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>> No. 9544 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 10:29 pm
9544 Recipes only, no comments. Stickied

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>> No. 13925 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 9:16 pm
13925 spacer

Doesn't it depend if you're referencing the province, or the food? And I think at one point he was saying sichuan, not sechsezswean which I can't spell, apparently.

I've no idea but he was very try-hard about the language I feel. You always get that with these travel vlog types. Half of the food looked disgusting and he was just showing off. Only that first noodle dish looked genuinely appetising instead of some weird "look how worldly I am, I'll eat intestines that still taste of shit" flex. Prick.
>> No. 13926 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 9:28 pm
13926 spacer
>I've no idea but he was very try-hard about the language I feel

Well, he has lived in China for seven years, so I'm not surprised he speaks the language somewhat.
>> No. 13927 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 2:04 am
13927 spacer

But he speaks it in the same way Hyacinth Bucket speaks french.
>> No. 13971 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 3:39 pm
13971 spacer
Finely shred and boil a head cabbage, leave to drain.

In a separate pan, fry a large diced onion, 3 large cloves of diced garlic, and 6 rashers of smoked bacon in plenty of butter until the bacon's crispy.

Add 1 teaspoon each of rosemary, thyme and oregano to the bacon and onion, stir well.

Introduce the drained cabbage to the bacon and onion, keep stirring and frying until the cabbage starts to change colour and is well mixed with the other ingredients.

Place in an oven dish, top with a creamy cheese sauce with a hint of dijon mustard (don't mix, just a decent layer), then proceed with how you would make a potato gratin.

You can deglaze the pan with a sweet white wine to add to the cabbage mixture before introducing the sauce and/or swap the trio of herbs for a shredded fennel, which is fried alongside the bacon, onions and garlic at that stage, and 1 tablespoon of tarragon.

>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 13977 Anonymous
28th November 2020
Saturday 9:21 pm
13977 spacer
I suppose to answer the question in the /£$€¥/ thread, I've found myself living close to, and able to semi-regularly buy things from an M&S food hall recently. Their beef and onion with peppercorn mayo sandwich is very nice.
>> No. 13982 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 8:35 am
13982 spacer
Best prepackaged sandwich I've ever had was a carrot chutney one from M&S in London about 7 years ago. I've never seen it again since.
>> No. 13987 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 2:52 pm
13987 spacer

I've had some excellent packaged sandwiches, but the best I've ever had was a ham and cheese croissant sandwich from WHSmith's. It wasn't fancy, it wasn't even hot, but for some reason it always hit a spot other meal deal sandwiches and wraps simply couldn't.

I only ever saw them in the airport stores, and the pandemic has caused them to stop stocking them.
>> No. 13989 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 3:47 pm
13989 spacer

The Smiffs in Lime Street station stocked these for about a fortnight, then presumably had to stop selling them because they were actually edible.
>> No. 13991 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 6:25 pm
13991 spacer

This spice mix has made me overdose on chicken thighs for the past few days. Delicious stuff.

>> No. 13978 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 12:45 am
13978 spacer
Settle an argument for me: Do you put eggs in the refrigerator?

I had long assumed that eggs only went in the fridge if you're buying the American ones where the shell has been washed. For proper eggs you don't put them in as moisture builds up on the inside of the shell.

Well, I just looked at the egg carton in my cupboard and it says to keep them refrigerated for best results. I don't know what to believe anymore.
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>> No. 13983 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 10:15 am
13983 spacer
If you keep them in the fridge, then your boil timing goes all to fuck.
>> No. 13984 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 10:22 am
13984 spacer
I left an egg on a radiator for a month to give to someone as a prank, expecting it to smell when cracked, but he cooked and ate it without noticing and before I could stop him. It didn't make him ill and he said it tasted completely normal.

I think you can tell when eggs are off, the yolk seems to stick to the inside of the shell more than usual. I've had a few recently where it was slightly stuck and they didn't taste off.
>> No. 13985 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 12:54 pm
13985 spacer
>For proper eggs you don't put them in as moisture builds up on the inside of the shell.

