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Subject   (new thread)
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>> No. 61160 YubYub
22nd July 2018
Sunday 1:17 am
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>> No. 61162 Anonymous
22nd July 2018
Sunday 4:12 am
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Artificial snow
I question your motive.

>> No. 60378 Auntiefucker
30th March 2018
Friday 9:34 am
60378 spacer
The Novichok was found on the front door of the skripal's house.

There are photos of countless police officers guarding the house and standing right by their front door yet not a single one of them has fallen ill.

When litvinenko was poisoned there were countless images of him in his hospital bed, yet there are none of the skripals.

They supposedly fed ducks and birds after being contaminated but there have been no poisoned ducks. Not a single quacker.

There has been no visit from Theresa May or Amber Rudd to thank the staff at the hospital.

There has been no police appeal for people who know the skripals to come forward.

The police searched the skripals house an hour after they had collapsed and no officers have been contaminated in this way.

Neither has their post man.
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>> No. 61145 Billbob
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:48 pm
61145 spacer

She's rough as fuck. All those years of heavy drinking and taking drugs have clearly taken their toll.
>> No. 61150 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 7:18 pm
61150 spacer
I honestly had to squint to work out that the one on the right was indeed female

What is it about being over a BMI of 25 that seems to remove any identifying sexual dimorphism
>> No. 61151 Billbob
18th July 2018
Wednesday 7:31 pm
61151 spacer
Fat men also have great big titties.
>> No. 61152 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 7:57 pm
61152 spacer
No way does that start at 25. You can approach 30 and wearing clothes it's not even obvious you're fat.
>> No. 61161 Billbob
22nd July 2018
Sunday 3:13 am
61161 spacer

body of a 13 year old with a face o a 50 year old

i would

>> No. 61159 Billbob
21st July 2018
Saturday 9:32 pm
61159 Manliness
i was having a wank today and was surprised to see my jizz fly over my head and not land on the old t shirt I'd placed on my belly.

>> No. 61153 Samefag
19th July 2018
Thursday 8:50 am
61153 July 19th
Happy July 19th, chaps
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>> No. 61154 Crabkiller
19th July 2018
Thursday 10:50 am
61154 spacer
Has it been that long since the ice age ended already?
>> No. 61155 Auntiefucker
19th July 2018
Thursday 3:14 pm
61155 spacer
I probably mentioned it last year in the same version of this thread, but it's my birthday today.

Not an awful lot has changed, but I'm in a better place than I was last year.
>> No. 61156 Moralfag
19th July 2018
Thursday 3:28 pm
61156 spacer

same. this thread trips me out every year.
>> No. 61157 Anonymous
20th July 2018
Friday 1:41 pm
61157 spacer
Today's the day that man first walked on the moon, but that seems trivial really.
>> No. 61158 Ambulancelad
21st July 2018
Saturday 12:34 am
61158 spacer
the flying ants appeared the day you posted this. thought you should know.

>> No. 61111 Auntiefucker
17th July 2018
Tuesday 9:41 am
61111 The fat woman
I actually tried out some fat girls. I thought, hmm, maybe they get a bad rap. I am an independent thinker. I will find out for myself what a fat woman is like just as Balboa discovered the Pacific. I will not listen to my fellow man's bleating. I will explore the land of the fat woman and come to my own conclusions. And so, with courage, I ventured forth.

What did I find?

First, I thought the fat woman would be soft and pleasant. But she was hard and firm like a man.

Second, I thought the fat woman would appreciate my attention. Instead, she was haughty and obnoxious.

Third, I thought the fat woman would be good at giving blow jobs. But the skinny bitches have had much more practice.

Fourth, I thought the fat woman would be rather virtuous, if only by necessity. But she turned out to be an utter whore.

Finally, I thought the fat woman would take care to wax her moustache. But she wears it like a badge of pride.

In conclusion, the fat woman is reprehensible. I have returned shaken but intact from this nefarious hell land, and never shall I return there.
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>> No. 61131 Samefag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 7:38 pm
61131 spacer
Sadly I can report that it doesn't work this way either
>> No. 61132 Samefag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 7:50 pm
61132 spacer
I'm Bi so I'm qualified to tell you that they are both twats.
>> No. 61144 Searchfag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:46 pm
61144 spacer
>> No. 61147 YubYub
18th July 2018
Wednesday 11:21 am
61147 spacer
i shagged a fat bird once who i maintain to this day had the nicest fanny i've ever had the pleasure of putting my knob in. tighter than a squirrel's arse and sweeter than those clicky things you put in your tea. she was a delightful girl i had a lot of fun knobbing, and she always had loads of fucking sweets and ice creams all over the place when i had the munchies. i just didn't really want to be seen with her because she was already fat, and only got fatter over the six months or so i'd known her.

on the other hand i once met another fat bird off fetlife and i couldn't even get it up because she smelt of curry
>> No. 61149 Billbob
18th July 2018
Wednesday 11:40 am
61149 spacer


That's probably from the diabetes.

