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>> No. 23807 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:47 pm
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So I need to replace the cable on my knackered old Audio Technica ATH-AD700s, but I'm a total noob at this.

Apparently a starquad cable is a good option; two cables for left and right, two cables for ground. What confuses me is the lack of colour coordination in the cables. It makes sense when you have one blue cable for left, one red for right, and two different coloured cables for ground, but most of these quad cables just have two blue and two white wires. Which wire goes where?

Also, I might need to replace the cable connecting the left driver to the right; the one with the thin little orange and red wires. What's this sort of cable called?
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>> No. 23808 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:50 pm
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headphone starquad cable.jpg

>> No. 23811 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 8:59 pm
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Starquad cables are generally used with the wires used in pairs, to reduce interference. They're often used for recabling headphones simply because they're a suitable replacement. You can buy starquad cables with four differently coloured inners, which will make your job easier. If you have a multimeter, that will make the job far easier. Take notes on what is connected where before you start desoldering, to stop yourself from getting in a muddle.

For the bridge cable between the two earpieces, you just need a two-core shielded cable of a reasonable size. The outer insulator may well be printed with the wire gauge, which will allow you to select a suitable replacement. Headphone cables don't carry much power and aren't particularly sensitive to impedance or capacitance, so I wouldn't worry too much about getting an exact match.

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