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>> No. 25383 Anonymous
31st July 2016
Sunday 9:08 pm
25383 spacer
Will one of these SD card readers fit in the third panel down on the tower?

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>> No. 25401 Anonymous
1st August 2016
Monday 8:09 pm
25401 spacer
>I'd also happily ban 3KW kettles and force everyone to use 2KW ones instead.
Well I suppose the ad breaks on TV have been getting longer.
>> No. 25402 Anonymous
1st August 2016
Monday 8:09 pm
25402 spacer
You're a monster.
>> No. 25622 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 8:25 pm
25622 spacer
OP, clean that desk.

I can see the dust.
>> No. 25623 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 8:37 pm
25623 spacer

As one of the aforementioned morons, I currently have a 4-way extension attached to one of these, because I only have one mains socket in my bedroom. Is this dangerous and what would a better solution be?
>> No. 25626 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 9:22 pm
25626 spacer
Plug 4-way tails onto each other. They're rated for it, fused correctly (hopefully...), and don't apply horrible mechanical loads to the mains socket on the wall, or edge themselves out under the load until they barely make contact, causing sparky fiery hilarity, bad smells and death.

>> No. 25615 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 5:58 pm
25615 spacer

My dad has a PC and a mobile that he'd never connected to the wifi because reasons. He put a nonsense word in google with no hits like 'spongeriftallytastic' and then put it in his phone, and it came up as the first suggested word.

How does it do this? He has GPS and such off and as much privacy settings on as possible whilst maintaining use of 4g. He uses chrome on both machines, I believe he has a whatever account on his phone (Android) so he can access the store but otherwise he doesn't use it for that. He doesn't use it as a phone by the way, he essentially uses it as a laptop which is supposed to be unconnected from our local wifi network insofar as websites know.
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>> No. 25617 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 8:28 pm
25617 spacer
I do not think that is the case, he has no inclination to do so and actively tries to avoid sharing data on shit where possible.
>> No. 25618 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 8:44 pm
25618 spacer
Not entirely useful, but I have the growing suspicion I'm being served ads based on physical conversations I'm having that my phone is hearing.
>> No. 25619 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 9:20 pm
25619 spacer
>I do not think that is the case
I suspect you think wrong.
>> No. 25620 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 10:55 pm
25620 spacer
I don't care what you suspect.
>> No. 25621 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 11:10 pm
25621 spacer



>> No. 25604 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 6:33 pm
25604 so... http://britfa.gs/code/ leads nowhere!
was interested in examining the software running this place, but it just leads me to a blank page!
anyone know where else i can see it?
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>> No. 25608 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 8:59 pm
25608 spacer
don't get it.
what am i taking revenge for?

that would explain my difficulty in accessing it.
i mostly wanted to see it out of curiosity. i even entertained the possibility of starting my own little local one, using something like kareha.
>> No. 25609 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 9:01 pm
25609 spacer

I don't know about the mods, but I wouldn't tell your kind the time, creature.
>> No. 25610 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 9:03 pm
25610 spacer
>what am i taking revenge for?
In case you don't know, it's a reference to a guy who got banned or something and promised that the site would be down forever within weeks a few years ago.
>> No. 25611 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 9:05 pm
25611 spacer
View Source just shows you the way the output looks, it doesn't show you how it's generated.

Are we not a little local chan already? There are loads of kits for putting up your own if you have the right sort of semi-technical knowledge, there have been hundreds of chans over the years, it can't be that hard.
>> No. 25614 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 3:07 am
25614 spacer



Britfa is basically run on a modified Kusaba-chan board (although I honestly couldn't tell you what version it's forked from - whatever was the latest and greatest in 2009, I suppose).

If you want to dig around and get a feel of how a board like this works, then downloading Kusuba-X (which I think is the currently maintained / most popular fork) and having a poke around in that would probably be your best bet. Tl;Dc - PHP, MySQL, AJAX. Database queries shoveled into Smarty templates.

Apparently most of the changes have been largely cosmetic (extensive CSS and Javascript reworking), although probably the most striking difference is made up of /*/ and /sfw/, which have turned an otherwise unremarkable cottage industry image board into the anarchic cottaging free for all that we all know and love today.

The origins of the name Brian are unknown, but image board anthropologists suspect that it is probably an esoteric in-joke, the true meaning of which is now probably unknown to even the most mystically mendicant of purple's Forgotten Children.

