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>> No. 70023 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 5:17 pm
70023 spacer
Are white men more racist than white women?

The reason I ask is that an interracial couple of black man, white woman is far more common than white man, black woman. I know you get white men with a thing for Chinks, but they're always a bit creepy.
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>> No. 70024 Moralfag
3rd December 2021
Friday 5:47 pm
70024 spacer
What are you basing "is far more common" on?
>> No. 70025 R4GE
3rd December 2021
Friday 6:07 pm
70025 spacer
What I sees with my eyes when I'm out and about.
>> No. 70026 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 7:26 pm
70026 spacer
Black women have the roughest deal of all. It does seem like often, nobody fancies them. It's very sad. (One of my handful of sexual partners was black, and I had absolutely no complaints, although the most noticeable thing is how much harder she was to see with the lights off than the white ladies I have seduced).

Away from sexual dynamics, I would guess women are probably more racist than men, because a lot of the dolphin rape comes from fear of big scary black Tyrone, and I would imagine Tyrone frightens women a lot more than he frightens Terry the bricklayer.
>> No. 70027 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 7:29 pm
70027 spacer
Isn't that more a case of white men feeling inferior to black penis?
>> No. 70028 R4GE
3rd December 2021
Friday 7:31 pm
70028 spacer
"They're not Tyrone's chocolate oranges..."
>> No. 70029 Moralfag
3rd December 2021
Friday 7:41 pm
70029 spacer

But if we're going to descend into factually bereft prejudiced stereotypes, then surely women are all gold-digging whores who just want your money? And the average white man is richer than the average black man. Therefore, whitey has nothing to fear.
>> No. 70030 Auntiefucker
3rd December 2021
Friday 10:10 pm
70030 spacer
Do I really need to show you the all-female 'refugees welcome' pictures again?
>> No. 70031 YubYub
3rd December 2021
Friday 10:52 pm
70031 spacer
How many white women have you seen irl with east Asian men? I'll even settle for couples you've seen on western television.
>> No. 70032 Searchfag
3rd December 2021
Friday 11:06 pm
70032 spacer
I can't think of any right now, but I know plenty of women who openly profess desire for K-Pop stars and effete anime twinks. Those are East Asian men.
>> No. 70033 Samefag
3rd December 2021
Friday 11:07 pm
70033 spacer
I don't know if I can make a claim regarding the dolphin rape of either gender in particular, I bet men are just about equally racist as women if it comes down to it.

But I will say that I definitely think anyone with a fetish for race mixing, race play, BBC, "blacked" or any of that nonsense is definitely racist. Like, even if they don't think they're a racist, they definitely are.

I would bet a tenner that if you grouped people by political ideology and studied their tastes in porn, it'd be near exclusively either stormfront or sjw's. no inbetween.
>> No. 70034 Billbob
3rd December 2021
Friday 11:26 pm
70034 spacer
Completely misguided; Lenny Henry simply enjoys a third tit, as any right-headed Englishman would.
>> No. 70035 Moralfag
3rd December 2021
Friday 11:33 pm
70035 spacer
I've never seen a woman complain about foreign women taking their men and doing whatever it is the female equivalent of sex is. I actually think they might have us on that just on account of them not being as tribalistic.


Sounds a bit racist to me. I bet you wouldn't call it suspect if someone was always hanging around with gingers or women with big tits.
>> No. 70037 Paedofag
4th December 2021
Saturday 12:04 am
70037 spacer

You keep posting this and I don't know what it means.
>> No. 70038 R4GE
4th December 2021
Saturday 12:07 am
70038 spacer

The belly is a third boob.
>> No. 70041 Searchfag
4th December 2021
Saturday 10:52 am
70041 spacer

>I've never seen a woman complain about foreign women taking their men and doing whatever it is the female equivalent of sex is.

Have you really not? African American women get very indignant about it because black blokes would rather get with white women.

I find it all very silly, of course, because I'm nit insecure about myself and I find it a bit wierd to worry about anybody's sex life but your own. But at the same time, insecurity is no laughing matter, it can really bring people crumbling down.

