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>> No. 68338 Paedofag
25th March 2021
Thursday 8:24 am
68338 spacer
About 15 years ago it wasn't uncommon to hear the saying "[person] is in a little boat, all on their own."

You just don't hear it anymore.
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>> No. 68339 Anonymous
25th March 2021
Thursday 9:54 am
68339 spacer


>> No. 68340 Anonymous
25th March 2021
Thursday 10:17 am
68340 spacer
good spot, I consider the rise and fall of phrases a good indicator of the zeitgeist.

For example, I consider the rise of the terms 'cuck' and 'gaslighting' an insight into the fears of the now, and social trends that relate to them.

For similar reasons the use of gay as a pejorative 'don't be gay' has fallen out of fashion, because we are more comfortable with the idea of bum banditos as a society, but interestingly some faggots are so put off by the word faggot they call it the F-word, and get it banned from media, indicating that they have gained a certain level of power and influence.
>> No. 68341 R4GE
25th March 2021
Thursday 10:24 am
68341 spacer
Wow, this is incredibly insightful stuff.
>> No. 68342 Billbob
25th March 2021
Thursday 11:00 am
68342 spacer
I've noticed that younger men are more likely to engage with homoerotic behaviour with each other. Jokingly flirting with friends, that sort of thing.
>> No. 68343 Auntiefucker
25th March 2021
Thursday 12:23 pm
68343 spacer
I'm a bumder and call my friends faggots all the time, but casually calling gay men faggots as if that's a perfectly reasonable nomenclature to use is fucking gay as fuck, m8.
>> No. 68344 Searchfag
25th March 2021
Thursday 12:30 pm
68344 spacer

>Don't use that word that's our word.

whatever you say faggot.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 68345 YubYub
25th March 2021
Thursday 12:43 pm
68345 spacer
It would be nice for more vintage slurs to make a comeback. Fudgepacker, mooncricket and the like. Miss them.
>> No. 68346 Paedofag
25th March 2021
Thursday 12:54 pm
68346 spacer

Is this one of those cockwomble type of words?
>> No. 68347 YubYub
25th March 2021
Thursday 1:05 pm
68347 spacer
I miss spastic, it's such a comically vicious insult.
>> No. 68348 Are Moaty
25th March 2021
Thursday 1:35 pm
68348 spacer

I always liked flid.

>> No. 68349 Anonymous
25th March 2021
Thursday 1:40 pm
68349 spacer
Still hear 'spacker' thrown about. They're both wonderfully cutting terms. 'Retard' will be sadly missed.
>> No. 68350 Auntiefucker
25th March 2021
Thursday 1:43 pm
68350 spacer
Your mum shops at Nettos.
>> No. 68351 Anonymous
25th March 2021
Thursday 1:46 pm
68351 spacer

They changed the name of the charity so now the term you are looking for is 'Scoper'.
>> No. 68352 YubYub
25th March 2021
Thursday 1:55 pm
68352 spacer
What a colossal boy molesting fruit you are, fucking lala homo man. This has to be the gayest shit I've ever read and I regularly sext twinks on grindr.
>> No. 68353 Paedofag
25th March 2021
Thursday 2:12 pm
68353 spacer
Why would a boy molest fruit?
>> No. 68354 Searchfag
25th March 2021
Thursday 2:42 pm
68354 spacer

Never hear Spacker anymore but Retard is still a popular insult. Arse Bandit and Cock Jockey are good ones too. Faggot is fun but very American.
>> No. 68355 Moralfag
25th March 2021
Thursday 3:36 pm
68355 spacer

Are either of you ancient enough to remember this lad?
>> No. 68356 Crabkiller
25th March 2021
Thursday 3:50 pm
68356 spacer

