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>> No. 23797 Anonymous
7th April 2020
Tuesday 1:24 am
23797 ITZ 48K - 8 Bit Edition
Bozza dead by next week, bet your house on it.
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>> No. 25106 Anonymous
26th May 2020
Tuesday 7:50 pm
25106 spacer
Honestly the hardest part of lockdown is realising I'll so easily play bitch to the government.
>> No. 25107 Anonymous
26th May 2020
Tuesday 8:18 pm
25107 spacer
My local supermarket is now open until 10. Hope the ice cream men start driving around soon.

Call the police and offer to wear a wire. Once the lockdown Mafia is lockedup you can then go into witness protection and get new in-laws.

Just think about it. Your new mother-in-law might be a fit mummy type in a messy divorce. One hot night you both share a drink and go too far...but you keep going. In the morning you both promise to never speak of it again, but those embers never die down, you're hanging out the back of her come Sunday giving her something she's not had for 20 years. Eventually it's just rationalised as giving a lonely woman something she needs.
>> No. 25108 Anonymous
26th May 2020
Tuesday 8:23 pm
25108 spacer
>Hope the ice cream men start driving around soon.

They've been going around here for weeks. I think the kid opposite has ADHD or something, he's a right little money spinner for them.
>> No. 25109 Anonymous
26th May 2020
Tuesday 10:09 pm
25109 spacer
The Government is drawing up plans to allow people to see their parents again, with garden parties and barbecues set to be allowed next month.

Small social gatherings will be able to take place outdoors from the end of June in the latest relaxation of the Government's lockdown rules.

>> No. 25110 Anonymous
27th May 2020
Wednesday 8:38 am
25110 spacer
And watch how "garden parties" become the new battleground; can't see British people misusing that idea at all oh no.
>> No. 25126 Anonymous
28th May 2020
Thursday 12:31 pm
25126 spacer

They have had coastguard planes, helicopters, warships and RNLI searching for a young lad who went missing while snorkelling off Weymouth since about 7pm last night. Searching constantly.

People are getting back in the water without enough emergency services cover.
>> No. 25127 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 2:33 am
25127 spacer
This happened in Florida recently as well, Shad Gaspard of WWE Cryme Tyme fame got caught in a riptide and died. Him and his son were in distress before that though and he made them save his son first, as they didn't have a boat on duty it was just a Jet ski, entirely preventable if people only realised services aren't running normally.
>> No. 25128 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 8:51 am
25128 spacer
Remember when I said I reckoned the US was going to go to war with itself and you said that wouldn't happen?
>> No. 25129 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 9:48 am
25129 spacer
It's certainly starting to look a bit sporty.

Not a good look for Trump in an election year.
>> No. 25130 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 9:53 am
25130 spacer
Wildfire and tornado seasons still to come, too. Meanwhile, Trump's focused on spatting with Twitter.
>> No. 25131 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 10:00 am
25131 spacer
His fight with Twitter will be the best bit of it.
>> No. 25132 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 1:02 pm
25132 spacer

Twitter must be pretty close to deleting his account, if he really does manage to make them liable for anything written by users, they'll basically have no choice but to remove him.

With Zuckerberg seemingly on his side of the argument, we might end up getting our presidential updates on there instead. I'm sure there'll be no issues there.
>> No. 25133 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 1:34 pm
25133 spacer

I can't help but feel like the news has been trying to keep a lid on what's going on over there. Similar thing happened with the gillet jaune protests in France. Coverage of unrest is being kept very quiet.


This is why I lean towards Trump being a genuine moron, and not a pretend moron with a plan underneath. Why the actual fuck does he think it's a good idea to go after his main source of publicity? Inflammatory tweets are what put him where he is today.
>> No. 25134 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 1:34 pm
25134 spacer
How is Zuckerberg 'on his side of the argument'?

