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>> No. 70947 YubYub
18th May 2022
Wednesday 2:36 pm
70947 Silly internet things
I think we've brought it up before that normal human relationships these days require a low-level flow of silly internet images. I don't know why it's like this but otherwise you might be viewed as antisocial. Can you two post some images and maybe videos so I can have an archive for when I know I need to contact someone to make them believe I'm a normal human being but don't have anything to say (because I'm a cunt)?
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>> No. 71028 Samefag
1st June 2022
Wednesday 1:42 pm
71028 spacer

Lanlord Meetup.png
It's very useful for organising events and generally keeping in touch with people that life puts distance between, which if we're being charitable does make it a very good tool as you get older.

I bet the young people these days will have a worse time as they get older. You can't organise a piss-up with a mate from your university days using a tik-tok dance and I refuse to believe anyone actually enjoys doing audio/video-notes rather than typing over text despite that apparently being all the rage with the 20-somethings these days.
>> No. 71031 Billbob
1st June 2022
Wednesday 2:29 pm
71031 spacer
>You can't organise a piss-up with a mate from your university days using a tik-tok dance
Bees can.
>> No. 71184 YubYub
4th July 2022
Monday 7:40 pm
71184 spacer

Saw this and thought of you two x
>> No. 71185 R4GE
4th July 2022
Monday 8:56 pm
71185 spacer
How indeed are you supposed to build a pyramid while someone's giving you head?
>> No. 71186 Ambulancelad
4th July 2022
Monday 9:12 pm
71186 spacer
Your mum can't stop me.

>> No. 66065 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 4:52 pm
66065 spacer
Should convicted sex attackers be referred to as 'naughty'?
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>> No. 71180 Moralfag
4th July 2022
Monday 3:05 pm
71180 spacer

Can I just say I really like this sex scandal, compared to the last few, because it was blokes what he felt up, so the radio 4 Woman's Hour period power brigade can't make it all about themselves for once. And as it turns out, that makes people take it more seriously.
>> No. 71181 Samefag
4th July 2022
Monday 4:18 pm
71181 spacer
Yeah, see, that's really concerning to remember that this is a Berlusconi-tier government. Not least because he's still fairly popular and as far as I know, has never suffered a day in his life for any reason ever, let alone his debased morallity.

YOU TWITTER LOVING SCUM-FUCK, that's a very interesting read. It actually sounds quite familiar to me because of a conversation I had with a friend after Allegra Stratton (pictured here, centre, crying in the Build Engine) sacrificed herself for World-King Johnson I. I began denouncing the Oxbridge-PPE elite and their pally politics, but as my mate had studied PPE at Cambridge he pointed out how the alliances, interests and mindsets actually form in these people's school years. Of course, maybe he's one of them and was trying to throw me off the scent, didn't want the likes of me poking around where I don't belong... but given how he's basically normal and we mostly attended the same schools, I believe he, and your Twitterhead, are correct. It's horrible!

I remember reading some time ago that something like two-thirds of all wealth in Italy had been controlled by the same families since the fourteen-hundreds. I can't find the article now, so maybe the details are wrong, but the point is it's very hard not to feel maddeningly angry or utter hopeless much of the time. It's like we're living in the Bart Simpson universe and somewhere beyond time and space there's a Hugo Simpson universe we were supposed to be in, but everything got mixed up. Dr Hibbert sent us the wrong reality.

I can't get into this right now. I can't do gender politics and face up to the fact that Britain is governed by a cabal of incestuous hyper-poshos dating back to the time of the Druids. Meet outside the sociology department tomorrow, ten-past-three sharp.
>> No. 71182 Crabkiller
4th July 2022
Monday 4:19 pm
71182 spacer

Forgot to attach the image, ruining the flow of the thread because I can't delete posts still, for reasons murkier than this government.
>> No. 71183 Crabkiller
4th July 2022
Monday 5:38 pm
71183 spacer

Tories cut funding for the delete feature back in 2018. You just have to report yourself to a mod now, like a homeless person getting locked up to spend a night in the warmth of the cells.
>> No. 71187 YubYub
5th July 2022
Tuesday 2:26 pm
71187 spacer


>> No. 66920 Billbob
12th October 2020
Monday 9:55 am
66920 spacer
Do you even respect the war if you're not wearing a poppy yet?
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>> No. 71168 R4GE
30th June 2022
Thursday 8:18 pm
71168 spacer

Remember when they found Richard Thee Third's skellington all smashed up in a Leicester Car Park? I bet he was dug up and killed all over again because of the local parchments' scurrilous accusations of being a male fisherperson and trying to put abortion rights in the Magna Carta.

Whatever really happened, at least it led to an amusing double entendre and a top choon:

>> No. 71169 YubYub
30th June 2022
Thursday 8:51 pm
71169 spacer

>the Magna Carta

Sort it out m8.
>> No. 71170 Are Moaty
30th June 2022
Thursday 10:23 pm
71170 spacer

Apologies. "Ye" Magna Carta.
>> No. 71171 Anonymous
1st July 2022
Friday 12:11 am
71171 spacer

This one was better.

