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>> No. 23016 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 4:58 pm
23016 spacer
Is it just me or is Firefox getting slower with every update?
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>> No. 23017 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 5:18 pm
23017 spacer

Working fine for me. What add-ons do you have?
>> No. 23018 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 5:21 pm
23018 spacer

Just adblock
>> No. 23020 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 7:00 pm
23020 spacer
Been happening for years and years. People hold Firefox up as this shining beacon of open-source and good, but code wise it is a mess, its security protection quite behind the times compared to other browsers now and is very very bloated.
>> No. 23021 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 7:08 pm
23021 spacer
I know what you mean. It got slower and slower until I installed Chrome and that was zippy quick. Then Chrome got slower and slower and I reinstalled Firefox and that was zippy quick again.

Computers are weird.
>> No. 23022 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 7:14 pm
23022 spacer
Ditto. Firefox still working ok for me, Chrome can be a bit slow. Maybe if we hang out our cycles will sync.
>> No. 23024 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 7:34 pm
23024 spacer
Firefox eats my CPU like a released Bobby Sands. No probs with memory but there's about 1.0gz to run the browser nevermind video and youtube. 1gig to run a browser? I thought it was my pc running slow with age but yeah op, ff is getting slower.

>> No. 23026 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 7:47 pm
23026 spacer
That's interesting, I wonder if switching to Chrome will help my ridiculous overheating issues seeing as I can't be bothered to actually clean my fan.
>> No. 23029 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 8:05 pm
23029 spacer
Switch to Iceweasel or use nightly builds.
>> No. 23030 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 8:11 pm
23030 spacer
>>I can't be bothered to actually clean my fan


(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 23063 Anonymous
3rd September 2014
Wednesday 10:45 pm
23063 spacer

If the chaps from that mobile phone thread are to be believed, it's because "waaahhh programming is like, so hard you guys".
>> No. 23064 Anonymous
3rd September 2014
Wednesday 11:08 pm
23064 spacer

Firefox just don't have the development resources. They're a small and relatively underfunded open source project, competing against huge multinationals.

They have the oldest layout engine of any modern browser (Gecko, dating back to early 1997), which means dealing with a lot of legacy code. Maintaining old code is immeasurably harder than writing it from scratch. Gecko is also burdened by a lot of early engineering decisions that bloated the scope to be much more than 'just' a browser layout engine, which makes the architecture hugely overcomplicated.

Chrome is based on WebKit, which was the layout engine used by Apple for Safari. Their combined resources were vast, giving them a huge competitive advantage. Google recently forked their layout engine from the core WebKit branch, to further simplify and optimise the codebase. Chrome is a very young browser (launched in 2008), which means that the design is much more elegant than other browsers and benefits from a lot of lessons learned. Google also benefit from having some of the most brilliant computer scientists in the world working on Chrome, most notably Lars Bak, the genius who more or less single-handedly designed their JavaScript engine.
>> No. 23065 Anonymous
4th September 2014
Thursday 2:50 pm
23065 spacer
Why don't Mozilla switch to WebKit? Didn't Opera do exactly that?
>> No. 23066 Anonymous
4th September 2014
Thursday 3:35 pm
23066 spacer

WebKit is one of the worst code bases ever written. Blink is making leaps and bounds towards rectifying this, but it's going to take a while.

Chrome also involved a bunch of design decisions that sped things but weren't great for security (for example it's been a nightmare to get something approaching noscript functionality in Chrome), and instead relied far too much on the sandboxing aspect, which at least on Windows systems is a pretty terrible idea.
>> No. 23067 Anonymous
4th September 2014
Thursday 9:27 pm
23067 spacer

Mate, playing with QBASIC as a child does not make you an authority on technology...

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