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>> No. 4012 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:36 am
4012 spacer
Applying for JSA links
Both are a little out of date.
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>> No. 13508 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 1:36 pm
13508 spacer

Is it an apprenticeship or vocational scheme? In which case they only get funding for providing education to people who don't already have it.
>> No. 13509 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 3:52 pm
13509 spacer

Would you turn up at a food bank and lie when your cupboards at home were full?
>> No. 13510 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 8:46 pm
13510 spacer
I don't think it is ridiculous when their stated mission is to help people without degrees - why should you jump the queue when you've already had that opportunity?
>> No. 13768 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 12:22 am
13768 spacer
>>13507 Yes if you have a degree then you can't do an apprenticeship.

>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 13924 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 5:52 pm
13924 spacer
I wish there was some reliable code for 'don't bother'. Something like 'extensive experience in a very similar position required'. Avoid wasting everybody's time. But Gemma from HR has no concept of wasting peoples' time. Just following process. Nuke. Orbit. Sure.
>> No. 13925 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 6:27 pm
13925 spacer
>with the added spice that a perfectly suited internal candidate transferred to the hiring location about two weeks before the job posting

Last year they were making redundancies from one of the departments at work, with two out of four people set to lose their job. Less than a week after it was announced who was being made redundant one of those who'd kept their job handed her notice in.
>> No. 13926 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 7:25 pm
13926 spacer
I've got something similar at the moment, some idiot decided to do corporate restructuring during a pandemic so everyone is just leaving. I'd do it myself but I'm too lazy.
>> No. 13927 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 7:34 pm
13927 spacer
Something similar at my place of work. Silly restructure. Mass redundancies.

Just after a couple of weeks when they told the team who was getting sacked, myself and 3 other people handed in our notices, and all of us were safe anyway. But we started looking because we didn't want to play about and wait for the executives to pick who they wanted gone. So now, a team of 16 will be a team of 2.

There is a recruitment freeze because of the restructure, so to get around the fact that they are losing close to 90% of the team, they decided to get contractors... on expensive day-rates...

I don't understand how these people think.
>> No. 13928 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 8:05 pm
13928 spacer

For me everyone's job is officially secure, aside from having to apply again, and instead of hiring consultants they just expected me to take on everything. Fortunately this has had quite the opposite effect where once I finished my in-tray everyone has kept assuming that I'm very busy and I no longer care enough about my job to mention it.

We all know the real reason, someone up top gets bored and runs with some stupid idea to make their mark.

>> No. 13914 Anonymous
16th July 2021
Friday 7:44 am
13914 spacer
Hello folks.

Any tips for finding an entry-level (ish), remote job in either 2D animation or graphic design, for a qualified person/artist. Naturally doing the usual trawl through indeed.co.uk, but it's not getting me anywhere in particular.
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>> No. 13917 Anonymous
16th July 2021
Friday 8:32 am
13917 spacer
You'll have to do your best as a freelancer of sorts to get started out in this sort of field. You have to build up a portfolio you can demonstrate to potential employers before they'll even look at you.

My missus has made her living as an artist for most of the last decade, and she'd probably be able to wipe the floor with most of the cunts who actually get the jobs. But when 90% of your paying work was porn they don't seem to think it counts. Nonsense if you ask me, it just shows she knows where the business is.
>> No. 13918 Anonymous
16th July 2021
Friday 8:36 am
13918 spacer
Nice. I do have a decent portfolio, for illustration and animation. Not enough widget-y things for graphic/UI design. Can you ask your missus where she found her work?
>> No. 13919 Anonymous
16th July 2021
Friday 8:41 am
13919 spacer
If you go in Reddit there's quite a few subs for artists open for commissions. It seems Septics have a lot of disposable income to throw at fantasy porn
>> No. 13920 Anonymous
16th July 2021
Friday 4:04 pm
13920 spacer

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 16.03.31.png

>> No. 13921 Anonymous
16th July 2021
Friday 4:09 pm
13921 spacer

Wipe them out, all of them.

NEET commando.jpg
>> No. 13906 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 7:42 pm
13906 spacer
My "work coach" is trying to get me to sign up to a "Job Entry Targeted Support" scheme where I'll have to jump through even more hoops to get my bennies. How do I convince them that I don't need to take part in this scheme?