>> No. 71172 Crabkiller
1st July 2022
Friday 12:17 am
71172 spacer

Sometimes people show you something that you thought you had missed at the time it happened, and you realise that you missed nothing. Bit like histrey innit

>> No. 71161 Are Moaty
28th June 2022
Tuesday 9:18 pm
71161 spacer


>> No. 71127 Samefag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 6:33 pm
71127 spacer
does anyone else remember that you've been framed video from about 30 years ago where the baby shits in the woman's mouth or have i just imagined it?
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>> No. 71149 Searchfag
27th June 2022
Monday 10:49 pm
71149 spacer
Are you saying he won't actually post the reply?
>> No. 71154 YubYub
28th June 2022
Tuesday 3:34 am
71154 spacer

Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 03-33-09 Free Email Addre.png
>> No. 71155 Billbob
28th June 2022
Tuesday 12:49 pm
71155 spacer
I think it was sick, not shit.
>> No. 71159 Searchfag
28th June 2022
Tuesday 3:11 pm
71159 spacer
If so, then actually I do remember that one. There might even have been more than one.
>> No. 71160 Billbob
28th June 2022
Tuesday 4:52 pm
71160 spacer

the one i'm thinking of was definitely poo

>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 71013 Billbob
28th May 2022
Saturday 1:44 pm
71013 spacer
Nadine Dorries is a massive retard but she's super hot and I would be willing to entertain her shit opinions if it meant I could do sex with her.
>> No. 71014 Ambulancelad
28th May 2022
Saturday 2:42 pm
71014 spacer
Off to Guilty Would with you!
>> No. 71156 Are Moaty
28th June 2022
Tuesday 1:00 pm
71156 spacer

Vorderman off to go paddleboarding.
>> No. 71157 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 1:01 pm
71157 spacer

Vorderman with her sandbags.
>> No. 71158 Are Moaty
28th June 2022
Tuesday 1:02 pm
71158 spacer

Sandbags with their vorderman.

>> No. 71146 YubYub
27th June 2022
Monday 10:14 pm
71146 spacer

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>> No. 71148 R4GE
27th June 2022
Monday 10:47 pm
71148 spacer
Who do these people think they are, the Lib Dems?
>> No. 71150 Auntiefucker
27th June 2022
Monday 11:09 pm
71150 spacer
what do you reckon happened to les dennis?
>> No. 71151 Searchfag
27th June 2022
Monday 11:13 pm
71151 spacer
He was on the most recent episode of Would I Lie To You? Unless that was Keith Chegwin. I struggle to tell them apart, but I think it was Les Dennis.
>> No. 71152 Paedofag
28th June 2022
Tuesday 2:48 am
71152 spacer
I don't really know!

Cheggers died a few years ago, so it's unlikely he was on Would I Lie To You recently.
>> No. 71153 YubYub
28th June 2022
Tuesday 3:18 am
71153 spacer


Panto, mostly.

>> No. 71142 Crabkiller
26th June 2022
Sunday 6:25 pm
71142 spacer

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>> No. 71143 Ambulancelad
26th June 2022
Sunday 6:36 pm
71143 spacer
Well, they were right about the wages.
>> No. 71144 Searchfag
26th June 2022
Sunday 7:23 pm
71144 spacer

One of the worst things about the housing crisis is that even when you get on the property ladder your home is still ugly and likely sitting on a Barratt housing development. I can practically hear the A-road through the image.

Maybe if Herman had pulled his finger out and made a Directive on affordable housing instead of how bendy my banana is we wouldn't have left.

Not if you work in the public sector it's fucking not.

>> No. 71132 Auntiefucker
23rd June 2022
Thursday 1:13 pm
71132 spacer

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>> No. 71133 Paedofag
23rd June 2022
Thursday 1:20 pm
71133 spacer
Haha, yes, I remember the 70s. Offal and jam sandwiches, dad dressing up as a gollywog for crimbo and no women in pubs, them were the days.
>> No. 71134 Moralfag
23rd June 2022
Thursday 1:54 pm
71134 spacer

They might want to be careful with that reference.
>> No. 71135 Paedofag
23rd June 2022
Thursday 3:15 pm
71135 spacer
Bloody Labour MPs, joining the strikes. Bloody other Labour MPs, not joining the strikes. Why can't they oppose / not oppose the strikes?
>> No. 71136 Are Moaty
23rd June 2022
Thursday 3:48 pm
71136 spacer
If one (1) opinion forms in Keir Starmer's head it could destabalise his positronic matrix and kill him in seconds.
>> No. 71137 Are Moaty
23rd June 2022
Thursday 3:48 pm
71137 spacer
He's only gone on TV naming James connelly as his political hero, the fucking idiot.

The right wing press will have a field day with that. What is it with British lefties constantly giving their opponents open goals?

>> No. 71123 Moralfag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 2:40 pm
71123 spacer
Should AI have a chance to become PM? Would it be beneficial for good governance?
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>> No. 71124 Moralfag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 2:43 pm
71124 spacer
Well it's not a person, so no. Not that I don't think even a confused border terrier wouldn't make a better PM than our present one, but I don't want to give the Tories the race to the bottom they so desperately want.
>> No. 71125 YubYub
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 4:30 pm
71125 spacer

Democracy is an over-idealised dead end, and we would be better off ruled by technocratic management software programmed to allocate resources and maintain infrastructure based on deep learning algorithms designed to predictively model the best net outcomes for all people, independent of ideological motivations, regardless of social class, race or gender.

