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>> No. 68798 Crabkiller
18th May 2021
Tuesday 9:44 am
68798 spacer
Why don't they just try getting along with each other?
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>> No. 68799 Billbob
18th May 2021
Tuesday 11:02 am
68799 spacer
Because Israel keeps stealing their land, and American "end timer" Christians are funding the developments.

When the nation of Israel becomes great again, the rapture will come, so the further they encroach into Palestine the more likely they are to find oil and gas. Israel benefits from this, of course, but it's American Christians who are pushing for it the hardest. They desperately want to be raptured.
>> No. 68800 R4GE
18th May 2021
Tuesday 11:40 am
68800 spacer
If some old man came in, hacked a piece of my dick off and banned bacon sandwiches I'd be belligerent too. Especially if I lived in a godforsaken and overpopulated polar where everything is expensive.

And what are you even supposed to want if you're an Israeli, the two-state solution doesn't work and will come to surrender strategic depth while surrounded by enemies but the one-state solution involves living in a democracy with a larger population of people who want to kill you.

It actually looks like this time the spark was primarily a bad police reaction to crowds combined with both sides then seizing on political opportunity.

>> No. 68801 Ambulancelad
18th May 2021
Tuesday 11:50 am
68801 spacer
>surrender strategic depth
Dunno what this means.

>while surrounded by enemies
There is no risk to Israel. It is backed by the US and has won every war it's ever fought. If they withdrew from the occupied territories and recognised the State of Palestine, they might not entirely end the conflict - Hamas and others would still have plenty of gripes - but it would at least give them some kind of moral standing with the international community, turn the hot war cold, and save lives on both sides.
>> No. 68803 Anonymous
18th May 2021
Tuesday 12:27 pm
68803 spacer
They should just make it one state with the racist "jewish homeland" stuff removed to make it a secular and progressive nation. It pisses everyone off but at least the Palestinians get a piece of Israeli prosperity and the Israelis get land and control. The Israelis could offer vastly increased welfare to people who voluntarily sterilise themselves, in order to offset the threat of being outbred and displaced by a less advanced populace.
>> No. 68804 Moralfag
18th May 2021
Tuesday 12:28 pm
68804 spacer
I was with you up until the sterilisation bit.
>> No. 68811 Anonymous
18th May 2021
Tuesday 4:00 pm
68811 spacer

It is quite easy to win every fight you have been in when your entire modus operandi is to punch the other child in the face and then run squealing to the teacher when they attempt to react. It is a mystery why the other children don't like them.
>> No. 68812 Auntiefucker
18th May 2021
Tuesday 4:03 pm
68812 spacer
Well it isn't like the Israeli State hasn't been caught doing that anyway. Might as well do it above the table and keep everything properly organized and regulated.
>> No. 68813 Billbob
18th May 2021
Tuesday 5:31 pm
68813 spacer
It's a good quip but I can't see how it applies to the 1947, 1951, or 1967 wars. Even 1973 is pushing it, since Israel was punched in the face first and both sides ran to their preferred teacher for more ammo.


>> No. 68814 Anonymous
18th May 2021
Tuesday 5:43 pm
68814 spacer

That's because if the tiny strip of heartland on the coastal plain ever came under direct attack it would've all been over. Especially in 1948 when that was nearly the case and the moment Israel emerged as an independent nation. Which is really the whole basis of Israeli identity from its history to conscription. In those kind of calculations it doesn't matter, history shows they can't rely on flower power and will not until the strategic situation has fundamentally changed (stable Syria/Lebanon, Iran gtfo, stable neighbourhood allies). Israel's geopolitical position means they don't care about some wastrels waving Palestinian flags overseas or the good feelings of foreign governments that sell each other out when it's convenient.

I suppose this is the fundamental flaw of the Palestinian cause, a complete failure to apprehend the Israeli position and "hurr durr they look strong" without grasping why.