Feel free to use this thread to share general tips for staying on the dole with the most minimal of hassle from The Man.

Gentleman of Leisure
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>> No. 13907 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 8:04 pm
13907 spacer
If I'm not mistaken those schemes actually don't effect whether or not you receive any benefits. Assuming of course you're looking for work off your own back, and you are, aren't you, Anon?
>> No. 13908 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 9:37 pm
13908 spacer
JETS is voluntary, so unless your claimant commitment specifically mentions going on courses or schemes that are recommended to you, then you just need a plausible reason why you think it's unsuitable for your needs.

It helps if you've got something else that sounds like a plan, whether that's a sector you're trying to get into or a course you'd like to go on. It doesn't have to be a great plan, but having something you can vaguely make progress towards is a useful distraction technique.

The Work and Health Programme is mandatory and can involve you being referred to JETS, but only if you've been claiming benefits for more than 24 months.

If you're serious about scrounging, get intimately familiar with the the Advice for Decision Making documents. They are in effect the rulebook for the benefit system. Quoting a paragraph from them can cut through a massive amount of bullshit if you aren't arsey about it. Get to know the mandatory reconsideration process, because it's your first line of defence if your Work Coach starts making up their own rules.



cat in sun.jpg
>> No. 13879 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 8:53 pm
13879 spacer
Are there any unemployed socially retarded britfags in the south-eastern london area who would like to go into business with me making stuff in a workshop?
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>> No. 13895 Anonymous
19th June 2021
Saturday 12:21 am
13895 spacer

>> No. 13896 Anonymous
19th June 2021
Saturday 12:42 am
13896 spacer

The prophetic hand is from past attempts. The straighteners may help with another problem cartoons have taught me with using dynamite.
>> No. 13897 Anonymous
19th June 2021
Saturday 2:59 am
13897 spacer

>> No. 13898 Anonymous
19th June 2021
Saturday 3:52 pm
13898 spacer
I meant to do that. The hand is actually the disembodied hand of God doing it's magic as is often referenced in biblical texts, domestic-terrorist-lad has warned humanity of the abomination of controlled flight using drones and is now taking the next logical step.
>> No. 13899 Anonymous
19th June 2021
Saturday 5:24 pm
13899 spacer
Curious to see if OP comes through with this or was just fishing for information.

>> No. 13825 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 2:59 pm
13825 Character reference
I am starting a new job, and I was requested a name as a reference for a BPSS (Verifile). In their words:

" You will be asked to provide a character reference. This individual must have known you for a minimum of 3 years, and must have a job title from the attached list. Please provide the referees work email address, as Verifile are unable to accept a personal one.

As an immigrant worker, I do not have the social network as a native. I do not know anyone with those requisites. How can I get out of this mess?
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>> No. 13868 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 8:51 pm
13868 spacer
>John Major hasn't got a modem.
Is that one of those football chants?
>> No. 13869 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 10:33 pm
13869 spacer
He's got no modem,
He's got no mode-emmmmm,
John major,
He's got no modem.
>> No. 13870 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 11:55 pm
13870 spacer
A mate of mine met his wife on a Star Wars fan forum in the late nineties, when he was about 10 and she was about 40.
>> No. 13871 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 12:03 am
13871 spacer
That went from lovely to very uncomfortable so fast I've got whiplash.
>> No. 13872 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 12:09 am
13872 spacer

I think >>13863 is spot on. Up until the late 2000s the bulk of the people who made up the Internet's society and culture tended to be the more nerdy technical, creative and alternative types who found each other and formed communities here in a way which couldn't happen IRL since they were too geographically dispersed.

Back then even if half the country was online a lot of people saw the internet as a thing you used to read websites, send email and maybe even buy stuff if you were feeling brave. They used it but didn't really participate in it.

Actually publishing content took a bit of effort to set up a blog and maybe write some basic HTML. It wasn't that hard but it did have the effect of filtering out a lot of low effort stuff.
The average person couldn't be arsed to do all that just to share their opinions on the latest celebrity gossip and last night's episode of Eastenders when they could have he same conversations at work or with their IRL friends. You had to have something you felt was actually worth sharing with the wider community for it to be worth the effort.