As for the second half of your post I'd just point out that while that's true, that's because nobody assigns cultural stereotypes to gingers or people with big tits about their beastly, savage virility and so on. There's really a lot to unpack with race fetishists. For some people I'm sure it is just an aesthetic preference and that's fine, but I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about raceplay: the fetish (tm).
>> No. 70042 Are Moaty
4th December 2021
Saturday 10:59 am
70042 spacer
>that's because nobody assigns cultural stereotypes to gingers... about their beastly, savage virility and so on.
They used to. Most ginger stereotypes are just the ones South Park's been doing endlessly for the past twenty-five years now but ginger women being lustful was a common one once.
>> No. 70043 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 11:45 am
70043 spacer
I'm white and dated an obese black girl for a few months. My housemates constantly took the piss out of me for it, which wasn't good. I miss her, even though things ended badly, she was like a living fertility goddess.
>> No. 70044 R4GE
4th December 2021
Saturday 11:53 am
70044 spacer

Well I don't know many African American women. Although it does bring us back to the mystery of genders being reasonably balanced but having an entire race of women unable to find a good cock. The state should start assigning people because we've clearly fucked up as a society - call it a covid measure.


Do you really want to unpack things in the bedroom though. If I'm in bed with an Eskimo and we put a ticking clock on the bedside table it might well be that our parents were really into watching 24 when we were starting puberty. I don't think fetishes in the bedroom can really be racist because it's not a directed process and while it obviously reflects certain realities of the society you live in it's pretty puritan to attach a guilt-complex to a group of black men and a white woman having a harmless party.
>> No. 70045 Billbob
4th December 2021
Saturday 1:56 pm
70045 spacer

Of course, I'm not kink shaming, and I know all too well that it's probably best not to look too deep into your most deviant fetishes. Don't ask me why I get a hard on when she scratches above my ears and says "good boy", I don't want to know.

But they are probably definitely racists, deep down. Not all of them but most of them. I have no source on any of this, obviously, but it just seems so intuitively true- Remember that time it came out about that UKIP politico having loads of saucy affairs with brown women? It's just too obvious.
>> No. 70046 YubYub
4th December 2021
Saturday 2:07 pm
70046 spacer

I swear I see "I'm not kink shaming" about a hundred times more than actual kink shaming. People seem terrified to be accused of kink shaming, almost as bad as being accused of being racist.
>> No. 70047 Crabkiller
4th December 2021
Saturday 3:10 pm
70047 spacer

Do you know how we can get to the bottom of this; we ask class reductionist lad if he has a class warfare fetish and see how many of us get hard from scratching our nads with potpourri.

Once we get the science down we can turn the general public into paypigs for the Chancellor thereby solving the problem of tax avoidance.
>> No. 70048 R4GE
4th December 2021
Saturday 3:46 pm
70048 spacer

Black man + white BBW is socially acceptable because of the stereotype. Everyone "knows" that black guys like a girl with some jiggle in the middle. Nobody gives the guy shit because they aren't sure if it's racist and the woman feels like she's a preference rather than a fetish.

The third tit agenda is social justice.
>> No. 70049 Auntiefucker
4th December 2021
Saturday 7:11 pm
70049 spacer
I think you 3rd tit lads should rename to TIT3 and release a clothing range, with spandex belly bits to accentuate what you love. Call it 'tite' just to be a bit subtle, and off you go, bellies being flaunted everywhere...
>> No. 70050 Paedofag
4th December 2021
Saturday 7:19 pm
70050 spacer
>> No. 70051 Moralfag
4th December 2021
Saturday 7:58 pm
70051 spacer
That too obviously gives away that the company's been set up by a small cabal of nerdy fetishists imo.
>> No. 70052 YubYub
4th December 2021
Saturday 11:45 pm
70052 spacer
Wouldn't this also be the case for people who don't have race fetishes? dolphin rape's one of those things that's very hard to define, too, since everybody is racist in some ways but not others.
>> No. 70053 Ambulancelad
5th December 2021
Sunday 2:10 pm
70053 spacer

Sorry, but I am class reductionist lad. There are only three of us remember, many of these identities overlap.

I did once pull a posh bird in a nightclub once by aggressively telling her I'm a working class lad and she should buy me a drink. I was amazed that it worked but I only felt a little bit dirty and used afterwards.

I'd definitely go for lucy worsley though. Phwoar.
>> No. 70054 YubYub
5th December 2021
Sunday 2:39 pm
70054 spacer

>> No. 70055 YubYub
5th December 2021
Sunday 2:48 pm
70055 spacer
Did winkleman get paralysed in a car crash or did I imagine it?
>> No. 70056 Paedofag
5th December 2021
Sunday 3:03 pm
70056 spacer

Lady Frederick Windsor broke her back, but didn't get quadrispazzed.

Her chauffeur swerved to avoid a deer, which is the poshest car crash I can imagine.

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