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>> No. 65245 Billbob
6th April 2020
Monday 11:57 pm
65245 spacer
How is a wax melt attuned to an archangel?

>> No. 65203 Anonymous
4th April 2020
Saturday 11:23 pm
65203 spacer
Lembit Opik: top shagger

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>> No. 65240 Anonymous
6th April 2020
Monday 10:00 am
65240 spacer


"When I first met Lembit I told him to BOGOF. The next thing I know I'm being strapped onto an intergalactic rocket with my twin sister!"
>> No. 65241 Moralfag
6th April 2020
Monday 10:19 am
65241 spacer

>> No. 65242 Billbob
6th April 2020
Monday 10:29 am
65242 spacer

this is a popular misconception, but big dick energy is not a term to describe someone with an actual big dick. that's just someone with a big dick.

big dick energy is for someone with an average or small penis, or even no penis at all, in the case of women, but whom act with the presumed confidence and cockiness of someone with a big dick. hence big dick energy.
>> No. 65243 YubYub
6th April 2020
Monday 1:37 pm
65243 spacer
Pretty sure it refers to a genuine confidence regardless of cock size.
>> No. 65244 YubYub
6th April 2020
Monday 2:56 pm
65244 spacer

While it's true you can have big dick energy with any size of knob, or even none at all, the phrase does not preclude those with actual large penises.

>> No. 65190 Moralfag
2nd April 2020
Thursday 5:05 pm
65190 spacer
if you & your dad were in a terrible accident where he was killed and your penis was smashed to pieces would you let them transplant his on to you?
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>> No. 65197 Paedofag
2nd April 2020
Thursday 10:22 pm
65197 spacer

She has expressed interest in the past, or at least I believe so. I think I might have posted about it here once.

She's attractive, but not attractive enough to make it worth having my knob blown off first.
>> No. 65198 Auntiefucker
3rd April 2020
Friday 6:07 pm
65198 spacer
Depends if the frenulum is intact.
>> No. 65199 Ambulancelad
3rd April 2020
Friday 9:17 pm
65199 spacer
What about the balls? I think they're just as important.
>> No. 65200 Paedofag
3rd April 2020
Friday 10:30 pm
65200 spacer

If you had your dad's balls surgically attached and then got a woman pregnant, would your child also be your sibling?
>> No. 65232 Ambulancelad
5th April 2020
Sunday 11:07 pm
65232 spacer

Have you been following dick-burner?

>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 65096 R4GE
17th March 2020
Tuesday 9:29 pm
65096 spacer
>> No. 65098 Samefag
17th March 2020
Tuesday 9:49 pm
65098 spacer

I've watched the entire trilogy three times this week, I ended up talking about the parallel between that and my life to my counsellor, and now I'm seeing it here.
>> No. 65100 Samefag
17th March 2020
Tuesday 9:55 pm
65100 spacer
The taters song has ruined LOTR for me. The moment I hear "boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew" I lose all sense of immersion.
>> No. 65201 Moralfag
3rd April 2020
Friday 11:09 pm
65201 spacer
Get your pencils out, lads. Vorderman has started teaching maths online:

It's for ages 4-12 years but I reckon we could give those kids are run for their money on the medal count if we all work together.
>> No. 65202 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 11:25 pm
65202 spacer
4-12 years? I could probably finish all the sums in that video in 9 months tops

>> No. 65177 Auntiefucker
30th March 2020
Monday 9:10 pm
65177 spacer
What do you lads make of this? Personally I'd be convinced were it not for the fact that whoever made these posters can't even spell widely.
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>> No. 65185 Samefag
31st March 2020
Tuesday 1:15 am
65185 spacer
Well, it fluctuates because it's where highly-energised particles from the sun collide with the Earth's magnetic field. It's very sparse but can get very, very hot - superheated plasma temperature hot if you're unlucky. It veers between too cold for life and too hot for it, while having such a low density that any liquid water will instantly evaporate. Overall it's the last place you'd expect a microorganism to stick around. On top of everything you've got very little protection from cosmic radiation.
>> No. 65186 YubYub
31st March 2020
Tuesday 1:21 am
65186 spacer
A bit like the moon?
>> No. 65187 Searchfag
2nd April 2020
Thursday 3:49 am
65187 spacer
What I want to know is, why do the same people who refuse to believe that Covid-19 is a natural virus also refuse to believe that global warming is man-made?
>> No. 65188 Are Moaty
2nd April 2020
Thursday 7:39 am
65188 spacer

In both cases, they're choosing a psychologically easy lie over a difficult truth.

If COVID was man-made, we can track down the bastards who made it and torture the antidote out of them or something. It's easier to believe in a government conspiracy than the fact that our entire way of life can be disrupted by the random mutation of a microorganism.