>> No. 68357 Ambulancelad
25th March 2021
Thursday 4:17 pm
68357 spacer

deacon deacon deacon.jpg

>> No. 68358 Are Moaty
25th March 2021
Thursday 4:29 pm
68358 spacer
I love a good retard. The problem is that the PC police are going to tell me I can't use it, despite being a verifiable retard. If the fartknockers can reclaim 'faggot', then autists should have dominion over the word 'retard'. That said, how can you tell someone is gay? Do you have to ask them if they say the F word?
>> No. 68359 Are Moaty
25th March 2021
Thursday 6:04 pm
68359 spacer
You've got to ask people if they've dropped their gay card and then see if they look down.
>> No. 68360 Paedofag
25th March 2021
Thursday 6:32 pm
68360 spacer
Only because I saw him on a list show or maybe that thing on Channel 4 about how mad it was being at school in the 70s or 80s.
>> No. 68361 Are Moaty
25th March 2021
Thursday 8:57 pm
68361 spacer
Post-Brexit bananas are bent, just like you
>> No. 68362 Searchfag
25th March 2021
Thursday 11:19 pm
68362 spacer
It's amazing people still don't know this.
>> No. 68363 Moralfag
25th March 2021
Thursday 11:53 pm
68363 spacer
I think we need to drastically rethink our approach to offensive words and profanity in general. When I was youngerthisbeliefwas littlemoretthan an edgy, doug Stanhope-esque freedomto offend principle, but as I've got older I think it's really far more important than that.

It's not vital that I should be able to yell "nigger" when someonekills me on call of duty, nor essentialtthat I be able to scream "retard" at the div who just cut across two lanes in front of me. But I think as these words become less commonplace, we reinforce their taboo, and we make them more powerful. Remember when you were a kid and saying "shit" in front of a parent or teacher felt like the absolute maximum possible transgression?

We will soon find ourselves in a dystopian world where people are driven to assault and murder because somebody said "slag", like it was a 12th century blasphemy. I really think it will get that bad.
>> No. 68364 Searchfag
26th March 2021
Friday 12:49 am
68364 spacer
My extremely optimistic attitude is that it's something to be negotiated in the battle for equality. For as long as disableds earn less on average than whole people, you're not allowed to call them spastics or cripples or mongs or genetic parasites. Once every building is wheelchair-accessible, that's when we can start laughing at the Paralympics again. And sure, you will get thought-policed into the wrongthink gulag if someone asks you what NWA stands for and you tell them, but that just serves to encourage each and every one of us to hurry up and stop black children and nurses being shot by American police. If you want to ask why there isn't a KFC at the zoo even though that's where monkeys normally live, you'd better get to work voting for black MPs and supporting black-owned businesses, because only when dolphin rape has been eradicated can we once again ask such questions.
>> No. 68365 Anonymous
26th March 2021
Friday 3:15 am
68365 spacer

Well that's really the thing, my extremely pessimistic take is that we will never take real world material action against dolphin rape, ableism or anything like that Because to do so would inherently necessitate the destruction of class inequality and upheaval of the economic structure of society so people will just bend over backwards to use increasingly convoluted euphemisms instead of speaking plainly, and pretend it has acheived the same thing.
>> No. 68366 Searchfag
26th March 2021
Friday 4:54 am
68366 spacer

I watched something yesterday were a disabled couple had a child and effectively treated her like a slave. She was about 8 and she was doing all of the cooking and cleaning in the house plus helping them move around. It was selfish in the extreme.
>> No. 68367 Moralfag
26th March 2021
Friday 6:58 pm
68367 spacer
>> No. 68368 Moralfag
26th March 2021
Friday 8:25 pm
68368 spacer
Better get to work destroying class inequality then, so we can all call each other gaylords again!

Ignore this shirtlifter he is ruining things
>> No. 68369 Paedofag
26th March 2021
Friday 8:35 pm
68369 spacer
An uncle of mine always calls people "knob jockeys", which just sounds too jolly to be an insult. A little Irish fella in brightly-coloured silks having a whale of a time on someone's knob? Fair play to him.

