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>> No. 66920 Billbob
12th October 2020
Monday 9:55 am
66920 spacer
Do you even respect the war if you're not wearing a poppy yet?
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>> No. 68184 Anonymous
4th March 2021
Thursday 10:56 am
68184 spacer
They've seen your posts, lad, and they've come to deliver some irl moderation.
>> No. 68185 Ambulancelad
4th March 2021
Thursday 11:29 am
68185 spacer
Was he on fire?
>> No. 68186 YubYub
4th March 2021
Thursday 12:03 pm
68186 spacer
That was his hearse on the way back from the funeral.
>> No. 68190 Moralfag
5th March 2021
Friday 1:08 pm
68190 spacer

The lorry is back again today. I am getting a bit concerned.
>> No. 68191 Moralfag
5th March 2021
Friday 1:13 pm
68191 spacer
It's the clapping detector lorry. They're onto you m8.

>> No. 68187 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 10:45 am
68187 spacer

>During the course of 29 April 1945, Hitler learned of the death of his ally Benito Mussolini at the hands of Italian partisans. This, along with the fact the Soviet Red Army was closing in on his location, strengthened Hitler in his resolve not to allow himself or his wife to be captured. That afternoon, Hitler expressed doubts about the cyanide capsules he had received through Heinrich Himmler's SS.[24] By this point, Hitler regarded Himmler as a traitor. To verify the capsules' contents, Hitler—who already intended to have Blondi killed so that she did not fall into the hands of the Russians[25]—ordered Dr. Werner Haase to test one on Blondi, and the dog died as a result.[26] Hitler became completely inconsolable.[27]

>According to a report commissioned by Joseph Stalin and based on eyewitness accounts, Hitler's dog handler, Feldwebel Fritz Tornow, took Blondi's pups and shot them in the garden of the bunker complex on 30 April, after Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. He also killed Eva Braun's two dogs, Frau Gerda Christian's dogs, and his own dachshund. Tornow was later captured by the Allies.[28] Erna Flegel who met Hitler and worked at the emergency casualty station in the Reich Chancellery stated in 2005 that Blondi's death had affected the people in the bunker more than Eva Braun's suicide.[29] After the battle in Berlin ended, the remains of Hitler, Braun, and two dogs (thought to be Blondi and her offspring Wulf) were discovered in a shell crater by a unit of SMERSH, the Soviet counter-intelligence agency.[30][31] The dog thought to be Blondi was exhumed and photographed by the Soviets

I'm just going to throw this out there, this is highly compelling evidence that dogs were really in charge and responsible for the atrocities of Nazi Germany…

Why aren't they teaching us about this in schools?
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>> No. 68188 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:13 am
68188 spacer
SMERSH was real?
>> No. 68189 Samefag
5th March 2021
Friday 11:31 am
68189 spacer


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 68178 R4GE
1st March 2021
Monday 5:08 pm
68178 spacer
How long has Carol been hiding her weird tooth from us?

>> No. 68179 Searchfag
3rd March 2021
Wednesday 2:39 pm
68179 spacer
wait, you guys don't really want to bone her, right?

it's just a joke, isn't it?
>> No. 68180 Are Moaty
3rd March 2021
Wednesday 2:43 pm
68180 spacer
There have been 459 posts of salaciously-captioned images of her, what do you think?
>> No. 68181 Ambulancelad
3rd March 2021
Wednesday 3:04 pm
68181 spacer
You need to add five to that. The 459 is the number of posts not visible from /iq/ unless you open the thread; the final five are visible so that's 464.
>> No. 68182 Are Moaty
3rd March 2021
Wednesday 4:10 pm
68182 spacer
Naff of yank teenlad.

>> No. 68174 Auntiefucker
28th February 2021
Sunday 4:15 pm
68174 spacer

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>> No. 68175 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:24 pm
68175 spacer
Maybe this would be sorted quickly enough for the complainant's satisfaction if more Wimmin were bothered enough to do those sort of jobs in the first place. Since they're desperate to get away from working in the Kitchen.
>> No. 68176 YubYub
28th February 2021
Sunday 10:51 pm
68176 spacer
Women complaining about men not finding the clit is the most ridiculous thing - it's entirely their fault. If a woman's fingering my bumhole and she's not hitting my prostate, I'm sure as fuck going to direct her to it, rather than go through life complaining that she couldn't find it. Women just need to take some fucking control over their lives for fucks sake. and they wonder why they get subjugated - it's because you can't do anything for yourself, love. I've met countless women who can't even decide where they want to eat, literally ever, yet complain men tell them what to do. It's because you're incapable of making decisions.

