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>> No. 68902 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 3:27 pm
68902 spacer
Do five year olds need to be read books on white privilege?

https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/competitions/race-cars-win-this-picture-book-that-explains-white-privilege-and-dolphin rape-to-young-children/
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>> No. 68903 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 3:33 pm
68903 spacer
Someone should make a children's book about how the powers that be promote race-baiting to drive a wedge between people who share the same economic interests.
>> No. 68904 R4GE
20th May 2021
Thursday 3:34 pm
68904 spacer

>> No. 68905 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 3:44 pm
68905 spacer
I'm sure a discussion guided and reported on by someone who calls a BBC news report 'predictably woke' was very scientific and unbiased.
>> No. 68906 Billbob
20th May 2021
Thursday 3:57 pm
68906 spacer
There was an article in the guardian a while back by one of their talking heads, probably Zoe Williams, bemoaning the fact that her kids switched off when she tried to lecture them at the dinner table about various injustices in the world. That's the kind of hand-wringing middle class wonk I can picture getting this book.
>> No. 68909 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 4:44 pm
68909 spacer

I'm equally sure kids don't give a fuck about race until adults start filling their heads with nonsense.

op is a perfect example of something that would ultimately, and very predictably, do more harm than good.
>> No. 68910 Auntiefucker
20th May 2021
Thursday 5:20 pm
68910 spacer

Depending on how you class children, the Action Philosophers comic Marx has it covered.
>> No. 68911 Are Moaty
20th May 2021
Thursday 5:31 pm
68911 spacer

light music club 4 life.jpg
I think any whitey that's played GTA San Andreas will agree with the premise though. Back when it was announced I actually remember my friends disappointed that you have to play a black guy but that didn't last once it was out.
>> No. 68912 Samefag
20th May 2021
Thursday 5:39 pm
68912 spacer

Your friends are thick. Did they never play Tomb Raider? Sonic? Battletoads?
>> No. 68913 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 5:44 pm
68913 spacer
Nobody I knew IRL complained about CJ being black. We'd quite happily say things like "for the grove" or pretend to be cesar saying "hey Holmes" a lot.
>> No. 68917 YubYub
20th May 2021
Thursday 6:19 pm
68917 spacer

i'm reasonably sure GTA:SA is the reason me and my mates all used black slang in our teenlad days, and we were doing that entirely out of earnest and non-judgemental affection for the early 90s hip hop LA ghetto culture it presented us with. i can't remember if the game ever used the word "nigger" but we also said that a lot in reference to samuel l. jackson in the tarantino films.

nowadays all of this would be unthinkable, i'm sure, bunch of white kids brazenly culturally appropriating and using words we have no claim to like that. but i thought that's what multi-culturalism is supposed to be about, everyone borrowing influence and integrating aspects of each other's way of life? and this was back in the days where west coast rappers like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were still relevant too, keep in mind, and we'd listen to them while smoking weed. we might have been pale as snow but in many ways black culture was very influential on us. that should be racial harmony working as intended surely.

i can't help but feel we have, if not gone backwards, at least taken a wrong turn somewhere into an altogether more regressive and puritan idea of racial co-existence.
>> No. 68919 Paedofag
20th May 2021
Thursday 6:37 pm
68919 spacer
We were five 12 year old boys in a poor English school that spent all our time getting up to monkey business with the occasional bout of bullying by the tougher boys. What were you doing at that age that was so smart?


Oh it did alright. In hindsight I enjoy that I had to initially use subtitles but quickly learnt the slang - same feeling as when you start reading Clockwork Orange and by the end have cracked the code.
>> No. 68920 Searchfag
20th May 2021
Thursday 6:40 pm
68920 spacer
>What were you doing at that age that was so smart?
I was playing games where the player characters weren't white men. I thought that was obvious from my post. Not to be "woke" but because it genuinely didn't occur to me not to. Why wouldn't you play Tomb Raider? You could make her crawl around on all fours or angle the camera to look right at her triangles. Pretty normal 12 year old boy behaviour.
>> No. 68927 Moralfag
21st May 2021
Friday 8:44 am
68927 spacer
Kids don't give a fuck about safe sex or consent until adults start drilling it into them, should we cancel those classes too because their natural state is better?
>> No. 68928 Paedofag
21st May 2021
Friday 8:58 am
68928 spacer
That's a stupid false equivalence. Kids absolutely care about consent, kids can spot liars from very young ages and generally disapprove automatically for example. Kids understand consent and the fact you don't understand that is shocking.

Sexual maturity is a different thing, they need to know about safe sex when they start having sex.