I think things started going downhill around the late 2000s to early 2010s.
My current theory is that the combination of modern social media like FB and Twitter combined with the proliferation of easy to use smartphones and tablets gave the great hoards of normies both the means and the motivation to colonize the internet.

Social media (especially sites like FB which were mostly an online extension of existing communities IRL at the time) was both great source of the kind of IRL gossip and drama that certain types of people (who previously thought the internet was for sad nerds) are obsessed with and very easy to actively engage with.

The link to smartphones and tablets is a bit more tenuous but I suspect their proliferation exposed the internet to a large section of users who are, to put it politely "not good at computers" and wouldn't use the internet unless they had to if a computer was the only option.

>> No. 13820 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 11:48 am
13820 spacer
After so long working from home, as much of a luxury as it's been, I'm beginning to realise constant locked-inside office work isn't really good for my mental health -- nor is it fulfilling or what I envisioned myself doing.

Are outdoor research jobs just the stuff of stock pictures? A fantasy peddled to university students to trick them into getting behind another desk, just using slightly different software?

If not, what are these jobs? Someone has to be out collecting data outside, right? How much shit do you have to eat in a particular career before someone allows you to do the more desirable 'field work'?

My field, broadly, is in pharma/medical research for what it's worth.
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>> No. 13821 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 12:00 pm
13821 spacer
There's serious money to be made in bats.


See if anything takes your fancy here:

>> No. 13822 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 1:41 pm
13822 spacer
Slightly related. YouTube's been recommending me loads of behind the scenes Breaking Bad videos for reasons far beyond my comprehension, but that made me realise that special effects seems right up my street. I have a degree in electronic engineering, but the vast, vast majority of jobs out there for EE are just coding. I don't mind coding, but I like making shit.

I guess the problem is it's a brutally difficult industry to break into.
>> No. 13823 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 1:57 pm
13823 spacer
The problems with field jobs is that everyone wants one and they're often poorly paid with little career prospect. Plus you're probably just thinking that because the weather is lovely at the minute.

On civil service jobs you find these by searching the two operations professions. Just brace yourself on the pay.
>> No. 13824 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 2:17 pm
13824 spacer
Just become a bin manwaste management technician.
>> No. 13834 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 3:40 pm
13834 spacer
I'm an Environmental Scientist at a University -doing field science within academia or for a consultancy is a very competitive field. There's also a surplus of volunteers to contend with.
From what I've seen, quite a bit of focus and cash is directed towards bats and newts, but I think you need specialist qualifications (BIG NEWT controls the market).

Maybe try working for a water company? I used to do site ops, it's a great combination of out doors working and problem solving/engineering. Being called out to a trunk main burst at 23:00 on Xmas Eve is always a possibility though.

>> No. 13790 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 3:35 pm
13790 Is this discrimination?
I lost my job this week. I had an extended absence at the beginning of this year, due to long term illness my employer was aware of, but haven't missed a shift in over a month. During my absence, I had two occupational health assessments - the first said I was unfit for work; the second said I was fit to work but only part time and it is also likely I may have more absences due to my long term condition. During all this time I asked for home working, but my manager refused due it being a "waste of time", despite their being open positions on other teams that exclusively WFH.

At my attendance review meeting, the decision maker said that based on my past sickness, and because the OH report says I am likely to be unwell in the future, the business can't support my continued employment, choosing to dismiss me rather than issuing a final written warning. My union rep who was in the meeting was a bit shocked, saying he has never seen an OH report to go against someone, and will consult with his colleagues as to if this is allowed.

TL;DR I feel I have been dismissed due to my disability, but don't know if it was a valid decision.
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>> No. 13795 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:14 pm
13795 spacer
Mmm. Were they aware of your situation? Did you give them the doctor's notes?
>> No. 13796 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:29 pm
13796 spacer
I gave them doctor's notes, and made them aware of my condition in my pre-employment occupational health assessment.
>> No. 13797 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:30 pm
13797 spacer
You might be getting to that age where you need to think about investing in a pair of reading glasses.
>> No. 13798 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 9:58 pm
13798 spacer
Bang out of order OP, and this is why.

