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>> No. 69217 Samefag
14th July 2021
Wednesday 5:54 pm
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A few Afro-Caribbean multi-millionaires had a teary over some monkey emojis and now this petition is gaining traction again.

How did people become so corrosively oversensitive when it comes to the internet? I personally blame smartphones for making it easy for insipid normal people to go online.
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>> No. 69218 Anonymous
14th July 2021
Wednesday 6:06 pm
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>A few Afro-Caribbean multi-millionaires had a teary

These things aren't normally instigated by the victims of minorities that were the target of racial hate speech. They will complain about it, nowadays often quite publicly, as well they should. But you haven't seen many of them demanding far-reaching privacy restrictions that would affect nearly every single Internet user, even the vast majority of them who will never post any hate speech at all.

You can assume with great certainty that this is something the government has been sitting on for a while, and which is now being floated because the time is right.
>> No. 69219 Searchfag
14th July 2021
Wednesday 6:11 pm
69219 spacer
It's funny because this is the exact opposite of the solution.

The internet should have forced anonymity. Posting under your real name with real life pictures should be illegal. That way nobody can identify you to harass you or post monkey emojis or whatever the case may be.

back in the day everyone knew keeping your identity secret on the internet was common sense. even today, people in the know in the tech business don't use social media and don't let their kids use it. the information people will let slip on facebook and the like is unbelievable, and a goldmine for fraudsters.

there has been zero, absolutely fucking zero, benefit to having real life identity online. on a similar principle to why we have school uniforms, enforcing anonymity is a far more pragmatic solution than forcing id verification so that you can have people arrested for saying things you don't like.
>> No. 69220 YubYub
14th July 2021
Wednesday 6:30 pm
69220 spacer

How can our personal data be monetised via targeted advertising if we're all anonymous? When you think about it, clearing your cookies is basically theft.
>> No. 69221 Paedofag
14th July 2021
Wednesday 6:52 pm
69221 spacer

just another reason we should have never let the corpos online either.
>> No. 69222 Samefag
14th July 2021
Wednesday 7:03 pm
69222 spacer
Stop blaming us lad. It's your people who like this sort of thing.
>> No. 69223 Crabkiller
14th July 2021
Wednesday 7:24 pm
69223 spacer

No technology that was ever invented didn't at some point attract Big Business into the market.

As for facebook and other social media platforms, the old saying still applies -

"If the product is free, then you're the product."
>> No. 69224 Billbob
14th July 2021
Wednesday 7:51 pm
69224 spacer
Why do I get the feeling this will only end up applying to a very specific arse-pissing website hosted in the UK. Revengelad will finally have his day.

But how can I bash one out over Becky in accounts if you ban identity?
>> No. 69225 Auntiefucker
14th July 2021
Wednesday 8:05 pm
69225 spacer
Surely if they can't manage the porn age verification this has no chance.
>> No. 69226 Anonymous
14th July 2021
Wednesday 8:18 pm
69226 spacer
How is Ahmed, 17, Qatar going to be racist on instagram now? Checkmate racists.
>> No. 69227 YubYub
14th July 2021
Wednesday 11:31 pm
69227 spacer
I don't think we need to worry about authoritarian regimes implementing a social tracking system and disappearing people who express the wrong views. Might be a nice export opportunity once we get our system running.

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