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>> No. 4629 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 12:45 pm
4629 GS guide to fighting climate change
The problem of climate change can sometimes seem insurmountable. However, there are little things you can do which can have a big impact.

Easy mode
-If you have a workplace pension, consider changing your fund preferences into one that looks after the environment
-Use public transport over the car
-Have meat free Mondays, become a 'flexitarian'
-Switch to a renewable energy tariff. This way your energy only comes from renewable sources. There's one I've found called Octopus Energy which is quite competitive price wise.
-Grow your own veg/fruit
-Reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle (on waste/plastic)

-Cycle or walk to work
-Become vegetarian
-Insulate your house or upgrade to an environmentally friendly boiler
-Limit air travel to only a few holidays per year and don't fly long haul
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>> No. 4699 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 4:14 am
4699 spacer

>cruelty free

Not the way I do it.
>> No. 4700 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 11:44 am
4700 spacer
I've got the pension thing down, only buying meat from the reduced section and never beef or lamb. Been on renewable energy two or three years now (do not use Green Star Energy they are fucking awful).
Don't grow much veg as the garden's growing wildflowers and insect habitats. Growing a lot of specialist stuff indoors though, mainly in reused or scavenged plastic containers. 2/3 of the outdoor property is paved or concreted over so I'm putting planters out on the concrete and building a green canopy over the paving. Earmarked a space for a greenhouse too, when I can afford that. Vermicomposting didn't work, there's too much waste for the worms to break down so I'll have to build a bigger one for the garden when it gets a bit warmer out.
Only ever walk or use public transport, I'm not flying anywhere. Solar panels and heat pumps I've looked into but they're way out of my price range. Switched to a green bank; Triodos. Direct debit to Greenpeace set up. Stopped buying "new" clothes (except for socks and underwear) not that that was a challenge, as a bloke. Stopped buying non-vegan beer, that was harder (barnivore.com is handy). Spent more time in the past year volunteering for XR than I have on my day job. Done quite a lot for other environmental concerns too, just helping out where I can. My Ecosia counter is up to 1061 which apparently translates to 23 or so trees planted on my behalf.
>> No. 4701 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 12:04 pm
4701 spacer
>> No. 4702 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 12:23 pm
4702 spacer
>> No. 4703 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 2:40 pm
4703 spacer
Nice one. I'm gonna start growing out doors in February. But might as well start indoors now.

>> No. 4624 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 12:18 am
4624 spacer

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>> No. 4625 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 12:42 am
4625 spacer
This is not about climate change is it?

marty feldman.jpg
>> No. 4620 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:03 am
4620 spacer
f = f(x, y)

df = f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y)
= f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y + dy) + f(x, y + dy)- f(x, y)
= f_x.dx + f_y.dy

because evaluating the partial derivative at y+dy instead of y doesn't make any difference, right?
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>> No. 4621 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:41 am
4621 spacer
Starting to think we need a LaTeX mode.
>> No. 4622 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 12:58 am
4622 spacer
f = f(x, y) df = f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y) = f(x + dx, y + dy) - f(x, y + dy) + f(x, y + dy)- f(x, y) = (∂f/∂x)dx + (∂f/∂y)dy

>> No. 4623 Anonymous
24th December 2019
Tuesday 10:30 am
4623 spacer
dy goes to zero so it makes no difference, yes.

egg man thinking.jpg
>> No. 4603 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 7:33 pm
4603 spacer
As I understand it Aspect's experiment doesn't completely rule out hidden variables it just means that if they exist they must be non-local.

What's so bad about that? Maybe the hidden variables simply exist outside of spacetime. That's a lot more reasonable than observation "creating reality" or bazillions of parallel universes.
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>> No. 4615 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 10:46 am
4615 spacer
Why, because in one timeline you were able to discover a way to live forever? Death is always certain.
>> No. 4616 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 10:58 am
4616 spacer

Not him but yeah, that's how infinity works. There's a universe where you'll still be alive in 60000 years.
>> No. 4617 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 11:32 am
4617 spacer
I don't get this "decision" thing -why do we as humans think we are so important that the creation of infinite universes hinges on the decisions that we make?
>> No. 4618 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 1:23 pm
4618 spacer
Based on half remembered popular science I read when I was 13, I think it's more that any time an outcome is undetermined, when the result is observed, all outcomes happen in different universes, and this includes our thought processes and decision making.
>> No. 4619 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 6:54 pm
4619 spacer


That's not how infinity works. There are infinite numbers between the integrals 3 and 4, but none of them are 5.

With infinite probability you're assuming that you can reduce the problem to something akin to "if you play the lottery infinite times, you'll win the lottery infinite times". However, without a guaranteed source of entropy we can't assume that infinite universes would be in any way different to our own.

>> No. 4597 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 12:59 am
4597 spacer
Not really sure where else to post this, so going to have a punt there.

My mother wants to do one of those home DNA testing kits (23 and me etc). Beyond pricing (which I don't really give too much of a shit about) are there any real distinctions between the companies offering these services?

While my 70-odd year old mum doesn't really need to worry about getting profiled for online advertising or whatever I'd prefer to not hand her genetic material over to a company who openly sells it for profit, and I'd rather a company that does honest comparisons rather than "we'll just choose a random genetic group for that 3% we can't recognise from our database" type shenanigans.