>During all this time I asked for home working, but my manager refused due it being a "waste of time", despite their being open positions on other teams that exclusively WFH.

As far as I understand the law, they are obligated to offer you a different role or position first before sacking. If they haven't allowed you the opportunity to do that it should be an open and shut case.

Not that it should really make a difference, but what's your disability? How long have you had off?

What a lot of companies seem to do nowadays is just push their luck with this sort of thing in the hopes you won't have the resources/willpower to fight it, and lean on their "sickness policy" as though anyone having over 10 days off is self-evidently a skiving bastard. It's the sort of thing Capita can get away with when they sack a 21 year old call centre operative for having too many Monday sickies, but if you work somewhere serious enough to have a union and occy health department it shouldn't happen.
>> No. 13799 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 11:30 am
13799 spacer
So they started issuing you warnings whilst you were doing that?

>> No. 13778 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 8:40 am
13778 Corporatese to English dictionary
Can we have a thread for translating the garbled nightmare language you will encounter in various work environments and vacancy ads?

Does "agile" management mean "doing a lot with fuck-all staff and few resources"?
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>> No. 13780 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 9:02 am
13780 spacer
I think it means "we don't care how you do your job unless you do something stupid" or sometimes "you're the manager but you also have to fill in for three non existent team members"
>> No. 13781 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:21 am
13781 spacer
Agile, if it refers to Agile working, is apparently just starting/finishing whenever you want. I have to be available between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm, but outside of that I can just do whatever I want, ostensibly, as long as my timesheet gets filled.

Speaking of timesheets, does anyone find that they absolutely crush any drive to optimize ones workload? Or am I looking at it wrong, and they're really an opportunity to save time by optimizing your work without telling anyone and getting all your work done in 20% of the time?
>> No. 13782 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:49 am
13782 spacer

To me it means you have a continuous circular development cycle as opposed to waterfall in how you manage projects. This began in the IT sector because customers are fucking idiots but now everyone does it - you get the skeleton done and then build/hone with feedback. You'll be engaging with clients/stakeholders throughout so relationship management is emphasised as opposed to waterfall process where you get the bloody thing done first and then go out to people.

Having to do everything with fuck-all staff and few resources is just normal management.

>> No. 13772 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 1:12 pm
13772 Looking for a new job
Right, I've been mulling this over for a few weeks and I think it is time for me to start looking for a new job, but I'm a bit stuck at what to look for and I have got a little too comfortable.

I've been working in the same place for just over six years now, at the beginning it was a zero hours thing as I worked full time elsewhere. However, after redundancy from the old job, I got more shifts and worked my way up into a salaried position learning a lot along the way.

It's without a doubt the best job I have had, I like the people I work with (for the most part) and it's sort of degree relevant with it being a arts/culture organisation.

Having said all that, I feel I have hit a bit of a brick wall in regards to progress and pay, and to put it politely, the newish head of the department has no idea what he is doing. It's a technical department and he is essentially a salesman and he seems happier to give work and projects that we could build upon to other people if he can skim some money off in the short term.

The idea of a payrise is out of the window (my colleagues hasn't gone up in 12 years) and the reward for doing a good job and exceeding targets seems to be more work.

Currently, I have built and maintained the entire organisation's inventory, I conduct site visits (often involves driving nationwide, overnights stays etc), I install art exhibitions/museum installs, build and maintain AV equipment, lead on large outdoor cinema events (including delivery, transport, staffing, kit, logistics etc) and I know a bit of Unity (mainly for AR development) and a bit of Blender. Currently, I've ended up managing projects with no support or extra compensation. I'll get TOIL instead of extra pay for working extra hours which would be fine in the short term, but pre-pandemic, I had acrued 3 extra weeks of time off by the beginning of October. This is a general overview, I do a few extra bits here and there too. All of this for £18,270 a year and the age of fucking 30.

My sister is a travel agent and she's on just over £24,000 and she's still getting a payrise despite the industry being decimated.

I'm not saying I'm worth millions, but I can't help but feel I'm worth more than this. At the beginning I could overlook it as there were lots of perks to the arts, but a lot of those are dissapearing and management is a nightmare.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 13774 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 2:57 pm
13774 spacer
You've identified things that are less than satisfactory with your current situation, but without making your other options concrete, you risk slipping back into what you know and are comfortable with.

