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>> No. 27047 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 6:46 pm
27047 spacer
Dear /g/,

I live about 25m beyond the range of my campus wifi network, and I'm looking for advice on extending this network. There's no line of sight between my building and the network zone. There's an L-bend, so it's been recommended that I buy two routers with directional antennas mounted side-by-side at the corner of the L-bend. Has anyone dealt with a a similar problem? What hardware did you buy, and would you recommend it in my case?

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>> No. 27048 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 7:34 pm
27048 spacer
Ubiquiti make the best wireless gear around at the moment. It is cheap, the software is extremely high quality - so good that we use it at work, and I believe you could probably have a base station that extends your campus network.
>> No. 27049 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 8:48 pm
27049 spacer
If at all possible, I'd just ask the campus IT team to fix the signal blackspot.

Failing that, option one is to use a wifi repeater, which will connect to the campus network and create a new access point. I wouldn't particularly recommend this, because they tend to be quite flaky. It's also highly likely that the campus IT team will detect and remove your repeater for security reasons - unauthorised wifi access points are a major security issue.

The other option is to use a wifi adapter with a high-gain antenna. Alfa Networks sell a wide range of high-power wifi adapters and high-gain antennas, which are hugely popular among the long-range wifi crowd.


>> No. 26960 Anonymous
21st December 2018
Friday 1:54 pm
26960 Building a PC
Inspite of everything, I've given myself the medium term goal of building a decent PC, with a view to updrading it over time. I need to edit video and I'd like to play games on it, of course, so since Monday I've been doing some fairly basic research and making sure I wasn't playing myself by adding any daft components I don't need.

The following link is my basic idea that I'll be adding further SSDs and more RAM to over time, but I'd like to know if anyone has any advice, generally or specifically, about building a PC and possibly saving money while doing so. Video cards are still slightly mysterious to me right now.

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>> No. 27042 Anonymous
9th February 2019
Saturday 10:28 am
27042 spacer
Yeah agreed - repurposing any bits of Dell kit is a lottery, that hardly ever works as they don't stick to standard size anything. I have found it is generally false economy to try and recycle or repurpose Dells into anything else.
>> No. 27043 Anonymous
9th February 2019
Saturday 12:19 pm
27043 spacer

This is what I'm looking at. The CPU alone seems to be worth the asking price, Maybe if everything comes up Anon I could spring for a GTX 750, which is both smaller and less power hungry than a HD7770.
>> No. 27044 Anonymous
9th February 2019
Saturday 4:22 pm
27044 spacer

That's a normal mid-tower and it'll take full-size video cards without modification. It's the small form factor PCs with half-height card slots that are a problem, although you can buy half-height GTX 750 and 1050 cards.
>> No. 27045 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 11:02 am
27045 spacer
Are there any YouTube channels who focus on computer hardware performance in things that aren't games? I'm really not arsed about 144FPS in Battlefield Nine.2 Redux, but not being able shift a timeline around would be a genuine ballache. If it's there it's buried, because I've been looking.
>> No. 27046 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 12:11 pm
27046 spacer

Not really. Non-gaming tasks are so diverse that it's really hard to capture performance in a video. Fortunately, if you understand the dimensions of performance you can make a reasonable guesstimate about how much an upgrade will benefit you.

Open the Performance tab in Task Manager and see where you're getting bottlenecked. Boot times and application loading are severely bottlenecked by the random I/O performance of a hard drive, which will be indicated by 100% utilisation of the main drive. For general responsiveness, it's overwhelmingly important to get a decent SSD. If you're running out of RAM, that's your bottleneck (bearing in mind that an SSD substantially mitigates the performance impact of running out of RAM).

The CPU graphs show utilisation on each core, which will indicate whether you're bottlenecked on a single core or all cores; looking up the single and multithreaded performance scores on cpubenchmark.net will give you a good idea of the performance difference between your current CPU and your prospective choice of CPU. For example, an i5-3570K scores 2028 single and 7172 multi, versus an i7-7700k's scores of 2583 and 12037, giving us a performance increase of 27% and 68% respectively.

>> No. 27013 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 11:18 pm
27013 Temple OS

Some lad here posted about this a few years back, the guy who made it has died.

@53:34 the narrator fails to bleep out the n-word.
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>> No. 27014 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 11:27 pm
27014 spacer
yeah that's been popping up in my youtube recommendations too. thanks for doing their advertising for them.
>> No. 27015 Anonymous
13th January 2019
Sunday 2:32 am
27015 spacer
>@53:34 the narrator fails to bleep out the n-word.

That was your take-away from this video?
>> No. 27016 Anonymous
13th January 2019
Sunday 9:01 am
27016 spacer
I think that's one of those 'trigger warning' things. You know, in case we're black Americans.
>> No. 27038 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 10:59 pm
27038 spacer
Fredrik's Spoony episode made me very sad. I miss that floppy haired goofball.