>> No. 68138 Billbob
20th February 2021
Saturday 11:04 pm
68138 spacer


Someone pls explain.
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>> No. 68147 R4GE
21st February 2021
Sunday 10:46 pm
68147 spacer
That is quite nice looking clay tbf.
>> No. 68148 Ambulancelad
22nd February 2021
Monday 12:27 am
68148 spacer
Going to try this. It's probably quite healthy as well.
>> No. 68149 Searchfag
22nd February 2021
Monday 12:51 am
68149 spacer

wat does a craving for pickled onion monster munch mean?
>> No. 68150 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 1:17 am
68150 spacer
>> No. 68161 Billbob
24th February 2021
Wednesday 10:43 am
68161 spacer

It's not just a thing, it's an industry

I stumbled upon this whilst I was looking for info on whether boiled soil would provide a good nutritional supplement for breeding yeast.

>> No. 68154 YubYub
22nd February 2021
Monday 4:57 pm
68154 spacer

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>> No. 68155 Billbob
22nd February 2021
Monday 8:36 pm
68155 spacer
A cheap lock like that could be opened in 15 seconds with a padlock shim or either by using a lockpicking rake.
>> No. 68156 Moralfag
22nd February 2021
Monday 11:22 pm
68156 spacer
That's far far slower than a jump cut.

>> No. 67979 Are Moaty
5th February 2021
Friday 7:58 pm
67979 spacer
She's turned the weans against us!
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>> No. 67993 Are Moaty
5th February 2021
Friday 10:56 pm
67993 spacer
Since when was Edinburgh scottish?
>> No. 67994 Are Moaty
5th February 2021
Friday 11:05 pm
67994 spacer
About 1125, I think. Definitely before lunch.
>> No. 68151 Billbob
22nd February 2021
Monday 1:27 pm
68151 spacer
I know 'mon' means man, but I don't think 'och' means anything
>> No. 68152 YubYub
22nd February 2021
Monday 2:03 pm
68152 spacer
lol demestic violence
>> No. 68153 Moralfag
22nd February 2021
Monday 2:07 pm
68153 spacer
39-24 =15


He woz a peado to boot too! he woz!

>> No. 68117 YubYub
19th February 2021
Friday 9:06 pm
68117 spacer
Can vagine bleach penis?
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>> No. 68130 Paedofag
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:38 am
68130 spacer

Honestly it is a farce. The other day someone from the GP phoned me to ask me to give a urine sample to 'test if it contained blood' you wouldn't need to test that, I can see it, I conveyed this information over the phone. But still we had to go through the farce of pretending no one can see the blood floating sample until they waved the little test stick in it.

Had a finger shoved right up my arse the other week by a urologist who seemed to run out of other ideas to draw this out so stepped up their game to humiliation.

Everyone keeps wanting to shove a camera up my dick whilst I am awake which I am directly refusing. I'd rate the first time it happened as one of the worst experiences of my life. I don't want to draw the parallel too close with sexual assault as I was obviously conscenting. But it was a deeply unpleasant and painful violation of the self.

Met a cute irish student doctor in ultrasound the other week though, so there is that. I impressed and confused the shit out of her with my usual organ arrangement.

Apparently no one looks at my medical records because every time I meet a new doctor I have to inform them of what is already known.
>> No. 68131 YubYub
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:43 am
68131 spacer

Usual = unusual. I'd blame autocorrect but that one might be on me.
>> No. 68132 YubYub
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:49 am
68132 spacer

I shove stuff up my dickhole for fun.
>> No. 68133 Samefag
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:57 am
68133 spacer

Good for you. Not really the point though is it.
>> No. 68134 Paedofag
20th February 2021
Saturday 11:43 am
68134 spacer

No wonder you you bleed from there.

>> No. 68105 Moralfag
18th February 2021
Thursday 5:24 pm
68105 spacer

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>> No. 68111 Moralfag
19th February 2021
Friday 10:00 am
68111 spacer
For fuck's sake lad, this is /sfw/.
>> No. 68112 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 11:04 am
68112 spacer
There was nothing wrong with that picture, just a nice playful girl (she was sticking her tongue out after all) who had had a PVA glue related accident.
>> No. 68114 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 11:18 am
68114 spacer
Additional: I can understand your concerns about discouraging drinking glue, but this is an over eighteen site and I therefore don't think there is any risk of influencing children and it is clear that drinking it wasn't the intention as most of it wasn't even in her mouth.
>> No. 68115 Samefag
19th February 2021
Friday 1:58 pm
68115 spacer


I think we all know what her intentions with that pva glue was IYKWIM
>> No. 68116 Billbob
19th February 2021
Friday 2:31 pm
68116 spacer
It's not really that shocking when you think about it. PVA means polyvinyl. It's a plastic. It will act like plastic.