Considering Hamas is the militant wing of the Palestinian cause committed to the destruction of Israel and the imposition of an Shamanismic state. An organisation that is likely to gain control of the West Bank in the near future, yeah those gripes matter.
>> No. 68815 Anonymous
18th May 2021
Tuesday 5:49 pm
68815 spacer
I can't help but think, Israel are pushing it a bit further than they usually do in these little tiffs. Did they think they could get away with it now that there's a more... conventional, shall we say, us president in office? I don't remember anything as serious kicking off under Trump, and I suspect it was because with his more isolationist stance, they couldn't count on him to cover their arse. Or at the very least, he'd throw them under the bus to try and make himself look good.

I can't remember what trump's personal attitude to Israel was, I heard them say on the radio earlier he was "unabashedly pro-Israel" but I don't really recall much of that, part of the reason he was so widely criticised is that he kept making hot air about withdrawing US overseas troops and support in the middle east.

It seems clear Biden is being forced to show his true colours here at least, and it's all the more obvious because for the first time I can remember, there's some serious criticism of Israel coming from within the Democrats, and mainstream us media itself.
>> No. 68816 R4GE
18th May 2021
Tuesday 5:52 pm
68816 spacer

Isn't it a bit late over there Benjamin?
>> No. 68817 Searchfag
18th May 2021
Tuesday 7:58 pm
68817 spacer

Who is better, Israel or Palestine? There's only one way to find out...
>> No. 68819 Ambulancelad
18th May 2021
Tuesday 8:37 pm
68819 spacer
Donald Trump was aggressively pro-Israel. One of the big awkward things about Israel/Palestine is the capital city, since it's disputed. Donald Trump just decided the US Embassy would now be in Jerusalem, meaning that America now says Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, which in turn enrages the Palestinians who say Jerusalem belongs to Palestine. Israel got everything they wanted from Trump; that's why they never complained.

Trump has recently pointed out that there was absolutely none of this shit when he was President, and he's entirely correct. But I don't know if that was due to amazing Trump 4D chess, or because he spent four years pouring petrol on the ground and waiting for the next guy to drop a fag end.
>> No. 68820 Paedofag
18th May 2021
Tuesday 9:33 pm
68820 spacer
Where's Emperor Hadrian when you need him?
>> No. 68822 Moralfag
18th May 2021
Tuesday 11:10 pm
68822 spacer

It absolutely applies to the 67 war unless you believe Israeli were under attack which even they had to admit eventually was a lie. You can't trust the sneaky mossad using bastards to tell the truth about anything ever, their entire foreign policy is that the ends justify the means.
>> No. 68823 Searchfag
18th May 2021
Tuesday 11:12 pm
68823 spacer

Growing his beard and bedding a twink probably. Where's Nero when you need him?
>> No. 68824 Searchfag
18th May 2021
Tuesday 11:55 pm
68824 spacer
For '67 I know the Israelis lied about coming under fire in the early stages of the war - they definitely shot first, but I think the case it was a reasonable pre-emptive strike was credible given troop movements and alliances made in the lead up to the war. Plus the Arabs went and blockaded the Straits of Tiran despite being told "We will consider closing the Straits of Tiran an act of war." - well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

But I ruled '67 out because the Israelis didn't go crying to the teacher because the battle wasn't going their way, they won a series of crushing victories and the Arabs signed a ceasefire as a result.
>> No. 68825 Anonymous
19th May 2021
Wednesday 12:27 am
68825 spacer
Israelis have no good reason to be there in the fucking first place. Zionists lay claim to it prior to WWII because of religious reasons that have no basis in reality, that's always been the claim to it. Religion that's as factual as Moses in Egypt. Should have diaspora'd into the rest of the globe like the rest of us.
>> No. 68826 Are Moaty
19th May 2021
Wednesday 12:32 am
68826 spacer

>Israelis have no good reason to be there in the fucking first place.

