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>> No. 23328 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 4:10 am
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I am somewhat already regretting not just bumping an older thread but I'm wondering whether I should get a new phone. My current phone is 5 years old (Blackberry 8520) and I am surprised at the disadvantage this gives me when usually I'd be fine with a phone that does the bare minimum. As a result I am very ignorant of the going rate for phones these days.

I am a student and living off grants and after working out whether I can afford such an expense I have 60 quid I can spend without living off beans at aldi. Naturally I was going to not bother looking as my initial searches got me looking at phones that were £120 at the lowest.

I did then use google shopping and was pointed towards ebay. I am paranoid over the idea of buying a phone over ebay but there are some phones that are going for less than my budget and wondering whether I should take the plunge as the feedback on one seller is quite high.

My criteria for a good replacement is quite simple
Android (as there is no way I can afford an iphone) OS
Significantly better than my Blackberry
Unlocked (I already have a good sim card with a good contract)
Less than £60
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>> No. 23329 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 7:58 am
23329 spacer

Almost anything is significantly better than your Blackberry. I've just replaced my BB 9300 and it'd be difficult finding anything worse than that.

Although when you say ebay, are you looking at second-hand models, or are you looking at the no-brand Chinese phones?
I'm sure even these cheap ones would be an improvement for you.

If you'd prefer something branded, I suggest taking a look at ZTE or Huawei.
>> No. 23330 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 8:12 am
23330 spacer
Whatever you do, don't get a Firefox phone. The majority of them are terrible.
>> No. 23331 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 10:52 am
23331 spacer
Moto G without a doubt.

The first gen is really good, the rest build on top of that - but are more pricey. You won't get it for £60 though.

There is the Moto E, which is a crappier version.
>> No. 23332 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 12:02 pm
23332 spacer
I'll just add that it would be worth waiting a few months to make sure you can get android 5 on whatever phone you use. It should be worth it, especially on cheaper phones, as it's meant to have a noticeable improvement on both speed and battery life as there's a fairly major code overhaul.

All the newest Motorola phones will be updated to it in due time, but some budget phones from other manufacturers would be worth avoiding unless you know you'll get the upgrade.
>> No. 23333 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 3:27 pm
23333 spacer

I doubt anything in his budget range will ever have Android 5. Most phones in that price range are still running 2.x.

Op's best bet is to hit ebay and find something nice that someone's replaced and no longer wants. New phones come out on such a regular basis that turnover is massive and you can get phones that are only a generation or two old for really cheap prices - especially on the bidding auctions.
>> No. 23334 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 4:17 pm
23334 spacer
>Most phones in that price range are still running 2.x.
That's really not the case. You can get quite a bit of phone for £60 these days, if you go the cheapo Chinese route.
>> No. 23335 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 5:44 pm
23335 spacer
OP here.

Apologies but my dad may set me up with one of his old phones, the only issue being that I'd have to remove the blackberry part of my sim card which can take a month or so.
>> No. 23336 Anonymous
19th October 2014
Sunday 7:15 pm
23336 spacer
Might be quicker to just order a new SIM and transfer your number over in that case.

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