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>> No. 15932 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 8:52 pm
15932 Teacher Eleanor Wilson 'had sex with pupil on plane'
> An allegation of the affair only came to light after another male pupil at the school became aware of the relationship and threatened to expose Miss Wilson unless she had sex with him, prosecutor Virginia Cornwall told the court.

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>> No. 15933 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 11:16 pm
15933 spacer

>> No. 15935 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 11:37 pm
15935 spacer
You know you could compensate for your mediocre reading comprehension by clicking the link. Then you'd know that nobody grassed.
>> No. 15937 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 11:44 pm
15937 spacer
I get that this is wrong, I do. It’s a breach of trust and is, at best, grooming. However, there is a nugget of vitriol stored away in the back of my sub-conscious that pipes up when I read stories like this and calls the lad who grassed a bumder.
>> No. 15938 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:21 am
15938 spacer
The lad with absolutely zero chill who tried to blackmail her with the threat of grassing is a total bumder m8 and forced her to grass herself in or he would have. Is attempted murder not as bad as actual murder? I mean, they still tried.

Therefore, lad is a grass and a bumder (according to the increasingly irrational part of my brain that cares about this).
>> No. 15939 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:21 am
15939 spacer
I thought we were supposed to have had changes to the law by now that stop people who have not been convicted yet having their name dragged through the mud like this.
>> No. 15940 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:51 am
15940 spacer
I can't decipher who the complainer in this case is, how do they know all this if she is flat out denying the allegations?

Did she walk into the local cop shop and shout "I gave him a cuddle, but I absolutely did not have sex with him in the Aeroplane bathroom. Please arrest me."?
>> No. 15941 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 9:32 am
15941 spacer
That's the trouble with fucking kids. They're unreliable when put in a position where they need to cover for you.
>> No. 15942 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 9:37 am
15942 spacer
I imagine she stepped down when rumours were flying about, then the school informed the police.
>> No. 15943 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 9:47 am
15943 spacer

>> No. 15944 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 10:34 am
15944 spacer
Huh, quite. It's a bit disingenuous to include the prosecutor's comments as the article header; once you've read a smear like that, I bet your average Joe Blog wouldn't even register the quotation marks around it. Then again, expecting anything other than disingenuous "reporting" from the BBC in 2018 is setting the bar a little high.
>> No. 15946 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 11:29 am
15946 spacer

>> No. 15947 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 11:39 am
15947 spacer
U wot?
>> No. 15950 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 11:57 am
15950 spacer
Do you not see the bar she sits atop? Cracking wood.
>> No. 15952 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:09 pm
15952 spacer
N1 m8.
>> No. 15955 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 1:02 pm
15955 spacer

So she posed for some sort of Western themed photo.

That makes her a tart how?
>> No. 15957 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 1:36 pm
15957 spacer
I'm going to assume you're unfamiliar with the phrase "She looks like she takes it up the arse." in reply to any vaguely sexual picture of a lass in a skirt. Would it have helped if he had said phwooooar?

He said she looks like a tart, not that she is, but... well, she cheated on her BF with a teenage scrote so is it really up for debate?
>> No. 15958 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 3:04 pm
15958 spacer
Gosh, I remember when my form tutor ran her hands through my hair and told me how lovely and soft it was, I nearly melted. Lucky prick.
>> No. 16079 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 11:46 pm
16079 spacer

Our French teacher (wink, wink) in school was also quite something. She was around 27, 28 maybe. I believe she was from Rouen or thereabouts in Normandy, and just everything about her was an adolescent's wet dream. She occasionally flirted with some of us, or rather, she half seemed to enjoy the attention that she was getting from some of the more brash lads. But only up to a point, and she always made that clear. Not least because she was actually engaged at the time, and I believe she got married to her fella shortly after I left school.
>> No. 16080 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 3:17 am
16080 spacer
I'm maybe sort of possibly seeing a 23 year old who teaches up to sixteen year olds. I've personally bashed a few off to her myself and, so I'm sure that 99% of the hormonal nightmares she teaches have too.

Takes me back to memories of my science teacher who used to come and bend right over my desk to check my work giving me a proper look down her top at her lacy bra. At the time I thought I was being a sneaky bastard getting a look in, now I just realise she was a proper dirty cow who enjoyed fucking with the nerdy kid.

Still would've, mind.
>> No. 16081 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:37 am
16081 spacer
The jury have failed to reach a verdict.

>> No. 16082 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 11:17 am
16082 spacer
Your honour, we find the defendant milfy!
>> No. 16083 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 3:58 pm
16083 spacer

Kind of a bias still there towards assuming that female teachers getting it on with pupils somehow isn't a very serious offence.

Meanwhile, what was the name of that male teacher who ran away to France with a 15-year-old pupil and was locked up for five years upon being extradited to Britain? Happened some three or four years ago or something. The Daily Mail was all over it.

Not saying that that sort of thing is ok, mind you. But male teachers seem to be punished much more severely for what is often almost the exact same offence.
>> No. 16084 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 4:06 pm
16084 spacer
>Kind of a bias still there towards assuming that female teachers getting it on with pupils somehow isn't a very serious offence.
Cor, have you got some juicy gossip from inside the jury room then?
>> No. 16085 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 4:33 pm
16085 spacer

It just kind of seems like when male teachers go to trial, juries are much quicker to reach a verdict, and usually a guilty verdict.