If climate change is just a natural event caused by the sun or whatever, then there's nothing we can do and no point worrying about it. We don't have to take responsibility for our actions, deal with the guilt of having wrecked the climate and radically change our way of life to avert total disaster.
>> No. 65189 Are Moaty
2nd April 2020
Thursday 11:15 am
65189 spacer

“You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to," Moreno told investigators, according to the complaint. "People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

>> No. 65176 R4GE
29th March 2020
Sunday 8:17 pm
65176 coronavirus special
So lads I hear they are going to give everyone a free lasagne?

>> No. 65174 Ambulancelad
27th March 2020
Friday 6:12 pm
65174 spacer

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>> No. 65175 Moralfag
27th March 2020
Friday 6:48 pm
65175 spacer
u fuckin wot m8?

>> No. 65172 Auntiefucker
26th March 2020
Thursday 9:59 pm
65172 spacer
ladm9s who is this actress? She's on the Paddy Power ad breaks on The Walking dead. It's been doing my head in for weeks because I'm sure I've seen her in something before
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>> No. 65173 Paedofag
26th March 2020
Thursday 11:01 pm
65173 spacer
Only a carpet-bagger needs a quick response.

>> No. 65142 YubYub
23rd March 2020
Monday 7:15 pm
65142 spacer


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>> No. 65161 Anonymous
24th March 2020
Tuesday 8:15 pm
65161 spacer

I love the scots verdict of "Not proven". I always think it's the court saying "He dunnit and we know 'e dunnit but we can't prove it so on with yer".
>> No. 65164 Auntiefucker
25th March 2020
Wednesday 12:30 am
65164 spacer

Which is pretty much what Michael Jackson's jurors said after his trial ..."We're sure he did it, we just couldn't prove it on this occasion."
>> No. 65169 Auntiefucker
26th March 2020
Thursday 2:04 pm
65169 spacer
You seem to have completely misread the post you are replying to, which is itself a refutation of yours.

That post is saying that the verdict means the prosecution's case is so rubbish that there is virtually no charge to answer to begin with.
>> No. 65170 YubYub
26th March 2020
Thursday 2:09 pm
65170 spacer
that was my first post in the thread, i didn't bother to read the rest of it.


"Both in the "solemn" and the "summary" acquittals, not proven is interpreted as indicating that the jury or judge, respectively, is not convinced of the innocence of the accused; in fact, they may be morally convinced that the accused is guilty, but do not find the proofs sufficient for a conviction. One reason for this is the rule that in such cases the evidence for the prosecution must be corroborated in order to permit a conviction. Thus, there might be a single plaintiff or witness for the prosecution, which the jury or judge believes is both truthful and trustworthy, but no other witness or circumstances against the accused. By Scottish law, the accused then should be acquitted, but often will be so by the verdict not proven.[1]"

that's not the same thing as having 'no charge to answer'. I think you're happily choosing your own interpretation here.
>> No. 65171 Moralfag
26th March 2020
Thursday 2:24 pm
65171 spacer
The prosecution gambit was to get him under the Moorov Doctorine - if a lot of people say he's a sexual criminal, then all of their claims (absent other evidence) can corroborate one another and be entered as evidence. What actually happened is when they went trawling for claims (interviewing over 400 women) they had to really reach, drawing in things like "tugging on hair" to try and get a reasonable number of cases in. I think including farcical charges like that undermined their whole case, the jury thought it was bollocks and threw the whole lot out.

The whole business with SNP factionalism around this is very interesting. Sturgeon clearly wasn't on his side and expressed no gladness he'd been found innocent (unlike some other SNP representatives), the Scottish Government has already been sued by Salmond for cocking up their internal investigation into his behaviour - but Sturgeon gets on with the civil servant who was in charge of it and re-appointed them. It'll be interesting to see what evidence of a conspiracy Salmond presents, having claimed he's got it but couldn't enter it into the trial.

>> No. 65157 Anonymous
24th March 2020
Tuesday 7:33 pm
65157 spacer
Colin salmon was a thing. Around the turn of the century he was in bond, resident evil, alien versus predator, the lot.

Now... Colin salmon is not a thing. It's like he's disappeared from public consciousness.
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>> No. 65162 Searchfag
24th March 2020
Tuesday 8:17 pm
65162 spacer

Welsh red dragon.jpg
>His name is slightly exotic

How dare you! Idris is a traditional Welsh name, It is name it is the name of a red hot dragon not one of your lumping great fairy tale dragons but a small chime heraldic welsh dragon who lives on smoke hill he does. Jones the steam found him up there you see.
>> No. 65163 Searchfag
24th March 2020
Tuesday 8:52 pm
65163 spacer

I always associated Idris with Fiery Ginger Beer.
>> No. 65165 Paedofag
25th March 2020
Wednesday 2:48 pm
65165 spacer
Idris sounds like a contagious skin disease that gives you flakey eczema on your eyelids.
>> No. 65167 Moralfag
25th March 2020
Wednesday 3:40 pm
65167 spacer
Not really, it's a really old name and one familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of Shamanism.
>> No. 65168 YubYub
25th March 2020
Wednesday 10:21 pm
65168 spacer
wotevs, idris

>> No. 62754 Ambulancelad
20th March 2019
Wednesday 10:47 pm
62754 spacer
>A neo-Nazi terror suspect entered a "Miss Hitler" beauty contest in a bid to attract new members to a far-right extremist group, a court has heard. Alice Cutter is alleged to have won the competition organised by National Action after taking on the nickname Buchenwald Princess in reference to the Nazi death camp.