Also they've got lady jockeys these days.
>> No. 68371 Paedofag
26th March 2021
Friday 9:40 pm
68371 spacer
It's surprising there aren't more lady jockeys. As far as I'm aware the best jockeys are short and light so many women would fall into that category plus I reckon Dem birthin hips would mean they can straddle a horse better.
>> No. 68372 Auntiefucker
26th March 2021
Friday 10:27 pm
68372 spacer
I think this misunderstands how most words have become taboo from perfectly normal terminology or specific contexts. Then they either move to the replacement or fall out of use entirely.

It's a conveyor belt.

Not sure it matters how comfortably a mong lives, I'd still rather not be one m8. The way you solve this slur is either by curing it or just not having any be born but people have gotten mad about the latter.


I mean, that almost feels like the default.
>> No. 68373 Crabkiller
27th March 2021
Saturday 3:11 am
68373 spacer

I've always thought it's a bit wierd how when the family pet starts to become incontinent or there's an injured bird or a mangy fox turns up in our garden, we recognise the humane thing to do is put them out of their misery. But when it's a human we're determined at all costs to make sure they live through til the very bitter end in the most selfish way possible.

Most people don't even have a concept of the ethics, they've never thought for five minutes about the more philosophical aspects of the question. It's just that human life is somehow sacred and that's the beginning and the end of it. Like those lads in the environment thread who are absolutely convinced we've all got to go vegan by 2025 and scrap all forms of transport, but suggesting we have less kids means you're some kind of malthusian neo-nazi.

We should really care more about quality of life than just life itself at any cost.
>> No. 68374 Billbob
27th March 2021
Saturday 6:05 am
68374 spacer
One of the things that gets overlooked when people go on about how wonderful the scandi countries are is that they abort pretty much all of their defective children, which means the state doesn't have to spend billions supporting them. It's probably too snowy and icy there to get about in a wheelchair or on crutches anyway.
>> No. 68375 R4GE
27th March 2021
Saturday 9:00 am
68375 spacer

At least one of us (me) was advocating neither. I think probably the only real hope we have is major political change that'll reform our economic system.
>> No. 68376 Are Moaty
27th March 2021
Saturday 9:15 am
68376 spacer
That's a stupid comparison and so are you.
>> No. 68377 Moralfag
27th March 2021
Saturday 10:18 am
68377 spacer

no it's not. the problem is you're a primitive monkey who can't differentiate the base urges caused by your testicle juices/ovary rotations from rational thought.
>> No. 68378 YubYub
27th March 2021
Saturday 10:38 am
68378 spacer

"Ethically, someone telling me I shouldn't drive an SUV or live on steak is the same as having to spend your entire life as a helpless dependent only being pitied or resented". I guess you would know what it's like to be a total spastic.
>> No. 68379 R4GE
27th March 2021
Saturday 11:39 am
68379 spacer
banned from posting on all boards for the following reason:
Being a faggot towards that other faggot, according to the faggot who reported this.

Well you banned me so congrations on doing your job I guess, justice served, but I feel like you haven't understood why you should have.
>> No. 68380 YubYub
27th March 2021
Saturday 11:43 am
68380 spacer

I realised I typo'd congratulations please don't put me back in the box for that!
>> No. 68381 R4GE
27th March 2021
Saturday 12:23 pm
68381 spacer
Are you seriously mansplaining to the mods right now, fagbreath? These starfish enthusiasts sure are uppity.
>> No. 68382 Auntiefucker
27th March 2021
Saturday 12:27 pm
68382 spacer
Maybe if you stopped constantly wanking off strangers in your communal living yurt then you'd be able to concentrate on things like spelling and shame.
>> No. 68383 YubYub
27th March 2021
Saturday 12:36 pm
68383 spacer

I can't help it, I'm just too much of a faggot.
>> No. 68384 Are Moaty
27th March 2021
Saturday 1:50 pm
68384 spacer
Nobody says 'thicko' these days.
>> No. 68385 Samefag
27th March 2021
Saturday 2:41 pm
68385 spacer

How did you know my nickname from school?

