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>> No. 69342 Billbob
10th August 2021
Tuesday 10:37 pm
I feel like a trip down memory lane. Post things you remember from the internet of long ago.

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>> No. 69343 R4GE
10th August 2021
Tuesday 10:45 pm
69343 spacer
When I was 13 I had a Bebo account and I'd just click through random profiles and see what people had going on. I found a lad who was dead into the IRA and tried to explain to him that he should give peace a chance, but he just threatened to knee cap me instead. Couldn't happen these days.
>> No. 69344 Ambulancelad
10th August 2021
Tuesday 11:02 pm
69344 spacer
Bebo was a bit after my time, and I was fully committed to MySpace, but the name always reminds me of a different service called Piczo which all the chavs were using at my school to make their own little personal webpages. There was a particular page that had been set up by a consortium of girls from our school and others, something like x-girls-x-ov-x-nhe-x, where they were posting the 2004 equivalent of modern lewd photos. All taken on a flipphone with a camera, mostly just lasses with their shirt half way up so you could see the bottom of their bra and the suggestion of cleavage, but these were the girls I saw day in day out at school and it really got my pickle tickled.
>> No. 69345 Moralfag
11th August 2021
Wednesday 12:58 am
69345 spacer
The London Underground Song:

And if you are a fan of misheard Dutch, you might also like this:

>> No. 69346 Anonymous
11th August 2021
Wednesday 4:10 am
69346 spacer

>> No. 69347 Ambulancelad
11th August 2021
Wednesday 5:50 pm
69347 spacer

Cyriak, Rathergood, and buffalaxed videos in general.
>> No. 69348 Auntiefucker
11th August 2021
Wednesday 6:12 pm
69348 spacer
>The London Underground Song:
I noticed a year or two back, the "Northern Birds" song has been scoured from YouTube.
>> No. 69349 Anonymous
12th August 2021
Thursday 10:03 am
69349 spacer

>> No. 69350 Moralfag
12th August 2021
Thursday 12:03 pm
69350 spacer

>> No. 69351 R4GE
12th August 2021
Thursday 12:04 pm
69351 spacer
Posted wrong one

>> No. 69352 Moralfag
12th August 2021
Thursday 8:21 pm
69352 spacer
That'll teach you to buy the cassette single instead of springing for a CD like the rich kids.
>> No. 69353 Ambulancelad
13th August 2021
Friday 12:41 pm
69353 spacer
I liked Stickdeath.com as a kid. Not until years later reading other people writing about it did I realise it was a metaphor for the author's dolphin rape. At the time I just thought, OK, it's a cartoon, all the blue-coloured sticks are normal and the green sticks are criminals and scum (and, post-9/11, daft militant wogs) that get rightfully killed, easy enough premise.
>> No. 69362 Moralfag
13th August 2021
Friday 6:08 pm
69362 spacer
Is it actually just applying current politics to the past though? Obviously the daft militant wog stuff was racist but watching it I always thought it was teams like you had colours in C&C.

Speaking of Terry Taliban:

>> No. 69365 Crabkiller
15th August 2021
Sunday 11:15 am
69365 spacer

>> No. 69366 Searchfag
15th August 2021
Sunday 11:15 am
69366 spacer

>> No. 69367 Samefag
17th August 2021
Tuesday 5:44 pm
69367 spacer

This was a Zthing.com flash video of Britney Spears doing 'Oops I farted Again' but it wont hotlink for some reason. Reminded me of this era of the internet >>69362

Also Joecartoon.com


And Boneland.com


So much time wasted on Newgrounds

My parents refused to buy a computer til after Y2K and we got a Tiny PC, but it cost 1p per minute to use internet and as it tied up the phone line access was restricted. We would use the AOL free trial CDs they were handing out everywhere and I'd immediately get on CNET and start downloading all of the freeware/shareware games I could get my hands on.

I also remember circa 2003 most of the time I spent on the computer was to remove really aggressive malware that you had to reboot in safemode and manually remove directory entries that were reinstalling shit. I went to Uni in 2005 and when I came back for Xmas hols the family desktop was utterly nuked with crapware and I was like 'yeah, not my problem anymore'.

It seems like things are better for malware these days which begs the question what was going on back in ye olden times.
>> No. 69368 Ambulancelad
17th August 2021
Tuesday 11:05 pm
69368 spacer
Back in't day, much malware was simply created to wreak havoc, with no profit motive. I suppose that now it's.much more of an industry it's all about what is going to make the most money rather than cause the most damage. Having a computer be silently part of a bitcoin botnet with no other real performance impact is probably the most profitable.

That and Windows security used to be about as tight as your mum's back doors after the local sailors get shore leave. It's simply much harder to get malware onto the PCs these days.
>> No. 69369 YubYub
18th August 2021
Wednesday 9:10 am
69369 spacer

The profit motive was still there in the old days, it's just the monetisation scheme that's changed. it's a bit like how game companies have realised they can fleece you twice as much if they give you the game free and then charge you for bollocks afterwards. It used to be about smash and grab ransomware, but now it's all about long term silent data mining, and they went legit by assimilating with facebook, twitter, android, etc
>> No. 69370 Moralfag
18th August 2021
Wednesday 10:40 am
69370 spacer

Much too much sensible discussion for this board.
>> No. 69373 Searchfag
24th August 2021
Tuesday 12:45 am
69373 spacer


Looking back American culture on the internet seemed much more influential back in the day. Although I suppose it still is but the internet has created it's own mutant variation.
>> No. 69374 Are Moaty
24th August 2021
Tuesday 1:19 am
69374 spacer
>By Chris Witty
No wonder those estate agents were so happy to see him a couple of months ago.

