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>> No. 4012 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:36 am
4012 spacer
Applying for JSA links
Both are a little out of date.
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>> No. 12780 Anonymous
2nd December 2018
Sunday 4:57 pm
12780 spacer
MD5 isn't secure, as people have found ways to modify inputs to give the same output.
>> No. 12781 Anonymous
2nd December 2018
Sunday 5:13 pm
12781 spacer
You're confusing collisions with preimage attacks.
>> No. 12782 Anonymous
2nd December 2018
Sunday 5:13 pm
12782 spacer
>100 meters
20, lad. Tell them you can't walk more than 20. Trust me.
>> No. 12783 Anonymous
8th December 2018
Saturday 10:12 am
12783 spacer

No problem, if I stay 2 days without taking 'prol and 'mide I am unable to walk 20 meters without gasping for air.

>> No. 13138 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 7:27 pm
13138 spacer
I am in an extremely tight spot until I next get paid.

I'm racking my brain over how to earn some short-term cash so I can do a decent food shop, at least.

I'm thinking one of those brutally shit agency jobs that pays at the end of the week in return for your livelihood and soul. This has been my only experience with this kind of quick money. Do any of you lads have ideas? Preferably legal.
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>> No. 13182 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 10:54 pm
13182 spacer
If it helps, iceland's vegan and veggy line is surprisingly good. Their veggy burgers for example you just tell they're not meat, but if they were meat they'd cost about three times as much. If that makes sense. It's not a perfect imitation of meat but it's an imitation of expensive meat.
>> No. 13184 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 11:46 pm
13184 spacer

Cheap whey powder is under £12 a kilo, which works out to about 1.5p per gram of protein.

Practically any vegetarian soup, stew or curry can be substantially bulked up with the addition of lentils, chick peas or kidney beans. They're high in protein, high in micronutrients, dirt cheap if you buy them dried and still bloody cheap if you buy them tinned from a discount supermarket.

If you don't have an Indian auntie restrain yourselves, lads, get on YouTube and learn the basics of Indian cooking. It really isn't hard to make a big pan of something fucking delicious. You'll need a decent stock of herbs and spices, but they're cheap as chips if you get them from an ethnic shop. If you're into bulk cooking, you can do yourself loads of little bags of dal and curry and eat generous thali for pennies a plate.

Failing that, just have some beans on toast with a fried egg and a bit of grated cheese.
>> No. 13185 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 2:18 am
13185 spacer
Whey protein is pricey. Everything else depends where you live. Red split lentils are a decent shot. If you have a good veggie shop, learn the bargain. Eggs are ok-ish, meat only if cooking it is free. If you can buy a 5-10kg bag. Lasts ages, just needs a bit of flavour. 0.56p brown vinegar helps.
>> No. 13186 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 9:15 am
13186 spacer

Bear in mind that buying food for four people does scale much better than for one, particularly if singlelad doesn't have a spacious freezer or well stocked storecupboard as most families do. ~£50 a month definitely isn't ridiculous for a single person, though you could certainly knock it down to about £30 before you start to get into the rice and beans territory.
>> No. 13187 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 12:46 pm
13187 spacer

Vegetarian lifter here. I used to eat a block of steamed tofu a with a tad of soy sauce every day, that's about 40g-50g of protein. At the moment I'm paying £2.25 for the decent (and firm) stuff, but I can probably get it cheaper elsewhere.

>> No. 12418 Anonymous
16th July 2018
Monday 5:05 pm
12418 Merchant Navy
Hi Lads, cadet from the travel-working thread here - I think the MN might be an interesting topic to discuss, especially as some other lads have questions.

