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>> No. 70361 Anonymous
30th January 2022
Sunday 12:03 pm
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>> No. 70362 Ambulancelad
30th January 2022
Sunday 6:00 pm
70362 spacer
I don't understand why women can't just present themselves as males do without the necessity of actually calling themselves men, and visavis men to women.

It's just clothes, for fuck sake. It's just hair. It's just a bit of coloured, powered stone.
>> No. 70363 Crabkiller
30th January 2022
Sunday 7:29 pm
70363 spacer
They can and do, and end up getting branded as lesbians or tomboys for it.
>> No. 70364 Crabkiller
30th January 2022
Sunday 7:36 pm
70364 spacer
Looks like an obese man with a poorly tum-tum to me.
>> No. 70365 R4GE
30th January 2022
Sunday 9:27 pm
70365 spacer
That's what I was thinking. I look like that, except I have baldy bastard hair and don't have a moustache that makes me look like a paedophile.

Sage because I would be delighted for this bait thread to disappear without trace.
>> No. 70366 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 2:31 am
70366 spacer

i've got a dyke m8 who complains that in recent years, people have started calling her a he, which she blames on the internet prevalence of trans issues. she doesn't have anything against trans people, but she's not a he, she's just a very bullish dyke, and she's always been fine with that. but now the rest of the world thinks there's something wrong with it.

swings and roundabout innit.
>> No. 70367 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 11:03 am
70367 spacer

Oh quelle surprise!
>> No. 70368 YubYub
31st January 2022
Monday 11:10 am
70368 spacer
What is your point?
>> No. 70369 R4GE
31st January 2022
Monday 11:19 am
70369 spacer

>> No. 70370 Ambulancelad
31st January 2022
Monday 11:19 am
70370 spacer
Fairly sure he's suggesting the DM used the same filename as the OP and is therefore a likely source. The problem is he doesn't have a fucking clue how Google parses search terms or how to interpret the results.

He can't simply be pointing out that the Daily Mail covers the culture wars because that would be even more asinine.
>> No. 70371 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 11:29 am
70371 spacer
What is your point? Did the Daily Mail make Apple create a pregnant man emoji?
>> No. 70372 YubYub
31st January 2022
Monday 12:04 pm
70372 spacer
I have always wondered what it must be like to be a tall and ugly woman now that a certain subset of tall and ugly women are so strong and brave, and I personally know dozens of the sort of people who would have no qualms approaching them in the street to say how strong and brave they are. Personally, if I was a tall and ugly woman, I would take huge offence at the assumption that I was one of the strong and brave ones, but it wouldn't really be very PC to admit to this.
>> No. 70373 Are Moaty
31st January 2022
Monday 12:44 pm
70373 spacer

"Technology company implements latest version of international standard for text encoding" is not news.
>> No. 70374 Crabkiller
31st January 2022
Monday 12:57 pm
70374 spacer

Now we're getting somewhere. Who are these faceless international standard setters who've decided we need pregnant man emoji?
>> No. 70375 Paedofag
31st January 2022
Monday 1:05 pm
70375 spacer

The Unicode Consortium.
>> No. 70376 Paedofag
31st January 2022
Monday 1:14 pm
70376 spacer
I still came them smilies.
>> No. 70377 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 1:16 pm
70377 spacer
Emoticons for me.
>> No. 70378 Crabkiller
31st January 2022
Monday 1:23 pm
70378 spacer
we've already established that tranulators are all programmers and that anyway, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're giving themselves preferential emoji treatment.

honestly though to me it just looks more like a bloke who's got a massive fart bloating him up, like that episode of the young ones. it's the facial expression that does it.
>> No. 70380 YubYub
31st January 2022
Monday 3:04 pm
70380 spacer
We've seen a preponderance of these threads recently that are just reposts of tabloid guff, and I really dislike the idea of .gs just turning into the Daily Mail comments section. They hardly ever talk about sheds or tea and toast.
>> No. 70381 Samefag
31st January 2022
Monday 3:15 pm
70381 spacer

Back in the day a lot of our more active threads tended to be Daily mail clickbait. The funny ones, not the racist ones, that is.
>> No. 70382 Billbob
31st January 2022
Monday 6:33 pm
70382 spacer
How long before this is an internet fad kink?
>> No. 70383 Auntiefucker
31st January 2022
Monday 6:44 pm
70383 spacer
Who ever heard of a woman micromanaging a man's life?
>> No. 70384 Moralfag
31st January 2022
Monday 6:56 pm
70384 spacer


Is it really going any better at the moment? At least the tabloid threads are a laugh.
>> No. 70385 Billbob
31st January 2022
Monday 6:59 pm
70385 spacer

There's at least one poster here who thinks we shouldn't have a laugh and should be super serious all the time, because that's what super serious sensible and mature people do.
>> No. 70386 Paedofag
31st January 2022
Monday 7:21 pm
70386 spacer
The straws you clutch at.
>> No. 70459 Are Moaty
17th February 2022
Thursday 8:42 am
70459 spacer

Femdom lad obviously had from Hastings.

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