We leave you with these two images, which may provide a sensible chuckle to those of us who sometimes worry about our ban status.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 25576 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:08 am
25576 poker cheating phone
In 2015, I stumbled upon a post in an underground forum, discussing how someone was ripped off at a poker table by a very advanced poker cheating device. From what I understood at that time, the post being in Chinese, the device was able to remotely read card markings to inform the cheater who will win the next hand.



Like the author I had heard of these devices but never seen actual evidence or examples. Quite incredible.
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>> No. 25582 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 11:18 am
25582 spacer
Oh I didn't realise the decks were really marked. I didn't click the link or watch the video, I just assumed from the diagram that the device was able to pick up the subtle variations in the printing of the design on the reverse of the cards, or something.
>> No. 25583 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 6:47 pm
25583 spacer
Obviously casinos are going to stop you whipping out a "phone" at a table and you're not going to be able to see the cards - this is still seriously impressive.
>> No. 25584 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 6:55 pm
25584 spacer
Is it National Not Reading The Article Or Any Previous Posts Day today or something?
>> No. 25585 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 7:15 pm
25585 spacer
Yeah, this isn't something that is going to work in a proper casino but could potentially be used to scam people in some shady poker club/tourney. Having a smartphone out is a bit of a giveaway that something fishy is going on of course, but the basic functionality could most likely be ported to a smartwatch or other device in future.
>> No. 25586 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 8:26 pm
25586 spacer
The video in the link shows a car key version and mentions other wireless cameras housed in belts, watches and shirts.

>> No. 25562 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 7:20 pm
25562 cheers Microsoft
Because what we need right now are PC's that cost 4 grand. Makes complete sense.
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>> No. 25573 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 11:19 pm
25573 spacer


That wanksock Beowulf Boritt ripped off Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti and West Side Story with his Bronx Tale design bollocks.

I mean, look at him. Tosser.
>> No. 25574 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 11:23 pm
25574 spacer
What kind of cruel cunt calls their child Beowulf?
>> No. 25575 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 11:46 pm
25575 spacer

>> No. 25577 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:12 am
25577 spacer
I'll take that as a no.
>> No. 25578 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 7:29 am
25578 spacer

Seppos, definitely.

>> No. 24729 Anonymous
5th October 2015
Monday 5:59 pm
24729 imma hucka wankery

Perhaps some of you ladm8s have heard about HackThisSite. I believe there was a Linux distro made for a similar purpose. I cannot recall its name.

Help. I want to play and games aren't fun anymore. Or am I making this stuff up and no such distro has ever existed?

Thanks and here is a cat in a box.
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>> No. 25192 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 5:33 pm
25192 spacer
Thanks lad.
>> No. 25411 Anonymous
4th August 2016
Thursday 3:21 pm
25411 spacer
Another one: http://www.dvwa.co.uk/
>> No. 25412 Anonymous
4th August 2016
Thursday 5:18 pm
25412 spacer
I've been dicking around on https://projecteuler.net lately.

It is basically complex maths problems that could only be solved with programing. (for example question 3 is to work out the largest prime factor of 600,851,475,143). But it doesn't offer any instruction on how to do it, the methodology is left entirely to the reader.

It has been ideal practice for me since I 'know' how to code in the sense that I could read and understand it, but I would need to look up commands to write it. This has been giving me the practice for the writing to become more fluent.
>> No. 25413 Anonymous
4th August 2016
Thursday 11:39 pm
25413 spacer
Not sure if those kind of problems are exactly what OP was thinking of but I can recommend Project Euler. I first found out about it from an employer in the tech industry, the first few problems are a good benchmark when you are learning a new language whilst the latter ones are more of a mathematical challenge combined with a programming implementation.

Probably better if you are interested in high-level stuff rather than the low-down nuts n' bolts (though I do enjoy the indecipherable Assembly language and J solutions that people post on almost every problem).
>> No. 25551 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 1:06 pm
25551 spacer
this may be of interest:

>> No. 25542 Anonymous
4th September 2016
Sunday 3:19 pm
25542 Twatting Ebay
Has Ebay been playing silly bugger for anyone else recently, or is it just me?
When trying to access certain pages like my watch list, I need to keep clicking several times getting the error message shown, until eventually after so many tries it works.