I can only speak from the perspective of someone starting a cadetship, so can't contribute much, other than my agreement at the poster saying that it seems to be a good way out for someone without qualifications but a willingness to do the graft.
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>> No. 12430 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 9:06 pm
12430 spacer

Got any stories about cruise work? I've heard it can be low pay and the 4months on, 2 off ratio can become a bit gruelling. I wonder if the amenities really make up for it.
>> No. 12431 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 1:48 am
12431 spacer

I've never worked on cruise ships but you're right. They don't sound like my cup of tea but I've heard they can be a good laugh. Tiny cabins, low pay, putting up with guests, long trips, and from what I hear surprisingly unprofessional. Plus junior bridge officers are basically just radar operators. You won't have many duties, so there's lots you won't learn. If you get a job on a standby boat, you'll be in charge of a bridge watch (not understudying) and you'll be doing the chart work and you'll be doing the safety checks, so you'll learn a lot faster.

If you work on a cruise ship, you'll have the opportunity to get pissed up and you'll meet some top international strange. So it's your choice.
>> No. 12433 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 4:56 pm
12433 spacer
I recall reading from a former cruise line employee that the underlings always have their own semi-official bar buried deep in the bowels of the ship that as a passenger you will never, ever be allowed to enter and it's basically a crazed, gin-soaked, all-hours bacchanalia. He evinced surprised that anyone was ever sober enough to do their job.
>> No. 12434 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 8:12 pm
12434 spacer

>> No. 13183 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 11:21 pm
13183 spacer
This is an old post - OP here, I have returned from my first trip.

>>12433, you are absolutely correct.

I really loved it, and can't wait to get back to it. I really can't recommend it enough.

salt flats1.jpg
>> No. 13129 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:58 pm
13129 spacer
How do you lot take your holidays?
I get 20 days off + the usual bank holidays, though it's actually 19 since my work get everyone to book the same day around Christmas to stop the place being open for 1 day. Why they don't just give it us off and not pay us I don't know.

I've been taking weeks off in even intervals ever since I've started working but I'm starting to think about opting for a few long weekends instead. In the next few years I'll be probably going abroad and a week just won't cut it. I've known some people who never get round to book theirs off and have to have them alloted to them instead. Then there are those who have all their time off over a small period then have the rest of the year with nothing.

I can't imagine how soul grating working 26+ weeks straight with only the usual days off to look forward is.
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>> No. 13136 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 11:13 pm
13136 spacer
I worked at a factory where everyone had to take the same time off. It was like being at school, but I think it worked.

3 weeks in August, a week around Christmas, worked around all the bank holidays so it only worked out at a couple of days, and a week around Easter.

The longest slog was obviously Christmas to Easter, but it wasn't bad, all told.
>> No. 13137 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 7:42 am
13137 spacer
My workplace is really flexible with holidays, which is one of the main things that make up for the underwhelming pay.

I work bank holidays as a standard working day, so I essentially get an extra 8 holiday days for free, then I buy an extra week's worth by salary sacrifice. On top of that, I can claim my overtime as holidays at time and a half, so I get three days off for working a weekend shift. In the end it works out that I could basically fuck off for nearly two months of the year if I felt so inclined.

I usually book a week off around the start of summer, another week mid-late summer, and another week near the end of the year. I spread the rest around whenever I feel like a long weekend or when I have to stay home to wait for a parcel and the suchlike. If I wake up one day and can't really be arsed, I can just book the afternoon off and work half a day. That's the tricky bit though- Temptation is so strong when you know you have the ability to do so, but you just gradually piss your holidays away for no real benefit, when it really wouldn't have killed you just to stay at work another four hours.

>> No. 13130 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 11:14 pm
13130 Business business business
This bloke I've known for two years and another bloke who we've both known for about a week want to register a company with all three of us as directors/partners/shareholders. I trust the first bloke and I don't mistrust the second, my only misgivings about him are that he wants me involved despite knowing I can't really contribute anything.
What are the chances I'm being taken for a ride? Am I taking on any dangerous legal responsibilities by signing on as a director/partner or whatever?
I'm not being asked to invest anything other than time and creativity, I think they both know I don't have any liquid assets to speak of anyway.
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>> No. 13131 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 12:05 am
13131 spacer
As a director, you are legally responsible, jointly and severally with the other directors, for the company's actions. This includes, amongst other things, a duty to act in the best interests of the company, which would include staying informed about company business and not standing idly by while your mates run it into the ground. Also bear in mind that if it is a company they want to start, your name and address will appear on the public register for any disgruntled creditor to see.

