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>> No. 63669 Billbob
12th July 2019
Friday 7:03 am
63669 spacer
The future is a strange place.
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>> No. 63670 YubYub
12th July 2019
Friday 7:05 am
63670 spacer

A very strange place indeed.
>> No. 63671 YubYub
12th July 2019
Friday 11:22 am
63671 spacer
I wonder how much of the engagement with her is "ironic" in that not really ironic way people like to engage with things these days? Also that girl needs to hydrate, her piss looks like golden syrup.
>> No. 63672 Auntiefucker
12th July 2019
Friday 12:28 pm
63672 spacer
Not to be a contrarian, but I think this sort of thing has happened for a long time. Fetishists with money isn't a new phenomenon. Perhaps what makes the future so strange is that our more rapid communications and trade systems more effectively bring these peculiar behaviours to light, while also making the whole thing quite impersonal, almost sanitised.


Is it really piss? I mean, it might be, but I thought there were at least some regulations about what biological material you can sell, even in the dystopian end of the United States.
>> No. 63673 YubYub
12th July 2019
Friday 12:37 pm
63673 spacer
I don't doubt the desire is as old as the hills, but the scale is certainly novel, I can't think of anyone else who got this rich and famous for... whatever it is you would call this.. As for the legitimacy of the piss, this woman eats raw eggs, shell 'n' all, for a living, so if she could she would.
>> No. 63674 Ambulancelad
12th July 2019
Friday 4:53 pm
63674 spacer
There's a lot of weird defensiveness going on about this like "power to her for exploiting those creeps!" and "that's just good business, respect to her!"

Sure she might be filthy rich from doing this, but it can't feel nice knowing you're wank fodder for thousands of utter neckbeards. And what's more is there are thousands of women trying to do the same thing, without making much money at all. she might not take her kit off but let's be real, she's essentially porn. This is everything wrong with late stage consumerism.

Basically what it seems like to me, is that people just don't want to admit they fancy her. They pretend it's ironic, they pretend they support her as some sort of "white knight" type, they pretend they support her for the lulz. but the real reason is because she makes their willy tingle, plain and simple.
>> No. 63675 Ambulancelad
12th July 2019
Friday 5:19 pm
63675 spacer
Well I think it can.
>> No. 63676 Samefag
12th July 2019
Friday 5:39 pm
63676 spacer
From what I can ascertain, 90% of the $30 tubs of used bathwater were bought by YouTubers so they could film themselves drinking it or using it to cook pasta in to try and boost their viewership numbers by piggybacking on the belle Delphine brand.
>> No. 63678 Samefag
12th July 2019
Friday 6:08 pm
63678 spacer
>This is everything wrong with late stage consumerism.
I really do wonder if it can be escaped, or if this is just the new norm for the remainder of (post)modernity. The market is a crazy machine.
>> No. 63679 Are Moaty
12th July 2019
Friday 6:37 pm
63679 spacer

However weird you think things are right now, they're about to get a lot weirder. The impending wave of VR and AI technologies will make $30 bathwater seem quaint.
>> No. 63680 R4GE
12th July 2019
Friday 7:02 pm
63680 spacer

This is plausible and a bit depressing.


This is also plausible and a bit depressing.
>> No. 63681 Anonymous
12th July 2019
Friday 7:07 pm
63681 spacer
People keep calling it "late capitalism" like it's going to end soon or summat.

That'd make a nice replacement motto for this site; "plausible and a bit depressing", fits like a glove.
>> No. 63682 Auntiefucker
12th July 2019
Friday 7:26 pm
63682 spacer
I've always taken it as "capitalism as of late" but I appreciate it doesn't look like that.
>> No. 63684 R4GE
12th July 2019
Friday 7:48 pm
63684 spacer
Yeah, "late stage capitalism". I don't get it myself - I guess the ridiculousness of this stuff being commercialised means the system is about to collapse, supposedly? I haven't read enough Marx to understand.
>> No. 63689 Billbob
12th July 2019
Friday 9:30 pm
63689 spacer

That's basically the idea - that rampant consumerism will eventually eat itself and cause a collapse, and we're in the later stages of that.

I'm pretty sure nukes will fuck us before the free market collapses, mind.
>> No. 63690 Anonymous
12th July 2019
Friday 11:38 pm
63690 spacer

This is my takeaway from it. She might have a few dedicated fans who have succumbed to waifuism but the interest is an event perpetuated by the media talking about it. Her 5 minutes of fame will pass and she will be about as remembered as Poppy.

Who it turns out is still getting millions of viewers for her videos.