>> No. 68108 Crabkiller
19th February 2021
Friday 2:32 am
68108 spacer

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>> No. 68109 Paedofag
19th February 2021
Friday 3:16 am
68109 spacer
No, I don't like it.
>> No. 68113 Searchfag
19th February 2021
Friday 11:09 am
68113 spacer

>> No. 68075 Crabkiller
16th February 2021
Tuesday 8:45 am
68075 spacer
Do Jews name their kids "jew" like Christians name their kids "Christian"?
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>> No. 68096 Anonymous
16th February 2021
Tuesday 10:23 pm
68096 spacer

>> No. 68098 Crabkiller
17th February 2021
Wednesday 12:19 am
68098 spacer
Why are we still even doing names when we could have a code for kids which is like year-area-class-flair. 2012-LON-$-Tarquin is a perfectly cromulent name.
>> No. 68099 Samefag
17th February 2021
Wednesday 12:22 am
68099 spacer
If the
attribute is just a name anyway, what would be the point in making a code?
>> No. 68100 R4GE
17th February 2021
Wednesday 12:37 am
68100 spacer

Want to watch a 90 minute, two-part documentary on the tragic decline of Bobs in sport? Of course you do.


Just allocate everyone a WeChat QR code from birth. It'll save a lot of time when the Chinese finally take over and they can't pronounce our funny foreign names.
>> No. 68101 Crabkiller
18th February 2021
Thursday 12:33 am
68101 spacer
There is only one way to spell Muhammed in Arabic, and is probably the same in countries using the Arabic script (محمد). The different spellings in English is because of how different cultures pronounce it, but it might all sound the same to you. For instance, people from the Middle East are more likely to spell it Muhammed, while people from South Asia are more likely to spell it Mohammed. Africans tend to spell it with one M, Mohamed.

If you think the different Muhammed variations are weird, you should see all the million different variations that exist for names starting with Abdul, and how different cultures spell it.

Also, names such as Shamanism, eskimo, and even The Great Whale Hunt are very popular names in South Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, but funnily enough, not in the Middle East or Africa.

>> No. 68025 Are Moaty
10th February 2021
Wednesday 4:43 pm
68025 spacer


This is my favourite thing of the year so far.
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>> No. 68050 Paedofag
12th February 2021
Friday 8:58 pm
68050 spacer

Mate, 70% of my working memory is pro-baldness talking points.
>> No. 68051 Paedofag
13th February 2021
Saturday 3:54 am
68051 spacer
haha, look at his eyes darting round all panicky
>> No. 68055 Anonymous
13th February 2021
Saturday 9:12 pm
68055 spacer

You sound very insecure about your baldness, honestly. Have you considered just growing some hair?
>> No. 68071 YubYub
15th February 2021
Monday 10:35 pm
68071 spacer

So the tape that Werner Herzog destroyed is just the grizzly bear guy laughing at a baldy? I bet he didn't even see a grizzly bear until he started saying slaphead all the time.
>> No. 68072 Billbob
16th February 2021
Tuesday 12:17 am
68072 spacer

Herzog has hair, the guy that was eaten had a full head of hair.

I'm saying he may have been eaten due to negative comments made towards/about bald people in previously unreleased footage.

>> No. 66957 Crabkiller
15th October 2020
Thursday 10:31 pm
66957 spacer
£152pp for three nights 'near hull' seems a tad excessive.
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>> No. 66962 Billbob
16th October 2020
Friday 1:58 am
66962 spacer

A bath that everyone shares where the water is hardly ever changed. It's spunk soup, or worse. Hot tubs are disgusting things in any context, let alone your own back garden.
>> No. 66963 Are Moaty
16th October 2020
Friday 7:40 am
66963 spacer
It's fucking weird. Just about everything east of Hull, barring possibly roos, feels incredibly backwater.
>> No. 68041 R4GE
11th February 2021
Thursday 8:31 am
68041 spacer


>> No. 68042 YubYub
11th February 2021
Thursday 12:48 pm
68042 spacer
Would it be any different to Harrods?
>> No. 68052 Moralfag
13th February 2021
Saturday 6:37 pm
68052 spacer
Not really. Birmingham Primark is the harrods of the North.

>> No. 67978 Are Moaty
5th February 2021
Friday 7:39 pm
67978 spacer
Why does life suck so much

Am I doing something wrong??
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>> No. 67996 Samefag
6th February 2021
Saturday 6:55 am
67996 spacer
Back2/emo/ carpet-bagger
>> No. 67997 Paedofag
6th February 2021
Saturday 12:40 pm
67997 spacer
Why do birds suddenly appear?
>> No. 67998 Are Moaty
6th February 2021
Saturday 1:43 pm
67998 spacer


when i was
>> No. 68007 R4GE
7th February 2021
Sunday 4:31 pm
68007 spacer
oh thanks i hadn't seen that /mu/ meme for nigh on 10 years. ffs
>> No. 68008 Crabkiller
7th February 2021
Sunday 7:33 pm
68008 spacer
I didn't want to say, but seeing it actually made me feel a bit warm. It was so long ago, a simpler time, and it's been so long because no-one uses it any more, which is perfect.

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