>> No. 27029 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 11:12 am
27029 So long, Maplin
Is this the start of maker shops, like I'd hoped Maplin would convert into, or a vanity project that'll never catch on outside its home town?
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>> No. 27032 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 12:03 am
27032 spacer
It's a nice idea and I like the Pi very much, have a few at home - but I just can't see it scaling up anywhere else. The kind of people who want a Pi already have one - is there (still) a massive untapped market for them?
>> No. 27033 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 1:03 am
27033 spacer

The Pi was originally intended to be an educational tool for kids; it turned out to be incredibly popular with hobbyists. Unless our current dystopian nightmare is now literally the plot of Children of Men, people keep making new children.
>> No. 27034 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 1:14 am
27034 spacer

The store doesn't really seem to be aimed at kids, does it?
>> No. 27035 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 2:22 am
27035 spacer

The pitch for Raspberry Pi is that if you use it, you'll gain the skills you'll need if you want to be the next Elon Musk or design the next Fortnite. For that message to be credible, it needs to be presented like a grown-up piece of technology. Marketing the Raspberry Pi as a toy would be a bad call, because it isn't fun fun - you need to put the effort in to get anything from it. It's the sort of high-effort, high-reward fun that makes you feel powerful and capable and clever. The resemblance to the Apple Store is not coincidental; Apple products are the aspirational item for the vast majority of children.

I'd draw an analogy to the role of chemistry sets or The North Poleno in years past - they weren't the most obviously fun toys, but they offered deep enjoyment and the first step towards a fulfilling career.
>> No. 27036 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 9:14 am
27036 spacer
>>27035 The North Poleno - took me a while...

There is a massive market for add-on boards and stuff. Whether the shop spreads out to sell non-pi stuff will be interesting.
(Banggood are selling ESP32 webcam boards for $10, ffs...)

>> No. 26990 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 1:43 pm
26990 spacer
My last e-reader was a Kindle with a keyboard. I liked typing out notes and annotations, but the display quickly broke.

Now I've moved and left my books behind, I'm interested in buying another one.

I have a lot of .mobi files, but also a lot of PDFs. Is there a reasonably durable reader that can handle both file types?

I'd like to spend under £150, but don't really know how performance varies for these devices.
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>> No. 26992 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 2:04 pm
26992 spacer

Good advice, thanks. I think many of the PDFs I read use a different page size, so I may get away with the e-reader. Funky formatting is probably inevitable, even with a tablet.

Any recommendations on model?
>> No. 26993 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 3:15 pm
26993 spacer
Yeah agreed - I have the "normal" Kindle Paperwhite, not the posh version shown in the OP - it is simply brilliant. I love the fact it only does one thing, really well.
>> No. 26994 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 3:22 pm
26994 spacer

Thirded. I can see much of a reason to get any of the pricier models. The Paperwhite is excellent and the form factor is perfect. Really don't understand why you'd want a chunkier, more expensive model.
>> No. 26995 Anonymous
31st December 2018
Monday 9:44 am
26995 spacer
Another factor just popped into my head. Do either of you know of an e-reader that can handle RSS feeds and online articles?

If there were one that could handle Feedly I'd be very happy.
>> No. 26996 Anonymous
31st December 2018
Monday 9:50 am
26996 spacer


>> No. 26952 Anonymous
8th December 2018
Saturday 9:51 pm
26952 spacer
I'm getting ham SMS messages from my operator offering me deals.

It says to opt out I can text 80159. When I do that this appears. Is this even legal? My contract is unlimited texts or is it just Android being overzealou
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>> No. 26954 Anonymous
8th December 2018
Saturday 10:17 pm
26954 spacer
It's Virgin Media.

Thanks for the info.
>> No. 26955 Anonymous
8th December 2018
Saturday 10:18 pm
26955 spacer
Android's messaging application doesn't know the details of your contract, so I would assume it won't cost you anything.
>> No. 26956 Anonymous
8th December 2018
Saturday 11:28 pm
26956 spacer
Threaten their customer service with GDPR then if they don't unsubscribe you for free. They'll respond quickly.
>> No. 26957 Anonymous
9th December 2018
Sunday 12:06 am
26957 spacer
Turn off Twilight before taking screenshots lad.
>> No. 26958 Anonymous
10th December 2018
Monday 3:37 am
26958 spacer
He can watch whatever he likes, you judgemental git.

>> No. 26945 Anonymous
7th December 2018
Friday 1:38 am
26945 spacer
I think my /iq/ thread about this may have been mistaken for an actual shitpost and deleted. The Linux homepage just got DNS hijacked and it made me nostalgic, take a look while you can!


