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>> No. 24115 Anonymous
21st May 2015
Thursday 5:37 pm
24115 MP3 Player
I need a good mp3 player for Android. The default player is rubbish, it has no shuffle feature.

Any suggestions welcome.
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>> No. 24116 Anonymous
21st May 2015
Thursday 7:16 pm
24116 spacer
I use Apollo. It's OK.

Sage because I think this unlikely to be an interesting thread.
>> No. 24117 Anonymous
22nd May 2015
Friday 1:03 am
24117 spacer
I've been using Poweramp for years now. It's solid, looks pretty, has good widgets, plays anything and has tons of features.
>> No. 24311 Anonymous
13th June 2015
Saturday 9:59 pm
24311 spacer
Shameless self bump.
>> No. 24312 Anonymous
13th June 2015
Saturday 10:10 pm
24312 spacer
I too would be interested in this.

Although I also wish smartphones had extra physical buttons. I still use a separate MP3 player mainly so I can skip tracks or change the volume without having to take it out of my pocket. (or mess around with poncy bluetooth headphones)
>> No. 24313 Anonymous
13th June 2015
Saturday 10:42 pm
24313 spacer

A lot of inexpensive in-ear headphones have inline remotes that allow for the control of basic playback functions. An app like Headset Button Controller allows you to customise the function of those buttons. An advantage of using a smartphone over an MP3 player is that you can use Google Now to control media playback using speech.
>> No. 24314 Anonymous
14th June 2015
Sunday 7:52 am
24314 spacer

In-line remotes are nearly as bad, it cuts your choice of headphones down to about a quarter, and it's an extra thing on the cable to get snagged on things and break.
As for using google now, I'm not going to walk around Tesco shouting "next track"

It just annoys me because there's no good reason that my phone couldn't have an extra few buttons down the side, and I'm hoping that this line of minimalism is just a fad.
>> No. 24315 Anonymous
14th June 2015
Sunday 10:35 pm
24315 spacer
I don't know how useful it'll be to you, but if you're rooted and have Xposed, then Gravitybox has a feature that lets you use the volume buttons to skip tracks by holding them down when the screen's off, so I just do that through my pocket.
>> No. 24340 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 4:05 pm
24340 spacer
I use Poweramp, if you've rooted your phone you could get it for free I guess

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