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>> No. 64897 YubYub
12th February 2020
Wednesday 7:10 pm
64897 spacer
Imaging getting life coaching off of kerry katona.

What's next, hiring Gary Glitter as a babysitter?
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>> No. 64898 YubYub
12th February 2020
Wednesday 7:20 pm
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>Well Ive (sic) done it! I've Only (sic) gone and signed myself up for life coaching and counselling diploma!!!

This reads like a line from The Viz's Fat Slags.

>OW-EYY BAZ, Well Ive (sic) done it! [...]
>> No. 64903 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 3:46 pm
64903 spacer
Trainwrecks give out great advice because they've had to struggle with everything themselves. I wish I could hire the Beyond Scared Straight people to come and scream at me to do my tax return on time or whatever. (My tax return was on time.)

>> No. 64904 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 3:58 pm
64904 spacer

Lawrence Block said in one of his books he couldn't give advice about plotting and things since it came so effortlessly to him so he gives advice about keeping yourself motivated etc.

Have you ever been asked how you do something you spontaneously figured out how to do as a kid? You want to reply

>Um, well you just do it.
>> No. 64906 YubYub
13th February 2020
Thursday 4:20 pm
64906 spacer

I remember a simular thing in a buisness advice book (might have been how to win friends and influence people) reading an example of someone who was the best sales person for something like general motors, what his opinion about why he is such a good salesman was and his entire wisdom was he 'maintained eye contact'.
>> No. 64907 Ambulancelad
13th February 2020
Thursday 4:39 pm
64907 spacer

I think some people are just naturally good at things so never have to analyse how or why, but just as often, once something becomes second nature to us, we simply forget. As a cheflad I have excellent knife technique, but people have asked me in the past about it and I've sort of shrugged and said "I just do it a lot, I guess", completely neglecting to explain to them the actual important parts like the claw technique, sharpening your knife, or the mountains of onions I used to practice on at home when I was starting out.

I suppose it's the same as when some poor fucker on here asks us long-cocked lotharios how to meet women and we just tell them to act confident.

Being able to explain your craft to someone new to it and make them feel like it's actually achievable is true mastery.
>> No. 64908 Billbob
13th February 2020
Thursday 5:15 pm
64908 spacer
I haven't read anything by Block, but my girlfriend owns about two dozen of his books so I just naturally assumed he was shite because she has terrible taste.
>> No. 64909 Are Moaty
13th February 2020
Thursday 5:48 pm
64909 spacer

I think his how-to-write books are entertaining. The only thing I've ever read of his fiction is a Cornell Woolrich novel which was unfinished at the time of his death so Lawrence Block finished it. It was good but I don't suppose his doing an impression of another author is representative of his regular novels.
>> No. 64910 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 7:20 pm
64910 spacer


As much as this is true, if anyone ever asks me how I got good at guitar, the answer is genuinely just staying at home in my bedroom and neglecting social contact and hygiene for weeks upon end, and this one beginner dvd.

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