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>> No. 9544 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 10:29 pm
9544 Recipes only, no comments. Stickied

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>> No. 13322 Anonymous
24th May 2020
Sunday 2:07 pm
13322 spacer
I've been making tea in the saucepan lately and I find it tastes better, kind of softer.

Here's my method:

Put the cold water and teabag into the saucepan
Put on a high heat
When it's come up to boil it's done
Pour into a cup and add milk and sugar to taste
>> No. 13420 Anonymous
13th June 2020
Saturday 1:17 am
13420 spacer


Why not try the AMERICAN way?
>> No. 13567 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 2:20 pm
13567 spacer

Suttsteve is the only Seppo authority on making tea.

>> No. 13804 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 1:23 am
13804 spacer


>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 13825 Anonymous
19th September 2020
Saturday 1:07 am
13825 spacer
You can't have been the first person to have had that idea. I imagine there's just not enough money in it, particularly since most places have gluten-free options anyway.
>> No. 13826 Anonymous
19th September 2020
Saturday 6:14 am
13826 spacer

He doesn't look like the kind of person who would get offended by this.
>> No. 13827 Anonymous
19th September 2020
Saturday 3:31 pm
13827 spacer
Fucking hell I hope I don't look anything like that in my sixties. Literally the shape and colour of gammon.
>> No. 13828 Anonymous
19th September 2020
Saturday 6:40 pm
13828 spacer


Alan Brazil gets his blood pressure checked at Kwik Fit.

If it drops below 80psi, he thinks about Thatcher while eating fistfuls of rock salt.
>> No. 13829 Anonymous
19th September 2020
Saturday 7:48 pm
13829 spacer
He looks like he could do with a fried egg and a pineapple ring.

>> No. 13805 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
13805 spacer
The local burrito place was doing 2-for-1 on all burritos yesterday, so I now have a foil-wrapped burrito in the fridge.

What's the best way to reheat? I obviously can't shove it in the microwave, but don't want to dry it out by ovening it wrong.
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>> No. 13807 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:04 pm
13807 spacer
If it's well sealed in the foil then it shouldn't dry out in the oven.
>> No. 13808 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:07 pm
13808 spacer

>> No. 13809 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:11 pm
13809 spacer
Defeats the point of a burrito, and also microwaved burritos tend to go all soggy.
>> No. 13811 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:56 pm
13811 spacer
Just eat it cold, you melt.
>> No. 13812 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:58 pm
13812 spacer

you can put tin foil on again after. 😮

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 13711 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 5:04 am
13711 spacer
Anyone else like having biscuits for breakfast?

My usual breakfast is a mug of warm milk and 5 digestive biscuits. Sometimes I get myself custard creams.
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>> No. 13798 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 7:03 pm
13798 spacer
They've got oats in? That makes them breakfast.
>> No. 13799 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:10 pm
13799 spacer
I knew someone would say this and I'm upset by it, mostly because I don't have a well-formed argument; but I know that digestives are for breakfast, while a hobnob is more a late-night dessert, oats or not. I think it's to do with the sweetness of a hobnob.
>> No. 13800 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:15 pm
13800 spacer
Seeing as we're debating the finer points of breakfast biscuits, can anyone suggest a decent lunch marmalade?
>> No. 13801 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:30 pm
13801 spacer

>lunch marmalade

For lunch you say - you old devil.

I would suggest that Orange & Lime is allowed outside normal hours. I only ever buy Wilkin & Sons in a marmalade, whilst I prefer the French-themed Bonne Maman if it's any kind of berry.

I do accept though given modern supply chains, and manufacturing techniques, they're all probably made in the same factory in Barnsley or something.
>> No. 13802 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 11:02 am
13802 spacer
Just looked them up and Wilkin & Sons is still a private company that's been operating since 1885. I'd be happy to support them, maybe I'll get someone their damson or quince liqueur for a stocking filler.

>> No. 13784 Anonymous
12th September 2020
Saturday 8:45 pm
13784 spacer
Are there any disadvantages to fitting water filter taps?

