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>> No. 62478 Searchfag
19th January 2019
Saturday 1:23 pm
62478 spacer
>Diane Abbott has accused BBC Question Time of legitimising racist abuse after claims that the shadow home secretary was singled out before and during Thursday night’s episode of the political discussion programme.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/18/diane-abbott-accuses-bbc-question-time-of-legitimising-dolphin rape

Does Diane Abbott receive a lot of flak because she's black or because she's a pompous and incompetent hypocrite?
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>> No. 62479 Crabkiller
19th January 2019
Saturday 1:33 pm
62479 spacer
I think we'll know when Labour are serious about wanting to win an election by the speed with which she's sidelined.
>> No. 62480 Anonymous
19th January 2019
Saturday 1:35 pm
62480 spacer
Mostly the latter, but the occasional former allows her and her party to bat away criticism and turn the tables on the accusers.
>> No. 62481 Anonymous
19th January 2019
Saturday 1:38 pm
62481 spacer
Diane Abbott has genuinely challenged my lefty-liberal prejudices. I'd honestly never seen someone play the race card before. I thought it was one of those Daily Mail myths, like asylum seekers getting free cars or Birmingham adopting Sharia law. She clearly gets a lot of racist abuse online, but she has conflated "people being racist against me" and "people pointing out that I'm a fucking idiot" to an extraordinary degree.
>> No. 62482 Auntiefucker
19th January 2019
Saturday 1:46 pm
62482 spacer
Boy who cried wolf, innit. If you constantly accuse people of being racist when they're merely pointing out you're fucking clueless then people are less likely to believe you when people attack you because they're actually being racist.
>> No. 62483 Billbob
19th January 2019
Saturday 1:51 pm
62483 spacer
iN A FEW YEARS, WHEN WE CAN deepfake-substitute in real time, it'll be fun to test these things out.
I do think that politicians should carry their baggage, though - rather than each sentence or interview standing on its own.

>> No. 62170 Paedofag
9th December 2018
Sunday 9:02 pm
62170 spacer

Even though I agree with the sentiment, this is deeply painful to watch.
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>> No. 62473 Anonymous
17th January 2019
Thursday 7:21 pm
62473 spacer
He's at it again.

>> No. 62474 Moralfag
17th January 2019
Thursday 7:43 pm
62474 spacer

It's been quite the week for going over old material.
>> No. 62475 Are Moaty
17th January 2019
Thursday 9:19 pm
62475 spacer
Do you think he knows he is famous?
>> No. 62476 Samefag
17th January 2019
Thursday 9:52 pm
62476 spacer

He does. He's tried to sue various media outlets for calling him marple, which is probably fair enough.
>> No. 62477 R4GE
17th January 2019
Thursday 10:15 pm
62477 spacer
I reckon he's counting on it. Who at this point would dare to resist his muscle measurement advances, the more you'd struggle the marpler he'd get.

>> No. 62454 YubYub
14th January 2019
Monday 8:13 am
62454 spacer

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>> No. 62463 Moralfag
16th January 2019
Wednesday 3:26 am
62463 spacer

If these famous weight lifters all seem to have serious life changing injuries related to their hobby as this site has lead me to believe it hardly seems worth it.
>> No. 62466 YubYub
16th January 2019
Wednesday 12:05 pm
62466 spacer

Many of the lads I work out with are beasts and look great, but have not spent a single second working on their flexibility. I have no idea how they even shower properly, and you see some lads who can't even stand up straight because they've over-worked either their shoulders or back, and so are sort of permanently curled in on themselves. Knowledge on what to do and how to build muscle seems better than ever now, but some lads are still wandering around with serious issues because they've never bothered to listen or think about what they're doing.

>> No. 62470 Moralfag
16th January 2019
Wednesday 8:37 pm
62470 spacer
Well, I'm no the OP. I actually hate when people post a video without any comment, even on /iq/ it's annoying. People at the extreme end of powerlifting are, I agree, pretty daft. But they've settled on a passion in life and are happy to pursue it with the sort of dedication i struggle to muster so I have some respect for them.