Any older lads have memories of high-profile hacks in their time? I seem to recall goatse making it into the Guardian at some stage...
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>> No. 26946 Anonymous
7th December 2018
Friday 2:07 am
26946 spacer

/iq/ is a sfw board so that's probably it was deleted.
>> No. 26947 Anonymous
7th December 2018
Friday 3:23 am
26947 spacer

You ballsed it up lad, it's .org that's been goatsed.

I have a list of favorite defacements as long as a very long cock, but I shall choose not to incriminate myself at this moment in time.

>> No. 26838 Anonymous
29th November 2018
Thursday 5:55 pm
26838 spacer
What do you get up to when you're on the internet?

I seem to have found myself in a bit of a rut; unless I'm specifically looking something up then the main things I'm doing online are visiting here or news sites. I don't use social media. All of the other forums I used to visit have either died or I lost interest in over time. I no longer read webcomics, following YouTube channels or whatever else I used to spend my time doing. I must be doing fewer things when I'm online than at any other point over the past two decades.
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>> No. 27436 Anonymous
26th April 2020
Sunday 9:55 pm
27436 spacer
Bloody hell. By the sounds of it I didn't miss much on that discord you tried to set up. I was just scared you'd all take the piss out of me for having a furfag display picture and I can't be arsed making separate accounts for shit like that.


I tried that too about 6 months ago. It's a matter of finding the best subreddits for your worldview, not necessarily interests. Say you like knitting- You can't just join r/knitting, there's liberal knitting, conservative knitting, intersectional knitting, class reductionist knitting, trotsky knitting, and so on. You will be outed as an enemy infiltrator the moment you try make a joke on the wrong one.

After that the most fun you can have is seeing how controversial of a post you can make but still get upvoted. I'm pretty sure that's the main objective of Reddit.
>> No. 27437 Anonymous
26th April 2020
Sunday 9:59 pm
27437 spacer
Yeah I thought I'd join a few smaller subreddits I have quite a bit of specialist knowledge in, but it's largely a mixture of people asking the most basic questions that are covered in the stickies/sidebar and people with a little bit of knowledge giving woefully misinformed answers.

In the end I realised I was only using it to watch videos of animals, car crashes and people getting hurt or fighting which you can find easily enough elsewhere.
>> No. 27438 Anonymous
26th April 2020
Sunday 10:39 pm
27438 spacer
>If you ask a question you'll be told to use the search function or fuck off, and since most of those posters have been there for a decade or more, you'll never really find fresh conversation.
To be honest that's how i feel about this place, sometimes.
>> No. 27439 Anonymous
26th April 2020
Sunday 10:49 pm
27439 spacer

If the archive was open and we had a search function that'd be about right.
>> No. 27440 Anonymous
27th April 2020
Monday 10:44 am
27440 spacer
It's really active, no one gives a fuck about your profile picture you spacker.

>> No. 26421 Anonymous
30th March 2018
Friday 12:02 am
26421 Das Keyboard vs AUKEY
Okay I needed a new keyboard and decided to test these AUKEY things against the Das Keyboard, which I love with all my heart.

The Das Keyboard 4 I have is the ever so slightly softer key version - the AUKEY is the slightly clicky version of the mechanical keys.

I really like it, and for the massive difference in money will definitely buy some more.
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>> No. 26804 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 12:14 am
26804 spacer
I love a desk thread for the same reason. Infinitely revealing, like music and book collections in the old, physical days.
>> No. 26805 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 2:54 am
26805 spacer

>desk thread

Fuck, I had forgotten that was a thing back in the day.

I'd suggest doing one here again but I'm not sure how many responses we'd get.
>> No. 26806 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 1:35 pm
26806 spacer
Does it matter? There is only 3 of us.
>> No. 26807 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 6:09 pm
26807 spacer
I guess I'd post probably.
>> No. 26808 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 10:55 pm
26808 spacer
I'm all for anything but chairs again.

>> No. 26778 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 7:43 pm
26778 My Mum
Ladfriends, how do I teach my mum to computer?

Watching her two finger typing, getting bamboozled at sound levels and forgetting keyboard shortcuts so often I start to doubt they exist at all is painful. Normally this wouldn't matter, she'd just be that woman in your office who fills you with despair, but she's starting an OU course, which she's perfectly ready for, barring her technological illiteracy. It means a great deal to her, but there are a lot of things she can't do on a computer that could hold her back, at least in terms of confidence if nothing else. Have any of you got experience teaching relatives this sort of thing? Fiddling about on a computer is so innate to me it's difficult to know where to begin with someone who can't find the "downloads" folder. She's not even that old, she just spends most of her free time in a field.
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>> No. 26779 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 9:41 pm
26779 spacer
My advice is to give up and get her a Chromebook or an iPad. Being "good with computers" is 20% knowledge and 80% attitude, IMO; you can figure out most things on your own, but some people just aren't interested in learning.
>> No. 26780 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 10:11 pm
26780 spacer
Definitely agree about the attitude. As the 'computer expert' in my family I get asked to do things all the time and nobody appreciates that I just google the answers if I don't know them. No matter how many times I recommend that they do the same they won't, because the inbuilt presumption that anything they read will be beyond their comprehension is so strong they won't even try. It's an insurmountable mental roadblock. Additionally the older ones are so scared that a single slip-up will delete their entire hard drive/somehow let hackers in that they will never do anything they're not entirely comfortable with in the first place. It's frustrating but hey, what can you do. If she really is interested though I'd recommend just showing her how google and youtube can collectively be used to find the answer to anything computer-related you want to do, no matter how simple.