I think a plumber once said 'They don't filter everything' but not entirely sure what he meant by this.
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>> No. 13790 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 3:07 pm
13790 spacer

The disadvantage for most that they do very little meaningful effect for their money. Anything it is removing was quite harmless and nominal anyway. Unless you are in a hard water area and you have a softener fitted (which is best done further back to protect things like the boiler washing machine ect) but then you wouldn't need a different tap.

Unless of course you are going down the path of sticking a full reverse osmosis unit under your sink. Which is a much more expensive bit of kit but would remove nearly all dissolved material in the water, and put it at a level of purity that you could theoretically wash things to spotless in it without any detergent because of its abrasive properties by letting it just soak in it. (It is what they use for those window cleaning pole systems). It is safe to drink but I can't say I've ever seen much point in the difference.
>> No. 13791 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 3:08 pm
13791 spacer

RO water doesn't taste very nice, but it is very useful if you're an aquarium hobbyist or a meth cook.
>> No. 13794 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 7:31 pm
13794 spacer

UK tap water is still mostly all free chlorine, it's only really London, and bits of Anglia and Scotland that have switched to Chloramine.
>> No. 13795 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 11:02 pm
13795 spacer
> or a meth cook

A meth cook who is seriously invested in the absolute purity of his product no less. With most cooks you're lucky if they bother scraping the coating off the pseudoephedrine tablets never mind worrying about finding even distilled water for their various solvent solutions.
>> No. 13796 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 11:28 pm
13796 spacer
>If you're not sure just get a Britta filter and use that for a while.

I'd agree with this - I've found a Britta kettle to be one of the best compromises around this topic.

>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 13706 Anonymous
27th August 2020
Thursday 11:36 am
13706 spacer
Tony's Chocolonely is starting to make its way over here at long last. It's Dutch but privately owned, fair trade, and actually properly manufactured. Their dark milk bars easily trump the reformulated Cadbury's Dairy Milk while being more toothsome and less wanky than Lindt.

One company I wouldn't mind shilling for because it's just that bloody nice.
>> No. 13738 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 10:57 am
13738 spacer

Seeing as we're on about chocolate...

>> No. 13748 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 8:35 pm
13748 spacer
Might give that a look, lad. Thanks.
>> No. 13792 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 5:50 pm
13792 spacer
Anyone know of some chocolate that tastes like Toblerone but without the nougat? I'm considering just melting a bunch of them down and using a sieve to filter out the crap.
>> No. 13793 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 7:11 pm
13793 spacer


Milka used to be basically the same, but both brands are owned by Mondelez now so fuck knows. Lindt or Ritter milk chocolate is probably fairly similar.

>> No. 10896 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 8:42 am
10896 spacer
Morning, lads.

I enjoy making my own sauces (mainly curry or for pasta) but I want to step it up a notch. Yesterday I made a delicious cashew nut, Quorn chunk, sweet potato and pea curry in an onion, spring onion, ginger, garlic, chilli pepper, bell pepper, cashew nut, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, nutmeg, honey and plum tomato sauce but I want to add more flavour for a bit more of a kick without making it too hot (I'm mainly cooking for a mild/medium vegetarian audience).

I'd say it's better than stir-in sauces and a lot of the takeaways around here (although that's because they're bland and shite) but I want to be able to produce something on par with a nice restaurant. I don't know if I need to up the grease/unhealthiness or what. Obviously I need to widen the range of ingredients I use, so I'd be grateful for any tips and pointers.
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>> No. 13697 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 9:01 pm
13697 spacer

We'll have built the .GS nursing home by then - your families will drop you off one day and you'll all actually come and live with me.

Also, I love this Indonesian tribe/culture where once a year they dig up their dead relatives - I can see that being a thing at the home.
>> No. 13708 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 8:00 am
13708 spacer

Mushy pea curry might be the most disgusting thing I've read in some time.
>> No. 13709 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 9:10 am
13709 spacer
>>13708 Is that not just a dal, with all the possibilities and horrors that that can entail?
'curry powder' isn't an auspicious start, but might be rescued.
I'm just saying the jury's out, this could go either way, despite how foul it sounds at first.
>> No. 13710 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 10:31 am
13710 spacer
I'd agree it's just a dal - I mean tarka dal is yellow split peas I believe, so it's not too out there.
>> No. 13739 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 12:42 pm
13739 spacer
>just a dal
Waking up at twelve with my cloves again
Feel my mouth explode from madras and vin
Another tarka plate

bernd potato.jpg
>> No. 13611 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 8:32 am
13611 spacer
Can you get sick from eating bad sausages even if they're cooked?