Comparing this to dolphin rape is just fucking spackered. We're literally teaching them that people are different. I know folks dislike colourblind dolphin rape, but that's ultimately where we need to be, otherwise we will entrench these differences forever.
>> No. 68929 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 9:08 am
68929 spacer

their natural state is not better in those cases, you dense paedo twat.

i think one of the things adults have to be mindful of, is that if there's one thing as certain as the tides of the sea, it's that at a certain age kids will tend to rebel against whatever adults have tried to shove down their throats up until that point. how many kids can you think of who grew up in devout god fearing religious families, who resented it and ended up as heathen atheist liberals in later life?

i can think of no better way to prime the next generation of neo-nazi skinheads than to raise them in an environment where they're constantly beaten over the head about white privilege.
>> No. 68930 Moralfag
21st May 2021
Friday 9:12 am
68930 spacer
>i can think of no better way to prime the next generation of neo-nazi skinheads than to raise them in an environment where they're constantly beaten over the head about white privilege.

I'm sorry but if that's all it takes to turn them into little Hitlers, they were clearly goose stepping out of the womb anyway.
>> No. 68931 Billbob
21st May 2021
Friday 9:57 am
68931 spacer
Why do you think there was the rapid rise of the alt-right? It was far too easy for them to pick holes in the logic of people infested with mind worms.

I loathe the likes of identity politics and how harmful and divisive it is to the left. It hasn't made me go right-wing because I'm more intelligent than the average person but I can certainly see how effective it can be rather than dismissing it with a "hurr durr they were probally nazis all along" because it's easier to gloss over an issue than face up to uncomfortable facts.
>> No. 68932 Auntiefucker
21st May 2021
Friday 10:22 am
68932 spacer
What the hell is this 'hurr durr' that everyone keeps saying? isn't that the sound that the Amigara Fault creatures made?
>> No. 68934 Auntiefucker
21st May 2021
Friday 10:33 am
68934 spacer

Hurr durr trend.png
It's been around a while.
>> No. 68935 Ambulancelad
21st May 2021
Friday 10:35 am
68935 spacer
Derp de derp Da teedily dumb.
>> No. 68936 Crabkiller
21st May 2021
Friday 10:53 am
68936 spacer
I was being irreverent tbf, I firmly believe that people can be 'led' down a path they otherwise wouldn't have been, and it doesn't mean they were always x in the making.

I assumed the rapid rise was in part down to alt right types being forced together by the myopic idiots who ban them from mainstream discourse, increasing male isolation and misanthropy, a healthy dose of scare tactics from news media to make sure no-one works out that it's class, not race, that's the biggie here, and a few other factors.

I see far too often people give up responsibility for the way they act, and how it can induce responses in others, with a similar line to wot I used in that post. "Well if that's all it took, they were there anyway!", and these people don't realise that "that's all" covers a lifetime of factors.

>and how harmful and divisive it is to the left. It hasn't made me go right-wing because I'm more intelligent than the average person

Same, though sub 'intelligent' for 'stubborn'. I'm liable to scrutinise my own views, and those I find agreeable, far more than those I find reprehensible, but in doing so (on the internet only, mind you. People IRL are different) I get absolutely slated, I get told to fuck off from left wing spaces, that my talking point is simply trolling and deserves no response, etc etc, and then what, what's left? The right wing spaces? Thank fuck I'm stubborn, it's like they just don't see that with their vitriol and self righteousness, they're creating their own enemies. I got told to fuck off to MGTOW the other day for suggesting that breakdown in trust may damage society, just for that broad point.

And the worst thing is that I can't even see who directly profits or benefits from this, it simply just seems to be the way people are, regardless of any other motivation. People just want to polarize themselves, apparently.
>> No. 68938 Billbob
21st May 2021
Friday 11:54 am
68938 spacer
To be fair you might talk about dolphin rape with a 5 year old and how it's wrong if it's being prompted - not because a 5 year old can really be racist but because they might encounter it. Privilege is a bit much as even in adults it seems to cause nothing but resentment but then they publish all sorts of bollocks.

I imagine it's in a contest simply because they need to shift the stock before it gets pulped. That or we're judging a book by its cover and really it's all about how white privilege is bollocks.
>> No. 68939 Samefag
21st May 2021
Friday 12:13 pm
68939 spacer
Booktrust competitions tend to occasionally be a little on the airy-fairy side. At the minute they also have contests to win a book about having two gay parents and one about incredible historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earheart and... Beyoncé.

Now gay dads are real so i can get that, but a book for small children on white privilege is a crock of shite.
>> No. 68940 R4GE
21st May 2021
Friday 12:40 pm
68940 spacer

I know exactly how you feel m8. if you're talking about rudgewick, it's all the more extreme just because the up/downvote mechanic turns it into the most reflective possible kind of echo chamber. dissenting opinions are not tolerated whatsoever, and eventually the accepted position of the in-group becomes so warped as to lose all perspective.

