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>> No. 16560 Anonymous
21st November 2018
Wednesday 1:38 pm
16560 Brexit: Antidepressant prescriptions increased in wake of EU referendum

Antidepressant prescribing in England rose after the UK voted to quit the European Union, in stark contrast to widespread decreases in the prescribing of other medicines, a study suggests.

The researchers from King’s College London (KCL) said more should be done to bolster mental health services in the wake of major national events, such as elections and financial crises.

When they looked at this effect in the wake of the June 2016 referendum, they found that antidepressant use continued to rise in the wake of the result, but at a slower rate. However, prescribing for other types of drugs, which had also been increasing every year, suddenly began to drop, although the reasons why are not clear.
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>> No. 16561 Anonymous
21st November 2018
Wednesday 1:46 pm
16561 spacer

> Antidepressant prescribing in England rose after the UK voted to quit the European Union, in stark contrast to widespread decreases in the prescribing of other medicines

Anti-depressants are the new GP-level cure-all for any mental distress due the wide range of off-lable uses they're approved for; basically anything from social anxiety to full from major depressive disorder.

At some point in the not too distant future we'll realise the amount of harm we've caused over prescribing these extremely powerful and little understood medications.
>> No. 16562 Anonymous
21st November 2018
Wednesday 2:43 pm
16562 spacer
>Anti-depressants are the new GP-level cure-all for any mental distress due the wide range of off-lable uses they're approved for

The Americanization of this country continues apace.
>> No. 16563 Anonymous
21st November 2018
Wednesday 2:59 pm
16563 spacer

A month's worth of sertraline or citalopram costs the NHS about a quid. When millions of people are going to their GP saying that they're completely miserable, you can understand why a massively under-resourced health service is going to dole out SSRIs like Smarties. No GP wants to tell a suffering patient "sorry, there's nothing we can do for you".

It's clear that NHS trusts and CCGs still prioritise physical health in their budgets, despite the government's promises of parity of esteem. IAPT was supposed to extend psychological therapies to patients who previously wouldn't have been eligible, but it has become a kind of bargain-basement exercise in offering the minimal level of "psychological therapy" at minimum cost. I continue to be shocked at the fact that many patients with severe trauma, chronic treatment-resistant depression or psychosis are being offered nothing more than six half-hour sessions with a PWP.

I've got mixed feelings about antidepressants. It's clear that SSRIs work (albeit not for everyone and not as well as the manufacturers make out), but I agree that they're extremely powerful and we've become blasé about their effects. Antidepressants have played a useful role in my own recovery from mental illness, but I've had some deeply unpleasant experiences along the way. Antidepressants are a useful and important treatment option, but patients need to be adequately warned about side effects and need a range of other options available.
>> No. 16564 Anonymous
21st November 2018
Wednesday 3:32 pm
16564 spacer

In my experience SSRIs just made me more miserable. I was less 'chemically' depressed, but the trade off was that I felt absolutely nothing, good or bad. I suspect when they say it can make you feel suicidal, this is actually what they mean. I understand my experience is not representative, but when reporting this to my doctor the response was 'yeah, that means it's working'. No thanks.
>> No. 16565 Anonymous
21st November 2018
Wednesday 4:40 pm
16565 spacer

Not SSRIs, but I am on mirtazapine, and I find it just makes me docile. People say I am a lot more balanced than I used to be and that nothing ever seems to upset me unless somebody really massively gets on my tits (they don't know I take the stuff), but I guess that's precisely what mirtazapine does. Oh, and it does make you sleepy during the day. On the other hand, it lets you sleep like a baby at night.

I think there have been studies that people who are on NaSSAs also tend to be less aggressive both towards themselves and especially others, and are generally more likely to want their surroundings to be harmonious. So in a way, it can improve your social behaviour if you had an aggressive bent before. I didn't, not by a long shot, I was simply chronically depressed but never had any kind of violent antisocial tendencies.

I like to tell the few people who know about me taking mirtazapine that it sort of puts me on cruise control emotionally. Everything's a constant, slow and steady flow.
>> No. 16566 Anonymous
21st November 2018
Wednesday 4:47 pm
16566 spacer

I've had similar experiences on certain antidepressants. My anxiety went away completely, but I didn't care about anything. I only realised what was happening when I had a couple of near-misses when crossing the road. I was looking both ways out of habit, but I was making no real effort to check whether it was safe to cross. I didn't get embarrassed at supermarket checkouts, but I didn't care whether I got hit by a bus either. At best, that's a mixed bag. In the long-term it was very useful to have that experience and to know what it feels like to be totally unflappable, but I shudder to think of what could have happened.