Two days ago I cooked and ate some frozen sausages my nan gave me and became violently sick and had diarrhea

I suspect she left the sausages out in the heat before freezing them as she often does, but could they still make me sick if they were well-cooked?
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>> No. 13642 Anonymous
16th August 2020
Sunday 1:56 pm
13642 spacer
I'd look closely at the work surfaces in the kitchen - maybe someone handling raw meat/chicken/fish somewhere they shouldn't?

By coincidence, I bought myself a UV/blacklight torch yesterday and have been fascinating/disgusting myself with it around the kitchen, office and other places today. Dreading the evening darkness when I can turn all the lights off and actually really see it all.
>> No. 13651 Anonymous
18th August 2020
Tuesday 2:39 am
13651 ***Update***
That diarrhea really cleaned me out. It's been 4 days and I still haven't had a shit yet.
>> No. 13652 Anonymous
18th August 2020
Tuesday 3:17 am
13652 spacer
Think of the weight-loss benefits?
>> No. 13653 Anonymous
18th August 2020
Tuesday 12:13 pm
13653 ***Update***

Just had a poo. It was a good solid poo, not sloppy.
>> No. 13654 Anonymous
18th August 2020
Tuesday 1:19 pm
13654 spacer
Top bombing.

>> No. 13623 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 10:13 pm
13623 spacer
Just watching this;

Do any of you know if the same "rules" apply in the UK? I.e. you can eat salmon and trout raw as sushi, just make sure it was farm raised?
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>> No. 13646 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 12:49 am
13646 spacer
Say "boo meringue" out loud. Gave me a chuckle at least.
>> No. 13647 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 1:05 am
13647 spacer
Okay but I still want to see footage or studies of Australians booing meringues.
>> No. 13648 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 1:09 am
13648 spacer
I was watching an Australian documentary the other day about telecommunications. They interviewed a few people about how they would speak to friends. The millenial texted, but the boomer rang.
>> No. 13649 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 2:14 am
13649 spacer

>> No. 13650 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 3:11 am
13650 spacer

Fucks sake.

>> No. 13594 Anonymous
3rd August 2020
Monday 11:33 pm
13594 Seasonal produce
I've hit the jackpot lads.

The nice fella at the cornershop has informed me that one of his mates is a shopper for a number of restaurants in my county, and every day at the crack of dawn he goes to the enormous veggie market and sources their ingredients. He's branching out and taking requests from individuals so from now, two or three times a week I can leave an order for veg at the shop and pick it up the next day. All farm fresh, restaurant quality stuff, and the range is basically ''anything I want" since it's a big market.

This lad apparently knows all about seasonality but I wanted to get some specific recommendations here from you lot, especially since most of you seem to be vegetarian anyway. Given my situation, what would you order? Price no object but I'm not shelling out for truffles. I was thinking wild mushrooms, squash, baby carrots and some fresh tarragon for starters but I'm not clued up on what's best right now. Any help appreciated, I might even post you an onion or two.
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>> No. 13596 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 2:51 pm
13596 spacer
Thought this thread would get more traction tbh. I went with:

Baby carrots
Wild mushrooms
New potatoes
Swiss Chard
Baby tomatoes (any colour)

I forgot rocket when I wrote the list, sadly.
>> No. 13618 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 2:32 pm
13618 spacer
Has he delivered yet? Bring us pictures.
>> No. 13620 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 2:58 pm
13620 spacer
He's taking his time. I actually dreamed about it last night because I'm such a saddo and he'd neglected the fancier items. Hope that isn't foreshadowing.
>> No. 13621 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 3:04 pm
13621 spacer

Nothing wrong with dreaming about good things, Lad. I need a good excuse myself to stop dreaming about different ways to turn my pelvis into mist.
>> No. 13622 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 3:07 pm
13622 spacer

I mean, good things like you getting everything you ordered, that is.

