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>> No. 2684 Anonymous
19th July 2013
Friday 3:37 pm
2684 spacer
Firstly, my engine feels like it is sick or something, it basically sounds like an engine from the 1950s. When I accelerate, it sounds very loud and dirty. Secondly, when I press down the clutch, I can feel the engine vibrating like Fukishima before the tsunami.

Today, while driving normally, I stopped at a red light. Held down my clutch, and the car just died. I started it again in neutral, held down the clutch to go to the first gear and it died again. I started it again in neutral and quickly went to first and accelerated, it worked fine. Come the next red light, same shit started happening. I am not sure about what is going on any more. So, I started getting flustered and I turned the A/C off, opened the windows and starting cursing the universe but then it stopped dying at the next couple of lights.

Just what is going on? Engine? Injectors? A/C? Clutch?
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>> No. 2685 Anonymous
19th July 2013
Friday 3:52 pm
2685 spacer
Sounds like the clutch.
>> No. 2687 Anonymous
19th July 2013
Friday 4:55 pm
2687 spacer
Yep, agreed.
>> No. 2688 Anonymous
19th July 2013
Friday 5:31 pm
2688 spacer
I had something similar, every time i was in neutral the engine banged and vibrated and all sorts, it is a misfire, i think it was a faulty spark plug in the end. I can't really remember though. pro tip is gently rev engine when not moving. I remember it was immensely cheap to repair.
>> No. 2690 Anonymous
21st July 2013
Sunday 12:26 am
2690 spacer
Yes, seems like the gear box. I was on the motorway and the clutch got stuck, it would not come back down. At the same time I could not go to any gear. How much would a gearbox cost? Do I have to change the clutch along with it? Does this mean I am a bad driver?
>> No. 2691 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 9:54 am
2691 spacer

Can anyone tell me what the circled bits are for?
>> No. 2692 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:04 am
2692 spacer
The one on the right is for your bog standard hot-air heaters in the car, and the one on the left is to do a loop-de-loop.
>> No. 2693 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:07 am
2693 spacer
When I used to use the heaters, I never pressed any of them and I still used to get warm air. What is a loop-de-loop? What does it do? Why is it needed?
>> No. 2694 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:25 am
2694 spacer
It controls whether you let fresh air into the heater system, or want to keep recycling the stinky fetid air already in the car. The latter may help a gutless heating / cooling system change the temperature. Demisting is usually better achieved with fresh air, if you care.
>> No. 2695 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:30 am
2695 spacer
So I should not press it along with the heater/AC? Why would they even give people this choice. Seems pretty useless.
>> No. 2696 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:40 am
2696 spacer
Some people seem to like sitting in a humid stinking fug of recycled air, and this button panders to them.
Although I have my suspicions that that particular button will operate an electrical control buried deep inside the dashboard of a French car, and will therefore do what it damn well pleases.
>> No. 2697 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:47 am
2697 spacer
>Some people seem to like sitting in a humid stinking fug of recycled air, and this button panders to them.
With the AC running it'll drop the humidity right down when the recirculation is running. It's really only useful when you're suffering from hayfever, or if you're stuck in heavy traffic and the fumes are getting bad.
>> No. 2698 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:50 am
2698 spacer
So I went out and tried it. Apparently, when I pressed the loopy one along with the AC button and set the fan speed to 3, it seemed more powerful than when I turned off the loopy one. Maybe it makes it easier and faster for the AC to work.
>> No. 2699 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:56 am
2699 spacer
Yeah, it only has a small volume of air to work on instead of constantly dropping the temperature of fresh air, it should reduce fuel consumption quite a bit.
>> No. 2700 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 10:57 am
2700 spacer
Yeah, it does - it's sucking air from the cabin, not the outside world. If that air is already cooled a bit, then it's easier to cool it further than to cool fresh (warmer) air from outside.
With A/C, there's more of a reason to use it, but with heating, where the energy's essentially free (any you don't use for heating gets dumped by the radiator), recirculate doesn't make a lot of sense, and makes the cabin quite foul.
>> No. 2701 Anonymous
22nd July 2013
Monday 5:20 pm
2701 spacer

The air intakes are roughly level with the exhaust pipe of the car in front. If you're stuck directly behind an old bus or lorry, CO and particulate levels inside your car can exceed safe limits within just a few seconds.
>> No. 2703 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 7:16 pm
2703 spacer
My friend on holiday just asked me to check the oil and water in his car. I said OK because I don't want him to think I am a dumbarse. So... water? There is water in cars? Where?
>> No. 2704 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 7:40 pm
2704 spacer
Here ya go mate.
>> No. 2705 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 8:34 pm
2705 spacer
Fuck me. Thanks a lot mate.
>> No. 2706 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 4:42 pm
2706 spacer
Well I changed my clutch, my gearbox was fine. But there is a new problem, well not really new. When I turn the AC on while driving, the car stalls after I slow down. I think something is wrong with the throttle body. This car is starting to piss me off. How can I clean the fucking throttle body without it costing me an arm and a leg?
>> No. 2707 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 5:01 pm
2707 spacer
You're meant to learn this stuff to get a driver's licence now.

Fairly sure the one on the right turns on the rear window heaters to remove condensation?
>> No. 2708 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 5:08 pm
2708 spacer
Can you find out whether you have an Idle Air Control Valve as well as a throttle body?
If you do, then that's what controls your idle RPM, and dicking with the throttle body would be a bad plan.
If you don't, then yeah, throttle body it is. Thing is, they shouldn't really clag up.
Of course, you could just blip the throttle a bit as you come to a halt, like people used to before all this electronics stuff raised expectations. Bit of heel&toe never hurt anyone...
>> No. 2709 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 5:20 pm
2709 spacer
I haven't opened it up yet, my brother is not too happy about this. He thinks I should just drive without the AC or maybe take it to my mechanic, again. I have been doing the heel and toe all day long today, to keep the little shitter alive and let me tell you, it is a hell of an exercise for fat people like myself.

Maybe I should just avoid using the AC, forever. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. I already spent £250 to fix my clutch.
>> No. 2710 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 5:22 pm
2710 spacer
I learnt about it just to pass the test, which I did. I just never opened the bonnet again, until now and I don't know about it any more.

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