Maybe find her a touch-type tutorial program too, it's the sort of thing that getting good at builds confidence since it looks so professional. I should really get back to those, I have to glance at the keyboard half the time and my backspace is worn down to a nub...

>> No. 26742 Anonymous
17th September 2018
Monday 11:50 am
26742 Dashcams
Can anyone recommend a good dashcam?

I want something that I don't have to remove after I stop driving to deter thieves. So something inconspicuous would be ideal. I've seen ones that clip onto the frontside of the rearview mirror but they also seem to augment the rearview itself, putting a control menu there which I don't like.
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>> No. 26743 Anonymous
17th September 2018
Monday 6:34 pm
26743 spacer
Techmoan has a lot of good reviews, though he does a lot less now that he's focusing more on Hi-Fi stuff.


Anything made by vico vation are very good choices, but they tend to be on the higher-priced side.
>> No. 26775 Anonymous
16th October 2018
Tuesday 3:49 pm
26775 spacer
Thanks. Unfortunately the one he recommends, that I'm interested in, doesn't seem to be around anymore and has a ridiculously inflated price when I can find it.

>> No. 26764 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 8:35 pm
26764 spacer
I and a dozen others have recently begun tenancies in an old, previously empty building. We (understandably) have no active landline connection. I believe the landline is still in place, but BT require an engineer visit before we can start paying for the leased line. I'd like to know if any of the work the phone engineer might do is DIY-able.
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>> No. 26765 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 8:42 pm
26765 spacer
As far as I know (and I don't know much to be honest), for a situation like yours they would send an engineer out and charge the same regardless of the state of the wiring at your premises.
Plus everything up to the socket in your house remains the property of Openreach, if they suspect anything has been tampered with, I think they are able to impose extra charges.
>> No. 26766 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 11:36 pm
26766 spacer
Tech guy here.

You should not fit one yourself. This is definitely engineer work.

As it is, don't try and do it with BT, they will charge you for this. You will not be their customer, strictly speaking, until you have a live service. So break out now.

Certain companies will cover the costs of the Openreach engineer to fit this for you. I know, for example, that the Post Office Homephone and Broadband is currently waiving engineer fees. If you sign up as a customer with them, they will fit the master-socket at no cost to yourself.

This could be done within three working days.

Quick correction on another poster. The internal socket also belongs to Openreach, just not the front cover of the socket, which belongs to the customer. So, you cannot fit it yourself, as it is not your property.

>> No. 26744 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 3:02 pm
26744 Fuck you, Radioddity
The mains charger for my new radio has a USB A socket on it.
Out of that USB socket, comes 12V.

What the actual fuck?
Big Clive doesn't even need to bother, this is evil by design.

Also, I just wanted a pair of radios that did digital PMR446 to each other. I'm in a world of programming, codeplugs and people setting up for repeaters, none of which I want. I feel confused.
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>> No. 26745 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 3:42 pm
26745 spacer
Which radios did you buy? The mention of repeaters suggests that you might have inadvertently bought an amateur radio transceiver instead of PMR446.
>> No. 26746 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 3:50 pm
26746 spacer
Radioddity GD-77 , so yes, I've been criminal scum in that they'll operate outside the unlicensed bands and at unlicensed powers.
hence me wanting to find a codeplug that'll kick them back down to legal DPMR (although I know that won't make them legal, but I'm OK with that).
It's just that my analogue PMRs are really knackered and I lost the good ones in a house move, so fancied something a bit less crackly now that I'm using them more. 'Real' DPMR sets are ball-achingly expensive still, as there aren't that many.

>> No. 26733 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 4:36 pm
26733 spacer
Average CS graduate.
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>> No. 26737 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 5:39 pm
26737 spacer


>> No. 26738 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 5:45 pm
26738 spacer

Last one.

I hope someone appreciated these as much as I did!
>> No. 26739 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 7:05 pm
26739 spacer
You're not alone lad - I also appreciated very much.
>> No. 26740 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 8:46 pm
26740 spacer
Is this why all the games I play these days are so poorly optimised?
>> No. 26741 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 9:03 pm
26741 spacer
No. As often as not that is user error.

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