To be fair, I'd have voted for her. I'd preserve the future of the white race with her, IYKWIM.
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>> No. 65134 Moralfag
19th March 2020
Thursday 9:05 pm
65134 spacer

m8 yer burds a nazi
>> No. 65135 R4GE
19th March 2020
Thursday 9:29 pm
65135 spacer

I think I've realised why she gives me such a stonk on. She reminds me of a big titty alternative girl I had a huge crush on when I was 15.
>> No. 65153 Are Moaty
24th March 2020
Tuesday 7:14 pm
65153 spacer

Alternative girl = chubby, not much of a looker but big tits trump that
>> No. 65154 Crabkiller
24th March 2020
Tuesday 7:15 pm
65154 spacer

Don't forget pale. So delightfully pale.
>> No. 65155 Billbob
24th March 2020
Tuesday 7:25 pm
65155 spacer
This one was actually quite a looker. She wasn't skinny but she certainly wasn't chubby, she was... in proportion.

>> No. 65136 Are Moaty
20th March 2020
Friday 12:48 pm
65136 spacer


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>> No. 65137 Moralfag
20th March 2020
Friday 1:22 pm
65137 spacer
>> No. 65138 Anonymous
20th March 2020
Friday 1:24 pm
65138 spacer
Come back when the video is informed by physicists rather than theoretical physicists.
>> No. 65139 Are Moaty
20th March 2020
Friday 1:36 pm
65139 spacer
>> No. 65140 Ambulancelad
20th March 2020
Friday 1:44 pm
65140 spacer

It's a bit rude to call them theoretical physicists, they all looked pretty real to me.
>> No. 65141 YubYub
23rd March 2020
Monday 11:15 am
65141 spacer

Clickbait title that didn't even have anything to do with the title.

It seemed suspiciously close in format to an intelligence design propaganda film and that is what it is a propaganda film for a minority theory.

When I see things like this I have to ask myself who made this and why. Because it isn't accepted enough consensus for it to be a pure educational film. I assume someone made this to win some sort of argument not on the validity of their position but based on an appeal to popularism. Maybe they think they will get more funding if they can demonstrate people are interested in this idea? Maybe they just want other physicist to have heard of them so they get a seat at the table. It feels like I'm being taught to take a side in a debate I really have no authority to comment on.

>> No. 65116 Crabkiller
17th March 2020
Tuesday 10:42 pm
65116 spacer
did bros turn out to be gay?
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>> No. 65119 Paedofag
17th March 2020
Tuesday 11:13 pm
65119 spacer

Screenshot_2020-03-17 Bros - When Will I Be Famous.png
what did these LV signs mean?
>> No. 65120 YubYub
17th March 2020
Tuesday 11:36 pm
65120 spacer

Luis VuittonLuncheon Vouchers
>> No. 65121 Ambulancelad
17th March 2020
Tuesday 11:53 pm
65121 spacer

lesbian vaginas
>> No. 65124 Moralfag
18th March 2020
Wednesday 1:12 am
65124 spacer
>> No. 65128 Auntiefucker
18th March 2020
Wednesday 5:24 pm
65128 spacer

Lord Vader

>> No. 64493 Anonymous
18th December 2019
Wednesday 7:38 am
64493 spacer
Phwoar. I'd aim for her bullseye, IYKWIM.
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>> No. 65109 YubYub
17th March 2020
Tuesday 10:11 pm
65109 spacer
Frightened by women, eh? You some kind of bender?
>> No. 65114 Crabkiller
17th March 2020
Tuesday 10:21 pm
65114 spacer
If you saw the pictures of this woman and thought she was an 8/10 but then met up with her and she's a 4/10 in the flesh you'd be quite rightly terrified.
>> No. 65115 Auntiefucker
17th March 2020
Tuesday 10:33 pm
65115 spacer

Definitely a bender.
>> No. 65122 Crabkiller
18th March 2020
Wednesday 12:01 am
65122 spacer

Everyone knows that what you do when a bird off tinder shows up seven stone heavier than she looked in her pics is to grit your teeth and shag her anyway.
>> No. 65123 Searchfag
18th March 2020
Wednesday 12:19 am
65123 spacer


Those are rookie numbers. I've met birds off tinder that were absolutely unashamed to post pictures of themselves in their anorexic scene phase then turn up being 30 stone reality TV candidates.

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