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>> No. 19666 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 10:33 am
19666 "Recession Soon"

Here's Mark Carney talking about the likelihood of another recession, I make this thread because a couple of weeks ago I posted "recession soon" in another thread, but frankly that wasn't definitive enough. This thread is my declaration that the world's going to belly flop into economic oblivion very shortly, I'm sure of it.
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>> No. 19667 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 10:40 am
19667 spacer
Is it going to bring house prices down?
>> No. 19668 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:06 am
19668 spacer
I wonder what the impact will be on the share prices of tech companies, especially in the USA. I'm very fond of a hypothesis that goes like this: CEOs get performance related pay for increasing share prices as a measure of their success and improvement of the company. Goodhart's law in full effect, they game it by making wasteful and costly decisions that nonetheless boost share prices so that they can get their own pay boost/not be replaced by shareholders. Companies do odd things like borrowing money (at historically low interest rates.) to buy back their own shares, which pushes up the price. Everyone's happy until something comes along and breaks the illusion. Maybe a recession will shake general confidence, maybe someone will come along and increase interest rates so that the debt taken on at low rates suddenly becomes a problem. If either is correct, it should be fun to watch from the sidelines.
>> No. 19669 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:09 am
19669 spacer
Hopefully it helps kick out Trump and the Tories.
>> No. 19670 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 5:00 pm
19670 spacer
n1 m8 dem right-wingers wont no wot hit em
>> No. 19671 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 5:11 pm
19671 spacer

The following is a list of all recessions in the 20th and 21st centuries, with the winning party in the subsequent general election.

1919: Tory
1930: Tory
1956: Tory
1961: Labour
1973: Labour
1975: Tory
1980: Tory
1990: Tory
2008: Tory
>> No. 19672 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 6:43 pm
19672 spacer
I've always been fascinated by how Tories get away with recessions in their terms most of the time, but Labour are always fucked.
>> No. 19675 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 7:47 pm
19675 spacer
Most people are financially and economically illiterate. The Tories are well versed in the art of bullshit so people are prepared to be convinced by them; the economy should be run just like a bank account. Simple messages like "austerity is living within your means" are highly effective. Meanwhile, Labour may be no better or worse at economics but they give the impression of being far less competent and perception is what matters.
>> No. 19676 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 8:06 pm
19676 spacer
Oh dear. Well at least it may help stop Trump.
>> No. 19678 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 10:12 pm
19678 spacer
Yeah, hopefully we can get Adolf Hitler instead.
>> No. 19680 Anonymous
14th July 2019
Sunday 11:19 pm
19680 spacer
I used to look forward to the next recession. The last two big economic paradigm shifts were greatly influenced by downturns, and despite the fact the messiah who would lead us to the promised land something better did not appear on doomsday 2008 I've got to hold out hope he'll appear next time. Even as I know it's cargo-cult political economy, I stick to it on some level.
Increasingly I'm going to believe that even if we do replace the consensus of the last 40 years, it won't be better. Just different and probably sillier. But what else is there to do? If you give up hope of something better, really give up hope, you've had it.
>> No. 19682 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 1:01 am
19682 spacer
How do I skip this shit bit and get back on in the post-scarcity era?
>> No. 19683 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 2:39 am
19683 spacer
I think the devs made this cutscene unskippable.
>> No. 19685 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 10:45 am
19685 spacer
Time to uninstall.
>> No. 19934 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 5:40 pm
19934 spacer
Told you.
>> No. 19935 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 5:59 pm
19935 spacer

The world's richest countries temporarily defied their trend of always growing increasingly richer? That's your idea of doomsday?

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