I've tried disabling all my chrome extensions one by one, but none of them are causing it.
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>> No. 25543 Anonymous
4th September 2016
Sunday 6:01 pm
25543 spacer
Works fine for me. Although I tend to use the app on my phone more often.
>> No. 25545 Anonymous
4th September 2016
Sunday 9:36 pm
25545 spacer
Same here - do you have a lot of things in your watch list?
It seemed to start at the same time that they allowed more than 200 items, and I was wondering f it was just me.
3 tries seems to be enough.
>> No. 25548 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 6:54 pm
25548 spacer

I deleted about 150 items I'd saved whilst browsing Chinese shitstores like tomtop. That seems to have fixed it.

But why do modern companies seem so content to fuck up simple website design features that would have worked just fine on HTML alone?
>> No. 25549 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 8:08 pm
25549 spacer

Because using RESTful APIs that return JSON for an overengineered javascript frontend to ad-hoc composite into HTML via direct DOM interaction allows web developers to demand higher salaries while blethering on about "full stack development" and "devops" whilst employing whole teams of half-bright gonks to achieve what used to be done by a single nerd with a beard and a seemingly infinite Iron Maiden tshirt collection. Aye, they were simpler days.
>> No. 25550 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 8:10 pm
25550 spacer
It's a good rant lad, but the devops bit is superfluous. That's a completely different area of bollockspeak, but I otherwise agree with your sentiment.

>> No. 25540 Anonymous
4th September 2016
Sunday 12:52 pm
25540 PC buggered
I need a bit of help here lads.

A week ago my PC halted. Somehow I managed to start it again, losing the /home partition though. The Windows partition worked all right except the networking part. A few days ago I was playing UT. I exited the room for a minute to get myself some tea; when I returned the screen was in standby mode, the fans were whirring. I reset it again. It hanged on the mainboard vendor logo screen.

A few more resets, turning it on and off again. Nothing. When I pressed the power button, the red LED blinked once, the fans started whirring, then nothing.

I tried replacing the PSU. Detaching the video card, memory modules one by one, re-attaching them again. Nothing. No PC speaker signals. It just whirrs.

What shall I do next? It's an old machine, nearly ten years old. If it's the CPU or the mainboard, repairing it is out of question. Is there anything I've missed to check?
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>> No. 25541 Anonymous
4th September 2016
Sunday 2:09 pm
25541 spacer

If you're not getting any POST beeps out of it (and there's a little piezo speaker on-board/a speaker attached to the relevant jumper pins, i.e. you're sure that it can actually beep) then there's something very wrong - probably a knackered motherboard.

Try removing the motherboard battery and powering it up. Try booting it with RAM removed altogether, try reseating the CPU, etc. If you can get beep codes out of it we can work from there.

I don't mean to knock your PC assembling skills, but did you remember to plug in the "P4" connector (4-pin 12V) when you installed the new PSU? It's easy to miss/forget and can cause silent boot failure on some motherboards of that age.

If all else fails, then TBH, given that it's 10 years old, replacing a significant chunk/all of it is the obvious solution, but I'm guessing you're on a tight budget or you'd have done so already. If you let us know how much money you have to put towards this we can make some suggestions, and if you've got the specs of what you've got currently that'd help.
>> No. 25544 Anonymous
4th September 2016
Sunday 6:53 pm
25544 spacer
The speaker is probably all right. It beeped okay when I managed to start the machine. When it halted on the logo screen the beep was different - just a wee bit longer than the usual 'everything is okay' beep. Even more interesting, no manual that describes what these beep signals mean has any explanation about such a signal.

> Try removing the motherboard battery and powering it up. Try booting it with RAM removed altogether
Done that. No reaction. It just whirrs at me. No beep codes, the green LED does not light up either. Haven't re-seated the CPU though.

> but did you remember to plug in the "P4" connector (4-pin 12V) when you installed the new PSU?
Sure. It made quite a pleasant click when I put it in.

> then TBH, given that it's 10 years old, replacing a significant chunk/all of it is the obvious solution
The whole of it, I guess. It is Socket 939, DDR1 (not even DDR2), thank dog it had SATA. Laugh at that. Or cry, I don't know. I won't shit you - it was slow but not unbearably slow.

Will try to raise it though. The worst thing has probably already happened. I cannot afford anything half-decent right now that would last another 10 years anyway. Nearly all important data had been backed some time before the incident. I'll miss the Crimsonland savefile.
>> No. 25546 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 12:02 am
25546 spacer
That sounds pretty cut and dry. I wouldn't hold out much hope for the CPU reseating fixing it.

