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>> No. 23476 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 2:04 pm
23476 partioning
I have three partitions. A, B and C. C has the OS on it and is the smallest. B has data and A has nothing on it. Originally I wanted to just extend C but I can't do that because A has bad sectors. So I have two options:

1. Clone C to A, then extend A and resize C. (don't want to do this because it'll fuck with GRUB).

2. Move B to A and resize C. Which do you recommend?
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>> No. 23477 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 2:48 pm
23477 spacer
>A has bad sectors
And you're talking about moving data there? Nothing important, I hope. Drives with bad sectors tend to snowball, complete failure probably isn't far away.
>> No. 23478 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 6:52 pm
23478 spacer
I had one I got in 2001 and it developed a bad sector in 2005. I used a program called HDD Regenerator whose blurb said

>Repairs most bad sectors by remagnetizing the disk surface without losing your data. Works independantly of the file system, making it compatible with all PCs, operating systems and hard drives

and the drive seemed perfect thereafter. I was still using it about three years ago and it still works but it's 60GB so too small to be of use for anything.
>> No. 23479 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:07 pm
23479 spacer
>bad sectors

3. Take a backup and buy a new drive.

Agree 100% with >>23477 - your question in /g/ should be related to the cheapest place to buy a new hard drive, because everything else you're considering is irrelevant. It's about to fail. Hard drives are like ballpoint pens, you are going to get through them in life, and as long as you recognise the warning signs when they're about to go wrong, you'll be alright.
>> No. 23480 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:15 pm
23480 spacer
This. Modern hard disks are overprovisioned, and reallocate bad sectors as needed. If you're seeing reports of bad sectors then it's likely running out (if not already run out) of spare sectors to reallocate, in which case for all intents and purposes the disk has failed and you need to do something about it.
>> No. 23482 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 7:27 pm
23482 spacer

Did you get any massive unexplainable phone bills around about the same time?
>> No. 23485 Anonymous
19th December 2014
Friday 8:17 pm
23485 spacer

No. It's debatable whether it fixes errors or just hides them but it's a real program.


The bad sector never came back after fully wiping the hard drive and putting a different OS on it.

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