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Windows Photo Viewer Wallpaper.jpg
>> No. 25798 Anonymous
26th January 2017
Thursday 11:04 pm
25798 spacer
Anyone know of a free ithumb to jpg converter for windows?
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>> No. 25799 Anonymous
26th January 2017
Thursday 11:12 pm
25799 spacer

I'm no expert, but after a rudimentary Googling, try xnview?

>> No. 25800 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 11:20 pm
25800 spacer

Nah, it don't work.
>> No. 25801 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 12:01 am
25801 spacer
Did you try this?

>> No. 25775 Anonymous
2nd January 2017
Monday 11:56 am
25775 spacer
Recommend me a decent PC microphone that costs about a tenner. When I get one I'll upload a recording of my deep sexy voice for you all.
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>> No. 25778 Anonymous
2nd January 2017
Monday 5:42 pm
25778 spacer

All computer-based audio has some amount of latency, due to the conversion from analogue to digital and back. An analogue microphone plugged into an ordinary soundcard is likely to have particularly high latency, because soundcards aren't optimised for recording applications. Windows isn't really designed for low-latency audio, so you need to use special ASIO drivers and compatible software to achieve un-noticeably low latency with either a USB microphone or a dedicated audio interface.
>> No. 25779 Anonymous
2nd January 2017
Monday 5:45 pm
25779 spacer
I'll add:

Whatever the application you're using the microphone for, you can make a massive improvement to the quality of the recording, just using a few improvised tricks like stockings over a clothes hanger to make a pop-shield, and some towels hung behind you to deaden echoes.
>> No. 25780 Anonymous
2nd January 2017
Monday 5:51 pm
25780 spacer
>I think you might have to pop down Maplins and just buy whatever cheapest mic they have and hope it's good.

Ok thanks, will do.
>> No. 25796 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 8:05 pm
25796 OP
Well, I got one off ebay for 6 quid. It works well enough but my voice has gone bad so you'll have to wait a few days to hear my deep sexy tones.
>> No. 25797 Anonymous
26th January 2017
Thursday 5:59 pm
25797 spacer
My curiosity is genuinely piqued at this point. No, I don't know why either.

>> No. 25781 Anonymous
19th January 2017
Thursday 12:57 pm
25781 spacer
I want to replace my 2 250GB SATA drives with a single 500GB drive. They're connected to the same SATA card and are in a RAID stripe set up. Can I just plug a single 500GB drive in instead?
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>> No. 25790 Anonymous
19th January 2017
Thursday 5:22 pm
25790 spacer

Yes because in saying that, you do realise its going to now be half the speed. Effectively you are downgrading.
>> No. 25791 Anonymous
19th January 2017
Thursday 5:57 pm
25791 spacer

It's OK, the new one I'm looking at is twice as fast.
>> No. 25793 Anonymous
21st January 2017
Saturday 2:22 pm
25793 OP
Got it working. I just had to tweak the BIOS a bit.
>> No. 25794 Anonymous
21st January 2017
Saturday 3:52 pm
25794 spacer
If its striped it'll still only be reading/writing to a single disk at any given time so the speed difference would be negligible.
>> No. 25795 Anonymous
21st January 2017
Saturday 5:45 pm
25795 spacer

It's scarcely worth debating the speed of spinning rust drives, as they're all pitifully slow. Hard drives are fine for archival storage, but you'd have to be bonkers to use one as a working drive. A basic 120gb SSD costs well under £50 these days.

advance technology product.jpg
>> No. 25759 Anonymous
21st December 2016
Wednesday 9:20 pm
25759 Smart TV doohickey wotsit dongle thread
What have been other peoples experiences in the area of smart TVs, dongles, kodi boxes etc.? I'd welcome suggestions relevant to my needs, but feel free to talk about anything relating to these products in general.

Having been without a TV for quite a few years now, I might finally give in and buy one in January.
My intention is to get a "dumb" TV, and a smart dongle or box to go with it. It seems a more versatile and future-proof option than paying £60 extra for a nearly identical screen with some locked-down firmware.

For the little I expect to use it, I'm mainly looking for something in the £30-50 range. I don't want the amazon fire stick because it exists mainly to drive you towards paid content. I'd prefer the Roku or chromecast in that respect.
The other option for the amount I want to spend is one of the many android-based chinese sticks or boxes. Anyone had any luck with getting one that works largely as described? I have reservations about the ones that are on the market with the dodgy piracy-enabled/"fully-loaded" Kodi apps, but anyone here have experience with them?

