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>> No. 19592 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 12:34 pm
19592 Colchester barracks: Paratrooper 'shocked' by 'racist abuse'

> Hani Gue told the tribunal he saw Nazi, Confederate and SS flags and photographs of Adolf Hitler displayed in accommodation at Colchester.

> Mr Gue, who changed his eskimo surname of Hassan for fear that it could make him more likely to be a target, said racism was "prevalent in 3 Para and A Company in particular" and often passed off as "banter".

> He also said photographs of himself and Mr Zulu, from South Africa, were pinned to the door of his room daubed with swastikas, Hitler moustaches and racist language.

> Mr Gue, who asked to leave the Army in January last year, said: "During the course of my employment I noticed that there were Nazi, Confederate and SS flags and photographs of Hitler displayed in A Company's accommodation which is a stone's throw away from the battalion headquarters."

> He said the alleged abuse, which included people smashing bottles and urinating in the corridor where he was staying, had "an extreme psychological impact" on him.

> He added: "Unfortunately, my experiences of racial harassment and discrimination during the course of my employment have led me to realise that the Army is not the honourable institution I once thought it to be."

I should've made a career out of the army when I had the chance. It sounds like a fun time.
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>> No. 19593 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 5:45 pm
19593 spacer

not shocked tbh, worse than bootnecks
>> No. 19594 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 5:52 pm
19594 spacer

We throw them out of planes to deliver death from the sky. I had never particularly assumed that they were nice people.
>> No. 19595 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 6:36 pm
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If you ever meet anyone ex-army who isn't sipping Tennants by a cash point find out if they were RE. Sappers are always sound, and smarter than most.

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