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>> No. 23086 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 4:52 am
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Good morning, you two.

I am soon to move. My new home is a whopping two miles straight-line from the exchange. According to Sam, I should be set for BT fibre, but it would appear that Virgin's availability checker is sleeping off a massive bender so while I know there's cable I don't know which service levels it's capable of sustaining. I'm assuming that at this great distance my ADSL speed would be on par with treacle, so I'm effectively limited to BT Infinity or Virgin. Am I right in thinking this? If so, which of them is less shit? Decent upload speed appreciated, but more important is not being tied into crap hardware (e.g. the BT Home Hub that's being left behind because it insists on periodically going into a coma or telling clients they're still associated while refusing to actually handle any data).
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>> No. 23087 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 8:59 am
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You don't have to go with BT for fibre. Most other providers are supplying it now through openreach wholsesale. You don't get stuck with the homehub, you get the openreach modem which is actually half decent.

Upload speeds are much better on fibre. Virgin is still obsessed with raw download speed so upload is crap. What is worse is that the upload channels used by virgin are also typically shared between a larger number of customers than the download channels. This means that in over subscribed areas it's the uploads that suffer most. A 100Mbps connection is utterly ludicrous if your upload speed is running at ~1Mbps.
>> No. 23088 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 10:59 am
23088 spacer

That's refreshing to know. But then I went and put both old home and new home into BT's availability checker and got picrelated. Looks like I can get 80/20 where I am, but not where I'm going. I can only assume I've managed to not only find somewhere that's miles from the exchange but also miles from the cabinet. On the upside, someone has apparently within the last month done speed checks via Uswitch and recorded 30/4 on BT, against 35/3 on Virgin (admittedly it doesn't reveal what package they were on, though I'm working on the assumption that it doesn't matter much if that's the result).

FWIW, while looking around, I did see some flyers for Hyperoptic, who would install their own fibre, but it seems that for where I'm living they're still only at the EOI stage, and so I'd have to tie myself up with someone else for at least a year.
>> No. 23089 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 11:18 am
23089 spacer

Well, Virgin let you use your own router if that makes a difference. Belkin are quite good in that regard, never had an issue that couldn't be solved by Virgin's tech team as they "unofficially" support Belkin routers.

I don't know how it would work on BT.
>> No. 23090 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 11:58 am
23090 spacer
Hmm ... on closer inspection, it seems that part of this is because I'm on the top floor, as BT's checker tells me that the ground-floor flats can get 80/20. FFS ...
>> No. 23091 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 1:14 pm
23091 spacer

It could be that BT's checker is trying to guess the length of street by your number, it might be trying to assume that you're the other end of the street and an extra half a mile away.
Or it could possibly be that the flats have shitty internal wiring.
>> No. 23125 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 8:23 pm
23125 spacer
Having been in the new flat, it appears the previous tenant was a Virgin customer. In general, they didn't do a very good job of moving out, and have left the boxes behind. There was no brick for the TiVo, but the Superhub still worked, and the default passwords applied. Anyway, SpeedTest told me it was giving about 40Mbit down and 2Mbit up. There is also a communal aerial point, but this was initially installed by Virgin and apparently hasn't worked in about a year or so, with no estimate on getting it fixed (ever). That narrows my options somewhat. Apparently I can get a rather substantial broadband/TV/phone bundle for £45pm (+ line rental), which seems cheaper than some of fibre offerings (where I've seen prices of around £60pm + line rental quoted). In general, do I assume that when evaluating the BT FTTC that I can essentially take service from practically any ISP advertising "fibre" services? On a related note, I'm disappointed at the lack of anything that allows me to compare ISPs on anything other than price, or to bung in some features and see what fits. For instance, I can't find a comparison site that would let me exclude ISPs that have stupidly small limits (1GB/month? On a 40Mbit line in 2014? Really?), and none of them provide any kind of comparison on traffic management policies, etc.

On a /101/ side note, I have just seen a comparison site that lists providers with allowances of "unlimited" and "truly unlimited". Why the ASA never clamped down on that nonsense years ago I'll never know.

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