Big changes in my life (and the confidence to make them) have invariably come from researching my options and determining tangible outcomes that would take my life in the direction I want it to go. I might be a bit strange in this respect, but I've put together loads of long-term plans this way, many just as backups, then take strategic and budgeted steps towards it. If I know I'll need to save for to move home or take a qualification, I'll do that. It's all blocked out in a big spreadsheet.

Sorry to be boring, but I'd saying being diligent is just as important as being daring when it comes to these decisions.
>> No. 13775 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 3:10 pm
13775 spacer
>All of this for £18,270 a year and the age of fucking 30.
>My sister is a travel agent and she's on just over £24,000 and she's still getting a payrise despite the industry being decimated.

Fucking hell, I thought you were looking for serious money but have you considered giving government a go? You can certainly put your practical and project management experience as a selling point and earn 30k+ in a HEO/SEO/G7(at a push) role off the bat.
>> No. 13776 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 3:14 pm
13776 spacer

I'll give those a look. The option of remote working and living away from the cities makes these kind of jobs a lot more appealing.


Agreed. As much as I'm complaining now, I can keep my head down and do my research, I'm just a bit stumped as to how to apply myself. I've fallen into things a lot the past few years.


I don't mean that I'm looking for £24,000 a year, I'd like more than that. I just used it as an example of a job that is much easier and less demanding and is part of an industry that has been hit a lot harder than the arts.
>> No. 13777 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 7:15 pm
13777 spacer
Your problem is that you started basically in manual labour, you've gained tons of skills and moved up to what's essentially a management position gradually and if you were to start again doing the same thing you'd be on a £30-40K contract.

Start looking for another job, just have some imagination in what you're looking for and try to think creatively about how you would fit in, sounds like you're generally going to be looking in the entertainment and events industry so with things starting to open up again now everyones going to be hiring. You probably want to start mooching around for as many different job titles you can think of that sound in any way relevant to what you do "events manager", "PA installer", things like that.

Your CV should be as candid as possible in stating all the roles and responsibilities you currently have.
>> No. 13779 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 8:46 am
13779 spacer
It sounds like you meet a lot of people. Are none of them tempting to jump ship to?
It's a slightly awkward conversation, probably best phrased as seeking new challenges rather than grumbling about your existing salary/employer.
However, if you're there, looking all competent and stuff, that's far better than a blind CV.

>> No. 13759 Anonymous
6th March 2021
Saturday 7:44 pm
13759 spacer
Alright lads, here's the deal.

Back when life was worth living and you could do more than walk around the same square mile near your house I got a job offer to work abroad.

Like a twat I packed up my things and then corona got serious and they shut the borders. With my tail between my legs I went crawling back to my employer who just cancelled my HR forms and carried on working. Great stuff.

The place abroad had a fantastic HR lady who had been involved in my recruitment and she said 'anon, really sorry this happened to you, shit luck, let's extend your contract for a few months and see what happens.'

Obviously things did not really pick up and still haven't, so a few months ago I got a second email from her.

'Hi anon, hope you're well, I'm leaving the company but if you'd still like to come, reply to this email to the two people cc'd confirming and we'll extend your contract until the end of 2022.'

I tried being all nice and sent them an email etc to say 'of course, please extend my contract' and as they don't know me they were quite curt and said 'no problem, we'll contact you when things change.'

Obviously these people will have forgotten I exist and have no investment in the relationship, as months have gone by. Should I email them again a friendly reminder? What would I say? 'Hi, I'm still interested, hope this is ok?'
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 13760 Anonymous
6th March 2021
Saturday 7:47 pm
13760 spacer
>What would I say? 'Hi, I'm still interested, hope this is ok?'
>> No. 13761 Anonymous
6th March 2021
Saturday 7:52 pm
13761 spacer
I'm going to sound slightly weird here but any advice on phrasing the email nicely to two people that give me the impression I'm a bit annoying to them and don't really care whether I arrive or not?

'Dear XX,

I hope you're well, just following on from our conversation back in [month I'll work out] last year, I wanted to get in touch to say I'm still interested in moving for the position.