>> No. 13132 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 3:22 am
13132 spacer
Is it an IPTV company? If you all get caught, you're the fall guy. They'll pay the Tax on your earnings and then liquidate the company at the end of March in the hopes of avoiding an audit.

Telling us what the company will do might help us advise you.
>> No. 13133 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 7:49 am
13133 spacer
It's a company to build an app a bit like uber but done a bit differently.
>> No. 13134 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 8:11 am
13134 spacer
Looking at that page I'd have a lot of leeway as it takes into account relevant skills when it comes to how responsible you are for it all. I might see if I can talk them into just letting me be a shareholding employee of some sort, I don't want to have my details listed like that.
>> No. 13135 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 8:55 am
13135 spacer
A lot if not most directors give a mailing address, perhaps even the company's address.

>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 13124 Anonymous
12th May 2019
Sunday 7:21 pm
13124 spacer

Just so we're clear, you're not talking about a fruit n' nut chocolate bar?
>> No. 13125 Anonymous
12th May 2019
Sunday 7:24 pm
13125 spacer
I fucking hate the word "candy". I can't help but hear it in a comically exaggerated American accent in my head.
>> No. 13126 Anonymous
12th May 2019
Sunday 8:02 pm
13126 spacer
This sounds like the build up to someone going postal.
>> No. 13127 Anonymous
12th May 2019
Sunday 8:07 pm
13127 spacer
Raisins with my chocolate, it's healthy and a snack. What's wrong with that.

just fruit and nuts crushed into a bar

I just hate people using me as an excuse to do something. If they want to eat the biscuits just eat them. I hate this pretence that somebody doing something normal has 'forced' them or the whole thing where I bring in a breakfast roll and they pretend that they are fighting an inner battle not to go get one when we all know they will.
>> No. 13128 Anonymous
13th May 2019
Monday 1:05 pm
13128 spacer
There's a woman who constantly takes up about a fifth of the fridge because she'll bring in a massive bag for life full of food to sustain her during the three days per week she actually works. For some reason, I'm assuming because she's elderly and has been here longer than anyone else, most people see this as one of the 'cute' things she does.

>> No. 13085 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 12:17 am
13085 spacer
I've decided I'd be probably be happiest living a minimalist lifestyle while doing just enough work to get by, preferably from home. Does anyone have experience with this?

I don't have any qualifications so my options are currently limited to doing stuff like transcription and tech support. At the rate I type I'd probably eke out slightly above minimum wage transcribing stuff.

What about more lucrative or more long-term options? Is learning to program from scratch and becoming a telecommuting code monkey a feasible thing to do? If so, what language would give a noob the best job prospects?
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>> No. 13107 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 2:13 am
13107 spacer

The curriculum and course material look reasonably good. It's not quite as in-depth as FreeCodeCamp, but that's potentially an advantage if you have limited technical experience or you're intimidated by the sheer scope of the FreeCodeCamp course. FreeCodeCamp definitely have better materials on getting hired, particularly their partnerships with non-profit organisations to help students build a portfolio of real-world projects.
>> No. 13111 Anonymous
24th April 2019
Wednesday 9:05 pm
13111 spacer
Remote tech support lad here.

My pay has now reached £23 an hour.

I've become proficient enough that I logged onto work when blackout drunk after being out on the piss the other day (literally didn't even know I'd done the work and logged on till I checked the dashboard).

My customer satisfaction rating went up.
>> No. 13113 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 7:29 pm
13113 spacer
How many hours per week/month do you get?
>> No. 13114 Anonymous
29th April 2019
Monday 7:25 am
13114 spacer
As many or as little as I want.

I'm working 10 hours a week at the minute. Pays the cheap rent in my provincial shithole and keeps me in Aldi lager and skunk.
>> No. 13115 Anonymous
30th April 2019
Tuesday 12:29 pm
13115 spacer


>> No. 12969 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 10:33 am
12969 No social media
Oldlad here.