(Also regarding the Roku, a lot of sellers seem to have large stocks of the older model, even though the latest version with a much better processor has been out since last spring.)
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>> No. 25764 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 8:49 pm
25764 spacer
Oh well, I've wasted 40 quid on a chinese box and a wireless keyboard so I'll see what happens.
>> No. 25765 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 8:52 pm
25765 spacer

It'll be a minor ballache to set up, but once you've figured it out you'll be able to watch 3pm football and films that aren't even out yet. Bargain.
>> No. 25766 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 8:58 pm
25766 spacer
I'd agree if we were talking about computer monitors, or if you're looking for a TV to use mostly for gaming. But in general, you have to fit the size of the telly to the size and layout of the room - I'm not going to move the telly in my lounge into the middle of the room so that it's closer to the sofas because that would be impractical with the wires and waste a lot of space.
>> No. 25767 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 11:08 pm
25767 spacer
How the fuck do I turn off my amazon prime fire stick thing.
>> No. 25768 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 11:13 pm
25768 spacer

Inside the flat a fruity voice was reading out a list of figures which had something to do with the production of macbooks. The voice came from an oblong metal plaque like a dulled mirror which formed part of the surface of the right-hand wall. Winston turned a switch and the voice sank somewhat, though the words were still distinguishable. The instrument (the telescreen, it was called) could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely.

>> No. 25671 Anonymous
15th November 2016
Tuesday 10:07 am
25671 iPod alternatives
Do you any of you use a portable media player for music listening that isn't your phone? There are many reasons that I need to move away from my ancient 160GB iPod classic, does anyone have any direct experience of alternative players they'd recommend?

Pic taken from a site called "anythingbutipod" which seemed fitting.
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>> No. 25692 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 5:00 am
25692 spacer

>Wasn't there some liar lad on here recently saying that the Chinese were coming out with affordable 1Tb NAND storage any time now?

> Even at commodity prices, the cheapest TLC NAND costs about £200/TB. You can buy a near-flagship phone and a 128gb MicroSD card for less than that.



This is the twonk who spelled could as 'culd' ffs I was referring to. Make your own mind up, laddo.
>> No. 25755 Anonymous
17th December 2016
Saturday 11:01 am
25755 spacer
>> No. 25756 Anonymous
17th December 2016
Saturday 11:33 am
25756 spacer
We already have 1Tb cards, you can buy them as 128GB.

The point I am making is that B and b are different, as anyone who has internet should know.
>> No. 25757 Anonymous
18th December 2016
Sunday 12:51 am
25757 spacer
That bit / byte misrepresentation with broadband speeds on adverts is such a pricktease.

Although, not as bad as getting confused between 1 mm and 1 Mm.
>> No. 25758 Anonymous
18th December 2016
Sunday 3:51 am
25758 spacer

Typos are an arsehole, however I am the cunt who picked up a 1Tb Victorinox flashdrive for 15 quid.

Sage checked.

>> No. 25643 Anonymous
13th November 2016
Sunday 3:47 am
25643 spacer
Alright lads, I'm looking for a new laptop as my current one is dying on its arse. Basically I'm looking for something lightweight and small since I travel a lot, but something I can still run some games on in my downtime. I'm in the US at the moment too so my maximum price range is $1200, so I was thinking of picking up the new Alienware 13, which for $1200 gets me this:

Intel® Core™ i5-6300HQ
Windows 10 Home 64bit English
8GB DDR4 at 2133MHz
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5

Apparently it's VR ready too but I'm not too bothered about that. For roughly the same price I can get a slight older model but the specs are: Core i7 6500U (2.50 GHz) 16 GB Memory 256 GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2 GB GDDR5

I figure I might as well go for the newer one but if I could find something decent for cheaper that'd be great. I've looked around for others but haven't found much though, so I'm just wondering if anyone can give their input on this or give me some ideas on other models. The main focus I suppose is going to be gaming, and I figure anything that can run some decent games will allow me to do a little bit of video editing and run Office too, as well as streaming the occasional movie.
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>> No. 25750 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 8:20 am
25750 spacer
Yep. W540
>> No. 25751 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 8:32 am
25751 spacer
You can almost certainly reprogram or replace the bios chip.
>> No. 25752 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 11:46 am
25752 spacer
Hmm, looks promising, thanks.
>> No. 25753 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 5:15 pm
25753 spacer
I will give this a try, thanks for the informative post. My only fear is like what happened to >>25748 getting stuck with a bad deal and having to mess about sending it back or trying to fix it.