Obviously the situation is still very slow moving but I wanted to let you know ahead of time in case anything changes.

Best wishes

>> No. 13762 Anonymous
7th March 2021
Sunday 3:57 pm
13762 spacer

That sounds fine to me. Just pleasantly persistent.

>> No. 13598 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 12:55 pm
13598 Just got 5 people sacked at work (1/3 of the firm). Feels a bit weird.
Hi gents,

Just woke up to a message from a colleague that he'd been suspended with pay, along with 4 other people including me, from our accountancy firm. He's fairly certain we're on the fast track to the sack. Excuse me if I ramble slightly.

We have a slack chat (yes, this is predictable) that I set up a few years ago, and that we got complacent about using in work outside of Microsoft Teams to coordinate, and sometimes vent about our boss. Over the years we became less careful and more vitriolic, and finally I was furloughed on a weekend and didn't go back into the office due to pandemic, leaving my work computer locked and logged on with a slack window open somewhere. Dum dum duhhhm. Everyone on it gets a call from HR warning of suspension, apart from the newest guy who gets terminated.

So, 2 of them are elated. They described it as being in a toxic relationship and suddenly having it ended for you. The 3rd guy was on the ropes with his relationship with our boss, who wasn't happy with his output and has been looking at sacking for a while, while the fourth guy is newly joined, basically trusted that he was being let into something secure, and I now feel very bad about him. We have contacts, we can provide references, so he's going to be able to get something else. Since he was so new he's been terminated for 'rude messages' apparently, officially 'misconduct'. Personally I was already looking for jobs because I've just hit my 2 year and that was my limit.

I'm about to go for a joint and buy a beer and sit watching Star Trek while it all seeps in. I've changed the password and deleted the workspace so nothing more can be collected, if anything was. I hope to god the boss has got some screenshots otherwise I might be tempted to ask for proof and be a dick about it. Anyway, he probably has so he can pass them on to HR. How does one prepare for a meeting where you know that someone you have absolutely no respect for is going to try and make you feel bad for mocking them? Also, if I'm on furlough and the HR lady is calling me on whatsapp, am I under any obligation to answer?

He's literally got 1/3 of his staff on line for the sack. He heard a few weeks ago of a woman who had £250,000 worth of client turnover and was doing the whole thing herself on Xero, so now he thinks "I have a million quid turnover, surely I can do this with 4 people", forgetting that she has dictated the client relationships and records processes from the start, whereas half our clients are builders or mechanics whose idea of good recordkeeping is to make sure that only half the crumpled receipt is covered in splotches. It's all going to end in flames for him, the remaining seniors are leaving as soon as their 2 years are up. Everyone who's been suspended is prodding at the idea of whistleblowing (our boss engages in dodgy practices) now that we have nothing to lose. Also leaving glassdoor reviews.

Anyway, I digress. I've got some jobs to look at now! Feel free to call me a twat for not practising good opsec.
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>> No. 13754 Anonymous
2nd March 2021
Tuesday 12:08 am
13754 spacer
Welding an Astute class are we? I know, loose lips and all that.
>> No. 13755 Anonymous
2nd March 2021
Tuesday 12:21 am
13755 spacer

Wrong end of the altimeter.
>> No. 13756 Anonymous
2nd March 2021
Tuesday 1:04 am
13756 spacer
Space ship?
>> No. 13757 Anonymous
2nd March 2021
Tuesday 1:26 am
13757 spacer

>> No. 13758 Anonymous
2nd March 2021
Tuesday 3:59 am
13758 spacer

A fiver says it's airportlad.

>> No. 13647 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 1:22 am
13647 spacer
Am I not able to claim benefits at all?

On monday I am set to be made redundant, I will likely take a redundancy package of 13k. This plus savings will bring me to roughly 16 ish.

28 years old, have been paying rate 1 tax past 2 years and live with my girlfriend in a contract just signed - this has me eligible for 'New Job Seekers Allowance', but on the calculator it amounts to 20 quid a week.

Is that the only support I can get with my rent and bills? The one silver lining of this is that I thought I could put some of that pay towards something such as a house deposit in future.
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>> No. 13666 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 6:21 pm
13666 spacer
Where'd you work in China? Enjoy it? Would you go back?
>> No. 13667 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 7:15 pm
13667 spacer
Enjoyed it more than being hikikomori living with my parents.
I don't imagine I will ever set foot in mainland China again.