Again, not to shit on antidepressants - a lot of people tell me that antidepressants have saved their life and I'm inclined to believe them.
>> No. 16567 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 10:09 am
16567 spacer
Antidepressants make you happy, even if your life is total shit and your living conditions are unacceptable. Are you too lazy and coward to change your living conditions? Just pop some happy pills, and you will be happy even if Godzilla himself is about to stomp you flat. My mother downed benzo like candies to be happy while her POS husband was stealing from her, cheating, raping and beating her daily. Obviously, she did not care much about him beating me whenever he fancied it. I am lucky I was not born a female, otherwise my childhood would have been way more fucked up (literally, har har har).

Happy pills should be laced with strychnine to kill off those coward shits that take them. Many of them would welcome death anyway, they are just too coward to jump in front of a train.
>> No. 16568 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 10:58 am
16568 spacer

>Happy pills should be laced with strychnine to kill off those coward shits that take them. Many of them would welcome death anyway, they are just too coward to jump in front of a train.

I beg to differ. Antidepressants helped me out of one of the biggest crises of my entire life. Yes, I was about ready to jump off a bridge, but the antidepressants in the end kept me from doing it, and they have enabled me to return to an existence as a functioning person. An existence that is by no means ideal, but all the while still quite more bearable than before. And without a doubt loads better than being dead.

You shouldn't be so quick to judge people. Most of them give it serious consideration before they decide to start taking the pills and they don't take it lightly. And even those who just take them to forget about how shit things are even though they themselves could change their life for the better, in the end, it's their life, and it's not for you to judge.
>> No. 16569 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 11:48 am
16569 spacer

>Antidepressants make you happy,

This is an odd thing to post right after a lengthy discussion about how they make you numb rather than happy.

You sound like that one poster who likes to tell us how mental they are and assure us nothing can be done, despite never actually seeking assistance. Good luck with that.
>> No. 16570 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 12:21 pm
16570 spacer

Sometimes, even the absence of emotional pain can mean happiness. And then even if antidepressants only drown out your pain, that can be a great improvement.
>> No. 16571 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 12:49 pm
16571 spacer

Well, I have all rights to judge my mother. Try to imagine growing up with a bastard father beating you for no reason, while your mother watches giggling in a benzo haze and denying everything afterwards. Happy pills are just the cowards way out of your problems, as long as you do not care about anything else
>> No. 16572 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 1:37 pm
16572 spacer

That has almost nothing to do with SSRIs or the people who take them. Get some perspective.
>> No. 16573 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 1:41 pm
16573 spacer
Benzos are not anti-depressants and should not be confused with them. My father took benzos regularly and I started nicking them from him to abuse when I was 12. They are just reality softeners like booze, and probably even more addictive and dangerous. I have heard many stories of misery that have come about as a result of benzodiapezine (ab)use.

I didn't try anti-depressants until many years later. Sertraline was a dreadful thing for me in 2017 - I was miserable for good reason after a friend I loved died, went to the GP and expressed suicidal ideation, and was given these things which made me feel nothing at all, just flat, and coming off them made me feel like I was going nuts. Psychiatry is a quack branch of medicine IMHO.
>> No. 16574 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 3:27 pm
16574 spacer

I dated a psycho lass once for a while who was just really pretty messed up in the head with or without mood altering prescription drugs, and benzos were really the last straw that kept her from killing herself. You could tell whenever she had taken another one of them, because a short while later she just had that blank, indifferent expression on her face like she was floating a few inches above the ground.

But again, she was pretty messed up in the head. Loads of family drama, plus plenty of abandonment issues. The only thing that was really pretty awesome being with her was the sex. Somehow in a weird way, mental lasses seem to enjoy sex more and are more open and lascivious about it.

Bless her really, because she had emotional issues that you don't wish on anybody. But I've still got loads of memories of her in my spank bank, because she was a proper sexual deviant in bed.
>> No. 16576 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 5:18 pm
16576 spacer

Benzos are evil. In a best case scenario they seem to work by lopping a few dozen points off your IQ and making you too stupid to worry about anything. What kind of shitty drug is that?
>> No. 16577 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 5:36 pm
16577 spacer

> Psychiatry is a quack branch of medicine IMHO.

