links from requesting data.

Sometimes during a google search i'll see a brief view of the full site before noscript filters it back to basics.

It's interesting to see how many companies demand access through various sites. For example, I've never seen doubleclick.net on britfa.gs before - i guess it's coming through Youtube or something. It's like a giant web, all the internet must be covered.

To be honest i'm not even sure what a script is.
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>> No. 27333 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 12:29 pm
27333 spacer
>I was using Ublock-origin on Firefox at one stage for maximum autism.
Say what? That's the most mainstream adblocker out there. There's zero autism involved if like most people you just install it and fuhgeddaboudit.
>> No. 27334 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 12:58 pm
27334 spacer
Pihole is pretty good.
>> No. 27335 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 1:24 pm
27335 spacer

uBlock is for blocking ads; if you want to block scripts you need uMatrix.
>> No. 27336 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 1:52 pm
27336 spacer
I use NoScript and once you've been using it a few months and whitelisted everywhere you visit regularly it really isn't that much of a pain as it is usually described. Yes when you visit a new site you will need to whitelist a whole bunch of other sites but it helps you understand what's going on under the hood, and it's a small price to pay to never be hijacked again by either someone trying to install malware, or the 'you are an idiot ha ha ha' pop ups.
>> No. 27337 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 4:31 pm
27337 spacer
Oh that's what I meant, but when I was experimenting with Vivaldi after Firefox fucked up extensions for a weekend.

>> No. 27326 Anonymous
18th December 2019
Wednesday 9:55 pm
27326 spacer


When I was a kid the future was exciting. Now it's almost here I'm shitting it.

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