I didnt hate it at the time, but I look at friends who have worked consistently in a single company in the UK for a decade and feel like my time has been spent suboptimally.

I'm also pretty sure I have complex PTSD from all the job precarity, and international relocation (five countries in five years), and such.
>> No. 13670 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 7:29 pm
13670 spacer
Would you recommend it as an experience? I guess it's pretty difficult to put down any kind of roots in China, but I know a few friends who seem to like it enough that they go back.
>> No. 13671 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 9:29 pm
13671 spacer

There's definitely a lot of opportunity there, but I wouldn't have wanted to settle. Generally Westerners will fall into 3 categories: Staying less than a year because they can't adapt to the BS, Marrying and staying forever, or staying 2 years and then moving on to the next thing.

It seemed like the govt was becoming increasingly hostile to foreigners when I left in 2018, and I don't imagine things have improved since COVID. I know a married couple that left in Feb and then just never returned.

Definitely a good thing to do for a while if you're youngish and have nothing more engaging going on.
>> No. 13724 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 5:09 pm
13724 spacer
How much notice did you have?

Trick is to slowly start moving money out of your accounts so they don't know what you had. My dad thought he was being made redundant and had a few months to think about it; ended up with £40K stashed up the attic so he could still claim. Thankfully, his job was fine, but it's a good tactic.

Rules are made to be broken mate.

>> No. 13662 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 3:30 pm
13662 spacer
Any HR or hiring folk on .gs? Is it worth seeking "endorsements" for specific skills on LinkedIn?

Is it worth using LinkedIn as a whole, for that matter? In what contexts might it be useful?
Expand all images.
>> No. 13663 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 3:42 pm
13663 spacer
LinkedIn makes me sick to the core. It's like entering an ultracorporate hellworld with no connection to reality. Full of #ThoughtLeaders and #ChangeManagementCoaches, all presenting this ultra-sanitised 'aspirational' image of a world where the only joy in life comes from work, and everything is squeaky clean.
>> No. 13664 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 3:52 pm
13664 spacer

I agree, but I view it from a ruthlessly pragmatic perspective. Job alerts, making the occasional cold contact with people who have similar research interests, etc.. I've actually made some decent use out of it in the few years I've had one.

In theory, there's nothing that you can do with LinkedIn that you can't do with e-mail and mailing lists, yet for whatever reason some people are more open to being contacted on there. Maybe there's an informality to it, the ability to see a human face, it doesn't get buried in work e-mails, or any/none of the above.

Just don't scroll through the newsfeeds, unless you've meticulously curated it or enjoy reading mindless corporate propaganda.
>> No. 13665 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 4:21 pm
13665 spacer
It's an absolute shithole full of shitlords. It can help for getting random recruiters to contact you, but not much else - the endorsements aren't worth anything.
>> No. 13668 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 7:40 pm
13668 spacer
>In what contexts might it be useful?

1. For cyber-stalking work contacts or women you're talking to on dating apps.
2. Once you have a high-skill career with experience so you can laugh at offers for consultancy work.

If you're looking for the kind of work LinkedIn was designed for at the moment then you're better off just applying for public sector jobs. At the very least once you beat the thousands of other applicants you won't have to worry about immediately being made redundant.
>> No. 13669 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 7:52 pm
13669 spacer
Linkedin is facebook for the underemployed/unemployed.

Have you ever had any significant job leads obtained from Linkedin? Have you ever had any significant interactions on Linkedin that has resulted in an improvement in your career?

I had an account from 2007 to 2019 when I deleted it in a huff.

With respect to businesses: if you're not the buyer or the seller, you're the product.

Better to use your offline social/professional network, you can get as many leads from mates on facebook, and be diligent in a job hunt on job boards (especially specialist job boards).

During my last job hunt I applied for >300 positions in a 3 month period. I had about 5 interviews. I only submitted a one-page CV and cover letter for each. If there was any kind of corporate application system that required me to set up an account and pick my high school subjects from drop down menus I didn't apply thinking correctly that I wouldn't be considered for any such position.

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