I've been spinning in extremely expensive private psychiatric treatment for a few years now and it is basically Voodoo / Cargo Cult medicine. No one knows exactly how or why the medications works, and even highly trained psychiatrists will just try you on different combinations until they find something that gives you roughly the result you want without making you want to kill yourself. The fact that SSRI drugs are able to be prescribed by GPs continues to depress me, to be honest. You should at least need a referral to a psychiatrist for a basic evaluation.


Benzos have been, at times, the only things keeping me alive. I've done pretty much every type of therapy going but a relatively low benzo dose three times per day allows me to have a largely normal life. I can go outside, to the shops, to the gym, to martial arts practice; all without breaking out in a full blown panic attack (which I would without them).

We had a bit of a benzo crisis in the UK for a few years because of all the legal benzos varients you could buy by the thousand for a couple of hundred quid online; people were dropping 20-30 pills a day and then wondering why they were doing into tonic/clonic seizures when they ran out. That doesn't mean that benzos as a drug are useless or evil, as anxiolytics go they're orders of magnitude safer than any generation of pills we've had before.
>> No. 16581 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 7:46 pm
16581 spacer

In the old country every GP will gladly fill up free prescriptions for an insane amount of benzo and/or lithium. If that's not enough, bribing a pharmacist is quite easy and cheap. Almost everyone over 30 is completely addicted to Lorazepam. It's a fucking nightmare, you see people shuffling around the streets like zombies, mouth open and eyes closed, completely stoned.
>> No. 16582 Anonymous
23rd November 2018
Friday 1:55 pm
16582 spacer
What's the 'old country'?
>> No. 16583 Anonymous
23rd November 2018
Friday 4:11 pm
16583 spacer

The craphole southern european country where I was born
>> No. 16584 Anonymous
23rd November 2018
Friday 7:50 pm
16584 spacer

I have no idea why anyone would want an "insane" amount of Lithum. It's a fucking foul drug with an amazing shit ton of complications, including knocking roughly 20 years off your life from kidney and thyroid damage.

I only take it (and as low as possible for the quantity in my blood to be within the therapeutic range) because it's basically the single most effective treatment for bipolar disorder, and (iirc) the only anti-depressant medication shown in various studies to actually reduce morbidity via suicide.

Other than that it's hell as a drug. You have to take blood tests (lithium / creatine kinese (kidney function), and a bunch of thyroid tests) preferably monthly but at the bare minimum every three months. You also need a psychiatrist who remembers enough of his basic medical degree to make sense of these blood tests.

You can't take any fun drugs (anything that dicks with seratonin; lsd, mdma, cocaine, meth, I don't even risk smoking weed in case it triggers a depressive or manic episode) and if you drink even a couple of beers and dehydrate yourself you risk raising the concentration of lithium in your blood to a toxic level.

tl;dr - I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to take lithium unless the legitimate only alternative was flip flopping between crying in the shower and feeling like superman (bipolar disorder).
>> No. 16585 Anonymous
23rd November 2018
Friday 10:47 pm
16585 spacer

Beats me, I never took psych meds in my life. I only know that the old country is a fucking drug supermarket, and that a lot of people there like to make pills cocktails. I know a lot of older people that had spent several years downing benzos, raising the doses twice at year because they had developed tolerance.
>> No. 16586 Anonymous
23rd November 2018
Friday 11:48 pm
16586 spacer

> I only know that the old country is a fucking drug supermarket

ok now you really have to tell us what that "old country" is.
>> No. 16587 Anonymous
24th November 2018
Saturday 12:08 am
16587 spacer

It could be any former Soviet or Balkan country. I went out with a Lithuanian lass and she was telling me how her and her peer group all did benzos before they even drank alcohol. I've heard similar from my comrades from Russia all the way to Romania and Hungary.
>> No. 16594 Anonymous
24th November 2018
Saturday 11:07 pm
16594 spacer

When you are born in a shithole country with no hope to go away in the foreseeable future, you need something to soften the edges of reality. Otherwise, suicide becomes a very attractive idea.


Italy, but all southern Europe is in the same situation. Even Birmingham looks good compared to the shit city I was born in.
>> No. 16597 Anonymous
24th November 2018
Saturday 11:30 pm
16597 spacer

>Italy, but all southern Europe is in the same situation

Italy didn't look to me like a "drug supermarket" the last time it was there, but then, that was over ten years ago.

The only thing that struck me was that literally about 70 to 80 percent of Italians that we saw were smoking. Maybe that's changed, but it was really noticeable back then. Even groups of fifteen-year-old teenagers that you saw in the streets nearly all had fags in their mouths.

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