I am looking for a job in IT, but I cannot get past the meeting with the HR. Somebody mentioned "Social media presence" to me, since I have absolutely no social media presence. No FB, Instagram, Twitter, nothing at all. Do you think that it could be seen as a malus from those idiotic HR cunts? What should I answer when they ask me why I do not put every single moment of my life on social media? I have nothing to hide, I am simply an antisocial cunt with no friends and family.
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>> No. 13042 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 12:05 am
13042 spacer
>It really isn't an existential threat, although it's convenient that some people believe that it is.
As I said, in that particular case, the "existential threat" comes not from the GDPR itself, but the impact it could have on the company's regulatory approval, without which it cannot operate. Some of the SMT there are cunts, but they still know how their bread is buttered.
>> No. 13043 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 3:50 pm
13043 spacer
> and you can't use the images for anything other than "legitimate interests" like crime prevention.
What can prevent me from running facial recognition on the shots and using the resulting data for something as long as I don't get caught?
>> No. 13044 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 3:53 pm
13044 spacer

If you don't get caught, you can do what you like. It's the same with shoplifting, or murdering sex workers.
>> No. 13045 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 4:29 pm
13045 spacer
Practical reality, innit. If someone's got a gun to your head, no law is going to prevent them from pulling the trigger.
>> No. 13046 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 6:52 pm
13046 spacer
I seem to have missed this thead but I have an Instagram that I wouldn't give to anyone work related (it's basically Judo lads + family) and I have a facebook that I haven't logged into since 2015 and a LinkedIn that I haven't logged into since 2012.

I work in IT and no one has ever asked me for my online presence as part of the interview process. Indeed, if anything being under the radar counts for rather more.

>> No. 12943 Anonymous
6th February 2019
Wednesday 6:01 pm
12943 Support workers
Any support workers on here?

Letter today from my employer telling me our sleep in payments will be halved from £60 to £30.

What really boils my piss is care providers in this county claim £70 per sleep in, from next month they will continue to do this, pay us £30 uand divert the rest of it to service users. Yes social care is massively underfunded but how can this not be considered fraud, claiming public money for a stated purpose then redirecting it
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>> No. 12956 Anonymous
6th February 2019
Wednesday 11:07 pm
12956 spacer
It's in your contract to do sleep-ins for £60. Tell them you reject this change to your terms.

Who has the leverage here? The company that's legally bound to provide a sleep-in whether they can find someone to do it or not, or the worker rostered to do it whose skills are in demand with their competitors?
>> No. 12958 Anonymous
6th February 2019
Wednesday 11:17 pm
12958 spacer
Sorry wasent clear, in my contact to perform sleep ins, contract neglects to mention payment rate, welcome to the bottom of the employment pile
>> No. 12959 Anonymous
6th February 2019
Wednesday 11:22 pm
12959 spacer
Are you drunk? Sort it out.
>> No. 12960 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 12:34 am
12960 spacer
Not him, but if I were in his situation I'd be pissed too.
>> No. 12961 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 12:39 am
12961 spacer
A change to the rate is a change to your working conditions. Tell them you refuse to accept this change and will not attend any more sleep-ins until they change it back. Again, there's a severe shortage of care workers but no shortage of organisations employing them. "They cut my pay significantly" is a perfectly acceptable answer to the inquiry "reason for leaving employer".

mr bamboozle.jpg
>> No. 12898 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 3:27 pm
12898 spacer
I haven't had a job since 2005.

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>> No. 12904 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:35 pm
12904 spacer
I've noticed a disturbing trend that everywhere you've ever worked has gone bust shortly afterwards. What's your secret?
>> No. 12905 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:41 pm
12905 spacer

Do some voluntary work or ask at the Jobcentre about work placements. It'll help build your confidence, get you back into the habit of working and you'll get a reference. It shouldn't affect your benefits.