For example, I'm banned from r/labouruk (the centrist one) for saying the anti-semitism thing about corbyn was a stitch up, but I'm also banned from r/labour (the corbynite one) for pointing out they're largely just doing the exact same thing they whinged about for three years when the shoe was on the other foot. i'm banned from r/communism for criticising china and i'm banned from r/socialism for calling an actual, genocide-excusing stalinist tankie and idiot (ableist slur lol). there's a whole chunk of lefty subs I never even bothered joining because they were clearly just big identity politics circle jerks with the vaguest pretence of actual left wing politics barely even paid lip service.

with an attitude like that, as (ironically) insular and exclusive as they tend to be, where do they expect all the disenfranchised strays to end up, other than falling right into the open arms of the alt right? they certainly aren't interested in preventing people from falling onto that pipeline, and they entirely reject the notion that we should even attempt to empathise with or understand the motivations of those that do. they aren't interested in persuading anybody around to their side, they would much rather simply silence criticism, and hope their support base somehow grows by sheer willpower alone.

if I were to listen to my most cynical instincts, I would almost have to conclude that they want to push people away and create more enemies for themselves. it looks to me, at times, like they are more interested in the appearance of moral righteousness on the internet than they are about improving people's lives in any meaningful way. they need the baddies, in order to position themselves as the goodies.

Five or ten years ago I could comfortably tell myself it's just a handful of nutters on the internet, but the thing is it's just not any more. this stuff only blew up once normal people started to use the internet, and everyone is online nowadays. this is how we ended up with trump, it's how we ended up with brexit, and those things won't be the end of it.

anyway i'm off to eat a packet of jammie dodgers.
>> No. 68941 YubYub
21st May 2021
Friday 12:45 pm
68941 spacer

That in itself perfectly encapsulates what's wrong with the Labour Party. Bloody splitters.


I haven't got much in the house so for my dinner I've just had a couple of fried eggs in top of about 10 hash Browns.
>> No. 68942 YubYub
21st May 2021
Friday 12:57 pm
68942 spacer
The story itself is a bit bloated, especially when it comes to the comity. There's at least one section where they forget to mention car and simply state 'whites', which seems a little weird. The illustrations look cheap as does the paper.
The writing of the workshop section is strange. It refers to differences as one verses the other - childen vs adults, girls vs boy, etc. Rather than sharing common goals, it apparently seeks to expose differences.

Here's an actual reading, from https://citygirlblogs.com/unpacking-race-cars-by-jenny-devenny/

Is this actually the experience of non-white people in Britain?
I come from a predominately white area - just the other day I noticed how 'odd' it was for there to be 2 black people on the same bus as me. I noticed myself thinking this, counted the occupants and found they made up only 20%. I think it's more xenophobic than anything, but it's definitely something to be aware of in your own thought-behaviour.
>> No. 68943 Are Moaty
21st May 2021
Friday 12:58 pm
68943 spacer

>> No. 68944 Auntiefucker
21st May 2021
Friday 1:06 pm
68944 spacer

And this is on rudgwicksteamshow.co.uk you say‽


Bit reductionist isn't it, economic nationalism and Euroscepticism were still viable topics back in the 90s or however far back we have to go before normal people get off the internet. For Trump in particular I wouldn't even ascribe it to internet communities but his constant media presence and the whole 2016 election just being so bloody entertaining which is what Americans really want.

>> No. 68945 YubYub
21st May 2021
Friday 1:08 pm
68945 spacer
You'd think they could have messed with the colours a bit so it wasn't all the white cars being cunts or oblivious, when it should in fact be Upper Class patriarch cars that are the cunts. I do want to give this due time but she reads so bloody slowly.

It's quite wordy too, it seems like it's written for adults to instruct rather than kids to enjoy.
>> No. 68946 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 1:11 pm
68946 spacer
>she reads so bloody slowly
There's an alternative here. Notice how much she projects?
>> No. 68947 Billbob
21st May 2021
Friday 1:13 pm
68947 spacer
I, too, remember when the council of White people got together because we were fed up of Usain Bolt constantly winning the 100m.
>> No. 68948 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 1:19 pm
68948 spacer
Think she'll read out some literotica for me? Love a bit of enunciation. And yes, I know I could have just sped up the video, but then I'd have to do the work myself instead of complaining here.
>> No. 68949 YubYub
21st May 2021
Friday 1:20 pm
68949 spacer
>There’s a white car and a black car who are best friends and love to race. Chase, the black car, is a better car racer than his best friend, white car Ace.

Come on, this has to be satire.
>> No. 68950 Auntiefucker
21st May 2021
Friday 1:24 pm
68950 spacer
Try this.

>> No. 68955 Paedofag
21st May 2021
Friday 8:22 pm
68955 spacer

Fucking hell.
>> No. 68956 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 8:23 pm
68956 spacer
Rmemebr where you are.
>> No. 68957 Auntiefucker
21st May 2021
Friday 9:13 pm
68957 spacer
That's what makes it so unlikely!

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