Don't you understand, capitalism will collapse annnnnny moment now.
>> No. 63691 Moralfag
12th July 2019
Friday 11:52 pm
63691 spacer
Careful not to mix the terms up. "Late capitalism" is a thing used by economists to describe developed capitalism. "Late-stage capitalism" is an analogy to cancer used by commies and anarchists suggesting that the patient is beyond help.
>> No. 63692 Samefag
12th July 2019
Friday 11:53 pm
63692 spacer
I think the better term is hyper capitalist.

Late stage capitalism is a term used largely by the kind of person who would exclude 'privileged white men' from a conversation or movement in the name of equality. The fact that they call it late stage is part of a fantasy because they are the kind who flicks their bean to the idea of the revolution cumming.

I don't think this is even an example of 'late/hyper' capitalism this is just 'normal' fetish sex industry shit that has just ended up in the public consciousness because it is the silly season.
>> No. 63693 Auntiefucker
13th July 2019
Saturday 12:49 am
63693 spacer

Careful now lad. Don't get lefties mixed up with identity politics social justice wankers.

I've used the term because I see capitalism in its current stage as entering that terminal velocity where increasing socialism, ironically, becomes inevitable or the whole thing will burn itself out like a forest fire.

Concepts like male privilege or any of that other nonsense are actually a creation of the capitalist- a divide and conquer brain virus designed to disrupt and disrepute genuine leftist thought.
>> No. 63694 Billbob
13th July 2019
Saturday 1:08 am
63694 spacer

>Don't get lefties mixed up with identity politics social justice wankers.

Don't shoot the messenger but, you obviously didn't get the memo, the left wing politics you subscribe to based on economics is on life support at the moment. Gender theory obsession is the more dominate far left rhetoric. You only need to look at what a shitshow the 99% movement was with spending more time managing its inclusiveness policy then dealing with the issues to know what I say is true. Anyone who was looking for practical discussion, or with expert opinion was pushed out at a time when literally they should have been thriving by endless discussions about inclusiveness.

The latestagecapitalism subreddit, literally preemptively bans people on an assumption of their gender politics. Which tells you who is in charge.

>Concepts like male privilege or any of that other nonsense are actually a creation of the capitalist- a divide and conquer brain virus designed to disrupt and disrepute genuine leftist thought.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, but sounds to an outside like you've just fallen into the stereotypical ideological purity arguments that usually damn left wing groups.
>> No. 63695 Are Moaty
13th July 2019
Saturday 1:25 am
63695 spacer

that may be true, but that's because more than 90% of reddit is literally propaganda, the other 10% is circlejerking. you'd get less on agenda on russia today than most subreddits.

I'm fighting the good fight to bring the real left back okay.
>> No. 63698 YubYub
13th July 2019
Saturday 3:31 pm
63698 spacer
Actually there's good reason to think the world is post-capitalist now. It's financialist. The logic of capitalism isn't top dog any more; most money isn't made from investment in increasing productivity and reducing costs, but from financial chicanery and forms of rent extraction. It's a kind of neo-feudalism. Continuing to blame everything on capitalism is counter-productive because the big money is made in a totally different way. This is why "late-stage capitalism" is so baffling. From a Marxist perspective, historical materialism doesn't apply since most people aren't employed in the reproduction of material wealth, but in direct maintenance of the class structure itself.
>> No. 63699 Moralfag
13th July 2019
Saturday 4:58 pm
63699 spacer
Finance capital is still capital. The point about the lack of production of material value is valid and interesting, but triyng to get away from the word capitalism seems a lot like trying to polish the message to make it an easier sell.
Mark Fisher had a kind of a response to it though -my understanding is he would basically have argued that Neoliberalism (i.e. capitalism after the end of the postwar consensus, i.e. Callaghan reluctantly and Thatcher zealously.) is primarily designed to support the current class structure and the existence of some form of capitalism. With the postwar consensus of managed capitalism (with capital and labour mediated by the state in some hopefully stable condition) being inherently unstable, things were either going to snap towards socialism or towards placing all efforts towards preventing socialism, even to the detriment of capitalist efficiency if necessary - and they snapped in that direction. You could draw that forward to the present, especially with the way computers track and monitor us, but even before then you've got the remarkable increase in the status and influence of the management class despite the fact it's highly doubtful they actually lead to any efficiency increases - they're good at monitoring and controlling their fellow workers, leaving them more precarious, too busy with paperwork to think about strike action, or only taking ineffective actions like 1 day strikes in unis (where they inevitably just have to work harder the next day to get back on top of things.)