Major injuries are somewhat rare, but the nature of moving around several hundred kilograms of muscle mean they're pretty dramatic when they happen. I think most of us weightlifters view these people at the extreme end of powerlifting like ordinary mountaineering folk view free-climbers. It's a devotion with such a small margin of error that you have to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic to even consider trying what you do. But it's a more exciting world to have them around.
>> No. 62471 Auntiefucker
17th January 2019
Thursday 6:15 am
62471 spacer

>like ordinary mountaineering folk view free-climbers.

Rock climbing and mountaineering are very different beasts I realise from the outside they look like the same cultures, I assure you they are not. Your stereotypical free climber a 20 something bum with lots of spare time to fuck up their hands at the boldering wall, where as your stereotypical mountaineer looks middle aged and has a professional qualification.

High end Mountaineering is all about the will to just carry on going and money, you could climb Everest tomorrow if you have the will to just walk nonstop for over 24 hours, you don't mind the cold and being constantly short of breath and getting up half an hour before you went to bed and the tens of thousands for a permit. It is a lot of the time not 'exciting' just many many hours walking. Your adrenaline junkie rock climber sort would hate it, I mean it is basically rambling. And Rock climbing is just a means to an end with a mountaineer under a large range of other skills.
>> No. 62472 R4GE
17th January 2019
Thursday 8:55 am
62472 spacer

Powerlifting, weightlifting, and bodybuilding are all similarly different.

>> No. 62464 Anonymous
16th January 2019
Wednesday 8:50 am
62464 spacer

listen at about 3:15 when he's fake posh accent begins to slip.
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>> No. 62465 Are Moaty
16th January 2019
Wednesday 8:59 am
62465 spacer
Then what?
>> No. 62467 Paedofag
16th January 2019
Wednesday 3:08 pm
62467 spacer
What a bunch of twats. This is what they're arguing about? Do they have any fucking clue what's happening?
>> No. 62468 Are Moaty
16th January 2019
Wednesday 4:09 pm
62468 spacer
Nobody does.

I preferred it when BREXIT was about comparing Theresa May's and Nicola sturgeon's legs.
>> No. 62469 Moralfag
16th January 2019
Wednesday 4:13 pm
62469 spacer
This is from a month ago.

>> No. 62457 Auntiefucker
15th January 2019
Tuesday 5:58 pm
62457 spacer
>A police officer who slapped a female colleague's bottom during the clean-up of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding has been sacked by a panel that found he also sexually assaulted a man at his station

>He was found to have committed sexual assault on the two officers over their clothing during April and May last year and was retrospectively sacked without notice. Geldard is now working as a massage therapist in Reading charging £60 an hour.


This is where Aki went wrong. If you're a groper then if you work as a masseuse people will pay you to touch their muscles.
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>> No. 62462 Paedofag
15th January 2019
Tuesday 9:42 pm
62462 spacer
fucking hell

>> No. 62428 YubYub
8th January 2019
Tuesday 6:21 pm
62428 spacer
If our so-called yellow vest movement hates Europe so much then why have they taken inspiration from the distinctly European gilet jaunes?
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>> No. 62449 YubYub
13th January 2019
Sunday 5:31 pm
62449 spacer
Every company, no matter how small, is required by law to prominently display such a statement on its website.
>> No. 62450 Billbob
13th January 2019
Sunday 5:42 pm
62450 spacer

Only businesses with an annual turnover of more than £36m are required to comply with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act.
>> No. 62451 Anonymous
13th January 2019
Sunday 5:42 pm
62451 spacer


I'm a different poster but...
>> No. 62452 Are Moaty
13th January 2019
Sunday 5:47 pm
62452 spacer
3.1 Any organisation in any part of a group structure will be required to comply with the provision and
produce a statement if they:
• are a body corporate or a partnership (described as an “organisation” in this document), wherever
• carry on a business, or part of a business, in the UK;
• supply goods or services; and
• have an annual turnover of £36m or more.
>> No. 62453 YubYub
13th January 2019
Sunday 5:51 pm
62453 spacer
that last bit's important

>> No. 62436 YubYub
10th January 2019
Thursday 7:51 pm
62436 spacer

>> No. 62249 YubYub
25th December 2018
Tuesday 12:13 am
62249 spacer


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>> No. 62368 Searchfag
2nd January 2019
Wednesday 9:04 am
62368 spacer

I think what drives a stalker is typically their belief that they could have, or already do have, a personal or intimate relationship with the person they're stalking, so them actively deciding to pretend to be a pap would be like them admitting that the celeb isn't actually going to be their girlfriend.