>> No. 13366 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 3:04 pm
13366 spacer
Overall, what's your favourite fruit? I have a couple of oranges in the evening with a nice cup of redbush which I find pairs nicely. The sugar content is a little high but they seem durable and hassle free.

Just fishing for some ideas for variation.
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>> No. 13529 Anonymous
18th July 2020
Saturday 12:25 pm
13529 spacer


The cloves are just pickled in vinegar with peppercorns the usual way. You sterilise the jar thoroughly then boil the thing you want to pickle in vinegar, let it cool then put the two together. It was just white vinegar, the garlic turned it yellow.
The bulbs aren't pickled but "black" garlic which is normal garlic given an enzymatic reaction turning the cloves black, paste-like and gives them a sort of balsamic flavour. I meant to add them to some soy or hot sauce ferments later in the year but they're tasty and I keep eating them.
>> No. 13530 Anonymous
18th July 2020
Saturday 1:59 pm
13530 spacer

How are you making your black garlic?
>> No. 13531 Anonymous
18th July 2020
Saturday 6:40 pm
13531 spacer

Wrap it in clingfilm, wrap that in foil, bung it in a dehydrator on low for six weeks. Doing it in big batches is the only thing that makes sense else you're running a mostly empty machine. I don't know if I'd do it again.
>> No. 13575 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 5:34 pm
13575 spacer
Does fruit sugar count as carbhydrates, and will eating it interfere with this ketogenesis thing i keep hearing about?
>> No. 13577 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 6:06 pm
13577 spacer
Yes and no.

The sugar is fruit is bad but there's not a lot of it and the fibre in natural fruit slows digestion down, so a small amount of fruit does raise your blood sugar but less than a glass of orange juice for instance.

>> No. 13545 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 4:55 pm
13545 spacer
tfw quitting caffeine and going through withdrawal
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>> No. 13550 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 7:13 pm
13550 spacer

>> No. 13552 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 7:21 pm
13552 spacer
Is that strictly true? I mean if you're smashing ten cups a day I get it. But I have one cup of coffee in the morning that does feel like it wakes me up a bit, as well as initiating the morning shit.

I mean caffeine is a stimulant, surely it has some effect in terms of perking you up and whatnot. I get that if you're chucking tons down your neck it will end up being a means to feeling normal, but surely downing a stimulant in the morning will also actually wake you up a bit?
>> No. 13568 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 11:16 am
13568 spacer
I've been off the caffeine for a week now and I've been getting constipated and doing rock hard shits. Anyone else having this?
>> No. 13569 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 1:00 pm
13569 spacer
Seems to ring true for me, coffee stopped perking me up years ago and it will keep me awake/mobile for the day at a push but only if I have lots of it, and then it's not a good kind of awake because I feel absolutely rubbish. Switching to having a cup of tea instead of coffee has been miles better for me, personally, and I've cut down on coffee loads now, though I'll still have one every so often for the taste. Definitely feel better for it.

Thinking about it I did actually go through a period of constipation after cutting down significantly so maybe that's just what happens, but it should pass.
>> No. 13570 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 1:11 pm
13570 spacer
"That post has been cleared as not requiring any deletion."

Standards are slipping.

>> No. 13555 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 2:11 pm
13555 spacer
How do I jazz up my vegetarian scotch eggs?

At the moment I'm wrapping a boiled egg in Sosmix before covering it in breadcrumbs. They're nice freshly cooked but a little bland and in need of a bit of a kick. I was thinking of potentially something like adding red pesto or mustard to the mixture. Other recipes I've seen suggest blitzing Linda McCartney sausages in a food processor instead.
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>> No. 13559 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 4:28 pm
13559 spacer

Chinese cultural invasion. We are less likely to embargo them like we should if they provide us with things we like.
>> No. 13560 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 6:19 pm
13560 spacer

Dunno m8, I've been banging on about MSG for years. Maybe people are finally starting to realise that it's fucking delicious.

