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>> No. 23806 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:30 pm
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My parents just phoned and said their internet stopped working and they phoned their provider, Utility Warehouse, who said it was probably on account of an automatic update, and several of their customers had the same problem, and the problem wasn't at UW's end so "ask a family member who knows more about computers".

The helpline guy had them go and check a network driver was up to date or something and it said it was but I'm not sure how it checked with no internet connection.

They had one restore point from the 9th so they rolled back to that and it didn't help.

They have Speedtouch 510 v6 modem router right now which just goes into the phone line. Utility Warehouse gave it to them in 2009. Do you think replacing it would help? They don't want to spend a lot.

Could something like this be OK if they're not bothered about wireless?


I wonder if the "several customers" affected by this maybe have the same Speedtouch router if UW provided it.
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>> No. 23809 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:51 pm
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Call them and tell them fuck off. Switch to a different provider.
>> No. 23810 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:51 pm
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That modem is badly obsolete, and there's a good chance that they will get a faster and more stable connection with a more modern router, so it probably makes sense to upgrade regardless of the technical problem.

I'd be inclined to switch broadband providers, because they'll get a free router and will probably get a better deal. There are currently some excellent deals available, often including cashback - if you sign up for Sky Broadband this week, you'll get a free £100 M&S voucher after 90 days.

>> No. 23812 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 9:02 pm
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Thanks. They've been aware it's not a very good deal for a while, since they started getting their phone line from BT again, their friend who's a UW rep who signed them up in the first place even said it's not really worth it for just broadband. I think they don't want the hassle of changing but if it becomes more hassle to stick with UW, that will have to tip them over the edge.

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