There are loads of local organisations who offer back-to-work support programmes for the long term unemployed. You could do a bit of Googling, or ask at the Jobcentre or Citizens Advice.

You might want to consider your education options. If you don't have many qualifications, taking a vocational course at your local FE college might be a good route back into work. A recent qualification on your CV shows employers that you're actually motivated to get back into work, rather than just applying for stuff because the Jobcentre told you to.

Self-employment is also an option worth considering. You can get free mentoring, a loan to cover your start-up costs and claim the New Enterprise Allowance for the first six months.
>> No. 12906 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 4:50 pm
12906 spacer
If you're disabled/mentally ill there are a lot of services which give advice to people with these conditions looking for work. I used a couple last year, and while they were a bit basic for me (I already had a half decent CV with a fair amount of work experience) I can see it would be useful for those who have less experience.
>> No. 12907 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 5:03 pm
12907 spacer
The whole point of work is looking busy rather than actually doing work. Everyone in the finance team at Patisserie Valerie was so good at looking busy rather doing their jobs that they didn't notice there wasn't any money for them to shuffle around and those lovely people at Grant Thornton were so good at pretending to audit that they didn't notice it either.
>> No. 12908 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 8:03 pm
12908 spacer
Offer to do people's gardening, go door to door.

If you can cycle consider deliveroo.

Look on fiverr for things like dog sitting, cat sitting.

Can you play any instruments or know any foreign languages? People are always looking to learn.

These jobs aren't ideal but they're a start.

>> No. 12882 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 10:06 pm
12882 spacer
I've been offered a new job over email, not signed any contract or anything. Do I hand my notice in now or wait til I see a contract?
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>> No. 12883 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 10:10 pm
12883 spacer
Don't hand your notice in until you have the physical contract.
>> No. 12884 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 10:19 pm
12884 spacer
This. Wait for it in writing, and even after that if there are conditions like a medical/drug test.
>> No. 12885 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 10:23 pm
12885 spacer
>drug test
Is this a thing over here yet?
>> No. 12886 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 10:32 pm
12886 spacer
Has been for at least twenty years for some industries, yeah.
>> No. 12887 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 1:42 am
12887 spacer

You can usually find out the handful of common drugs they test for and do the piss test wrecked out of your tiny mind on a bunch of shit they don't test for, just for the hell of it.

Yes I get most of my joy out of feeling superior to others, no I wasn't aware there was an alternative.

neighbour spying.jpg
>> No. 12825 Anonymous
2nd January 2019
Wednesday 2:03 am
12825 spacer
How does the dole work? Could one half-arsedly apply for a bunch of jobs for the fortnightly visit to the job centre or is everything checked and verified online these days? Do they force you to accept a job if you're offered one? Basically how would one get bennies with the most minimal effort and interaction with other humans possible?
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>> No. 12849 Anonymous
4th January 2019
Friday 12:48 am
12849 spacer
>then perhaps you aren't actually fit for work
I don't know, according to DWP a used tampon is fit for work.
>> No. 12852 Anonymous
4th January 2019
Friday 2:35 am
12852 spacer
I last signed on five years ago. They had brought in Universal JobMatch, and said you have to spend 35 hours a week looking for jobs, and changed the advisor's job title to a "coach". When he told me, I had a vision of him wearing a tracksuit and blowing a whistle at me and surpressed a laugh and he looked stung.

You sign a jobseeker's agreement which says you have to visit certain recruitment sites every day and apply for a certain number of jobs every day or something. You have to go on UJM every day and log that and give the advisor access to your account. You have the legal right to not give access but then you're making yourself a target for them to fuck with you and it's better to fly under the radar as much as possible.

My agreement just said to visit the recruitment sites every day and there was an "implication" I would apply for a lot of jobs. I got a different advisor every time and they were wildly inconsistent about what is or isn't acceptable and it's harder to comply with an "implication". I think the people with one nice advisor must either be in a small place or signed on a long time ago.

In my experience, they have a stronger dislike of graduates and the middle-class because they feel you're going to look down on cleaning jobs and things.


