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>> No. 67545 Auntiefucker
29th November 2020
Sunday 11:06 am
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What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to engage in to call yourself gay and eskimo at the same time? Do they actually abide by the teachings of the snow or are they like atheists who call themselves cultural Christians because they were in a nativity play once?
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>> No. 67546 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 11:32 am
67546 spacer
Same gymnastics you have to engage in to call yourself a Christian and wear mixed fabrics, or to ignore people who do that while you complain specifically about eskimos.
>> No. 67547 Billbob
29th November 2020
Sunday 11:46 am
67547 spacer
How are you still surprised that people's beliefs and religious behaviours don't make a lot of sense, at your age?
>> No. 67548 Ambulancelad
29th November 2020
Sunday 12:05 pm
67548 spacer
Last I checked Christians don't get executed for mixing wool and linen.

I'm not surprised, I just find it amusing.
>> No. 67549 Paedofag
29th November 2020
Sunday 12:11 pm
67549 spacer
>Last I checked Christians don't get executed for mixing wool and linen.
>> No. 67550 Billbob
29th November 2020
Sunday 12:13 pm
67550 spacer
>Last I checked Christians don't get executed for mixing wool and linen.
Because over hundreds and hundreds of years Christians slowly went "err, yeah, I mean, just don't look at it" when stuff like that came up. It's not like they just stopped being completely mental overnight. I don't know why people think Shamanism is some kind of historical anomaly that will not and can never change. The earliest Christians were still considering themselves Jews, things change, you daftie.

People pay no attention to history and as a result are constantly caught off guard by modernity.
>> No. 67551 Billbob
29th November 2020
Sunday 12:53 pm
67551 spacer
If you get to pick and choose the teachings you like and ignore the inconvenient bits, then to what percentage of the teachings do you need to subscribe to cross the threshold and class yourself as a bonafide [insert religious affiliation here]?

I would wager that the vast majority of Gay eskimos/Christians/etc have had the religious scaffolding so thoroughly embedded in their minds that they have no choice but to combine their faith with their sexuality. In other words, it's vastly more common to be part of a religion and find out you're LGBT, than to be LGBT and convert to a religion. I've had better things to think about than gay eskimos until I stumbled upon that BBC video, but I find that to be the most reasonable explanation.
>> No. 67552 Samefag
29th November 2020
Sunday 1:01 pm
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>> No. 67553 Samefag
29th November 2020
Sunday 1:02 pm
67553 spacer
Homosexuality is condemned in Leviticus and the story of Sodom in Judaism, Christianity and Shamanism, it's qwhite odd why you would single out Shamanism for religious nuttery.
>> No. 67554 Samefag
29th November 2020
Sunday 1:07 pm
67554 spacer
It's odd for the same reason the BBC singling them out and putting them on the front page of my news feed today is odd.
>> No. 67555 Samefag
29th November 2020
Sunday 1:10 pm
67555 spacer
Oh it's odd is it. You'll find these really odd too then?


>> No. 67556 Crabkiller
29th November 2020
Sunday 1:13 pm
67556 spacer
>> No. 67557 Searchfag
29th November 2020
Sunday 2:42 pm
67557 spacer
This thread is pretty gay.
>> No. 67558 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 7:07 pm
67558 spacer
The bit you tend to miss as an atheist is that most religious people know on some level that religion isn't real, they just like it. you focus on all the absurdities and contradictions, because you take at face value what they know is just a weird collective live action role play.

eskimocs tend to be a bit more serious about their religion than the average Christian, but that really isn't saying much when you consider how watered down of a religion Christianity is nowadays. most of it is cultural etiquette, i'd argue most muslanders don't drink for roughly the same reason you didn't want your mam and dad finding out you smoked when you were 15.

acknowledging this though i think religious institutions/interest groups should be afforded less political clout. imagine if there was a political lobby for Warhammer enthusiasts or furries.
>> No. 67559 Samefag
29th November 2020
Sunday 7:20 pm
67559 spacer
Humans constantly try to exploit or harness any sort of natural forces they know exist; I think it's a fairly solid argument that nobody actually believes in YWH if they don't spend all their time trying to figure out how to hogtie him like Gulliver and force him to act as their own personal genie. Yeah people pray but you can pray to a river and it won't generate power until you put in the graft and build yourself a hydroelectric dam.
>> No. 67570 Moralfag
30th November 2020
Monday 1:41 am
67570 spacer
Are you mad that the girl in your OP identifies as eskimo and gay, or are you mad that you think the eskimo community accept her as a eskimo?

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