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>> No. 24316 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 4:29 pm
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I've just moved into a new flat and want to get Ethernet in my bedroom.
The flat has phone extensions in each room which are useless and no one will use.
All of this is wired from a BT master socket.
I'm wondering if it's possible to re purpose this existing wiring for my needs?

Many thanks guys.
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>> No. 24317 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 4:52 pm
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Not a chance, phone cables don't have the 8 wires needed for ethernet.

You'll have to join the rest of the 21st century and get a WiFi enabled router.
>> No. 24318 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 5:32 pm
24318 spacer

Do you have adsl or fibre?
>> No. 24319 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 5:33 pm
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You could probably thread the required cabling through the routing already there for the phone line, though if you had experience doing that you likely wouldn't be asking us this question, so you might find it quite fiddly.

All I did is buy a 20 metre Cat-5 and a cable tacker.
>> No. 24320 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 5:43 pm
24320 spacer

You can get pretty much any length of Cat-5 you want for relatively cheap, Cat-6 prices are still a piss take though.

Probably best to just buy a roll of the stuff and have it go to your bedroom that way.
>> No. 24321 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 5:45 pm
24321 spacer
You could just plug the router into that socket.
>> No. 24322 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 5:50 pm
24322 spacer

Depends on what internet he uses, but I made the mistake of just assuming he'd tried that already and ruled it out.
>> No. 24323 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 6:52 pm
24323 spacer

Extension wiring is (almost) always 2-core flat cable. Using that to connect a router will cause a big drop in speed. Often even just having the extension connected to the master and not in use, can reduce your speed if you don't have a modern isolating faceplate.
>> No. 24324 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 8:40 pm
24324 spacer

It's possible to run Ethernet over a single wiring pair, but the converters to do so are expensive and the speeds achieved are relatively poor.

If you're renting and can't pull cable through the walls, I would suggest Homeplug powerline adapters. They're simple mains plugs that send data over your electrical wiring. You can achieve speeds from 60Mbps up to about 400Mbps, depending on the quality of the kit you buy. The system only adds about 3ms of latency, and provides a very reliable connection provided that you don't have any dodgy electrical equipment plugged in.

I recommend Solwise Homeplug adapters - they are good quality, reasonably priced, and you'll get real support from a British company.

>> No. 24325 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 10:02 pm
24325 spacer
OP has moved into a flat. There's almost no chance that he's having the kind of stone wall interference/range issues that make EoP an attractive alternative to wifi. I suspect he just wanted a quick and easy solution to getting proper ethernet in his bedroom, and there isn't one. A wifi card/dongle, or ideally a long ethernet cable, will be the cheapest/best solutions.

Seconding this, from personal experience.
>> No. 24326 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 10:20 pm
24326 spacer

Flats often have problems with interference and congestion, due to the density of nearby access points and other 2.4GHz equipment. The problem isn't necessarily bandwidth, but availability. Wifi connections on busy channels tend to suffer from chronic packet loss, which can ruin online gaming. That can be largely mitigated by using 5.4GHz, but that's a potentially expensive solution if you need to upgrade all your kit. Powerline is usually rock solid, and surprisingly affordable - a pair of basic 500AV adapters costs less than £25 from Solwise.
>> No. 24327 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 10:27 pm
24327 spacer
Fair enough, I didn't know they'd got that cheap. My experience with them has been really mixed, especially in older houses where the wiring is dodgy, but I'm not surprised to hear they've improved.
>> No. 24328 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 10:33 pm
24328 spacer
Hmm, >>24321-lad here. Now I think about my internet is slower than it used to be when I had it downstairs instead of in my room. Why did this never occur to me.
>> No. 24329 Anonymous
17th June 2015
Wednesday 11:42 pm
24329 spacer
Alright lads, OP here
Cheers for your advice, I've got VDSL from BT with the Home hub 5, from what I can gather from the googling and the look of my master socket it's filtering out the broadband before it gets to the extension wiring
I have considered trying to rerun the wires with actual Ethernet cable however given the location of the master and the Sheer distance and route it must take to get to my room(there's a good chance it's partially external) that's a no go, I was hoping for a cheap bodge with the phone wiring really since I won't make use of it.

I mainly wanted to have Ethernet in my bedroom because it's what I'm used to but I've done some tests and it seems the WiFi isn't actually that bad, certainly I appear able to max out my internet connection with it(76Mbs) which was a nice surprise

My secondary reason was as a location to plonk the sever but it hit me earlier tonight that while it would be out of the way in the bedroom I'd also have to sleep with it and it would stand a good chance of keeping me up, I've decided to put it in a very large cupboard near the living room which I can route a long Ethernet cable into discretely.

Should I need to get ethernet elsewhere I'll probably go with the homeplugs.

Thanks for your advice anyway.
>> No. 24330 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 12:12 am
24330 spacer
>put it in a very large cupboard near the living room
Might want to keep an eye on the temperatures to begin with.

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