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>> No. 23572 Anonymous
4th January 2015
Sunday 6:07 pm
23572 Battery Issues
I have Samsung Galaxy SII. It won't accept charge off either of the previously functioning charging cables I have for it, but it appears to wake up briefly before turning off at 0% charge when plugged into its data cable and USB. It's yet to reach any sort of functioning battery level. Does this seem like a solely battery issue? Any help appreciated, ta.
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>> No. 23573 Anonymous
4th January 2015
Sunday 6:22 pm
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I don't know whether your phone would be affected by it, but apparently for a time "too flat to charge" was a real thing. Apparently on some phones the power required to kick off a charging cycle was more than the threshold at which it would shut off.

You might want to double-check that it is actually not accepting a charge by leaving the charger plugged in for an extended period (e.g. overnight), because it may be that while it's not displaying stuff on the screen it's still charging anyway. If that still fails, then it's probably an issue with the handset. If you have access to another phone that takes the same battery, try sticking your battery in there and see if it charges, or try and charge the battery from the other phone in your own.
>> No. 23574 Anonymous
5th January 2015
Monday 9:08 am
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That seems to have been the issue; after hooking it up to its data cable it managed to acquire some charge, after that plugging it in to its mains charger was fine. How peculiar. I've still ordered a new battery in case its current one is wearing out; I think I was mostly very perplexed by it doing this because I was tripping at the time.

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