It isn't but it's different from JSA ten years ago when you did your jobsearch on paper and the advisors were nice.
>> No. 12855 Anonymous
4th January 2019
Friday 9:50 am
12855 spacer

I've mentioned this here before but one of my advisors was a Chinese guy named Ming but he was a nice one and not merciless at all. He never heard me make idiotic jokes about his name though.
>> No. 12874 Anonymous
6th January 2019
Sunday 11:00 am
12874 spacer
>How does the dole work?

Watch "I, Daniel Blake" tonight at 9:45pm on BBC 2 and find out.
>> No. 12875 Anonymous
6th January 2019
Sunday 11:10 am
12875 spacer
The last time I tried to sign on was a year or so ago when I had just got back from bumming around Europe in the summer, I was sleeping outside and hiking so it was very affordable, even managed to land a little cash in hand work to get a little spending money, had a great time. Got back and started looking for work so I figured I'd sign on, only to be told that I needed to be living in the UK for 3 months before claiming, when I called up to ask about it and say I was a British citizen they seemed really surprised but did nothing.

Good job I had family to crash with otherwise I'd have been fucked. Fortunately I found a job within a week on my own too so fuck 'em.

>> No. 12807 Anonymous
21st December 2018
Friday 1:54 am
12807 Online Applications
How do I apply for jobs online? What sites should I use and which should I avoid? I don't anything about nothing, man, and I'm just looking to apply for everything and anything.
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>> No. 12820 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 5:48 pm
12820 spacer
How can it be the same site if both coexisted at the same time, it's operated by different people and never shared any code or data.
>> No. 12821 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:26 pm
12821 spacer

How can the hms Trafalgar and the HMS Ark Royal have both been flagship of the British navy when they have both been around at the same time?

I imagine the underlying data and project are the same but one is the updated version of the other.
>> No. 12822 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:44 pm
12822 spacer
So you reckon Monster donated their source code to competitor Adzuna? You think they shared data but forced everyone to reregister, reupload their CVs and repost job ads for the fun of it? They shared data and yet no user was able to see any evidence of this.

Or is it that you don't have a fucking clue but feel entitled to argue anyway using ridiculous analogies?
>> No. 12823 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:51 pm
12823 spacer
>You think they shared data but forced everyone to reregister, reupload their CVs and repost job ads for the fun of it?
It involves the DWP so that is in no way an unreasonable assumption.
>> No. 12824 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:51 pm
12824 spacer
They may be different beasts but they serve the same function. Fuck's sake, lads. You really will argue over anything.

>> No. 12669 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 3:20 am
12669 Hello
Are call centre jobs as bad as people say?
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>> No. 12716 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 9:22 pm
12716 spacer
>Turned out to be some kind of fat neck-beard poor sod in his early thirties, living with his ma.

You say that as if that's not a perfect description of any .gs regular.
>> No. 12723 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 8:04 pm
12723 spacer

Worked in one for over two years, I eventually quit over stress issues and how I was basically being berated for being on antidepressants. High turnover of staff, a real cutthroat culture among people who have actually climbed up to higher roles and a total disregard for communication, despite this being for a major telecomms company (shock horror). Massive amounts of double standards and favouritism at play too, a 4-on-4-off nightshift in your standard warehouse is probably a much better experience.
>> No. 12724 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 9:25 pm
12724 spacer
> how I was basically being berated for being on antidepressants

I might be a complete introvert but my mental health issues would be something I wouldn't bring up with my employer. There is still a ton of negative prejudice towards most mental health issues and unless you need to invoke your status as part of some work scheme or other I'd probably choose to suffer in silence.
>> No. 12725 Anonymous
19th November 2018
Monday 4:55 am
12725 spacer

That's not necessarily an option if a) you need time off work for medical appointments and b) you work in an Orwellian shithole.
>> No. 12726 Anonymous
19th November 2018
Monday 9:28 am
12726 spacer

Bit hard when it's your doctor telling you to take 2 weeks off with a notice and then prescribing you.

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