>> No. 61047 Crabkiller
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:41 pm
61047 spacer
Genuine question, lads. What's the point of wearing socks indoors in your own house?

I'm not going to go on a rant about big cotton and how we've been conditioned to feel naked unless our feet are covered, but why do we wear them? Fair enough if it's the middle of winter and you've got cold tile or wooden flooring but what about the rest of the time? If I'm staying in all day then why the fuck should I reach for my socks when I reach for my pants? Wear them with shoes, yes, but it seems rather pointless indoors in my own home.
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>> No. 61092 Paedofag
16th July 2018
Monday 8:31 pm
61092 spacer

I am also into minimalist running, provided that means doing as minimal running as possible.
>> No. 61133 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 7:56 pm
61133 spacer
Slippers stop the fabric of your socks wearing down so quickly, in addition to keeping delicate toesies warm. I bet you're one of those grebs with holes in all his socks because they wear out at the end so fast.
>> No. 61134 Searchfag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 8:29 pm
61134 spacer

No because I only wear socks indoors when it's cold and the socks I only wear indoors seem to last forever. Do you walk by not lifting your feet and shuffling around or something?
>> No. 61135 YubYub
17th July 2018
Tuesday 8:45 pm
61135 spacer
That's how slipper wearers seem to think you're meant to move. Freaks.
>> No. 61146 Searchfag
18th July 2018
Wednesday 10:36 am
61146 spacer

>> No. 61138 YubYub
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:15 pm
61138 spacer

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>> No. 61141 Ambulancelad
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:26 pm
61141 spacer
>> No. 61142 R4GE
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:26 pm
61142 spacer

>> No. 61057 YubYub
15th July 2018
Sunday 11:01 pm
61057 spacer
That musky's got Top bantz lads.
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>> No. 61118 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 1:44 pm
61118 spacer
>Yeah but he didn't litigate his grievance

He couldn't is the problem. The press feel that they have a constitutional right to announce it as free speech. The American public feels they have a right to know if there is a gayer in their midst, and the gay lobby is so much about loud and proud that they probably see him as some sort of traitor for wanting to keep it to himself.

He has sort to bring in greater privacy laws in the US since, but that is really too much for one man even if he is a billionare.
>> No. 61119 Searchfag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 1:59 pm
61119 spacer
>and the gay lobby is so much about loud and proud that they probably see him as some sort of traitor for wanting to keep it to himself.
That's very not true.
>> No. 61120 Are Moaty
17th July 2018
Tuesday 3:02 pm
61120 spacer

It's at least a little bit true. Back in the late 80s and early 90s when public figures were being outed en masse, there was a vigorous debate about the ethics of outing.

>> No. 61121 YubYub
17th July 2018
Tuesday 3:04 pm
61121 spacer

I've seen it happen.
>> No. 61129 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 5:15 pm
61129 spacer


naming a variable.jpg
>> No. 61105 Billbob
17th July 2018
Tuesday 4:43 am
61105 spacer
>please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

Remember this?
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>> No. 61106 Ambulancelad
17th July 2018
Tuesday 4:48 am
61106 spacer

white dogshit.jpg
remember this?
>> No. 61107 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 5:06 am
61107 spacer
Go back to kohlchan.

>> No. 61108 R4GE
17th July 2018
Tuesday 5:06 am
61108 spacer

See you there.

>> No. 61016 YubYub
9th July 2018
Monday 7:26 am
61016 spacer
Brexit? Completed it, mate.
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>> No. 61022 Billbob
9th July 2018
Monday 3:02 pm
61022 spacer
Johnson's doing one too.

