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>> No. 67112 Auntiefucker
29th October 2020
Thursday 11:29 am
67112 spacer
Did you know that antisemites refuse to cover their noses when wearing masks? They believe they're saying to the world "look at me with my normal sized nose, I'm not trying to disguise who I am."
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>> No. 67113 Searchfag
29th October 2020
Thursday 11:37 am
67113 spacer
He's gonna get kicked out of Labour.

Why am I not in the least bit surprised that he is a mask-denier.
>> No. 67114 Billbob
29th October 2020
Thursday 11:46 am
67114 spacer
It's typical incompetent Corbyn. Wear a mask but don't do it properly. Make a fudge that pleases absolutely nobody.
>> No. 67115 Samefag
29th October 2020
Thursday 11:53 am
67115 spacer
It's a photo of him leaving his house, (or his ho, depending). Not to leap to any unreasonable conclusions or anything but maybe he's in the process of putting the mask on as he leaves the house? I know the law and the science both say that masks have to be worn outdoors 100% of the time.
>> No. 67116 Are Moaty
29th October 2020
Thursday 12:03 pm
67116 spacer
Will steam up his glasses innit
>> No. 67117 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 12:05 pm
67117 spacer
Here come the trots. Ready to deny an obvious truth that is right in front of them because dear leader can do no wrong.
>> No. 67118 YubYub
29th October 2020
Thursday 12:15 pm
67118 spacer
That will 100% be his excuse
>> No. 67119 YubYub
29th October 2020
Thursday 1:00 pm
67119 spacer
If you're having to make every other post in a thread and still not managing to troll anyone, the only person being trolled is yourself, Oddlad.
>> No. 67120 Paedofag
29th October 2020
Thursday 2:06 pm
67120 spacer
Welcome to /iq/.
>> No. 67121 Are Moaty
29th October 2020
Thursday 3:53 pm
67121 spacer

Only because his glasses don't fit. The frames are too narrow and the arms are too short, so they keep slipping halfway down his nose. I imagine that he has constant headaches from decentration-induced prism. Forget about the mask - the knobhead can't even wear a pair of spectacles properly.
>> No. 67122 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 4:37 pm
67122 spacer
Frames like that are prone to sliding around a bit, calm down, mate, you sound about ready to burst.
>> No. 67123 R4GE
29th October 2020
Thursday 4:57 pm
67123 spacer
Why not buy better glasses then?
>> No. 67124 R4GE
29th October 2020
Thursday 5:58 pm
67124 spacer
Frames like that are hardwearing, can be more comfortable and it's not like they're made of lubricated ice, you just sometimes have to push them up your nose. You might try them on and think "oh, these look nicer than those metal framed ones" too. Basically any reason someone might buy glasses.
>> No. 67125 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 6:05 pm
67125 spacer


Only if they're badly fitted, which corbyn's are. The man seems to be militantly opposed to wearing glasses that fit.

I suspect he takes them off by holding the arm, which warps the frame.
>> No. 67126 YubYub
29th October 2020
Thursday 7:53 pm
67126 spacer
Oooh, look at you with your "fitted glasses", you posh sod.
>> No. 67127 YubYub
29th October 2020
Thursday 7:54 pm
67127 spacer
Because that's the best he can get on the NHS and like a good comrade he's not going to be a class traitor and pay extra for private.
>> No. 67128 Searchfag
29th October 2020
Thursday 8:21 pm
67128 spacer
I bet that's the same shirt as in the OP picture but he doesn't separate his whites so colours have run into it in the wash over time.
>> No. 67129 Moralfag
29th October 2020
Thursday 9:07 pm
67129 spacer
>he doesn't separate his whites so colours have run into it
He's anti-racist, remember.
>> No. 67132 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 2:52 pm
67132 spacer

FRAME WIDTH LOOKS adequate. Length to bend looks ok. Judging by the image size of his lenses he doesn't have a particularly large prescription. By Prentice's rule, the unwanted prism would be low. Even so over time he would adapt to the unwanted prism from decentration and no longer have asthenopic headaches. Based on your analysis of Corbyn's choice of eyewear, I can deduce that you're a highly promiscuous butch homosexual tory-voter. I mean, presumably the response you're hoping for is "my arse, you stud please ride me".
>> No. 67133 Searchfag
31st October 2020
Saturday 5:58 pm
67133 spacer


10/10 for this extraordinarily specific combination of ophthalmology and shitposting.

I should probably ask your opinion on the fresnel/stroke debate.
>> No. 67140 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 12:23 am
67140 spacer
can i get free stuff or is it because i can't get free stuff because the joos

jessica, new forest

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