>> No. 68827 Paedofag
19th May 2021
Wednesday 12:37 am
68827 spacer

The British arbitrarily deciding something about a country in the Middle East, is that supposed to be a good reason or are you agreeing with me?
>> No. 68828 YubYub
19th May 2021
Wednesday 12:38 am
68828 spacer
>> No. 68831 YubYub
19th May 2021
Wednesday 1:10 am
68831 spacer
It worked for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and probably a few others but who cares about them
>> No. 68832 Are Moaty
19th May 2021
Wednesday 1:13 am
68832 spacer
The indigenous people of all those places you mentioned are all on record vociferously disagreeing.
>> No. 68834 Are Moaty
19th May 2021
Wednesday 1:43 am
68834 spacer
Are the swirly rockets really Israel and the direct rockets are the Palestinians? I noticed that nowhere said which was which, but I really would have guessed it was the other way round. The Avada Kedavra rockets look so much more professional; I would have sworn they were probably Israel.
>> No. 68835 Samefag
19th May 2021
Wednesday 1:45 am
68835 spacer
That is why I said it
(But in a way where it's kept ambiguous whether I'm a smug bleeding heart dickhead or a bigoted sociopathic dickhead.)
>> No. 68837 Auntiefucker
19th May 2021
Wednesday 4:21 am
68837 spacer

The swirly rockets are part of Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system that automatically detects, intercepts and destroys incoming rockets. They're intentionally aerodynamically unstable because it makes them more manoeuvrable, much like a modern fighter jet.

The Hamas rockets would be all wiggly too if they had sufficiently advanced guidance technology, because it'd help them evade the Iron Dome interceptor missiles. As it stands, they've settled on the tactic of launching huge simultaneous barrages to try and overwhelm the defence system; their old strategy of randomly firing rockets to create a constant sense of fear has been largely neutralised by Iron Dome.

I'd embed a video of the system in action, but I don't know what media outlets the mods deem acceptable these days.
>> No. 68838 Ambulancelad
19th May 2021
Wednesday 5:33 am
68838 spacer


Having a whinge there cuz?
>> No. 68839 Ambulancelad
19th May 2021
Wednesday 5:57 am
68839 spacer
I read somewhere (posted by a Seppo most likely talking shit) that there's no such thing as indigenous Palestinians. They're all displaced Arabs from neighbouring countries who were pushed into Israel and there is no actual thing as Palestinian culture because the only shared value they have is hating Jews.
>> No. 68840 Moralfag
19th May 2021
Wednesday 9:17 am
68840 spacer

This sounds like a repetition of the thesis of a book called 'From Time Immemorial' by Joan Peters, which was popular on its release in part because it worked in service to justify what's happening in Palestine.

This was back in the 1980s, so the book was basically discredited by the time it reached UK reviewers and scholars. Then Defence Secretary Ian Gilmour pointed out that it essentially ignores Arab sources in his London Review of Books article. It was even dismissed by an Israeli historian as a "forgery".

A lot of the actual work in exposing the fraud was done by Norman Finkelstein, and this is just one of the reasons he's now unpopular in American intellectual circles (which are often quite firmly pro-Israel).

I personally haven't read the book nor the ample criticism, and have only heard of the argument through my study of Chomsky. He talks about it here in an excerpt from his book, 'Understanding Power': https://chomsky.info/power01/
>> No. 68841 R4GE
19th May 2021
Wednesday 9:29 am
68841 spacer
Whereas I suppose every Israeli is indigenous.
>> No. 68842 Billbob
19th May 2021
Wednesday 9:36 am
68842 spacer
Seppos innit, to be taken with a pinch of salt. People who claim to be Irish because their great-great-grandad once drunk a pint of Guinness.
>> No. 68869 Samefag
19th May 2021
Wednesday 7:10 pm
68869 spacer
Forged any new marriage certificates, George?


Well, surely most of them were born there these days and those before migrated under British law.
>> No. 68972 Anonymous
25th May 2021
Tuesday 6:53 am
68972 spacer
We need to trick them into getting killed.

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