Having said that I'm sure I read of some stalker pretending to be the celeb victims maid or housekeeper or whatever to get inside the house, so maybe more stalkers should be considering devious plans.
>> No. 62425 Anonymous
7th January 2019
Monday 4:35 pm
62425 The trial starts today
There's only one Kevin Spacey
Only one Kevin Spacey
He'll mosey along
Have a tug on your dong
Which really isn't something that should be trivialised via the medium of a football chant.
>> No. 62426 Anonymous
7th January 2019
Monday 4:45 pm
62426 spacer

Is the one sat down the person alleging Spacey touched him? I'm not buying it.
>> No. 62427 Samefag
8th January 2019
Tuesday 4:11 pm
62427 spacer

The perfect crime.
>> No. 62432 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 7:06 pm
62432 spacer

>The actor states in a motion obtained by DailyMail.com that the teenager 'claimed he was a 23-year-old student studying business at Wake Forest University' after he 'sought out a friend for the specific purpose of introducing him to [Spacey].'

>It goes on to state that the teen 'welcomed drinks from [Spacey], let [Spacey] put his arm around him near the piano while they did sing-a-longs and even left the bar to smoke with [Spacey].' That behavior, combined with the fact that the teen gave Spacey his number, suggests 'mutual and consensual flirting' states the motion.

>At no point does Spacey deny groping the young man.

>The motion states that once Spacey began to grope his accuser the teen 'did not object to the alleged touching, he did not ask [Spacey] to stop and he did not remove himself from the situation.' In the initial filing the accuser said that this was because he froze, and suggested his lack of an erection as proof he was not enjoying the sex act.


Is an erection proof one way or another whether an assault occurred?

>> No. 62384 Moralfag
4th January 2019
Friday 8:03 pm
62384 spacer
If they brought back public executions do you think you'd go and watch one?
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>> No. 62419 Samefag
6th January 2019
Sunday 12:25 pm
62419 spacer
>> No. 62420 Auntiefucker
6th January 2019
Sunday 2:15 pm
62420 spacer
>> No. 62421 YubYub
6th January 2019
Sunday 3:13 pm
62421 spacer
You can understand though. They're getting tired of fishing cans, bikes and kitchen sinks out of canals so want to discourage people from walking along them. It wouldn't be so bad if they found at least some decent gear but it's mostly soap bar and antacids disguised as E.
>> No. 62422 Auntiefucker
6th January 2019
Sunday 3:18 pm
62422 spacer

>> No. 62423 Auntiefucker
6th January 2019
Sunday 3:24 pm
62423 spacer
I always thought there was something well sus about a bearded bloke hanging around on a boat with two ragdolls.

>> No. 62370 Auntiefucker
3rd January 2019
Thursday 6:39 pm
62370 spacer
Seaborne Freight's the name.

Copying our terms & conditions from a takeaway website and winning multi-million pound shipping contracts whilst having no ships because we donate to the Tory party's the game.
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>> No. 62381 Searchfag
4th January 2019
Friday 4:20 am
62381 spacer

RYANAIR own a lot of them - you're quite right on that point. They have recently started to lease/rent them though. Their model is slightly different in that they buy hundreds of exactly the same plane type at a big discount and then kit out their maintenance and hangars to support only that type (Boeing 737/Airbus A320). Most airlines don't do this and the lease/rent market is growing rapidly - over 60% of the planes run by airlines are leased/rented.

Shipping is a different market - hardly anyone owns their own ships. The Baltic Dry Index is really the leading indicator of shipping costs and is a fascinating place to start a late-night wikiwalk. Everyone rents.