It also strikes me how that video features the police and the US Army, but is not political in any way. I don't think you'd see that these days. It almost feels like everything needs to justify itself now, rather than just existing for its own sake. Leekspin is pretty mad, as a concept, but it was still just a website whereas the Potato Knishes song felt more deliberately weird. Both are fantastic, but Leekspin has a fearless simplicity that would seem naive by the time Potato Knishes was around 5-10 years later.

>> No. 69375 Are Moaty
24th August 2021
Tuesday 8:45 am
69375 spacer

>> No. 69386 Auntiefucker
24th August 2021
Tuesday 6:12 pm
69386 spacer

My mind had a small meltdown when I learned recently that they're still making RvB. It's so old I had to fucking download .WMVs of the episodes when I used to watch it.
>> No. 69416 Searchfag
26th August 2021
Thursday 9:43 am
69416 spacer


I really miss early 00s internet culture because it was a lot less clean and commercial than it does today. I also miss the Magazines from the era 97-05.

>> No. 69421 Samefag
27th August 2021
Friday 9:40 am
69421 spacer

>> No. 69422 Moralfag
27th August 2021
Friday 10:17 am
69422 spacer
Nobody misses those fucking ringtone ads, how dare you post them.
>> No. 69423 Are Moaty
27th August 2021
Friday 3:33 pm
69423 spacer

>> No. 69424 Auntiefucker
27th August 2021
Friday 3:40 pm
69424 spacer
Most of my YT Favourites is from 2006-9:

There are dozens of [Private Video], presumably more that are deleted and lost to time.
>> No. 69426 Anonymous
27th August 2021
Friday 7:57 pm
69426 spacer
> it was a lot less clean and commercial
I suppose the ringtone economy was about a smidge away from prostitution in terms of being reputable so technically that's correct.
>> No. 69427 Anonymous
28th August 2021
Saturday 12:24 am
69427 spacer


>> No. 69428 YubYub
28th August 2021
Saturday 12:31 am
69428 spacer


>> No. 69429 Anonymous
28th August 2021
Saturday 12:40 am
69429 spacer


>> No. 69430 Ambulancelad
28th August 2021
Saturday 12:44 am
69430 spacer


>> No. 69431 YubYub
28th August 2021
Saturday 12:52 am
69431 spacer


>> No. 69432 Moralfag
28th August 2021
Saturday 1:37 am
69432 spacer
I think I spent about six years being annoyed by people saying that 1) the Frosties Kid killed himself and 2) chewing gum could wrap around your heart and kill you. Managing that bank was the worst job I've ever had.
>> No. 69433 YubYub
28th August 2021
Saturday 2:08 am
69433 spacer


>> No. 69436 R4GE
28th August 2021
Saturday 11:18 am
69436 spacer
Back to school it is then.


>> No. 69437 Auntiefucker
28th August 2021
Saturday 11:20 am
69437 spacer


>> No. 69439 Are Moaty
28th August 2021
Saturday 2:08 pm
69439 spacer

>> No. 69440 Billbob
28th August 2021
Saturday 2:13 pm
69440 spacer
Was the point of this thread to prove that a lot of the affection for this era is misplaced then?
>> No. 69441 Searchfag
28th August 2021
Saturday 2:30 pm
69441 spacer


>> No. 69442 YubYub
28th August 2021
Saturday 5:46 pm
69442 spacer
Plenty of these aren't funny, and I'm sure everyone hated some of the ones I posted too, but really, what the bloody fuck is this? I don't even want to laugh at funny videos any more.

This was the most-watched video in YouTube history for several years in the golden times, and I don't really like it. Here it is as a palate-cleanser:

>> No. 69443 Auntiefucker
28th August 2021
Saturday 5:51 pm
69443 spacer
The 9/11 video isn't meant to be funny it's meant to be sad. I have memories of being on the coach to London for a school trip, and the girls were sending that video around over Bluetooth. One lad cried at it, and the girls found it hot that he had feelings and shit.
>> No. 69444 Moralfag
28th August 2021
Saturday 6:26 pm
69444 spacer
That one's a good example of separating the art from the artist. Mr "Pogo" is homophobic piece of shit, it's not even subtle in his case. But the tunes he put out are banging.

>> No. 69445 Anonymous
28th August 2021
Saturday 6:50 pm
69445 spacer


>> No. 69449 Paedofag
28th August 2021
Saturday 9:51 pm
69449 spacer

Are you basing that on the fact he used to be called Fagottron or something else?
>> No. 69450 R4GE
28th August 2021
Saturday 10:24 pm
69450 spacer

It's to have a good time.
>> No. 69451 Crabkiller
29th August 2021
Sunday 2:14 am
69451 spacer
> I’m going to be totally straight up with you… I came up with Fagottron because I’ve always had a very thorough dislike of homosexuals

Yes, basically. He's undeniably in terms of his musical ability, but I don't think I'd ever want to meet the guy.
>> No. 69452 Searchfag
29th August 2021
Sunday 3:59 am
69452 spacer

I don't know anything about this bloke other than these videos that have been posted, but if his music is mostly based on sampling fucking disney princesses, then I think he doth protest too much.

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