Given that it's 939/DDR1 then your best bet is probably a second-hand CPU/MOBO/RAM combo, you can get decent bundles on ebay that'll wipe the floor with what you had and if you get something with DDR3 you should be able to get some appreciable CPU/RAM upgrades when you've got the money (my first pick would be an SSD, mind).

Something like this, maybe: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-socket-1156-motherboard-bundle-Intel-i5-650-CPU-3-2GHZ-4GB-DDR3-Ram-/182257353802
I'll have another look tomorrow to make sure there are no obvious problems with it, or better deals, but I'm off to bed right now.
>> No. 25547 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 5:15 pm
25547 spacer
> I wouldn't hold out much hope for the CPU reseating fixing it.
Right. But as someone said, 'You are going to get battered anyway, so why wouldn't you try your chances and fight back?' And I always wanted to be a necromancer anyway.

> then your best bet is probably a second-hand CPU/MOBO/RAM combo
My thoughts exactly although I don't know when will it be. I'm fairly broke at this moment and there are other things on the priority list as well.

>> No. 25512 Anonymous
2nd September 2016
Friday 2:27 pm
25512 spacer

My trusty 1TB HDD I've had for about 7 years now has got 16,000 hours on the clock. Should I start to look into replacing it or if it's made it this long, do you reckon it'll be fine?
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>> No. 25535 Anonymous
3rd September 2016
Saturday 10:32 am
25535 spacer
I was reading the wrong value. The actual value is 0x00, which means it's fine. I'm probably going to get an SSD to dump my games on anyway, and just use this for data -- Fallout 4 gets a bit laggy in the new DLC because my disk is being maxed out quite a bit.

Any S.M.A.R.T. software. CrystalDiskInfo is the one I use.
>> No. 25536 Anonymous
3rd September 2016
Saturday 10:33 am
25536 spacer

Not either of you, but to preempt the smartarses I'll add "and isn't a fraud" to your criteria, given the well known problems of dodgy storage on sale.
>> No. 25537 Anonymous
3rd September 2016
Saturday 3:04 pm
25537 spacer

Do you not have an SSD? It's the biggest upgrade you can make to any PC. They're really not that expensive these days - you can buy a quality 240GB SSD for less than £60.

>> No. 25538 Anonymous
3rd September 2016
Saturday 4:25 pm
25538 spacer
I have an SSD, but not a large one.
>> No. 25539 Anonymous
3rd September 2016
Saturday 11:28 pm
25539 spacer



>> No. 25008 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 4:52 pm
25008 spacer
Can anyone recommend some middle range speakers?

Nothing too fancy but not a bag of shit either.
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>> No. 25484 Anonymous
12th August 2016
Friday 6:56 am
25484 spacer
Where do you chaps put your subwoofer?
>> No. 25485 Anonymous
12th August 2016
Friday 4:28 pm
25485 spacer

Unless you're a trained acoustical engineer, there's only really one sensible way of working out where to put your subwoofer. It seems absurd, but it works very well.

Place the sub where your head would be in your normal listening position. Play a fast sweep test tone from 20Hz to 150Hz. Crawl around the floor with your head at floor level, listening to the test tone. When the tone sounds equally loud throughout the sweep, that's the ideal location for the sub.

>> No. 25487 Anonymous
16th August 2016
Tuesday 8:33 am
25487 spacer

Where's the volume control on these?
>> No. 25488 Anonymous
16th August 2016
Tuesday 10:18 am
25488 spacer

>> No. 25511 Anonymous
1st September 2016
Thursday 12:44 pm
25511 spacer
There was a post here some time ago explaining how to wirelessly activate and use speakers (analog I guess, non-digital). Does anyone remember it? I think someone was asking for creative ways to combat a neighbors loud music.

bbc1-large_trans nhOKBabfOLZJQBViQ93mSIYngWeMpvN1.jpg
>> No. 25414 Anonymous
6th August 2016
Saturday 5:23 pm
25414 spacer
> The BBC is to spy on internet users in their homes by deploying a new generation of Wi-Fi detection vans to identify those illicitly watching its programmes online.

> The Telegraph can disclose that from next month, the BBC vans will fan out across the country capturing information from private Wi-Fi networks in homes to “sniff out” those who have not paid the licence fee.

