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>> No. 67304 Searchfag
16th November 2020
Monday 8:02 am
67304 Fame
Who is the most famous britfa.gs poster? Is it you?

Ever been on the telly? Do you host an unpopular comedy podcast? Were you the main speaker at the third most popular amateur stationery appreciators' conference? Did you shag someone who shagged Lembit Opik?
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>> No. 67305 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 9:44 am
67305 spacer
Funnily enough I don't post on an anonymous imageboard to tell people who I am. I'm not famous but I'm known for one or two things but if I said what they were I'd be identifiable.
>> No. 67306 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 9:48 am
67306 spacer
Yes mate we all have names.
>> No. 67307 Searchfag
16th November 2020
Monday 10:01 am
67307 spacer
I once got ignored by ARE LAURIE on a dating website. Sensible girl I suppose, but I can't help but feel the constant political arguments would have lead to some filthy filthy great sex.
>> No. 67308 Crabkiller
16th November 2020
Monday 11:10 am
67308 spacer
I wrote a shitty horror film that got made and got a DVD release and I've shagged Emily Booth. The two may or may not be connected.
>> No. 67309 Are Moaty
16th November 2020
Monday 11:31 am
67309 spacer

i won an egg and spoon race once
>> No. 67310 Ambulancelad
16th November 2020
Monday 11:46 am
67310 spacer

>Emily Booth

You jammy bastard.
>> No. 67321 Auntiefucker
16th November 2020
Monday 4:52 pm
67321 spacer


Think we need to ban this spawny git on principle.
>> No. 67322 R4GE
16th November 2020
Monday 5:30 pm
67322 spacer
I once kicked Leon Jackson in the balls. I also stole his shiny Snorlax and he is never getting it back.
>> No. 67323 Samefag
16th November 2020
Monday 5:52 pm
67323 spacer
I got off with Margot Robbie back before she was A list material. I tried very hard to bang her but she was having none of it. I was young, I've learned from my mistakes since then.

I've shagged some women you've heard of but it'd sound preposterous if I just listed them off. In my previous life as a cheflad with mild 'buzz' it wasn't too hard to be drunk near TV or film people. The closest I've been to personal fame would be that I was mentioned by name in a restaurant review in the Observer.

Oh and Jeremy Clarkson DM'd me a response to a question I'd commented on his instagram about a Range Rover part just last month - I think that is the best I've got.
>> No. 67324 Samefag
16th November 2020
Monday 5:57 pm
67324 spacer
I've bummed a cig off Craig Charles.
>> No. 67325 Paedofag
16th November 2020
Monday 6:19 pm
67325 spacer
That's unironically the coolest thing I've ever heard.
>> No. 67326 Billbob
16th November 2020
Monday 6:20 pm
67326 spacer
I met Fred Dinenage when I were a nipper.
>> No. 67327 Paedofag
16th November 2020
Monday 6:23 pm
67327 spacer
>> No. 67328 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 7:42 pm
67328 spacer
Are you imagining a dinner party? As he was a kid's show presenter, I can't imagine it was that difficult for a kid to meet him.
>> No. 67329 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 7:45 pm
67329 spacer
While out for a fag break at work, I saw Eddie Izzard get angry at his car because he couldn't open the door.
>> No. 67330 YubYub
16th November 2020
Monday 7:48 pm
67330 spacer
I, too, am not famous at all.
>> No. 67332 Are Moaty
16th November 2020
Monday 7:49 pm
67332 spacer
I once saw the queen wave out of her fancy car too.
>> No. 67335 Moralfag
16th November 2020
Monday 8:00 pm
67335 spacer
When you were on about that Emily lass I thought you meant her who used to mention here in her blogs at first. Was her name Emily glide?

Anyway I've been on the chase. Didn't win anything though.

Jay rayner or grace dent?
>> No. 67337 Are Moaty
16th November 2020
Monday 8:19 pm
67337 spacer


Which chaser did your chasing?
>> No. 67338 R4GE
16th November 2020
Monday 8:26 pm
67338 spacer
The beast. Took the higher offer and did the head-to-head without getting a question wrong but it all went tits up in the final chase. I've realised I'm better at things like multiple choice rather than quickfire rounds so I need to get on something like tipping point.

At least I got a couple of free meals from the Toby carvery attached to the travelodge they put us up in.
>> No. 67339 Paedofag
16th November 2020
Monday 8:41 pm
67339 spacer

I want to see some sort of food travelogue with Jay Rayner and Mark Labett. Both are really nice blokes and I bet they would get along immensely.
>> No. 67340 Samefag
16th November 2020
Monday 8:41 pm
67340 spacer

Gyde. Emily Gyde. Most of her web presence seems to have succumbed to linkrot.
>> No. 67345 Ambulancelad
16th November 2020
Monday 9:19 pm
67345 spacer

You get weird results if you try googling her name + britfa.gs.
>> No. 67347 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 10:07 pm
67347 spacer
>I've been on the chase
Hasn't everyone in Britain by this point?
>> No. 67348 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 10:31 pm
67348 spacer
i been given a section in a book cause of my trve gr1m occvlt metal music, i have.

not that it means much, fame is inverted in underground metal. the less anyone has heard of you, the better.
>> No. 67349 Paedofag
16th November 2020
Monday 10:38 pm
67349 spacer
Why would Emily reappear now, at this stage in the ILL CULT game?
>> No. 67410 Auntiefucker
21st November 2020
Saturday 9:58 pm
67410 spacer
I've only just come across her just now.

She seems relatively sane to me.

>> No. 67417 Ambulancelad
22nd November 2020
Sunday 3:02 am
67417 spacer

Richard Herring doesn't blog this much, Jesus.
>> No. 67419 Crabkiller
22nd November 2020
Sunday 4:07 am
67419 spacer
That's not her only blog either - there are many many others. Poor lass is disturbed.
>> No. 67422 Paedofag
22nd November 2020
Sunday 11:05 am
67422 spacer
>Poor lass is disturbed.
Oh, really?!

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