>> No. 68386 Anonymous
27th March 2021
Saturday 3:09 pm
68386 spacer
She kind of reminds me of a girl from the year above at school that had a thing for me but I never pursued it because her entire family were windowlickers.
>> No. 68387 Crabkiller
27th March 2021
Saturday 3:35 pm
68387 spacer
The only people I'd believe if they asked me to kill them, are the people who are too ill and crippled to ask. If some fit and healthy young lady in a wheelchair asked me to give her the old Kevorkian pillow, I imagine we'd all agree that this was a mental health crisis rather than a physical one, and we shouldn't do it because she'll probably change her mind later on.

And Harvey Weinstein was limping around on a zimmer frame for his trial, and his career's in tatters, plus he's a millionaire. Perhaps he should do the honourable thing and Dignitas himself before it's too late. Just sign this new will before you do it, Harvey.

If we all peer-pressure him we could score a million quid each from this "voluntary" eugenics
>> No. 68394 Samefag
28th March 2021
Sunday 11:06 am
68394 spacer

That was refreshingly vicious social commentary. Spot on.
>> No. 68395 YubYub
28th March 2021
Sunday 11:13 am
68395 spacer

That aired 14 years ago.
>> No. 68396 Auntiefucker
28th March 2021
Sunday 12:02 pm
68396 spacer

He tried to warn us, but we chose not to listen.
>> No. 68397 R4GE
28th March 2021
Sunday 12:21 pm
68397 spacer

I can't speak for Harry Enfield, but I posted it mostly because I still fancy the arse off Catherine Shepherd.
>> No. 68398 Crabkiller
28th March 2021
Sunday 3:45 pm
68398 spacer

>The only people I'd believe if they asked me to kill them, are the people who are too ill and crippled to ask.

What a conveniently impossible set of conditions.

How do you feel about people like karen quinlan, terry chiavo, or paul lamb? people for whom asking for the mercy of death is just about the only fucking thing they can do?

Nah, must be a mental illness that, how can they not be grateful to have their own sons and daughters wiping their arse for the rest of their miserable days.
>> No. 68399 Are Moaty
28th March 2021
Sunday 3:55 pm
68399 spacer

You should have directed this at >>68386 because I have no idea why you are spitting pleghm at me in particular.
>> No. 68400 R4GE
28th March 2021
Sunday 3:59 pm
68400 spacer

Why, can't you read?

Off to the sterilisation camp with you, thickolad.
>> No. 68401 Paedofag
28th March 2021
Sunday 4:01 pm
68401 spacer

Are you the same thicko who cannot read timestamps and accuses people of necroposting?
>> No. 68402 Moralfag
28th March 2021
Sunday 4:10 pm
68402 spacer

i'm very confused i will admit that much.

i quoted a post and someone responded as though the post i quoted wasn't them. which is... i'm not sure what I'm supposed to make of.

i was specifically responding to a statement that post in particular made, i'm not sure what you think it has to do with you.
>> No. 68404 Are Moaty
28th March 2021
Sunday 4:47 pm
68404 spacer

>> No. 68405 Are Moaty
28th March 2021
Sunday 5:14 pm
68405 spacer
>Faye Tozer

Oh how the shite have fallen
>> No. 68407 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 5:21 pm
68407 spacer
Someone definitely replied to a post I made, and someone else replied to that as though they were me. They aren't.

I also made one of the snooker necroposts, so I will sage this. Are you happy now?
>> No. 68408 YubYub
28th March 2021
Sunday 5:39 pm
68408 spacer
Fat Claire > the other women in steps.
>> No. 68416 YubYub
28th March 2021
Sunday 8:59 pm
68416 spacer

>Jimmy Loveit, born with shortened arms due to thalidomide, is a talented kick boxer despite his handicap.