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>> No. 25479 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 5:24 pm
25479 spacer
Right? We wouldn't have a million unemployed if Jeremy Kyle was taken off the air.
>> No. 25480 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 5:25 pm
25480 spacer
Not what I was thinking but whatever.
>> No. 25481 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 5:26 pm
25481 spacer
Could you explain what relevance the issues faced by people on incapacity, in-work or jsa benefits has?
>> No. 25482 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 7:26 pm
25482 spacer

The standard fee is €17.50 per month. Registered disabled people pay a reduced fee of €5.83, most people on benefits pay nothing.
>> No. 25483 Anonymous
12th August 2016
Friday 12:51 am
25483 spacer

dvd minder home.jpg
Speaking as someone who still curls up into a ball and bursts into tears whenever I catch even a brief glimpse of my "favourite" programmes from back when I was out of work I can assure you that you don't need to think of ways to try and stop unemployed people from watching television. 99.9% of them really would rather be doing absolutely anything else.

>> No. 25443 Anonymous
9th August 2016
Tuesday 9:19 pm
25443 spacer
Can someone explain to me how useless countries like UAE and KSA mange to block certain apps like Whatsapp and Viper? Doesn't it just look like data packets? I have very limited understandong of how netwroking works, so I would apprecate an explaination. How can they tell what app is being used?
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>> No. 25453 Anonymous
9th August 2016
Tuesday 11:45 pm
25453 spacer
How effective are VPNs and/or Tor at evading state censorship in these places?
>> No. 25454 Anonymous
9th August 2016
Tuesday 11:49 pm
25454 spacer
If no-one's interested in you, fine. If someone wants to catch you, they will.
>> No. 25455 Anonymous
9th August 2016
Tuesday 11:49 pm
25455 spacer
Worked like a treat. Even on my phone, any VPN app rubbish allowed me to post here.

Speed over there is a major issue though. I felt that the VPNs just made it worse. I could barely load a 240p youtube video.
>> No. 25456 Anonymous
9th August 2016
Tuesday 11:55 pm
25456 spacer

I suspect that those regimes aren't savvy enough to reliably block a skilled user, but I wouldn't want to get caught. A business traveler or expat trying to watch iPlayer should be fine, but if I were a local I'm not sure I'd risk it.

China have successfully blocked Tor and the vast majority of commercial VPN services, but the Great Firewall is incredibly sophisticated.
>> No. 25486 Anonymous
13th August 2016
Saturday 8:27 pm
25486 spacer
There are holes in the Golden Shit [1] too. The chance of the po-po paying you a re-educational visit for going through those holes is higher though.

[1] They call that filtering system 'Golden Shield' or something actually.

>> No. 25266 Anonymous
20th June 2016
Monday 9:38 am
25266 spacer
I've currently got my computer hooked up to a giant, old stereo system with tape decks and a CD player that I haven't used in almost a decade.

Is there a cheap way I can get rid of the mixer/amplifier/middle thingamabob between the speakers and have a compact box that connects the speakers to my computer?
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>> No. 25406 Anonymous
2nd August 2016
Tuesday 12:35 pm
25406 spacer

In case I wasn't clear, you'll need an interface/DAC or a wireless streamer, but not necessarily both.

The only other thing you'll need is the appropriate audio cable to connect the DAC or streamer to your speakers. If you're not sure what you need, let me know what kit you've chosen and I can make sure you get the right cable.
>> No. 25407 Anonymous
2nd August 2016
Tuesday 3:17 pm
25407 spacer

Thanking you sir. The Chromecast has a built-in DAC? Would you recommend the amp/passive speaker setup over the studio monitors? A hard disk audio player? How does that differ from the Chromecast? I will make another post this evening after some researching. If I went wired, and I wanted speakers in another room, I would need to run a long USB cable from PC to the DAC/speakers. Is this often done? What kind of specs would a PC need to stream audio? For example, I have a Raspberry Pi 3, maybe I could attach that to a DAC/speakers and stream to it, so it is doing what the Chromecast would have done? (I think I will get Chromecast for simplicity but I am just considering).
>> No. 25408 Anonymous
2nd August 2016
Tuesday 4:31 pm
25408 spacer

The Chromecast has a built in DAC. You plug in an amp or monitors, connect to your home wifi and it just works. It has TosLink digital output as well as analogue audio, so you can connect it to a swanky audiophile DAC if you so desire.