>Facebook also put out a statement opposing the order. Liz Bourgeois, a Facebook spokesperson, said Thursday:

>Facebook is a platform for diverse views. We believe in protecting freedom of expression on our services, while protecting our community from harmful content including content designed to stop voters from exercising their right to vote. Those rules apply to everybody. Repealing or limiting section 230 will have the opposite effect. It will restrict more speech online, not less. By exposing companies to potential liability for everything that billions of people around the world say, this would penalize companies that choose to allow controversial speech and encourage platforms to censor anything that might offend anyone.

>> No. 25135 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 1:37 pm
25135 spacer

>“I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online,” Zuckerberg told Fox News. “Private companies probably shouldn’t be, especially these platform companies, shouldn’t be in the position of doing that.”
>> No. 25136 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 1:39 pm
25136 spacer

He said yesterday that facebook shouldn't fact check posts. Don't know if he's changed his position now.
>> No. 25137 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 1:46 pm
25137 spacer

I mean he is right, in principle of course. Look how bad the traditional media is at misrepresenting facts to suit an agenda. Imagine how giddy the Murdochs of the world would be to get their hands on a platform like Facebook where they have the authority to literally decide what is true.
>> No. 25138 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 1:56 pm
25138 spacer
OK, but this is very different to what would happen if Trump revokes Section 230. Facebook would go from believing they should not be 'the arbiter of truth', to being legally obliged to be 'the arbiter of truth'.

So it's really a moot point whether Zuck is 'on his side' or not. Either 230 stays and Trump stays on Twitter, or it goes and Trump can't move to any social media platform, let alone Facebook, to spout offensive lies without it banning him to avoid being sued.
>> No. 25139 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 3:47 pm
25139 spacer
That's not an unfair point, but Trump frequently makes statements with all the veracity of "the sky is purple" and "my Da' was Emperor Napoleon I". When it comes to that sort of thing it's difficult to make the case against "fact checking". YouTube seem to do something similar whereby they'll stick a link under official news channel's videos to confirm the existence of said news organisation. But arguably that has the effect of undermining legitimate and real news providers who simply lack the clout of the BBC or Sky.
>> No. 25140 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 4:11 pm
25140 spacer
Says notorious peadophile and goat diddler, Mark Zuckerberg.
>> No. 25141 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 4:13 pm
25141 spacer

I think it would be far easier to promote the idea that not everything you read online is true than it ever would be to police wether private companies are sticking to the actual, real truth and not some sort of slanted agenda.

I have no clue about the whole Trump banning twitter thing, I don't have a horse in that race, and I think anyone who is using Twitter is already far beyond the saviour of a little verification tick. I was just chiming in about something I can only possibly see negatively.
>> No. 25142 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 4:31 pm
25142 spacer
> I think it would be far easier to promote the idea that not everything you read online is true than it ever would be to police wether private companies are sticking to the actual, real truth and not some sort of slanted agenda.

Quite, because it's almost impossible to police and "truth" is often somewhat subjective in any case. Unfortunately the average person isn't particularly interested in (and probably doesn't have time for) fact checking what they read or trying to get multiple points of view on an issue and then having a bit of a think to see what their own opinion is on any given matter.

You can't fix the fact that most people are essentially stupid, as anyone who has to deal with IT security will happily tell you.
>> No. 25144 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 4:54 pm
25144 spacer

I think it is less a stupidity, and more an arrogance and exceptionalism. "Surely they don't mean x". And the greatest bullshit mills purport to be the ones telling you the truth that others don't. So people believe they are actually more informed and ahead of the game.

Multiple people have tried explaining the premise to people, it evidently didn't work. You can't just tell people to watch out for fake news you have to reprogram their entire way of processing information first so they approach things in a more critical manner so they can identify things as fake news themselves, and most simply wouldn't want that, and it is very low hanging fruit for being attacked as brain washing and thought control by those who would lose from that kind of education being implemented.
>> No. 25145 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 5:03 pm
25145 spacer
> I think it is less a stupidity, and more an arrogance and exceptionalism.

