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>> No. 23543 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 5:52 pm
23543 spacer
My phone's fucked, but it's still under warranty. I have music not from a reputable media vendor on my phone including a torrent app and the torrents themselves. Is it wise to send it off?
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>> No. 23544 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 5:57 pm
23544 spacer
What do you mean "fucked"? Is it something that somehow could have been caused by torrenting? Or did you just leave in your back pocket when you were drunk? If it's the second thing I can't conceive of what the issue could be.
>> No. 23545 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 6:05 pm
23545 spacer
I've never had a problem and have even had engineers copy pirated music and film over to a USB for me. If they busted people for having pirated music we would all be in prison by now.

Why do you even have a torrent app on your phone anyway, is it not a bit unwieldy?
>> No. 23546 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 6:13 pm
23546 spacer
Battery failure of some description.

Not at all.
>> No. 23555 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 3:31 am
23555 spacer
You'd only have a problem if it was CP. I'm sure pretty much everyone bootlegs. I doubt all those engineers dropped hundreds on legit Office, Photoshop etc.
>> No. 23557 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 4:45 am
23557 spacer
They really won't care about pirated crap.
>> No. 23558 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 12:07 pm
23558 spacer
I sent my bugged Seagate drive off to The Netherlands for repair, chock full of torrented TV shows, films and music. Got it back in a couple of weeks, seemingly untouched, not a word about the contents. I imagine the engies don't give a toss.
>> No. 23559 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 1:04 pm
23559 spacer

I read a "share secrets from your workplace" thread someplace and someone who fixed computers said they routinely snooped through people's HD's and copied anything they liked for their personal use. That's quite predictable really.
>> No. 23560 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 1:56 pm
23560 spacer
Yeah I've no way of knowing if the engineers actually did look through my stuff but if they copied my TV shows for themselves then good luck to them, I don't care.

Granted if I had the time on the job to go dicking around through every customer's media collection I'd question what the hell I was doing with my life, but that's neither here nor there.
>> No. 23561 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 2:23 pm
23561 spacer
I remember taking a PC back to the place that built it and finding a whole bunch of stuff I'd downloaded in the MRU lists of programs I personally didn't use to open them (e.g. videos in Winamp).
>> No. 23562 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 4:59 pm
23562 spacer
What about porno that could be misconstrued as something rather less appreciable?
>> No. 23563 Anonymous
30th December 2014
Tuesday 8:10 pm
23563 spacer
I've even had a techie in a computer repair shop ask if he could copy all the seasons of South Park I had when I took my first PC in to have the exploded power pack replaced. He also pinched all my laboriously labeled discogs of classic and prog rock.

If I ever met an engineer who gave an active fuck about piracy I'd eat my hat.

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