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>> No. 66920 Billbob
12th October 2020
Monday 9:55 am
66920 spacer
Do you even respect the war if you're not wearing a poppy yet?
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>> No. 71350 Are Moaty
2nd October 2022
Sunday 1:00 pm
71350 spacer
And yet if I asked a 21-year-old girl to cover me in her piss and shit, I would be the weird one.
>> No. 71363 Are Moaty
4th October 2022
Tuesday 1:04 am
71363 spacer

The Mail tracked down her dad, who said she dropped out of uni in order to be a full-time eco warrior. No mention of how she's being funded.

Anyway, it appears she did it to promote a zoom meeting that end uk private jets had organised. I wonder if it was as much of a car crash as this was:


Looks like a ridiculous amount of roZzers were sent out to arrest her.
>> No. 71364 Moralfag
4th October 2022
Tuesday 1:09 am
71364 spacer
Fucking hell lads watch this.


She is a full blown mentalist.
>> No. 71366 R4GE
4th October 2022
Tuesday 8:42 am
71366 spacer


The Sacrifice For Survival lot are "controversial", although what they're actually doing is fairly tame compared to say, Wynn Bruce in April this year.
>> No. 71367 YubYub
4th October 2022
Tuesday 9:10 am
71367 spacer

I'm fairly certain kids know how to set their arm on fire with lighter fluid without actually hurting themselves, but that's evidently beyond the capabilities of maddie budd.

>> No. 71351 Are Moaty
3rd October 2022
Monday 8:35 pm
71351 Climate activist 'pours human faeces' on Captain Sir Tom Moore memorial
>A memorial to Captain Sir Tom Moore has been defaced by a climate activist campaigning against the use of private jets in the UK.
>Footage was posted online showing 21-year-old Maddie Budd pouring human waste on to the memorial of the late British army officer in Hatton, Derbyshire. The campaign group End UK Private Jets released the footage via its social media channels.
>Budd, a former medical student from Wales, said: “People are going to say that he’s a hero, people are going to say that this is profoundly, obscenely disrespectful to his life, and to the NHS he stood up for and I agree.
>“I was studying to become a doctor because I believe in taking care of people. If we believe that the NHS is important, if we believe in taking care of each other, if we believe that NHS workers are doing essential work, why are we forcing our healthcare system into collapse, why are we forcing our civilisation into collapse, why is basically no one taking this genocide of all humanity seriously?”
>She added: “All of this is true and the government won’t end UK private jets, every time one takes off, it pours a bucket of shit and blood on to everything that Captain Tom stood for.”
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>> No. 71358 Ambulancelad
3rd October 2022
Monday 11:23 pm
71358 spacer
I'd probably pull that face too after several weeks with constant diarrhoea like she has clearly just been through.
>> No. 71360 Searchfag
3rd October 2022
Monday 11:44 pm
71360 spacer
It's an actual memorial
>> No. 71361 Are Moaty
4th October 2022
Tuesday 12:51 am
71361 spacer
Despite this place being slow as fuck it happens a fair bit. Someone makes a post about something then a day or so later someone else posts about the same thing because they couldn't be arsed spending literally 10 seconds on /*/ to see if it's already been brought up.
>> No. 71362 YubYub
4th October 2022
Tuesday 1:03 am
71362 spacer
It was posted within some other thread I think. Does your magical 10 seconds include checking every thread as well?
>> No. 71365 Auntiefucker
4th October 2022
Tuesday 1:22 am
71365 spacer
Considering you wouldn't need to open the thread as the words "maddie budd" and "IF I ASKED A 21-YEAR-OLD GIRL TO COVER ME IN HER PISS AND SHIT" were both clearly visible on /*/ at the time this thread was made, no.

>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 71238 Samefag
11th August 2022
Thursday 4:14 pm
71238 spacer

Carol's currently making posts promoting sun cream. I wonder how much she costs.
>> No. 71239 Ambulancelad
11th August 2022
Thursday 6:02 pm
71239 spacer
I am saging and hiding this thread.
>> No. 71306 Are Moaty
7th September 2022
Wednesday 2:10 pm
71306 spacer


>> No. 71307 Crabkiller
7th September 2022
Wednesday 4:17 pm
71307 spacer
Those tits are ridiculous
>> No. 71359 Ambulancelad
3rd October 2022
Monday 11:36 pm
71359 spacer

But definitely not fake, she hasn't had any work done, honest!

king sausage.jpg
>> No. 71338 Paedofag
30th September 2022
Friday 2:25 pm
71338 spacer

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>> No. 71339 Billbob
30th September 2022
Friday 2:47 pm
71339 spacer


>> No. 71321 Searchfag
29th September 2022
Thursday 11:49 am
71321 College student 'forced into sex' by woman who was bigger than him, court t
>Imogen Brooke allegedly refused to take no for an answer after going on a date with a college student, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

>The “very drunk” 30-year-old got on top of the man, whose protests were going “in one ear and out the other,” and started to have sex with him, a jury heard.

"At the police interview, he accepted he had an erection, but he didn't want to have one.”
>After 15 minutes she got off him, rolled over and went straight to sleep, leaving the “violated” man lying in bed in disbelief, the court was told.