Are there some general tips to avoid the hassle? I suppose when using ebay its just a case of checking the seller reputation and not dwelling too much on bad luck.
>> No. 25754 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 6:18 pm
25754 spacer

>Are there some general tips to avoid the hassle?

Buy from a large, professional refurbisher that offers a full warranty. I've bought a lot of kit from this kind of outfit and they've been no bother at all. Look for the "eBay Premium Service" badge - these sellers get discounted fees and preferential placement in search results, but they have to maintain extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

Look for listings that include a phone number, a VAT number, an address that's a proper commercial premises. Look for a full and accurate description, with an explanation of their product grading. Ask a question before you buy - the promptness and quality of the reply will tell you a lot about the seller.

Here's an example of a confidence-inspiring listing from a real business:


Versus a shit listing from someone who's obviously selling stuff out of their garage:


>> No. 25741 Anonymous
12th December 2016
Monday 2:56 pm
25741 RetroPie
Has anyone played with RetroPie?

I'm thinking of buying a RaspberryPi for someone for Xmas - to be able to run this well I would obviously need some ROMs. Where is the best place to procure such on the inter webs?
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>> No. 25742 Anonymous
12th December 2016
Monday 3:14 pm
25742 spacer
Pirate bay
>> No. 25743 Anonymous
13th December 2016
Tuesday 7:37 am
25743 spacer
emu paradise

>> No. 25736 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 9:13 pm
25736 spacer
So lads, a USB stick. 32GB or so, don't really care, I just want one with a decent write speed. I've looked on Amazon and even the Amazon-bought Sandisk drives seem to be counterfeit and have shitty write speeds according to the reviews, I haven't even bothered with ebay as I know they'll be repackaged shite.

Anyone got a tip for a legit, fast USB stick? It shouldn't be this difficult.
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>> No. 25737 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 9:43 pm
25737 spacer
The problem with Amazon is that the "sold by Amazon" and "fulfilled by Amazon" products go on the same shelf in the warehouse. There's no separation of stock, so it just takes one dodgy third-party seller to fuck it up for everyone.

Tesco are doing a Sandisk Extreme 64GB stick for £22 with free delivery. I take it that a sequential write speed of 190MB/s counts as "decent"?

>> No. 25739 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 11:15 pm
25739 spacer
I would never have thought of Tesco, of all places. That's perfect, cheers mate.
>> No. 25740 Anonymous
10th December 2016
Saturday 6:59 am
25740 spacer
Every little helps.

>> No. 25730 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 2:03 am
25730 spacer
Is there a better way of writing a generic curry function maker in js than this?

function curry(fn, presets) { return function() { return fn.apply(null, presets.slice(0).concat([].slice.call(arguments, 0))); }; }

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>> No. 25731 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 2:05 am
25731 spacer
Here it is in action!

function addThreeNums(a, b, c) { return a + b + c; } var addOneTwo = curry(addThreeNums, [1, 2]); console.log(addOneTwo(3)); // 6

>> No. 25733 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 2:21 am
25733 spacer

Yeah, like this. You don't need the first slice.

function curry(fn, presets) { return function() { return fn.apply(null, presets.concat([].slice.call(arguments, 0))); }; }

>> No. 25734 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 2:25 am
25734 spacer
function curry(fn, presets, binding) { return function() { return fn.apply(binding, presets.concat([].slice.call(arguments, 0))); }; }

>> No. 25735 Anonymous
9th December 2016
Friday 4:22 am
25735 spacer

>> No. 25724 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 1:49 pm
25724 Lattepanda
Are these any good?
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>> No. 25725 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 2:04 pm
25725 spacer
Looks interesting, tell us more.
>> No. 25726 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 2:39 pm
25726 spacer
Not the OP, but I've heard a little about these before.
Same basic principle as the raspberry pi, but with an x86 chip capable of running windows, and with an onboard arduino.
>> No. 25727 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 2:40 pm
25727 spacer
Lattepanda single-board computer running Windows 10. I am building a pocket computer and looking for something closer to a real motherboard than a Raspberry PI. Would appreciate input from people that have used one before.
>> No. 25728 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 2:45 pm
25728 spacer
They're fairly new and I don't think there's that many people around with experience of them yet. You might be better off looking towards the makerspace community for advice.