Some people might not like it, but fuck them, but we can send them to live in Australia or something where they can have all the twitter arguments they want and enjoy living under shite incompetent human governments who don't do anything, while the rest of us transcend to a higher plane of unity and scientific advancement.
>> No. 71126 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 4:58 pm
71126 spacer
AI is shit too. We should just alternate between governments. Let them take it in turns. They won't implement foolish populist bollocks because they don't need to win votes, and they won't turn massively corrupt because they will spend half the time in opposition. And because they know they will win the next "election" each time, they can plan what to do when they are in power.

We could even have a method like the Conservative Party has for its MPs now, where everyone submits letters asking for the other party to take over, and if more than a certain percentage of the country does so, then the changeover happens earlier. But that might be democracy then and all my brilliant plans would be ruined.
>> No. 71129 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 8:23 pm
71129 spacer
I wish Raab would follow Dorries' lead and whore himself on a competitive TV show. The Krauts already have a template that won't require much translation: Schlag den Raab. It might take fewer than six episodes to find out if he's actually good at anything except being a fucking mong though.
>> No. 71131 Paedofag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 10:35 pm
71131 spacer
The older I get the more in favour I am of sortition. Which, I will add, is what Athenians originally meant by democracy given all candidates are equal as opposed to the corrupt oligarchy that arises with voting.

Give us a driving interest in making every citizen aware of and capable of participating in the system, officials with real skin in the game of what happens to the rest of the population. Or at the very least the candidates we deserve who will hang all the paedophiles, make the anniversary of Dianna's death a national holiday and have political pundits turn to reading entrails to divine the future makeup of government.

>> No. 71119 Billbob
17th June 2022
Friday 1:39 pm
71119 spacer


>> No. 71102 Moralfag
13th June 2022
Monday 1:57 pm
71102 spacer
I thought you didn't need an education to be a porn star but apparently you have to do a-levels.
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>> No. 71103 Paedofag
13th June 2022
Monday 3:14 pm
71103 spacer
Look how many of them are doctors and nurses. That requires a bit of training at least.
>> No. 71104 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 3:17 pm
71104 spacer
Yet none of them will do non-penetrative surgery.

>> No. 71093 Paedofag
7th June 2022
Tuesday 6:13 pm
71093 spacer
Who do people hate on instead of hipsters these days?

Has it gone full circle and we're back to shitting on emo or scene kids instead?
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>> No. 71094 Samefag
7th June 2022
Tuesday 6:29 pm
71094 spacer
What do you mean "instead of" hipsters? Are people not still hating on hipsters?
>> No. 71095 Samefag
7th June 2022
Tuesday 6:33 pm
71095 spacer
I don't think hipsters exist anymore. They're certainly not bête noire du jour.
>> No. 71096 Searchfag
7th June 2022
Tuesday 8:16 pm
71096 spacer
Woke snowflakes.
>> No. 71097 Searchfag
7th June 2022
Tuesday 8:38 pm
71097 spacer
Either evangelist christian korean youtuber people, non-binary people, or people who hate those people, depending on who you fraternise with.
>> No. 71098 Ambulancelad
7th June 2022
Tuesday 8:47 pm
71098 spacer

Almost. The truth is they are exactly the same people.

if you scratch the paint and look just under the surface of the average pronoun snowflake, you will find it's just plain hipster underneath. being a hipster was about being cooler than everyone else and staying ahead of the curve in your circle of urban, gentrified, pretend bohemian mates. it was an arms race to see who could grow the silliest moustache or wear the tackiest jumper.

same goes for being a vegan pansexual demi-spirit genderfluid relationship anarchist with a feeld profile. it's a highly advanced form, barely recognisable, but the dna is 100% pure hipster.

>> No. 71036 Anonymous
2nd June 2022
Thursday 7:42 pm
71036 spacer

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>> No. 71087 Samefag
6th June 2022
Monday 9:10 pm
71087 spacer

I wouldn't expect any different from that mucky Dutch lot.
>> No. 71088 YubYub
6th June 2022
Monday 9:14 pm
71088 spacer
Nobody has mentioned yet that the statue also has three arms. Perhaps that was the real message all along.
>> No. 71089 Crabkiller
6th June 2022
Monday 9:24 pm
71089 spacer
Two and a half.
>> No. 71091 Crabkiller
7th June 2022
Tuesday 11:36 am
71091 spacer
Despite posting myself, I'm not actually involved in this discussion and was merely trying to effect more shit-hurling by pointing out the existence of the statue to the person who was saying OP was trolled to tears.

Have fun figuring out that third arm.
>> No. 71092 Are Moaty
7th June 2022
Tuesday 12:56 pm
71092 spacer
If the statue was as good bait in its original context, the troll account wouldn't have had to recontextualise it. QED.The third arm is because the person is merged with another.

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