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>> No. 24118 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 3:36 am
24118 Facebook Messenger App Permissions
Why on earth would a messenger app need this level of access at all for any reason at all? I don't think I can think of a single reason why.
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>> No. 24119 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 3:36 am
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>> No. 24120 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 3:37 am
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And I mean no reason whatsoever. ..
>> No. 24123 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 4:16 am
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The problem is with the current Android permissions system. An app must request every permission it needs for every feature in one big lump at install time. The developer can't provide explanations in the permissions request dialog, and the user is forced to either accept all permissions or not install the app. This is far from ideal for both parties. Users have to sign their life away just to try an app, and developers are stuck with either scaring off users with a massive list of permissions or removing useful features.

This article explains the (perfectly legitimate) reasons for the permissions needed by Facebook Messenger:


The problem will be fixed in Android M, which will have a completely new approach to permissions. Rather than being one big lump, permissions will be dealt with individually. The user will only be asked to accept or deny a permission at the point when that permission is needed; For example, if you never use the SMS features in an app, then you will never be asked to grant that permission. Users can deny specific permissions, and the app will have to cope gracefully with that. A system settings menu will allow users to see what permissions are currently granted to which apps, and revoke any previously granted permissions.

>> No. 24124 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 4:21 am
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Also, inb4 that lad who responds to every post about the complexities of software development by calling us all whiny incompetent cunts.
>> No. 24125 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 4:38 am
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Shut up and make my messages load faster, you useless prick.
>> No. 24126 Anonymous
29th May 2015
Friday 5:03 am
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I really hate how he speaks.
>> No. 24331 Anonymous
21st June 2015
Sunday 2:18 am
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This might be of some interest to some people: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2015/06/google-chrome-listening-in-to-your-room-shows-the-importance-of-privacy-defense-in-depth/

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