Can't fault them for originality.
>> No. 68417 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 9:06 pm
68417 spacer
Mat Fraser is a ledge, wish he'd made more films like that.
>> No. 68418 Billbob
28th March 2021
Sunday 9:23 pm
68418 spacer

Fat Claire is thin again. It's a tragedy.
>> No. 68458 Billbob
3rd April 2021
Saturday 2:57 pm
68458 spacer
"What time is it?"

"Half past yer mam."
>> No. 68495 Moralfag
5th April 2021
Monday 9:50 pm
68495 spacer
To respond with an utterly retarded question, by that logic, shouldn't virgins be forbidden to use any word with 'fuck' in it?

It would very satisfyingly mentally damage quite a few 12 year olds.
>> No. 68496 Ambulancelad
5th April 2021
Monday 11:06 pm
68496 spacer
>To respond with an utterly retarded question, by that logic, shouldn't virgins be forbidden to use any word with 'fuck' in it?

Shaggers aren't a protected class, benders are.
>> No. 68497 Moralfag
5th April 2021
Monday 11:34 pm
68497 spacer
What about if you're shit in bed? I'd rather be a bumder than shit in bed.
>> No. 68498 Samefag
6th April 2021
Tuesday 12:01 am
68498 spacer
You can be a bumder and shit in bed.
>> No. 68499 R4GE
8th April 2021
Thursday 1:19 am
68499 spacer

Hey, guess what I just watched!


You can watch it too here:

It wasn't very good, and the film is on for a good 40 minutes before the disabled martial artists successfully win a fight instead of just getting battered by everyone.
>> No. 69005 Ambulancelad
3rd June 2021
Thursday 11:50 am
69005 spacer
Nobody says bab instead of poo anymore. You've babbed ya pants.
>> No. 69006 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 12:12 pm
69006 spacer
Who the fuck said it in the first place?
>> No. 69007 Auntiefucker
3rd June 2021
Thursday 12:58 pm
69007 spacer
Not heard chutney ferret in a while.
>> No. 69008 YubYub
3rd June 2021
Thursday 2:43 pm
69008 spacer
Never met a constipated Arab? Mustafa Babba.
>> No. 69009 Ambulancelad
3rd June 2021
Thursday 2:55 pm
69009 spacer
pillow biter!
>> No. 69010 Auntiefucker
3rd June 2021
Thursday 3:21 pm
69010 spacer
>> No. 69011 R4GE
3rd June 2021
Thursday 5:10 pm
69011 spacer
Marmite miner!
>> No. 69012 YubYub
3rd June 2021
Thursday 6:27 pm
69012 spacer

>> No. 69013 R4GE
3rd June 2021
Thursday 6:31 pm
69013 spacer
Turd burglar.
>> No. 69014 Auntiefucker
3rd June 2021
Thursday 6:45 pm
69014 spacer

Tank-topped bumboy!
>> No. 69015 R4GE
3rd June 2021
Thursday 7:23 pm
69015 spacer
yellow-bellied popinjay
>> No. 69035 YubYub
7th June 2021
Monday 1:23 pm
69035 spacer

I saved it until working hours for the thrill of this post being grounds for immediate dismissal.
>> No. 69255 Crabkiller
21st July 2021
Wednesday 3:50 pm
69255 spacer
I can't remember the last time I heard someone say "oh, bollocks" for something going wrong.

Is bollocks dying out?
>> No. 69256 Auntiefucker
21st July 2021
Wednesday 6:34 pm
69256 spacer
The Irish use it to mean someone nasty or unpleasant, much how we'd use prick. "He's a bollocks" never fails to get a giggle out of me.
>> No. 69257 Crabkiller
21st July 2021
Wednesday 10:54 pm
69257 spacer
I'm a bollocks user, so to speak.
>> No. 69258 YubYub
22nd July 2021
Thursday 7:16 am
69258 spacer
Prick is probably used even less these days.

I worked with someone who'd say "you can bollocks" instead of fuck off.
>> No. 69259 Auntiefucker
22nd July 2021
Thursday 4:04 pm
69259 spacer
Truly we live in a renaissance age of the word bollocks.

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