That's certainly a part of it, especially (as you point out) given that the fake news sites with the greatest bombast are the ones telling you what "they" don't want you t know, but I'd argue that that's just a manifestation of the dunning kruger effect.

On the flip-side of this are people who actively outsource their opinions to trusted sources because they feel that trying to get to the root of the matter on their own is futile, which while apparently efficient is actually just a special type of laziness / stupidity.

I know these posts probably make me look like an arrogant prick who thinks he's smarter than everyone else but I don't; I'm just an information-obsessed gimp with an over-active curiosity gland.
>> No. 25146 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 6:59 pm
25146 spacer

People are definitely thick. My take is that quite a lot of people just expect to be told what to do all of the time and either aren't capable or willing to work it out themselves. A prime example is how many people can't seem to follow very basic signs and arrows in hospitals and airports and so on - a little bit of unfamiliarity or stress and they simply can't cope. This really does seem to be the majority of people.
>> No. 25147 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 7:10 pm
25147 spacer

61f NLal6OL._SY606_.jpg

It's a very post-modern kind of problem, and I don't think reducing it to people being stupid even begins to scratch the surface. Obviously I know what you were getting at, but I feel that more than that it's a kind of fear. People don't really care if what they absorb is true, they just want to feel like it's in line with the orthodoxy for whatever tribe they belong to; exposure to conflicting information is distressing. To that particular kind of "Average Joe" neurotypical human, fitting in with your peer group is important, and being expelled from it threatens to break down the very sense of identity itself.

This is why it's only really a problem we're having in the post internet age. Previously, the majority of people were the kind of mainstream Upstanding Citizen who dutifully believed what the 6 o'clock news said, and whatever the editor of your newspaper of choice thought. Your community were broadly likely to share in your views, and at worst you'd have a bit of a debate down the pub about the headlines. A more well rounded chap there might buy both papers and weigh in to play devil's advocate. But nobody had many serious disagreements, because the broad thrust of the message was always similar. When the government needed to, it was very easy to coerce the public to believe what it wanted them to believe; and even for those clever enough to realise it was coercion, it was still readily apparent that it was being done in the national interest.

But today, anything goes. Who knows what the fuck is what any more. And the harder you search for the truth, the further you'll end up down some bonkers rabbit hole about Chinese cyber propaganda. You can no longer safely live within your bubble, because you are constantly exposed to dissenting voices, so the bubble has to become bigger and more vocally entrenched in its views to maintain the feeling of security for those inside it.

Our only option going forward is to actually teach people to think. Sadly that's never been what our education system is about, and our government is too short sighted to see that it is ultimately in their interests too.
>> No. 25148 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 7:26 pm
25148 spacer
Is the focus on fake news a bit of a distraction? My dad has turned into a bit of a Brexit loon and his only sources of news are the BBC on the TV or radio and reading the Daily Mail paper on a Saturday. I know the Mail will print absolute bollocks now and then but the main issue isn't that, it's the level of saturation they can achieve with anti-immigrant stories churned out on a regular basis over a number of years. It's the sheer volume of it shaping people's worldview over time and so gradually they don't even notice it.

That said, I do have a work colleague who gets all of her news from Facebook and she's a big Tommy Robinson fan. He's got credibility in her eyes because of the establishment cover-up of Rotherham and things like lefties stopping flights with African refugees on them being deported who later turn out to be rapists.
>> No. 25149 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 7:27 pm
25149 spacer
I'm pretty convinced that there isn't a single american that actually understands what free speech actually means in the context of the first amendment.
>> No. 25150 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 8:06 pm
25150 spacer
The problem with fake news, not to say that it doesn't exist, because it does, is that people like to class things they disagree with as fake news. They like to dismiss people as stupid for reading it.

