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>> No. 15945 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 11:28 am
15945 Post-brexit damage control
>Many Britons feel they have to watch the pennies after recent inflation rises and years of flatlining wages.
This extends to their supermarket shop, with four in 10 people reporting they are concerned about the cost of food.
Against this backdrop, grocery giant Tesco has joined the discount retailers, which the launch of "value-orientated" chain Jack's.
Yet in relative terms, the British grocery shop remains one of the cheapest in the world.


Thanks, BBC. Now it wont chafe as much when the price of bread triples. 10/10, would be misled again. God the BBC is fucking shit.
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>> No. 15948 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 11:44 am
15948 spacer
Why's the Beeb shit? Those figures come from the National Office of Statistics, food in the UK is comparatively cheap and the article explores how, or indeed if, it will remain so post-Brexit. It doesn't claim we're all living on spoonfuls of ambrosia and rent's been capped to seventy quid a month, or some other barefaced lie. And before you go "foodbanks and child poverty and school breakfast clubs, etc", I wholeheartedly agree, but I don't think those things are shitty and dickensian because food's so expensive, it's instead a range of other factors.
>> No. 15949 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 11:55 am
15949 spacer
Apart from their failure to spot the conflation of the words "supply" and "demand", I thought it was a decent article.

If I'm honest your cherry picking of this article and even your perception of its aims seems a bit unhinged. It's not going to appease very many people to learn we had it very good (with food at least) and our potentially misguided collective decision threatens that (which itself is explicitly acknowledged).

I mean your criticism of the article centres around the idea that it doesn't genuinely reassure you. So what, do you just think you're somehow better able to see through their cunning ruse - that definitely exists - than most other people?
>> No. 15951 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:07 pm
15951 spacer
IMO the article can be summed up as
>You don't know yer born, lad.
When in fact, I do. I grew up in communist Poland, I know what hunger and actual propaganda look like and this reads like the shit my Primary School teachers used to chat bollocks about. We got told people in Germany were poor and had no food and that, actually, we were quite well off in comparison because we had so much potatoes. My Dad managed to get out to Sweden to work, which was allowed in the 90s to avoid the draft, and he taught us it was bollocks.

Beware the BBC, lads. They're not the bastion of impartiality of old. It's misleading shit like this, I feel, that makes people want us out, as we recognise it for what it is and it gets their backs up. I'm a British citizen now, I have two passports, but if you see us heading back to shitholes like Lublin rather than tough it out, you're less appealing than a post-communist block country with endemic corruption in society.
>> No. 15954 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:40 pm
15954 spacer

Yeah, reporting that the UK has 8% cheaper food, when expressed as a share of income, than the EU average (which includes the likes of Greece) is of a similar ilk to claiming the third richest country in the world is in famine.

Sure thing, mate.

What do you think are the BBC's propaganda aims when they report our trains are more expensive than European ones and London has the most expensive transport in the world?
>> No. 15956 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 1:13 pm
15956 spacer
Slide the bullshit down with a spoonful of truthful sugar, m9. It's indicitive of the kind of thing I used to see a lot of. When prices shoot up, you'll see a lot of "realistic rebalancing of costs" and calls to "tighten our belts" now we're out of the evil EU. Medicines nd food being scarce will be the EU's fault, we're already seeing Jeremy Hunt liken them to Soviet despots. "Actually, a lot of countries support us but big bad Germany wont let them!" when that's catigorical bollocks. The BBC reports this stuff without challenging it already, the amount of limp-wristed soft questions Politicians get on the BBC nowadays is laughable.

You should see the stuff BBC Scotland gets up to as well, Ofcom has had to investiagte them for anti-SNP bias twice after they ruled themselves fair an impartial via internal processes.

That's all hauntingly familiar and what I would expect of the likes of the Daily Mail, not the BBC which is supposed to be a pillar of trust in our society.
>> No. 15959 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 3:23 pm
15959 spacer
>I'm a British citizen now, I have two passports, but if you see us heading back to shitholes like Lublin rather than tough it out, you're less appealing than a post-communist block country with endemic corruption in society.

From the get-go I was suspicious of your post, but this sentence outs you.

Lublin is lovely. Put more work into your former sufferer under Communist schtick.
>> No. 15960 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 3:48 pm
15960 spacer
To be fair, Poland as a whole is a lot different these days from what it was like in the 90s. Dodging down alleys to hide from the military police to avoid getting drafted was an every day occurrence for a lot of young men. Lublin was especially grim, but it at least had a vibrant underground music scene.

Me calling Lublin shit is the equivalent of Edinburgh natives calling it a shithole, when I think it's lovely.

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