Though I'm going to raise a non marxist idea of interest. Financial Markets nowadays are so hypercompetitive that humans are barely involved, with trades made by computers and billions spent on laying new cables to shave fractions of fractions of seconds off trades. So what if the logic isn't exactly that of capital at all, but that of networks? What if capitalism tilted in a financial direction because the material equipment of computer networks made that the most appealing route? What if bizarre, perverse, computer networking algorithms are behind the utter insanity of the modern world? If both Keynesianism and early (<1993ish) neoliberalism were largely run by humans in service of capital, what if beyond that period we increasingly found ourselves in a world where humans are the servants of capital, which is itself the servant of the network itself. Why should the medium is the message be restricted to living entities?
The perverse ways we're all expected to jump for algorithms on the modern internet fit neither with the visions of Keynes, Friedman, Hayek or Marx but with some kind of alternative with a greater degree of stupidity. The stock trading computer has decided to invest in Google because the Google computer has decided that the best way to maximise desired metrics for giving the stock trading computer the metrics it wants is to show us and our children Elsa from Frozen eating a bucket of Heron Needles while the cast of Zootropolis re-enact Zardoz in the background. The children will watch the original, we will pay £25 for a balding man to shout out our name as we watch his reaction to the original video streamed live into our bedrooms. It's like that idea of a paperclip producing AI accidentally ending all life on earth, or basically just feedback loops, only stupider. It's what the network wants, why bother to complain?
>> No. 63700 Billbob
13th July 2019
Saturday 5:07 pm
63700 spacer
Lot of cishet white boy tears in this thread
>> No. 63701 Are Moaty
13th July 2019
Saturday 5:09 pm
63701 spacer

I've read the final theory before but it strikes me as a little odd that a humanity ruled by algorithms or money-making has over the passed decade(s) made decisions so against the market. It's much too reductionist to put it all on this when clearly there is a plethora of competing things shaping our world.
>> No. 63702 Are Moaty
13th July 2019
Saturday 5:32 pm
63702 spacer
That's more or less the pretense of the entire site, you're going to have to be more specific.
>> No. 63703 Searchfag
13th July 2019
Saturday 7:10 pm
63703 spacer
You probably couldn't even taste her fanny in it, whats the point?
>> No. 63704 R4GE
13th July 2019
Saturday 7:23 pm
63704 spacer
It's the closest some of them will ever get to a woman, especially one that attractive.
>> No. 63710 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 7:32 am
63710 spacer

With her and most of online porn, the whole point seems to be more about intimacy with other men rather than women.
>> No. 63711 Billbob
14th July 2019
Sunday 7:57 am
63711 spacer

Okay, I'll bite. This is an interesting take. What do you mean?
>> No. 63712 Auntiefucker
14th July 2019
Sunday 9:25 am
63712 spacer
It's the sense of camaraderie and community. Think of it like a hobby. Instead of going to a wood turning class you join a group where you're objectifying camwhores.
>> No. 63714 Are Moaty
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:05 am
63714 spacer
has she shown her minge yet?
>> No. 63715 YubYub
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:07 am
63715 spacer
That'll be $100,000.
>> No. 63716 Crabkiller
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:07 am
63716 spacer
>>63714 No penis? Surprised.
>> No. 63798 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 1:44 am
63798 spacer
I've personally ordered half-a-dozen crates of her bath juice and I'm trying to convince my friends to do the same. Imagine being gifted with such a popular young woman's herpes.
>> No. 63799 YubYub
26th July 2019
Friday 6:12 am
63799 spacer

I personally think this is annoying.
>> No. 63801 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 8:27 am
63801 spacer
There's a film about this. Follows a guy whose job it is to inoculate diehard fans with strains of STDs taken from celebrities.
>> No. 63812 Searchfag
28th July 2019
Sunday 3:36 pm
63812 spacer
I want to buy your book.

>> No. 63814 Ambulancelad
28th July 2019
Sunday 6:46 pm
63814 spacer

>> No. 63820 Billbob
1st August 2019
Thursday 11:17 am
63820 From the Department of Grammatical Infractions

Following a report submitted to us regarding britfa.gs post >>63798, we can confirm that the use of the wording "I've personally" in the given context is entirely correct and appropriate. You are reminded that the contraction 'I've' is a shortened form of 'I have', therefore the poster's sentence would begin "I have personally ordered" and is grammatically correct.

Our official findings are that the aforementioned post is not in breach of correct grammatical standards.

- Christopher Blenkinsop;
Deputy Director, Department of Grammatical Infractions
(Pedantry Response Unit)
>> No. 63821 YubYub
1st August 2019
Thursday 11:44 am
63821 spacer
That's all incredibly astute, but surely It's not about grammar; it's about the redundancy.
>> No. 63822 Are Moaty
1st August 2019
Thursday 1:03 pm
63822 spacer
You will need to take that up with your employer.

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