>At the police interview, he accepted he had an erection, but he didn't want to have one.
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>> No. 71333 Auntiefucker
30th September 2022
Friday 6:16 am
71333 spacer
>A woman accused of pinning her online date down and forcing him to have sex has been cleared by a jury after telling them she is too ‘lazy’ to stay on top.

>Imogen Brooke, 31, was said to have yanked her alleged victim onto his back and straddled him when they got into bed at her flat in Southampton. The port city’s crown court heard she weighed 24 stone at the time and was ‘quite a lot bigger and stronger than him and he couldn’t move her’. She was also accused of giving the man a love bite that ‘looked like he had been strangled’, telling him during the alleged attack: ‘You may be saying no but your dick is saying yes.’

>She told the jury she never would have got into the position the complainant described because she was too self-conscious. Brooke said: ‘I’m not comfortable with my body, because I’m bigger than most people.
I’m a big girl and I’m not confident of my weight, or any part of my body.’

>The college student recalled: ‘I let Lexi my dog out, put some onion rings on and put the TV on because that’s what I usually do – and because I like food, especially when I’ve drunk. ‘We sat on the bed, and we were kissing and that’s when the love-bite happened.’

>She told the court that after they kissed, she went to check on the food, during which time her alleged victim fell asleep. Brooke continued: ‘After kissing, I went and sorted the onion rings out – I would’ve checked if there were cooked or needed a bit longer and put mayonnaise on the plate. I ate them all to myself because he was asleep.’

>Defending, Audrey Archer asked whether she had tugged at the man’s arm to get him to lie on his back in the lead up to the alleged assault. She replied: ‘No, I’m not Superwoman.’

>Asked whether she had sat astride the complainant for 15 minutes like he alleged, she said: ‘No, 15 minutes on top, I wouldn’t – I’m very lazy. I had no sex on top for any duration.’ Of the love bite, she told the court she couldn’t have done that ‘because I can’t multitask’.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 71334 Moralfag
30th September 2022
Friday 6:59 am
71334 spacer
Pleading incompetence is an unusual strategy but it seems to have worked for her.
>> No. 71335 Anonymous
30th September 2022
Friday 7:13 am
71335 spacer
People tend to think poorly of the obese and this played into their hands.
>> No. 71336 Anonymous
30th September 2022
Friday 10:45 am
71336 spacer
In fairness it does sound like a typical case of regretting it in the morning and crying rape. Let it never again be said that I am a sexist for saying that about lasses.
>> No. 71337 Auntiefucker
30th September 2022
Friday 12:13 pm
71337 spacer

I think I understand why birds like 50 shades of grey.

I'm not proud about getting a semi from reading the proceedings of a rape trial, but at least it was an acquittal.

>> No. 62754 Ambulancelad
20th March 2019
Wednesday 10:47 pm
62754 spacer
>A neo-Nazi terror suspect entered a "Miss Hitler" beauty contest in a bid to attract new members to a far-right extremist group, a court has heard. Alice Cutter is alleged to have won the competition organised by National Action after taking on the nickname Buchenwald Princess in reference to the Nazi death camp.


To be fair, I'd have voted for her. I'd preserve the future of the white race with her, IYKWIM.
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>> No. 71326 Moralfag
29th September 2022
Thursday 8:28 pm
71326 spacer
I thought I was seeing things. Were a lot of comments deleted?
>> No. 71327 Samefag
29th September 2022
Thursday 8:32 pm
71327 spacer
The whole bloody thing has gone now. I specifically asked you both not to get the thread deleted till I'd had a chance to learn who some of these bellends are. I certainly shan't be searching for them myself.
>> No. 71328 YubYub
29th September 2022
Thursday 8:32 pm
71328 spacer
It was just a bunch of

"It's shit."
"No it's not! You're shit"

>> No. 71329 Ambulancelad
29th September 2022
Thursday 8:34 pm
71329 spacer
God, that image makes me shudder.
>> No. 71330 Moralfag
29th September 2022
Thursday 8:43 pm
71330 spacer

She's just so fit. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her with a normal looking male though.

>> No. 71318 YubYub
24th September 2022
Saturday 10:52 pm
71318 spacer
search youtube for albania news presenters
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>> No. 71319 Are Moaty
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:26 pm
71319 spacer
What has your mum been up to now?
>> No. 71320 Moralfag
24th September 2022
Saturday 11:30 pm
71320 spacer
I love how they pronounce the letter R in Albanian. It sounds like English, while most other European languages pronounce R very differently, either rolling it like in Dutch or Spanish, or choking it like in German or French.

Anyway, I don't really like the idea that these women presumably announced the death of the Queen a couple of weeks ago:

>> No. 71311 YubYub
16th September 2022
Friday 10:58 pm
71311 spacer

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>> No. 71312 Searchfag
16th September 2022
Friday 11:52 pm
71312 spacer


>> No. 71302 Samefag
30th August 2022
Tuesday 7:32 pm
71302 spacer
the uk is about to implode
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>> No. 71303 YubYub
30th August 2022
Tuesday 8:47 pm
71303 spacer
It's been over an hour and it's still here. You're a filthy liar.
>> No. 71304 Searchfag
30th August 2022
Tuesday 9:03 pm
71304 spacer

Just go for a walk, and everything will be just fine.
>> No. 71305 YubYub
30th August 2022
Tuesday 10:31 pm
71305 spacer


Just don't take a wong wrong turn.