I've never heard this before. As >>13981 says aren't eggs already full of moisture on the inside of the shell?
>> No. 13986 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 2:01 pm
13986 spacer
At the back of my cupboard is a box of 7 year old eggs. They look fine, but feel a little fluffy and roll like mexican jumping beans.
>> No. 13988 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 3:37 pm
13988 spacer

A little bit of experimentation is required, but I find 4:30 to 4:45 is ideal for soft boiled eggs, if you're taking them from the fridge and putting them straight into a rolling boil.

>> No. 12576 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 1:41 pm
12576 spacer
Is cultural appropriation even possible when it comes to cooking?
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>> No. 13967 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 8:41 am
13967 spacer
Only ypipo can be racist.
>> No. 13968 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 9:33 am
13968 spacer
Here's an article about McDonald's chicken that actually matters.
>> No. 13969 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 10:03 am
13969 spacer
It's because we're racist and dismiss their complaints as whining. There is a deep culture surrounding pasta in Italy. There are rules about which shapes go with which sauces and which ingredients. Spaghetti bolognese particularly annoys them, because what's usually served up is napolitana, and neither are supposed to go with spaghetti.
>> No. 13970 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 10:15 am
13970 spacer

>Nobody's ever gotten in trouble for making a carbonara while being English

>> No. 13973 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 4:18 pm
13973 spacer
Another article about fast food chicken but it doesn't mention idpol so it's not funny to argue about.

>> No. 13939 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 12:21 pm
13939 Fish
I'm stepping up how much fish I eat but don't really have a clue what I'm doing as I didn't grow up eating much beyond battered cod. Therefore I'm going to ask a couple of stupid questions as I work out how to have fish twice a week.

I assume a can of pilchards on toast is a dinner item and that I warm them up in a saucepan for going on toast? Maybe with eggs?
Similar deal with canned Mackerel?
What other seafoods should I consider?

I googled this but the BBC food article decided to make repeated reference to pilchards being cat food. It's incredibly cheap admittedly.
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>> No. 13950 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 10:18 pm
13950 spacer

My favourite canned fish is the smoked sprats they sell in Eastern Euro skleps.

I wish you could find them in regular supermarkets.
>> No. 13951 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 10:56 pm
13951 spacer
So I just pour the can out on some toast and then put it under a grill? I'm having misgivings given the sauce, surely it goes in a pot and is heated?

How do I avoid it stinking up to the house when I cook or do I just bake everything in bags and oiled paper?

Tuna is pricey and the canning process breaks down the omega-3.

I'm not sure how I'd feel about eating fish regularly caught from the Baltic. Isn't it still horribly polluted?
>> No. 13952 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 11:27 pm
13952 spacer

If your fish stinks up the house, you have bought bad fish.

I just put cold mackerel on hot toast, I do not have the time nor inclination to do otherwise. There's not enough sauce in one of those tins to justify using a pan, just stick it under the grill if you must.
>> No. 13953 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 12:50 am
13953 spacer

The kippers I like come in oil, you obviously shake the oil off a bit or drain the liquid from the can before you put them on your toast. If you've got the ones that come in tomato sauce I don't know what to tell you, it's never occurred to me that anyone buys them. I thought they were just filler they use to pad out the shelves.

Presumably just whack the can in some hot water for a bit so they're already warm when you open them?
>> No. 13956 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 10:24 am
13956 spacer


The same company that does those cream sauce herrings also have their take on the matjes herring, albeit very salty, and my goodness do they taste like prepared, salted anchovies. You can cook with them the same way, they just need chopping up a bit, and are far more cost effective if that's any concern.

Anchovies as bought at a deli counter in oil w/ flavouring like dill and lemon are delicious though and a completely different experience to the salted, tinned ones.

>> No. 5772 Anonymous
20th March 2011
Sunday 6:01 pm
5772 spacer
What is the king of confectionery boxes?

I used to think it was Cadbury Roses, but I had some lately and they've greatly reduced the variety and quality of chocolates available. I've heard Cadbury have also done the same with Miniature Heroes; taking out Crunchie, Picnic, Time Out and Caramel with a nut in it (can't remember the proper name for this).