Are you building this to make practical use out of it, or just for the sake of building it? If it's the former, it might be worth looking at the GPD handhelds:

>> No. 25729 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 3:08 pm
25729 spacer
Thanks. I was not aware of that, for some reason. Something like the Pandora could be perfect, depending on the specs.

>> No. 25698 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 5:03 am
25698 4k
Hey nerdz. I've recently bought a 4k monitor, is there anything I need to hook it up to my pc other than the standard cable? Would I need a HDMI? It's an '4K HDMI DVI Freesync 24" Monitor' if that means anything? Thanks guys.
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>> No. 25710 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 7:40 pm
25710 spacer
This. As long as the cable is up to spec it'll be fine. It's not like the days of PS/2 where if you stick a 3m extension on the end your mouse lags to fuck.
>> No. 25711 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 8:11 pm
25711 spacer

>it's just a dumb cable that carries digital signals

A cable might be a few bits of wire, but it's far from dumb. Everything from wire gauge to the quality of the contacts to the number of twists per inch in the pairs will affect signal integrity. A huge amount of engineering goes into a good cable. Try hooking up a Wifi antenna with a bit of bell wire or running gigabit ethernet over Cat3, see how you get on.

Any cable meeting the HDMI High Speed specification should work at anything from 720p to 4k. In practice, most cheap cables aren't certified and have never been properly tested - the cable manufacturer just cloned someone else's cable and hoped for the best.

>That's not how digital signals work, there isn't a continuous linear degadation like with analogue signals - either it works, or you start dropping bits and it doesn't.

The effects of a bad cable can be quite subtle. Dropped frames and intermittent HDCP errors creep in long before the connection fails completely. The fact that your monitor isn't saying "no signal" doesn't mean that the cable is working properly. There are adequate and inadequate cables, but there are also marginal cables that just about work when everything is going well. You turn on your tumble drier, the EM noise floor goes up by 10dB and suddenly your TV is cutting out.
>> No. 25712 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 8:27 pm
25712 spacer
Regardless of the engineering complexity, the point is that a cable has no concept of different versions of HDMI signal.
>> No. 25713 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 8:44 pm
25713 spacer

Versions, no. Data rates, yes. I said "suitable cable", i.e. one capable of reliably operating at the necessary data rate. 4k is far more demanding than 1080p and requires a considerably higher quality cable. That doesn't have to be a stupidly expensive cable, but if you try and use some poundshop cheapie with a 4k monitor you're in for a world of pain.
>> No. 25714 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 9:09 pm
25714 spacer
So long as it's high speed it'll be fine.

>> No. 25628 Anonymous
11th November 2016
Friday 7:30 pm
25628 spacer
So I am now in charge of a website that runs on mongodb and angular.js. Guy who wrote it for the friends of mine is a no good cokehead who when he was getting low on prozzy and coke money would log in and break shit so they would have to ring him for "support". twat.

Thing is, I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. What I've managed so far is...resurrect the site, get the shopping cart working, change the search bar to be case insensitive (because no fucker capitalises the first word in a search bar), and a few other things I won't bore you with. To be honest, I'm amazed I'm winging it this far.

Googling is becoming tiresome though for mongodb. They all show examples of code snippets you have to run instead of mongo shell commands (well most of them).

The issue is half the reason the search is a massive pile of wank is all the products are labelled stupidly. This would be a simple fix if I knew how to edit the fuckers, but as I said I have no clue what the FUCK I am doing.

Anyone know any good resources for a mongodb crash course? Or just how the fuck you edit database entries? Yeah I know that last one is requesting spoonfeeding, just a decent crash course would be very very helpful.
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>> No. 25693 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 12:03 am
25693 spacer
Continuing to get away with it lads. Every time a new problem is put in front of me I say "Of course I can do that, I'll have it done by X time" when what I'm thinking is "How the fuck am I going to do this by X time?!". Haven't missed a deadline once.
>> No. 25694 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 12:08 am
25694 spacer
I had some advice from a fairly successful entrepreneur which was to do exactly what you're doing. Companies will ask him or his business if they can do something and they just say yes then just work out how to. Seems a bit obvious in retrospect.
>> No. 25695 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 6:23 am
25695 spacer
Yes, I'm going to take this approach in the future. It makes sense.

