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>> No. 23068 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 4:13 pm
23068 Rambam's talk at HOPE X
Kinda late but nonetheless. In case some of you haven't seen it.
Long (2 hours and 20 minutes, plus 18 minutes of Q&A) but IMO worth it. Creepy too.

He talks mostly about surveillance facilitated by private sector, focussing on the so-called open-source intelligence and emphasising there is no difference between the government and corporate surveillance — the former being outsourced to the latter and other data from the latter may be gathered by the former with or without a warrant/subpoena. He also mentions Snowden's material and covers some of the not so recent stuff. The conclusion is not very bright.

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>> No. 23069 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 7:53 pm
23069 spacer

Judge Dredd.jpg
Interesting beeb documentary featuring Jacob Applebaum, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden's disembodied voice, TOR, Bitcoin, Some technology wonks and da Offorities.

Surprisingly even handed considering the content.


I'm watching that lecture now. I'm thinking excellent plot for a sci-fi thing would be to put GPS dust in cocaine and use it to track perps.

I think that we're essentially in a state of flux at the moment. The draconian dinosaurs in power have this technology which they don't really understand and are using it to try and create a panopticon. But ultimately, the increasing connectivity will make these feudalistic hierarchical power structures untenable and lead to the implementation of actual egalitarian democracy.

Ultimately was it not the internet that led to the decline and fall of pederasty in powerful organizations? (first the Catholic Church, then the Media, then the Govt)

In my most humble and uninformed oikish opinion what we are witnessing is akin to the use of the written word to oppress the massess following the creation of the Gutenberg printing press. These villainous people campaigning for transparency and digital rights are analogous to Lutheran Heresies

Something something Marshall McLuhan, something something Serial Experiments Lain.
>> No. 23070 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 8:16 pm
23070 spacer
>Something something Marshall McLuhan, something something Serial Experiments Lain.
As someone who spent a bit too long thinking about both of these at uni, that really made me laugh, thanks.
>> No. 23071 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 8:17 pm
23071 spacer
>I'm thinking excellent plot for a sci-fi thing would be to put GPS dust in cocaine and use it to track perps.
He's teetotal m8.
>> No. 23072 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 8:33 pm
23072 spacer

>1:40:40 - do you put a comma before and even though it's grammatically incorrect?

Oi Mr. Computer guy. Stick to what you know and don't be trying to rile up a shitstorm amongst the grammaticists
>> No. 23074 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 8:43 pm
23074 spacer

Have you read this one lad?


May be of interest.
>> No. 23076 Anonymous
5th September 2014
Friday 9:03 pm
23076 spacer
Other highlights include

>1:57:07 Laziest pedo ever


>1:57:46 ENHANCE!
Is actually a thing now apparently.
>> No. 23083 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 12:38 am
23083 spacer
Saw this a while ago.

What I love is how ten years ago this was tinfoil hat crazy talk. Nowadays it's commonplace fact.

And to think we are only on the iceberg tip. This technology is only going to get more advanced and more integrated with society. I'm not sure I like the shape of the future.
>> No. 23084 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 12:48 am
23084 spacer

Don't worry, a decade or two of pseudo-fascistic hell and then the oil run out and make the whole thing unsustainable.
>> No. 23085 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 12:50 am
23085 spacer
He has apparently been giving this same talk with the same slides for twenty years. Each time he gets to add more details.
>> No. 23092 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 4:22 pm
23092 spacer
Well, I certainly remember reading a transcript of at least one of them.
One particularly ugly problem is when you cannot afford not to to give in to something, although it may be presented as if you 'have a choice'. Say, the public buys into this recent 'Quantified Self' HealthKit-type hype and starts to meticulously track themselves and their state. Of course, the data flows everywhere, from doctors to marketers and insurers. Then this tracking becomes mandatory—and you are fucked.

Not sure if not tin-foil but sage anyway.
>> No. 23098 Anonymous
9th September 2014
Tuesday 3:41 pm
23098 spacer
And, what was the last question in the Q&A? I couldn't discern it.

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