Quality Street? Celebrations?
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>> No. 13163 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 9:09 pm
13163 spacer

Because the only reason these boxes exist at all is for the companies to shift the shit ones nobody likes by mixing them with the good ones people do like.

Don't fall for Big Chocolate and their schemes lad.
>> No. 13916 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 5:32 pm
13916 spacer
>Cadbury has reduced the size of its selection box Fudge bars by 12 per cent in a bid to tackle childhood obesity.


>> No. 13917 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 5:48 pm
13917 spacer
>bid to tackle childhood obesity

And it just so happens that Cadbury already tried to get rid of Fudge a couple years back. Fucking bullshit, it's been a death spiral ever since the Americans bought it.
>> No. 13918 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 6:04 pm
13918 spacer

It's since the Kraft takeover that all these additional party flavours came out. 'Fruit and chopped nuts' are just the last grains from the bottom of the barrel, as are the crossover varieties which ingredients failed to pass quality control for the main products. It's good to reduce waste and all but to sell it as a new product at full price? disgraceful.
I rarely buy Cadburies nowadays. Kraft can suck a dick.
>> No. 13919 Anonymous
10th November 2020
Tuesday 9:27 pm
13919 spacer
a box of roses by any other name...

>> No. 13868 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 9:41 am
13868 spacer
My gluten-free soy sauce ferment seems to be stuck. It's yellow but hasn't got darker brown the same way the gluten one has. Is there anything I can do? Maybe add a smidgen of the gluten one to get the microbes going? Just leave the lid off for a while? They're all six months old a this point.
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>> No. 13869 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 4:52 pm
13869 spacer
You're making your own soy sauce? That's impressive.
>> No. 13913 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 6:40 pm
13913 spacer
I'm trying to. This one (with wheatflour) is only 5.5 months old and it tastes more like gyoza dipping sauce than plain soy sauce. I put a dollop of it in each of the two non-wheatflour ones with half a bag of gram flour because I didn't read the label before buying it and thought fuck it.
>> No. 13914 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 6:41 pm
13914 spacer

this one*
>> No. 13915 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 8:53 pm
13915 spacer

Looks a bit less grotty now I've finished filtering out the koji gunk.

>> No. 13711 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 5:04 am
13711 spacer
Anyone else like having biscuits for breakfast?

My usual breakfast is a mug of warm milk and 5 digestive biscuits. Sometimes I get myself custard creams.
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>> No. 13799 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:10 pm
13799 spacer
I knew someone would say this and I'm upset by it, mostly because I don't have a well-formed argument; but I know that digestives are for breakfast, while a hobnob is more a late-night dessert, oats or not. I think it's to do with the sweetness of a hobnob.
>> No. 13800 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:15 pm
13800 spacer
Seeing as we're debating the finer points of breakfast biscuits, can anyone suggest a decent lunch marmalade?
>> No. 13801 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:30 pm
13801 spacer

>lunch marmalade

For lunch you say - you old devil.

I would suggest that Orange & Lime is allowed outside normal hours. I only ever buy Wilkin & Sons in a marmalade, whilst I prefer the French-themed Bonne Maman if it's any kind of berry.

I do accept though given modern supply chains, and manufacturing techniques, they're all probably made in the same factory in Barnsley or something.
>> No. 13802 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 11:02 am
13802 spacer
Just looked them up and Wilkin & Sons is still a private company that's been operating since 1885. I'd be happy to support them, maybe I'll get someone their damson or quince liqueur for a stocking filler.
>> No. 13893 Anonymous
18th October 2020
Sunday 4:27 pm
13893 spacer

If 19th-century newspapers are to be believed, Victorian gentlemen were martyrs to an epidemic of flatulence. McVitie’s is credited with having invented the digestive biscuit as a remedy for their disordered stomachs. In fact the idea that biscuits would cure “windy colic” was nothing new. In the 15th century, caraway biscuits were eaten to comfort the stomach. In 1892, McVitie’s added baking powder – thought to guard against indigestion – to sweetmeal biscuits.


This book sounds like required reading, for everyone. Comes out at the end of the month.

