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>> No. 14830 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 10:09 pm
14830 spacer

Verne Troyer, who is best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films, has died at the age of 49.

Troyer, who was 2ft 8in (81cm) tall, also played Griphook in the first Harry Potter film.

"It is with great sadness and incredibly heavy hearts to write that Verne passed away today," a post on his official Facebook page read.

"Over the years he's struggled and won... but unfortunately this time was too much," it added.

So... what exactly did he die from?
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>> No. 14831 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 11:22 pm
14831 spacer
I think he chose to end his life. I'm not sure if it was suicide or euthanasia.
>> No. 14832 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 9:20 am
14832 spacer

Thick cunt obviously never made friends with Hearvy Weinstein. Or discovered drugs. IQ measured inches me'thinks.
>> No. 14833 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 12:14 pm
14833 spacer
I fail to see the relevance of him being friends with a sexual deviant having an impact on him killing himself. He was also an alcoholic and has been in rehab for drug abuse in the past.
>> No. 14834 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 12:28 pm
14834 spacer

It's a pity that his life was cut short by all this.
>> No. 14835 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 12:56 pm
14835 spacer

That wasn't big or clever, lad.
>> No. 14836 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 1:22 pm
14836 spacer

Hey, hey, hey, less of this "sexual devient" as a slur shite, I'm a devient and I've never raped anyone. Weinstein was a predator, and not a cool one like in the film.
>> No. 14837 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 1:31 pm
14837 spacer
This. Anyway, by most accounts, Wankstein want much of a deviant in any case. John McAfee, on the other hand, is both a deviant and a rapist.
>> No. 14838 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 1:44 pm
14838 spacer

I've always had a problem with the word "sexual predator". Yes, there are wronguns who commit sexual offences and who are (hopefully) punished accordingly for their deeds, to the extent of the law.

But I don't know if you can liken people who are prone to sexual transgressions to animals that hunt for food. In a biological sense, that is the only valid definition; predators hunt other animals for food. Calling somebody a "sexual predator" does injustice both to the very natural act of a creature gathering food to sustain itself, and sexual offences that wronguns commit, because their urges are equated with one of the most natural urges in existence. And with proper therapy, you can often reduce your dangerous sexual urges to a certain point, while nobody would seek therapy to get themselves off eating. Well, some people get therapy to help them eat less, but that's a different matter.

Not sure you lot know what I'm on about here. I'm not trying to question the wisdom of punishing people who abuse others sexually and behave in inappropriate ways. But I've always felt that "sexual predator" is a poorly constructed metaphor.
>> No. 14839 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 2:11 pm
14839 spacer

Imagine how cost efficient it would be as an addict with a body the size of a toddler.
>> No. 14840 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 2:12 pm
14840 spacer

When the Leopards start moaning about it I'll reconsider.
>> No. 14841 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 2:13 pm
14841 spacer
You have it the wing way round. "Prey" as human behaviour came first. Biologists named the pattern in nature after it by analogy.
>> No. 14842 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 5:50 pm
14842 spacer

I didn't realise he was in Harry Potter. I always thought it was the other one.
>> No. 14843 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 6:06 pm
14843 spacer
The other one is 33% taller.
>> No. 14845 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 7:12 pm
14845 spacer

The correct unit of measurement for little people is in terms of Subway sandwiches.

Warwick Davies is one Subway taller than Verne Troyer.
>> No. 14846 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 9:19 pm
14846 spacer
He leaves big shoes to fill. I was certainly stumped when I heard the news.

I guess it teaches you to appreciate the small things in life, which is often how you grow as a person.

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