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>> No. 67053 Moralfag
23rd October 2020
Friday 7:22 pm
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>> No. 67054 Searchfag
23rd October 2020
Friday 7:50 pm
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Look, I agree they're a bunch of cunts, but this just isn't on. The bloody Drake pointing meme? What next "can I has cheeseburger"? The answers no if you're on free school meals btw.
>> No. 67055 YubYub
23rd October 2020
Friday 9:36 pm
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>proves that charity is better than social security

n1 lefties
>> No. 67056 Searchfag
23rd October 2020
Friday 9:56 pm
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The format annoys me. Go away.
>> No. 67057 Auntiefucker
23rd October 2020
Friday 10:03 pm
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No u
>> No. 67058 Paedofag
23rd October 2020
Friday 10:27 pm
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Milk snatcher is already taken. What will Boris be called?

Looks, lads, it's a shitty format, but you lot seem too uptight for a Friday. Is the lockdown circuit breaker getting to you?
>> No. 67060 Billbob
23rd October 2020
Friday 10:33 pm
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'54, I just set myself up for a brilliant joke, you daftie.
>> No. 67061 Ambulancelad
23rd October 2020
Friday 11:07 pm
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>What will Boris be called?

>> No. 67072 Are Moaty
24th October 2020
Saturday 3:29 pm
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Not to get too serious in the designated silly zone, but I think MPs like Ben Bradley are a portent of doom in one way or another. He's openly talking about "cultural marxism" and "crack dens" in a way that reminds me of one of those blokes who works in the same office as you or is mates with your dad or whatever, who just starts talking complete shit and you ignore it for a while until you look at him and say "what the fuck are you talking about" and he never really has an answer but you just wanted him to stop talking so it doesn't matter. Only he's an MP now, so no one is ever going to do that to him ever again. In fact he's got researchers to feed him more nonsense whenever he likes, he can do softball interviews with toady journos who'll be bowled over by his tell it like it is attitude and still he'll cry fowl whenever he's pulled up on anything he says.

Back to the portent of doom thing; he's either the going to hasten the end times for the nation at large or be voter repellent for anyone with a nerve system that extends north of their brainstem, constantly making the Tories look half-mad and repeatedly undermining them. I'm not confident of either outcome, but I look at America and I think "fuck" which about sums up my feelings on the matter.

There are plenty of other Tory MPs like this, but Bradley's the one hitting the headlines right now.

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