Some people just don't like immigration. They're not stupid, they're not subsumed by fake news, they just don't like it.
>> No. 25152 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 10:30 pm
25152 spacer
You're right - very few Americans truly understand their own constitution, but to be fair, it isn't the greatest legal document in the world. We take the piss out of our legal structure when you find old laws that are still in place (is it still legal to kill Welsh people in Chester after dark? do cab drivers still have to carry a bale of hay in their boot?) but US law is full of it.
>> No. 25158 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 3:49 am
25158 spacer

I know you're right, but even I know that the first amendment starts "congress shall make no law..." and not "u can tweet wot u want"
>> No. 25210 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 12:26 pm
25210 spacer
Oddly I usually encounter the opposite problem where Yanks assume any appeal to freedom of speech is rooted in the first amendment to their crummy constitution instead of being an independent principle.
>> No. 25262 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 11:57 am
25262 spacer
Coronavirus: New lockdown laws in England make it illegal for couples living apart to have sex indoors

New coronavirus laws in England have made it illegal for couples who live in different homes to have sex indoors and stay overnight.

The Health Protection Regulations previously banned people leaving home without “reasonable excuse”, but the provision has been replaced by stringent curbs on where people can sleep and gather together.

>> No. 25263 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 12:26 pm
25263 spacer
Reminds me of that gun control ad where a guy snaps at work and starts shooting up his office... with a flintlock musket. 'Guns have changed, shouldn't our laws?'
>> No. 25289 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 2:55 pm
25289 spacer

Dogging in massive popularity boost shock.
>> No. 25301 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 7:52 pm
25301 spacer


>> No. 25302 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 8:49 pm
25302 spacer
So is this about teenagers or what? Why would you live apart from your partner going into a national lockdown?
>> No. 25304 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 9:03 pm
25304 spacer
Lesbians may readily move in with one another after the first date but most people don't.
>> No. 25309 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 2:31 am
25309 spacer
No, just by virtue of the demographics it'll mostly be heterosexual people doing it. Judging by this randomised trial it's 33% lesbians - an over-representation for sure but still a firm minority.

>> No. 25313 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 8:01 am
25313 spacer
It's a well known joke about lesbians having intense relationships that move quickly.

>> No. 25339 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 10:05 pm
25339 spacer
Exclusive: Coronavirus began 'as an accident' in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss

>> No. 25340 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 10:07 pm
25340 spacer

>> No. 25343 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 3:36 am
25343 spacer


>> No. 25344 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 7:52 am
25344 spacer

>> No. 25350 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 11:34 am
25350 spacer
So there's definitely going to be a second wave then as we seem to have gone the US route of deciding it's over with because we're bored.
>> No. 25351 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 11:45 am
25351 spacer
Has America had a second wave?
>> No. 25353 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 12:34 pm
25353 spacer

Pretty much. Kind of spits in the faces of everyone who's actually suffered through the lockdown, and all the key workers who've been working long hours to keep on top of everything.

You can bet the people who have more or less dropped it already are the same ones who formed the social media lockdown gestapo. It's just like I expected from the start- The lockdown was just a novelty for all the cozy middle class types who could just kick back in their garden and do a bit more jogging and cycling.

We deserve what we get at this point.
>> No. 25354 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 12:46 pm
25354 spacer
Can't have a second wave if the first wave never ended.
>> No. 25356 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 12:56 pm
25356 spacer

My leftie friends on social media who were all shouting "STAY THE FUCK HOME WEAR A MASK DON'T KILL GRANDMA YOU COVIDIOTS!" a few weeks ago have seemingly all done a 180 and are rushing out onto the streets to gather in huge numbers at the protests and take a #BlackLivesMatter selfie. They're acting like they never supported the lockdown in the first place, there's a real "EURASIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH EASTASIA" vibe about how suddenly the social media hivemind's priorities seem to shift.
>> No. 25357 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 12:58 pm
25357 spacer
Why don't you point it out and ask them to clarify?

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