I don't doubt that Seaborne Freight are utter cunts, given their piss-poor attempt at putting together a basic website and the background of the principals and company; but lets crucify them on that, or the government handing them the contract - not on basic semantics of the market they work in and the finance models of the assets they use. It's actually a good thing that they don't own any ships, when you think about it.
>> No. 62382 Auntiefucker
4th January 2019
Friday 7:25 pm
62382 spacer
>Shipping is a different market - hardly anyone owns their own ships.
No, you misunderstand. A tenant might not own their home, but they do undoubtedly have a home. Seaborne does not own any ships. They do not control any ships. They do not have any ships on lease. They do not have rights to any ships. They do not have options on any ships. They do not have access to any ships. They do not possess anything remotely resembling the capability to move anything across water.
>> No. 62383 Paedofag
4th January 2019
Friday 7:40 pm
62383 spacer


>They do not possess anything remotely resembling the capability to move anything across water.

Nah m8, they've got it covered.
>> No. 62411 Moralfag
5th January 2019
Saturday 1:37 pm
62411 spacer
I think the thing that gets me is this this will all just be completely ignored and allowed to go on. I just cannot fathom this - cock up after cock up, and nothing is ever done about it. We just allow shit like this to happen. There's a media storm for 24 hours and then that's it.
>> No. 62416 Searchfag
5th January 2019
Saturday 11:46 pm
62416 spacer

welcome to Britain

>> No. 62369 YubYub
2nd January 2019
Wednesday 7:28 pm
62369 spacer

>> No. 62222 YubYub
19th December 2018
Wednesday 11:09 pm
62222 spacer
Toblerone have only gone and made themselves halal. I hope you'll all be doing the right thing and boycotting them.

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>> No. 62329 Paedofag
30th December 2018
Sunday 5:37 pm
62329 spacer

And the Guardian one was pretty true, other than the weeks wages bit. My Grandad got a mortgage on a house now worth 1.3 million because he walked into the bank, told them what his job was, and they gave him a list of houses he could afford and he picked one.
>> No. 62330 Samefag
30th December 2018
Sunday 6:11 pm
62330 spacer
Absolutely bangin' intro
>> No. 62354 Samefag
31st December 2018
Monday 5:08 pm
62354 spacer

The mail are just taking the piss now.

>> No. 62355 Moralfag
31st December 2018
Monday 5:31 pm
62355 spacer
Didn't you know? That's how news works now. No need for investigative work or analysis when you can just literally read out a Facebook conversation.
>> No. 62356 R4GE
31st December 2018
Monday 5:41 pm
62356 spacer
Look at all those repeating logos because they don't want to do 12 kinds of chocolate in the tub. When is the government going to stop messing about and crack down on the real criminals?

>> No. 62295 Are Moaty
29th December 2018
Saturday 12:57 am
62295 spacer
So this medical-care giver that's gender-neutral, because nurses can both be male and female say's to his or her disable..Or should I say differently-abled patient, why do you have a penguin on your head? Don't you know penguins are endangered?
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>> No. 62296 Crabkiller
29th December 2018
Saturday 1:24 am
62296 spacer

1995 mate. 23 years ago.
>> No. 62297 Searchfag
29th December 2018
Saturday 1:27 am
62297 spacer
I don't get your point, but if it's that Stewart Lee doesn't say offensive things, I don't really know what to say to you other than I hope that you and your children go blind, not one of them, in one of their eyes - all of them, in all of their eyes

>> No. 60853 Anonymous
24th June 2018
Sunday 10:53 am
60853 spacer


"Right, Theresa, everybody keeps accusing you of being an emotionless robot completely lacking in human empathy. We want you to read this with as much expression as possible."
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>> No. 62165 YubYub
7th December 2018
Friday 6:00 am
62165 spacer

You can't get into a cunt off with her because she doesn't answer questions.
>> No. 62166 R4GE
7th December 2018
Friday 6:37 am
62166 spacer
She'd fit right in, then.
>> No. 62167 Anonymous
7th December 2018
Friday 6:40 am
62167 spacer
Isn't she a woman though? I thought we agreed no more women.
>> No. 62168 Anonymous
7th December 2018
Friday 6:42 am
62168 spacer

It's a one in, one out sort of deal, and I think the last one left after the insidious actual maritime issues, so we'll be alright.
>> No. 62169 R4GE
7th December 2018
Friday 6:53 am
62169 spacer
I think the problem is that we've got too many philosophers. According to the ancient Greeks the gods created woman as a punishment for man.

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