>where they allegedly had sex, with 6ft 2in Wilson perched on one leg, before returning to their seats.

Blimey... is she Scandinavian or something?
>> No. 16086 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 5:00 pm
16086 spacer
Far more men than women escape accusations of sexual misconduct without even facing a trial.
>> No. 16087 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 5:31 pm
16087 spacer

Playing devil's advocate here, but a good number of accusations by women against men turn out to be either verifiably false or lacking evidence. And I don't just mean the whole her word against his type of deal.

I also know of one particular case where a couple went through a bitter divorce battle and the woman said to the man that if he wasn't going go agree to the (for him quite unfavourable) terms of the divorce, that she would go to the police and say that he sexually abused their young daughter.
>> No. 16088 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:01 pm
16088 spacer
Since when has the casual perpetuation of rape culture been acceptable around here?
>> No. 16089 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:08 pm
16089 spacer

>casual perpetuation of rape culture

Oh lad.
>> No. 16090 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:38 pm
16090 spacer
A good number of people each year die from being gored by a bull or cancer.
>> No. 16091 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:38 pm
16091 spacer

>casual perpetuation

I resent the implication that I'm any less qualified to perform this task than a fully trained professional!
>> No. 16092 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 6:49 pm
16092 spacer

Also, it has nothing to do with rape culture to point out that false accusations exist.

They're not just a teapot orbiting Jupiter.
>> No. 16093 Anonymous
11th October 2018
Thursday 8:05 pm
16093 spacer
Let's not have that tedious cunt-off yet again, shall we?
>> No. 16094 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 12:57 am
16094 spacer
Mornington Crescent
>> No. 16114 Anonymous
18th October 2018
Thursday 7:11 am
16114 spacer

She isn't to face a retrial, so the papers can now reveal that she's a massive tart.


>> No. 16115 Anonymous
18th October 2018
Thursday 12:30 pm
16115 spacer
If those are the most salacious photos they can dig up on her from Facebook she's practically a saint.
>> No. 16117 Anonymous
18th October 2018
Thursday 12:37 pm
16117 spacer

So the Catholic church is now not only covering over the crimes of paedophiles but giving them sainthoods too?
>> No. 16118 Anonymous
18th October 2018
Thursday 1:13 pm
16118 spacer
I have wanked to the picture twice but I agree. Its so tame that they are ohviously reaching and that makes it really obvious theres nothing to say.
>> No. 16126 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 6:49 pm
16126 spacer

>A provocative picture of Wilson

SHOCKER. Grown woman cups her breasts for a snapshot on a fun night out.

At least you can't see her ankles.

Also: if this picture was taken in 2009, then she was not even 20 at the time, but already looked 30. She looks alright for a 29-year-old now in OP's picture, but this does not bode well for the way she will age.
>> No. 16163 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 4:57 pm
16163 spacer
> She looks alright for a 29-year-old now in OP's picture

She looks aged well beyond her years to me like she has been left out in the sun too long and started to turn to biltong
I'd place her appearance as closer to 40.
>> No. 16164 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 5:02 pm
16164 spacer
I'd chew on her dried beef strips IYKWIM.
>> No. 16165 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 6:01 pm
16165 spacer
I had one teacher I fancied, a lot. Redhead, no older than mid twenties, always wore tight black clothes. We got on very well.

As an adult looking back, I'm pretty sure she was open to the idea of shagging a student. Even though I was shagging a fair few girls my age at the time, I was still a naive teenage and didn't pick up on the fact that she'd comment on the reputation I had with the girls, what I was wearing, how I'd obviously started going to the gym, she even said something vaguely snide about a girlfriend once; things like that.

I would fully have understood the intention behind such comments from a girl my age, but I suppose for whatever reason I just ignored it coming from a teacher as I just assumed that no 'adult' would be interested in some edgy seventeen year old.

Maybe it's just my memories being exaggerated now and I'm wrong, but the more stories like this I read the more I think, maybe not.

I'm sure it's for the best I didn't shag her but it would have been great, wouldn't it? If you're reading this, Miss Hallat, give us a ring, I'm legal now, if that doesn't ruin it for you.
>> No. 16182 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 9:00 pm
16182 spacer


The youngest and most beautiful of my teachers was 54 years old and with the same curves (and smell) of a long dead beached whale. I think it has fucked up my sexual development.
>> No. 16183 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 9:56 pm
16183 spacer

I'd stick my dick in her blow hole IYKWIM.
>> No. 16316 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 10:28 pm
16316 spacer

I think it's just the blouse and coat that make her look older.

When I was starting out in the job world after uni, my senior coworkers at my first job, although only a good five to ten years older than me, really looked very old to me in their suit and tie they wore every day. About six months later when we all met in casual wear for a company picnic on a spring weekend, they really actually didn't look so old anymore while we were all kicking a ball around in shorts and T-shirt.

Formal wear can really add some years to your appearance. Just take a good look at your own pictures for comparison.

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