I prefer studio monitors, but there are merits to hifi gear. Studio monitors don't require a bulky external amplifier, but you do need to run a power cable to each speaker. They're designed to provide a neutral and accurate reproduction, while hifi gear tends to have a slightly hyped frequency response. There's a degree of personal preference involved. If you're spending a decent amount of money, it's worth heading to Richer Sounds and your local music tech specialist to hear stuff in person.

Hard disc audio players work as a stand-alone system, controlled via a traditional remote control or a special app. You plug the player into an amp or powered speakers, as you would a CD player. Some of them just play music stored on the hard drive, some can connect to streaming services like Spotify and Tidal. It's not an option I'd recommend, because they're very expensive and often have clunky interfaces.

Long USB cables require active repeaters every five metres. If you're using a wired connection over a distance, it may make more sense to use a long audio cable.

Any old PC is fine for audio streaming. You could use a Raspberry Pi as an audio player, although it's a considerable faff to set up. You'll need to install Linux, then figure out some way of controlling it. I wouldn't recommend it if you're not an experienced linux user.

The big advantage of Chromecast Audio is that it works absolutely seamlessly from your other devices. You just press the cast button in a supported app and the music plays through your speakers. You can stream audio files from your PC using Plex, but you can also stream things like podcasts, Spotify or iPlayer Radio directly from a phone or tablet.
>> No. 25409 Anonymous
2nd August 2016
Tuesday 8:55 pm
25409 spacer
Okay, chromecast seems good. So all I need is DAC+hifi, or studio speakers. I would like ones that are good enough that if I maybe upgrade the chromecast I can keep the speakers without them acting as a quality bottleneck. Since the chromecast which acts as a wifi destination AND a DAC is £30 while the other entry-level DACS that you linked (Presonus Audiobox and Focusrite Scarlett Solo) are £70-£90, I guess the chromecast may be a bottleneck for audio quality (though I probably wouldn't notice it). I would like to have these speakers alternately in my room and in the living room of my shared apartment. Here is some equipment I have seen recommended:

Yamaha HS Series
JBL LSR Series
Mackie Mr6 Mk3

Monitor Audio Bronze

Cambridge Audio A1 (mentioned earlier)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 25410 Anonymous
2nd August 2016
Tuesday 10:00 pm
25410 spacer

Any of the above would be an excellent choice.

I wouldn't worry too much about the DAC quality of the Chromecast, it's not something you'll realistically notice on <£1000 speakers. It's just a wifi chipset and a DAC in a box, whereas the audio interfaces mentioned have far more features - headphone amplifiers, microphone inputs etc. They're not all that different in terms of DAC performance, which is a gnats fart from perfect in both cases.

>> No. 25237 Anonymous
11th June 2016
Saturday 8:16 pm
25237 spacer
This is my video card right now. I figure things like compressed air blowers and vacuum cleaners can potentially damage it with static electricity - how can I safely clean all the dust off without damaging the circuits? Will kitchen roll be ok?
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>> No. 25325 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 8:23 pm
25325 spacer
Just going to say- Take it outside before you blow on it with compressed air. There's going to be a fuck of a lot of dust in there.

Sounds obvious but I don't think of this when I did it the first time, and just ended up coughing and sneezing for about an hour with dust all over everything else in the room.
>> No. 25326 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 8:30 pm
25326 spacer
>IMO get a computer beard type to have a look. The motherboard might be unique and need specialist attention (like unwrapping a mummy). Obviously it is beyond repair but it might be good for saving.
>Not sure how you deduced that. It's all working fine, I'm just doing spring cleaning.

The safest thing to do is to always perform the repair incantations before you even take the cover off. I certainly wouldn't blow on it, the machine spirit might not take it well.
>> No. 25327 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 8:32 pm
25327 spacer
Once you've cleaned it, set up your case so that there's more fans sucking in than blowing out and have filters for all those fans sucking in.

That way you stop dust from being sucked in to the case and the positive air pressure will largely keep any openings 'dust tight' while it's running.
>> No. 25332 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 11:50 pm
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Fuck off.

Just needs a good blow and a vacuum and I'm a "computer beard". People worry too much about static from those. Get rid of the fucking dust, thats a much bigger problem for you than the static.
>> No. 25333 Anonymous
3rd July 2016
Sunday 5:10 am
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I don't know, lad. It's got all that mains stored in it, he could easily both die and break his computer.

You better let a specialist look at it OP, I'll do it for £200, if you like.

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