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>> No. 23537 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 1:23 pm
23537 Antivirus
Hello chaps,
I've recently returned back to Windows after having a Macbook for 6 years (As much as I wanted to, I could not justify paying the price for one, as I tend to use my iPhone more for daily internet activities.)

My laptop came with McAfee which pops up every now and again to remind me I'm on a 30 day trail.

Could any of you lads suggest a good alternative Firewall/Antivirus/Antimalware suite?

I'm running Windows 8.1

Thanks :)
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>> No. 23538 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 1:39 pm
23538 spacer
Doubtless some idiot will probably jump in and tell you that apparently applying common sense is enough to immunise yourself 100% against all the ills of the Internet. This is akin to saying you can avoid STIs by merely not getting bummed by Africans.
>> No. 23539 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 2:01 pm
23539 spacer

Do you have any other advice to offer the OP? Rather than being preemptively annoyed by something, you big silly? As I too am hopelessly unprotected and on 8.1 also.
>> No. 23540 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 2:09 pm
23540 spacer

Have you considered installing Linux? There's a distro called Elementary OS that looks quite like OS X.

I wouldn't bother if you use iTunes, though as it's not officially supported in Linux.

If you do stick with Windows, remove McAfee and install Microsoft Security Essentials.
>> No. 23541 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 2:32 pm
23541 spacer
I work in a job where I use Linux day to day (CLI usually), without iTunes support (and I can't be bothered when Apple update iOS and then waiting weeks before a Linux media player comes out with iPhone support) I'd rather stick to Windows.

The last time I ran Windows was the XP-era, it's not as terrible than it once was, but it all seems a bit bipolar (my boyfriend had to enable bluetooth, which is embarrassing as I do have a software engineering degree and work in software QA).
>> No. 23542 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 4:32 pm
23542 spacer
Fair enough. Security Essentials and common sense it is then.
>> No. 23547 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 7:00 pm
23547 spacer
That's McAfee? I thought it was Super Hans. Or Mahir.
>> No. 23548 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 8:01 pm
23548 spacer
It looks like Christian Bale in full method acting mode.
>> No. 23549 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 8:06 pm
23549 spacer
>That's McAfee?
Indeed it is.
>> No. 23550 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 8:19 pm
23550 spacer

It could be worse, it could be Norton.
>> No. 23551 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 10:12 pm
23551 spacer


Peter Norton: Famous for wearing pink shirts
Eugene Kaspersky: Famous for looking like a Beegee and having his kid kidnapped.
John Mcafee: Famous for a monstrous MDPV addiction and allegedly murdering someone in Belize before going on the lam.

Well, I know who I'm basing my infosec career on.
>> No. 23554 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 3:29 am
23554 spacer

I thought it was a Chuckle brother.
>> No. 23556 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 3:43 am
23556 spacer

> McAfee
> Super Hans

>> No. 23566 Anonymous
2nd January 2015
Friday 7:10 pm
23566 spacer
MSE used to get my recommendation purely for its simplicity, but it has been worryingly shit for a while now, unfortunately.

I'd go with AVG or Avast. Both have free versions, are relatively hassle-free, and they fare better in detection rates.
>> No. 23568 Anonymous
2nd January 2015
Friday 8:42 pm
23568 spacer
Seconded. I remember checking the antivirus comparison sites a few months back and being surprised at how badly MSE did these days. Avast and AVG were still the best of the freebies, and Kaspersky and Bitdefender were the best of the paid suites.

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