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>> No. 61568 Paedofag
13th September 2018
Thursday 1:47 am
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Some cultures have a rite of cutting down trees to get married. Why are people so strange?
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>> No. 61571 Anonymous
13th September 2018
Thursday 1:05 pm
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>Why are people so strange?

Because we accept the behaviour and values of the generation that raised us without questioning. Some of this is really useful that we never challenge, like not eating random mushrooms we find and only crossing the road when the lights are the right colours but other stuff gets absorbed along the way, as long as there is nothing directly harmful about the behaviour we adopt there is no reason to question it.

Traditional and rituals are most interesting not for why they perpetuate, but why they start. Sometimes it is obvious - like in Turkey there is a tradition where men slap the groom on the back and push him towards the bridal suite - this obviously comes from reluctant arranged marriages.

Other times it is clearly magical thinking, 'we didn't do X this time and bad thing happened, or we did Y this one time and good thing happened'; and I can't put enough quotes around this ''''open-mindedness'''.- the Romans had a very simple meta philosophy for over a thousand years 'might makes right' if one side won a battle the gods were obviously in their favour, after all that is why the Romans were on top, so when Constantine a professed Christian in a time where most weren't started winning all his battles against other roman factions, well there must obviously have been something too it. Never mind that there is nothing about that concept in the new testament and Jesus would have probably strongly opposed Constintines actions given the chance, but that was the core of the pre-existing belief so that is how it became the dominate religion.
>> No. 61578 Moralfag
14th September 2018
Friday 1:31 pm
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Not to immediately turn into my granddad upon posting this, but it makes more sense than spending a gorillian pounds and inviting people you've barely spoken too in years to a party.
>> No. 61579 YubYub
14th September 2018
Friday 5:32 pm
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Our wedding traditions are great. There's the bit where all the guests pin money to the bride's dress so she is covered in notes. And there's the bit where the groom dances with a clay pot filled with sweets, eventually smashing it on the ground for all the children to come and gather up.

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