>> No. 71289 Ambulancelad
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 1:12 am
71289 spacer

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>> No. 71300 YubYub
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 7:00 pm
71300 spacer
Did Kieth and Luke the Nuke finally bum each other?

>> No. 71267 Anonymous
22nd August 2022
Monday 5:48 am
71267 spacer

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>> No. 71296 YubYub
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 1:31 pm
71296 spacer
Why would they want to do that? They literally risked getting run over by a boat in the busiest shipping lane in the world to escape the French. Who can blame them? I wouldn't with the French upon my worst enemy.
>> No. 71297 R4GE
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 1:51 pm
71297 spacer
When you put it that way maybe you've got a point - I should soften my heart a little. But if they've travelled through the Netherlands and passed up on that then my sympathy has evaporated.
>> No. 71298 Are Moaty
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 2:11 pm
71298 spacer
Yeah, if you've willingly left a great sex industry and legal weed, there's no helping you.
>> No. 71299 Searchfag
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 2:12 pm
71299 spacer

Nah, you'd have to be a top lad to think that Rwanda is like France. If the lack of rioting didn't give it away, eventually you'd catch on to the shortage of Congolese and Algerians.
>> No. 71301 Billbob
23rd August 2022
Tuesday 7:44 pm
71301 spacer
I think given all the organised crime in the Netherlands it's probably a horrible place to be a down and out migrant.

>> No. 71242 R4GE
14th August 2022
Sunday 2:12 pm
71242 spacer

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>> No. 71252 YubYub
15th August 2022
Monday 3:40 pm
71252 spacer
The 1101 is just an arbitrary order but 6 is 00110110 in binary.
>> No. 71253 Searchfag
15th August 2022
Monday 5:30 pm
71253 spacer
Close enough. I am sold. 666 in Arabic, and Engl... Arabic, and Binary.
>> No. 71260 YubYub
20th August 2022
Saturday 11:19 pm
71260 spacer
1101 is binary for the notoriously unlucky number 13. That's spooky too. Sage because I've been away for a week and this site doesn't load overseas, so you're all about to get a shedload of saged replies to every conversation you've both had since Monday.
>> No. 71261 YubYub
20th August 2022
Saturday 11:20 pm
71261 spacer
Did you at least go somewhere nice and get a hooker?
>> No. 71263 Searchfag
21st August 2022
Sunday 1:21 am
71263 spacer
Not especially, but I did have a genuinely wonderful time. My parents worked for the EU and still live in Belgium, where I was born and raised. Usually, they come to England for my dad's birthday, and I go to visit them in Somerset where my dad grew up. As a family, the only holidays we ever go on are visits to where someone else grew up. It used to be visiting grandparents, but they're all dead now and we still do it. Anyway, my dad has come down with some moderate illness and I'd already booked the week off work, so I went to visit them in Belgium instead since he was in hospital.

Private, or insurance-funded, healthcare is very different from the NHS. My dad seems basically fine (he's getting a pacemaker fitted) but they put him in the intensive care department just to make sure he wouldn't die for a few days, and he's been chilling out there. The only horror stories are the hospital food. Whatever else you do in life, I strongly recommend you be rich. It looks fantastic.

>> No. 71258 YubYub
18th August 2022
Thursday 8:54 pm
71258 spacer

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>> No. 71259 YubYub
18th August 2022
Thursday 11:36 pm
71259 spacer
It's a no from me.
>> No. 71262 Billbob
21st August 2022
Sunday 12:05 am
71262 spacer
I really can't get over the fact that Darius was married to known woman Natasha Henstridge. He really comes across as someone who wouldn't be interested in Natasha Henstridge, the woman. My gaydar must be overactive.

king of the internet.jpg
>> No. 71195 Ambulancelad
13th July 2022
Wednesday 5:28 pm
71195 spacer
40 degrees next week

i guarantee it
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>> No. 71208 Samefag
19th July 2022
Tuesday 5:14 pm
71208 spacer



>Major incident declared in London as fires burn
>> No. 71209 YubYub
19th July 2022
Tuesday 5:35 pm
71209 spacer
let's burn down all the thermometers so this never happens again
>> No. 71212 Samefag
20th July 2022
Wednesday 2:50 pm
71212 spacer

Oh THINK about it you fucking idiot, raising the temperature is exactly what they want from us.

You've got to show them who's boss and stick them in the fridge and get those numbers down. Use the freezer if you have to, but there's no need to go from 60 - 0 celsius straight away.
>> No. 71256 Moralfag
18th August 2022
Thursday 1:22 pm
71256 spacer

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13-19-58 weather.png
lol wut?
>> No. 71257 Anonymous
18th August 2022
Thursday 1:32 pm
71257 spacer
When the Sun appears, hail!

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