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>> No. 70036 YubYub
3rd December 2021
Friday 11:49 pm
70036 spacer
After having enjoyed the sexual bliss provided by Asian women I can't go back to white women. Not only am I into their looks but also their delightful personalities. This most likely only is applicable for Asian girls in Asia and not westernised ones.

Best of all I can sate my impregnation fetish with girls in SEA, or seamonkeys as I like to call them, who want to have a half white baby as much as I want to give them one. I've got a fair amount of bastards toddling about in the Philippines and plan to breed more. Not a single mother has asked for child support. They're just happy to have a high IQ white kid with a pointy nose
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>> No. 70039 Crabkiller
4th December 2021
Saturday 12:52 am
70039 spacer

Why didn't you save her.png

See I feel like one of those gay men that is into proper blokes at times - I like Asian women because I think Asian features are sexy. Don't get me wrong laksa is the shit, but I have little patience for timid/porcelain women and whatever else I'm supposed to be chasing. Including in general their ideal of beauty.

Give me a British Asian any day that I can do British things and hold normal conversations with although they're impossible to pull so good luck with that.
>> No. 70040 Samefag
4th December 2021
Saturday 7:55 am
70040 spacer
I like petite women with dark hair so have ended up with Asian women more often than not, I don't much like the stigma of people thinking I have an Asian thing though. The cultural differences are a hassle, other lad is right. Does this girl actively want me to force myself on her because from her point of view it would be shameful if she admitted she wanted to fuck, or has she just repeatedly had me read her romantic poetry then sleep in the same bed because that's what friends do? There's no way in hell I'm doing the first thing and the second giving me real ongoing physical pain from blueballs. I don't know what the fuck you expect from me. Asians who grew up in international schools speaking English, or from HK/Singapore and some parts of Korea are easier to communicate with but like I said I'm not bothered enough to seek them out.
>> No. 70058 Crabkiller
10th December 2021
Friday 6:14 am
70058 spacer
I’ve lived roughly a quarter of my life in Asia. I prefer Asian women because they are still feminine, really do take care of their men/families, generally more fun in bed and cooking is likely to be very good. Only downsides are jealousy with a tendency to simmer before very rare dramatic explosions.

Blue haired sjws, mask of shame wearers and bottom feeders are intimidated by White male Asian female relationships as both people represent going after what you want despite what others say.
>> No. 70061 R4GE
10th December 2021
Friday 4:37 pm
70061 spacer
Mask of shame wearers? What the fuck are you on about?
>> No. 70062 Auntiefucker
10th December 2021
Friday 5:12 pm
70062 spacer
Ignore him. He's a fucking weeb.
>> No. 70063 Anonymous
10th December 2021
Friday 7:33 pm
70063 spacer
He obviously means face nappies and just wasn't brave enough to commit to the troll.
>> No. 70064 Crabkiller
10th December 2021
Friday 10:27 pm
70064 spacer
I thought the mask of shame was the V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes' mask? Don't know why the poster has brought that up, as I would peg mask of shame wearers as exactly the sort of people who would lust after Asian women.
>> No. 70065 Auntiefucker
11th December 2021
Saturday 8:19 am
70065 spacer
Yes, that was my thought too.
>> No. 70090 Searchfag
21st December 2021
Tuesday 3:47 am
70090 spacer
I understand very little of this thread, but it feels sad.
>> No. 70092 Anonymous
21st December 2021
Tuesday 1:03 pm
70092 spacer
This sounds like a 'you' problem. How can it make you sad if you don't understand it?
>> No. 70093 R4GE
21st December 2021
Tuesday 1:44 pm
70093 spacer
Perhaps he's gazes longingly through the window.

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