Thanks in advance for any advice lads.
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>> No. 4608 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 4:43 pm
4608 spacer
After getting one of the analysis done, could you immediately ask for your data to be deleted by GDPR?
>> No. 4609 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 4:55 pm
4609 spacer
How would you ever verify how successful that was? They may well say "yes, we've deleted it" but they could have already shared it.
>> No. 4610 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 4:58 pm
4610 spacer

Legally yes, but there's no guarantee that they won't just illegally transfer the data offshore. The GDPR gives you strong protections against companies with something to lose, but a lot of the DNA testing startups are offering tests at below cost; their business model wholly depends on being able to sell user data.
>> No. 4611 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 7:33 pm
4611 spacer
Couldn't a customer avert these potential dangers by giving an alternate name? Is that legal?

>you'd probably also have called me a mentalist.
Aren't you still carrying that phone?

So the more expensive companies might be more trustworthy, from an economic perspective.
Do businesses have to publish data on their affiliations and transaction history?
>> No. 4612 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 7:40 pm
4612 spacer

>Aren't you still carrying that phone?

Yes, but I don't use facebook.

I'm sure in 20 years I'll have my genome sequenced but hopefully it'll be on a little encrypted card and cyberjackers will try and torture me for the keys.

>> No. 4593 Anonymous
2nd November 2019
Saturday 7:27 pm
4593 spacer

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>> No. 4594 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 6:57 pm
4594 spacer


>> No. 4595 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 8:41 pm
4595 spacer
I can't believe she didn't take the chance to auto-tune her vocals. Also forgot to side chain that kick or add the mandatory minimalist breakdown where you go like, off-beat for 16 bars before a reprise.

7/10 promising but needs work. Good hook, had me solidly nodding my head at the first.
>> No. 4596 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 10:51 am
4596 spacer


>> No. 4589 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 10:37 am
4589 spacer
wget -r slom.1121.org

Thanks me later.
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>> No. 4590 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 2:34 pm
4590 spacer
I am not wgetting a mystery URL.
>> No. 4591 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 2:50 pm
4591 spacer
I was going to search for the URL to see if it's mentioned elsewhere online but opened it by accident. Anyway it's seasons 1-3 of The Secret Life of Machines, avi.
>> No. 4592 Anonymous
3rd October 2019
Thursday 5:08 pm
4592 spacer
I just noticed that 90% of the threads on the first page here were made by me

zoom man.jpg
>> No. 4565 Anonymous
28th February 2019
Thursday 3:16 pm
4565 spacer


General relativity = quantum mechanics. Mind blown.
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>> No. 4566 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 6:26 pm
4566 spacer
So spacetime is made out of a tapestry of quantum entanglements?
>> No. 4567 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 6:11 pm
4567 spacer

>> No. 4588 Anonymous
28th August 2019
Wednesday 11:10 am
4588 spacer
Spacetime and matter aren't separate things, spacetime is an extension of matter.

usborne dictionary of science.jpg
>> No. 4587 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 1:36 pm
4587 spacer
how to disengage my atom's from the higgs feild?

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 4573 Anonymous
17th August 2019
Saturday 9:38 pm
4573 spacer
wat is the evolutionary function of bread's?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 4582 Anonymous
18th August 2019
Sunday 11:59 am
4582 spacer

How did you know that?
>> No. 4583 Anonymous
18th August 2019
Sunday 12:11 pm
4583 spacer

I think his clue might be the return of the kings t-shirt. That is tiny bit of a give away.
>> No. 4584 Anonymous
18th August 2019
Sunday 12:13 pm
4584 spacer

How did you know what that was? I assumed it was a band or maybe a LOTR fan club.
>> No. 4585 Anonymous
18th August 2019
Sunday 12:34 pm
4585 spacer
to look mean and intimidate other men

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 4586 Anonymous
18th August 2019
Sunday 2:08 pm
4586 spacer
Reverse image search. At first I assumed it was just that Dan Bilzerian twat.

pythag proof.png
>> No. 4568 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 5:02 pm
4568 spacer
Is the Pythagoras Theorem the most beautiful theorem of all?
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>> No. 4569 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 5:55 pm
4569 spacer
Not if you have a phobia of corners.
>> No. 4570 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 6:44 pm
4570 spacer
No it is scandalously controversial. He most likely didn't invet it and took credit for it like one of his many other outrageous claims, like having a golden thigh, telling off a bear, and being the son of Apollo.

fat carl sagan.jpg
>> No. 4561 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 11:03 pm
4561 spacer

Holy crap. If negative mass exists is and is being constantly created we could make time machines and FLT drives.
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>> No. 4562 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 11:12 pm
4562 spacer
I'm no physicist but I really can't help but think they're willing dark matter/energy into existence because it would make their sums easier to do.

21st century phlogiston m8
>> No. 4563 Anonymous
10th January 2019
Thursday 9:21 pm
4563 spacer

You just made me remember this, always worth a chuckle. We can't get banned for memes nobody under 20 has ever heard of, right?

Anyway, the comparison to phlogiston is a tad misleading. Phlogiston was considered common knowledge, the only accepted explanation by a consensus of chemists. Dark matter is only one hypothesis for observed behaviours (measurements of which have also faced criticism) and is treated as such. There are certainly other candidates for it, including some reworking of Newtonian physics beyond special relativity. Physicists are not in a position to be authoritative when the theoretical value for the Cosmological constant is still off by over 100 orders of magnitude...
>> No. 4564 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 8:36 am
4564 spacer

Cosmologists on suicide watch.

1up mushroom.png
>> No. 4560 Anonymous
3rd January 2019
Thursday 12:01 pm
4560 spacer

Penrose on Joe Rogan!!!

ur anus.png
>> No. 4558 Anonymous
30th December 2018
Sunday 7:24 am
4558 spacer
I still can't believe they named a planet Ur Anus.
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>> No. 4559 Anonymous
30th December 2018
Sunday 2:41 pm
4559 spacer

You know what we should rename it?

Also, awful thread.

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