>> No. 13561 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 7:49 pm
13561 spacer
Who needs to learn to cook when you can just add literal flavour?
>> No. 13562 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 8:03 pm
13562 spacer
Mostly better science I think.
People are better educated about the origin of the idea of chinese food syndrome, which was basically an anonymous letter published in a magazine, at a time when there was a bit of a fad for people making up fake illnesses and trying to get stories about them published.
Plus the continuing lack of double-blind trials which show any plausible effect.
Theories of why MSG can affect people revolves around it being a neurotransmitter, but your body already makes its own glutamate and it's probably not possible to eat enough of it to have a noticeable difference to the amount of it that gets through the blood-brain-barrier.

Also most people have now wised up to the fact that while they didn't like the idea of MSG being added to their food, they've quite happily been eating huge quantities of "yeast extract" forever.
>> No. 13563 Anonymous
25th July 2020
Saturday 1:14 am
13563 spacer
The Linda McCartney sausages can be very good - I think the Red Onion and Rosemary ones are the best. I sometimes defrost them and use them for meatballs in pasta sauce, too, so I think they might have the right consistency for scotch eggs.

>> No. 13533 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 10:42 pm
13533 Tea for sleeping
I know there are a lot of new age/hippy sites with woo science around the drinking of tea from certain plants/combination of plants, but have any of you ever experienced a better night's sleep from having camomile, passion flower, or otherwise marked/branded tea that's supposed to help with sleep?

I've had periods where camomile sends me off in no time, other times where something with valerian root in it gives me an ease to sleeplessness, others where nothing works at all. There must be some sort of science behind it, something behind them being folk remedies taken on by people who type everything up in Papyrus. Don't get me wrong, I'll drink owt hot and proven potable and palatable, are there any particular hot brews that any of you lot swear by for a good night's kip?
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>> No. 13540 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 10:50 am
13540 spacer
>ask your doctor for a mirtazapine prescription.

Just come off that as I was developing paranoia, which I had hitherto never experienced nor wish to ever again. The best thing about being on it though was being unconscious or extremely tired about half an hour after taking one, ideal for sleeping, and indeed the endless appetite which I used to monster through biscuits with.


Incidentally, I have tried making tea with passion flower and it seemed to work, even though the flavour's certainly not something to write home about. I got a loose bag from a Polski sklep for a couple of quid when online retailers were actively taking the piss charging £5 for 20 bags while telling me about its supposed benefits in Papyrus.
>> No. 13541 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 12:00 pm
13541 spacer

It's just a regulatory quirk. The FDA have a fairly loose definition of "food supplement", so a lot of stuff that would be a medicine in the EU is available over the counter in the US.
>> No. 13542 Anonymous
22nd July 2020
Wednesday 1:31 pm
13542 spacer
To be honest, anything active in chamomile, passion flower etc is not effective enough to be worth talking about (St Johns Wort is an exception, as mentioned). Generally if you're struggling with insomnia, the answer isn't to add another thing that causes sleep, it's to address what's causing the trouble sleeping.

With that said, kratom is still available online in the UK, from UK-based sellers. The Police apparently can't be fucked to arrest them, but I wouldn't count on that state of affairs continuing forever. I did not find it helped with sleep, quite the opposite.

Avoid anything with caffeine in the evenings, the advice is six+ hours before sleep.

Similarly, avoid sources of sugar (despite their marketing, Ovaltine and Horlicks are objectively a bad idea before bed) or anything else high in calories. Chocolate is doubly bad as it contains a reasonable amount of caffeine too. Eat early in the evening, don't have big meals before bed.

If you absolutely, 100%, life-or-death must sleep (for instance, at the end of three days awake, when your sleeplessness-induced paranoia and self-loathing is at "cruel and unusual human rights violation" levels), try Doxylamine Succinate. It's legal, though god knows I only need half of a 25mg pill to knock me right the fuck out. I probably don't need to warn not to use it every night, because you'll wake up feeling like you're emerging from the bleary mists of a coma.
>> No. 13543 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 9:42 am
13543 spacer
I find myself nodding off pretty easily if I eat loads of pasta or chips before going to bed. Weight gain isn't particularly a problem for me as I've always been a skinny whelp and I'm jumping about most of the day anyway.
>> No. 13546 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 5:41 pm
13546 spacer
Food is energy, so eating directly before bed is a bad idea.

If you sleep well regardless, then no worries. If you don't, though, moving meal times to early evening is probably a good idea.

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