>> No. 61026 Searchfag
9th July 2018
Monday 6:50 pm
61026 spacer

I love some of the photos the BBC chooses.
>> No. 61036 Auntiefucker
10th July 2018
Tuesday 3:35 pm
61036 spacer

David Davis is coming home, m8s.

wilko pride.png
>> No. 61003 Samefag
8th July 2018
Sunday 8:05 pm
61003 spacer
its everywhere
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>> No. 61025 Auntiefucker
9th July 2018
Monday 6:00 pm
61025 spacer
>> No. 61028 Crabkiller
9th July 2018
Monday 7:06 pm
61028 spacer

I briefly considered registering the domain name bifgrt.as for a laugh, but .as domains are eighty quid a year. Robbing bastards.
>> No. 61030 Are Moaty
9th July 2018
Monday 9:00 pm
61030 spacer
I very much like where this is going.
>> No. 61032 Paedofag
10th July 2018
Tuesday 12:44 am
61032 spacer
This is excellent. The door-knob even serves as a full-stop, for those typing web addresses from door daubings.
>> No. 61035 Samefag
10th July 2018
Tuesday 1:49 pm
61035 spacer


>> No. 60982 Samefag
8th July 2018
Sunday 12:00 am
60982 Chair
I'm hiding in ur wardtobe
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>> No. 60994 Anonymous
8th July 2018
Sunday 9:14 am
60994 spacer

I use one of these yellow bidets.
>> No. 61000 Searchfag
8th July 2018
Sunday 6:10 pm
61000 spacer
Speaking of chairs, any of you ladm9s know where I can get one with a seat height of ~70cm? Really struggling to find one.
>> No. 61001 Ambulancelad
8th July 2018
Sunday 6:31 pm
61001 spacer
The taller chairs are usually sold as "draughtsmen chairs" and include a footrest.

>> No. 61002 Samefag
8th July 2018
Sunday 6:51 pm
61002 spacer
Can't you just get the kid to kneel instead?
>> No. 61014 Ambulancelad
8th July 2018
Sunday 9:10 pm
61014 spacer

Oh paedolad, keep your fantasies to yourself.

>> No. 60977 R4GE
7th July 2018
Saturday 7:05 pm
60977 spacer
So this happened in my town.

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>> No. 60991 Anonymous
8th July 2018
Sunday 7:41 am
60991 spacer

Interesting news day. We've had a massive pileup in Dartford, car cow in Wales,
A flood has caused two million pounds of improvements in Birmingham. (Again.)

And up North somewhere, man gets foot stuck in road, but was OK because he was wearing his grandads doc martens.
>> No. 60995 Ambulancelad
8th July 2018
Sunday 10:12 am
60995 spacer

I'm guessing it was the bus driver's fault. It seems unlikely that all the other drivers were following so close to be unable to stop. Good luck to the insurers!
>> No. 60996 Paedofag
8th July 2018
Sunday 1:13 pm
60996 spacer

I think he hit the accelerator instead of the brake and then plowed into about 20 cars.
>> No. 60997 Searchfag
8th July 2018
Sunday 1:43 pm
60997 spacer

Yep, you got it. You can see where people have tried to pull away onto pavements.
>> No. 60999 Auntiefucker
8th July 2018
Sunday 2:19 pm
60999 spacer
Ah, right. Hence the argument he is having with the guy about the brakes.

>> No. 60962 Anonymous
5th July 2018
Thursday 9:47 pm
60962 spacer
>PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: David and Victoria Beckham look VERY affectionate at school sports day in London on the eve of their 19th wedding anniversary as they brush off divorce rumours


>Body language experts reveal hidden 'tension' in photos of Beckhams as Victoria vies for attention from 'impassive' David in 'one-sided' displays of affection on the eve of their 19th wedding anniversary following divorce rumours


Two completely different takes from the same set of pictures in the same paper on the same day.

What am I meant to think? I am so confuse.
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>> No. 60966 YubYub
5th July 2018
Thursday 10:33 pm
60966 spacer
"Body language expert" is a bullshit non-job.
>> No. 60974 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 5:06 pm
60974 spacer
Literally everything is a bullshit non-job.
>> No. 60975 Are Moaty
6th July 2018
Friday 7:13 pm
60975 spacer

Truth. I get paid to tell other people they're doing their job wrong. It's exactly like being on .gs but you get to give them an invoice at the end.
>> No. 60976 YubYub
6th July 2018
Friday 8:12 pm
60976 spacer

>> No. 60983 Anonymous
8th July 2018
Sunday 12:07 am
60983 spacer
Beckham makes c uck s catch the gay, it;s a fact. If your wife doesn't let you drive a Jagdpabzer through woods goinnd aaaargh fuckers, youve also caught the gay, catching the gay is stopped by eating pies.

(A good day to you Sir!)

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