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>> No. 70470 Samefag
20th February 2022
Sunday 11:26 pm
70470 spacer
Can someone please explain this travelodge advert to me?
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>> No. 70471 Moralfag
20th February 2022
Sunday 11:35 pm
70471 spacer
I think it's a working-from-home thing, but god knows why anyone would want to live in a Travelodge long-term.
>> No. 70472 Auntiefucker
20th February 2022
Sunday 11:52 pm
70472 spacer
I think it's saying that if you need to go to meetings in London you can stay at a Travelodge all week and treat the desk as your office while you're there to save on renting one of those ghastly office spaces. A pied-à-terre with worse internet and no kitchen but with which you can confidently take an escort or gay-fling to.

This would save you going back and forth as the desk can also allow you to videocall your ex-wife in the evening to get an update on the children and to beg her to come back again.
>> No. 70473 Paedofag
21st February 2022
Monday 2:42 am
70473 spacer
Do people seriously make a 2.5 hour commute though because that's just sad. I don't care how much money you make, no amount is enough to compensate wasting the precious hours you were given on this earth sat in traffic on the m4 for five hours a day.

if you think otherwise you just don't have a fucking life and it's as simple as that.
>> No. 70474 Samefag
21st February 2022
Monday 3:40 am
70474 spacer
Look at the map, If you lived in Reading, Didcot or Swindon you'd want to get out of there as well.
>> No. 70475 Anonymous
21st February 2022
Monday 8:44 am
70475 spacer
It is about 2½ hours from Bristol to London by road, but it's about half that by train. I dunno, I'm not a southerner so I've never had a regular commute of more than 20 mins, apart from when I worked for the NHS and in that job it was counted as part of the working day.

Southerners would willingly spend 5 hours a day commuting for an extra £10k gross a year because they're retards.
>> No. 70476 Crabkiller
21st February 2022
Monday 10:26 am
70476 spacer
>> No. 70477 Auntiefucker
21st February 2022
Monday 12:07 pm
70477 spacer
>0.4 Meters per Second = 0.89477452 Miles per Hour
Not exactly Usain Bolt this chap is he?
>> No. 70478 Anonymous
21st February 2022
Monday 12:20 pm
70478 spacer
It's one metre in 0.4 seconds, Carol. So that's 2.5 metres per second. I don't know how fast that is.
>> No. 70479 YubYub
21st February 2022
Monday 12:20 pm
70479 spacer
1 metre in 0.4 seconds = 2.5 metres per second.

2.5 metres per second = 150 metres per minute.

150 metres per second = 9,000 metres per hour.

9,000 metres = 5.59 miles per hour
>> No. 70480 Moralfag
21st February 2022
Monday 1:31 pm
70480 spacer

That sounds like a very uncomfortable speed. Too fast for a casual walk, too slow for a brisk jog or a decent run. Right in that awkward middle ground where you're putting in more energy but not really getting much out of it.
>> No. 70481 Anonymous
21st February 2022
Monday 1:47 pm
70481 spacer
Good job you're only doing it for the one metre distance from your travelodge bed to your travelodge work station, with a lovely view of a train station or whatever in the background.
>> No. 70482 Auntiefucker
21st February 2022
Monday 3:43 pm
70482 spacer

Even sao, it seems like a very awkward way to make that commute. It would suggest, to me, vigorously jumping out of bed in the manner you might when you realise you slept through your alarm. unable to gather much speed because your primary method of ambulation is rolling over your arse, but with the urgency of attempted haste.

brings me up in anxiety it does.
>> No. 70483 Are Moaty
21st February 2022
Monday 4:41 pm
70483 spacer
>> No. 70484 Anonymous
21st February 2022
Monday 4:51 pm
70484 spacer
They are. You've seen the house prices down south. It's not that mad to them.
>> No. 70485 Ambulancelad
21st February 2022
Monday 5:01 pm
70485 spacer
How much is a Travelodge, about £30 a night? For about £900 per month it'd beat a house share down south, especially as you wouldn't have to worry about paying the gas or the leccy.
>> No. 70486 Crabkiller
21st February 2022
Monday 5:39 pm
70486 spacer

>How much is a Travelodge, about £30 a night?

For the one next to junction 39 off the m1 you'd only go to if your wife kicked you out, maybe.

They do adjust their prices to the local area, a travelodge in a "nice" city will be £80-120, and I'm pretty sure they scalp when there's a big event like a gig or sportsball match on.
>> No. 70487 Anonymous
21st February 2022
Monday 5:42 pm
70487 spacer
I can't picture that travelodge. Are you sure you aren't thinking of cedar court, which is now full of refugees?
>> No. 70488 YubYub
21st February 2022
Monday 6:29 pm
70488 spacer

I might just be thinking of the wrong junction. 37 or 38 maybe, the one for barnsley.

it also might be a premier inn, same difference though.

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