Well, the work is pretty much finished (I've finally blown through the budget they had set aside for the e-commerce side of things). I knew this was coming up soon so was a nice bloke and wrote a load of scripts for the server to look after itself, do daily checks for load problems and sort it if so, and a bunch of other stuff the last guy didn't do like make sure the server/database sets itself up again if it has to be rebooted.

There's some talk of work being thrown my way regarding the promotions/sales aspect of it, with a nice (20%) commission on any sales. Which I suspect they will need, because the site doesn't even show up in google yet if you google the website name. I'm pretty good with SEO as well, and they know this.

First "proper" tech job I've had, and I fell into it by accident. Perfect work for me, think I might look into doing this more.
>> No. 25696 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 7:43 am
25696 spacer

At my work people hate our CEO. He comes into the office, tells us to do something, and everyone starts complaining that what he's asking is impossible, and of course he ignores this and says do it anyway.
Usually it turns out that he's actually right, it is possible and gets done on time.
>> No. 25697 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 3:54 pm
25697 spacer
Good work lad.

>> No. 25649 Anonymous
13th November 2016
Sunday 7:25 pm
25649 image problems on twitter
Images don't load and appear to be blocked (see pic). The problem is unique to this browser (seamonkey) images work in other browsers.

I've started in safe mode (with no addons) and images still don't display. This happened suddenly after restart.

The domain twimg.com domain does not load, the requests ping timeout in cmd. So I added the following to HOSTS but it didn't make any difference. twitter.com www.twitter.com abs.twimg.com pbs.twimg.com ton.twimg.com o.twimg.com t.co

I've tried a bunch of stuff from this too http://kb.mozillazine.org/Images_or_animations_do_not_load
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 25659 Anonymous
14th November 2016
Monday 10:59 am
25659 spacer
I'm on wifi. Do you think soundproofing would work? Or is the wavelength such that heat insulation would be better?
>> No. 25660 Anonymous
14th November 2016
Monday 11:24 am
25660 spacer

Put tinfoil on all your walls to block out interference. Make sure to cover your windows.
>> No. 25661 Anonymous
14th November 2016
Monday 1:45 pm
25661 spacer
You're having a laugh right?
>> No. 25663 Anonymous
14th November 2016
Monday 8:31 pm
25663 spacer
Maybe you could try directly accessing the twitter API with cURL requests before converting the images to ASCII art. Just definitely don't try using a sensible modern browser instead of what looks like fucking Netscape.
>> No. 25664 Anonymous
14th November 2016
Monday 8:40 pm
25664 spacer
OP I sincerely hope you break your own computer.

Epson 305.png
>> No. 25624 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 9:05 pm
25624 Printers
I didn't use my printer for ages (over a year) and when I started using it again the black ink won't print right, text documents come out garbled. I've tried running the print-head cleaning function and print-head alignment neither of which helped. I've tried replacing the cartridge but that didn't work either.

Should I buy a print-head cleaning kit (like http://www.printheadhospital.co.uk/epson-print-head-cleaning-kit.html for £12.50) or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new printer?

It's an Epson XP-305 if that makes any difference.
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>> No. 25625 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 9:20 pm
25625 spacer
I don't have them in the house. Disgusting things.
>> No. 25627 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 10:41 pm
25627 spacer
After a year in storage, the print heads are probably clogged.

Unless you regularly print photos, I'd always recommend a cheap laser printer. They use powdered toner just like a photocopier, which has an indefinite shelf life. Laser printers have no print heads to clog and they don't constantly waste expensive ink on self-cleaning cycles. You don't get colour printing, but that doesn't matter if you're just printing forms or work documents.

A decent laser printer with Ethernet and Wi-Fi costs less than £50, including a starter toner cartridge. If you need one with a scanner, that'll cost you £70. That's a greater up-front cost than an inkjet, but it'll pay for itself very quickly. Knock-off toner cartridges cost £18, last for ~2500 pages and work faultlessly.


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