>> No. 13854 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 12:36 pm
13854 spacer
Sometimes humanity goes too far.
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>> No. 13867 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 7:08 pm
13867 spacer
Fat bastard.
>> No. 13870 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 7:23 pm
13870 spacer

I remember having one of these one Xmas eve. It was as shite as you'd expect.
>> No. 13871 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 7:45 pm
13871 spacer

Could be worse.
>> No. 13872 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 9:28 pm
13872 spacer
"If you want a vision of the future of ready meals, imagine Peter Andre suppressing his raging boner with a mallet - forever." - George Orwell.
>> No. 13873 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 10:00 pm
13873 spacer

>imagine Peter Andre suppressing his raging boner with a mallet

I can wank to that.

>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 13748 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 8:35 pm
13748 spacer
Might give that a look, lad. Thanks.
>> No. 13792 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 5:50 pm
13792 spacer
Anyone know of some chocolate that tastes like Toblerone but without the nougat? I'm considering just melting a bunch of them down and using a sieve to filter out the crap.
>> No. 13793 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 7:11 pm
13793 spacer


Milka used to be basically the same, but both brands are owned by Mondelez now so fuck knows. Lindt or Ritter milk chocolate is probably fairly similar.
>> No. 13852 Anonymous
30th September 2020
Wednesday 2:50 pm
13852 spacer
>one of the rare sources of healthy fast food.

Sandwiches in Subway 'too sugary to meet legal definition of being bread'

>> No. 13853 Anonymous
1st October 2020
Thursday 6:58 am
13853 spacer
I've always thought that - the bread just tastes weird like a crap brioche.

>> No. 13834 Anonymous
27th September 2020
Sunday 8:18 pm
13834 spacer
What's happened to chocolate rich tea biscuits? I can't find them anywhere.
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>> No. 13847 Anonymous
28th September 2020
Monday 2:49 pm
13847 spacer

That's despicable erasure of the unique and distinctive digestive culture.
>> No. 13848 Anonymous
28th September 2020
Monday 3:18 pm
13848 spacer
What about jaffa lollies?

>> No. 13849 Anonymous
28th September 2020
Monday 6:06 pm
13849 spacer
Is this meant to be Paddy McGuiness?
>> No. 13850 Anonymous
28th September 2020
Monday 7:27 pm
13850 spacer
It's Benedict McVitiesbatch
>> No. 13851 Anonymous
28th September 2020
Monday 11:19 pm
13851 spacer

This is him. Pretty, but a cartoon wafer of a biscuit and therefore unsatisfying.

>> No. 13805 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
13805 spacer
The local burrito place was doing 2-for-1 on all burritos yesterday, so I now have a foil-wrapped burrito in the fridge.

What's the best way to reheat? I obviously can't shove it in the microwave, but don't want to dry it out by ovening it wrong.
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>> No. 13807 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:04 pm
13807 spacer
If it's well sealed in the foil then it shouldn't dry out in the oven.
>> No. 13808 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:07 pm
13808 spacer

>> No. 13809 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:11 pm
13809 spacer
Defeats the point of a burrito, and also microwaved burritos tend to go all soggy.
>> No. 13811 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:56 pm
13811 spacer
Just eat it cold, you melt.
>> No. 13812 Anonymous
16th September 2020
Wednesday 12:58 pm
13812 spacer

you can put tin foil on again after. 😮

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 13784 Anonymous
12th September 2020
Saturday 8:45 pm
13784 spacer
Are there any disadvantages to fitting water filter taps?

I think a plumber once said 'They don't filter everything' but not entirely sure what he meant by this.
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>> No. 13790 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 3:07 pm
13790 spacer

The disadvantage for most that they do very little meaningful effect for their money. Anything it is removing was quite harmless and nominal anyway. Unless you are in a hard water area and you have a softener fitted (which is best done further back to protect things like the boiler washing machine ect) but then you wouldn't need a different tap.

Unless of course you are going down the path of sticking a full reverse osmosis unit under your sink. Which is a much more expensive bit of kit but would remove nearly all dissolved material in the water, and put it at a level of purity that you could theoretically wash things to spotless in it without any detergent because of its abrasive properties by letting it just soak in it. (It is what they use for those window cleaning pole systems). It is safe to drink but I can't say I've ever seen much point in the difference.
>> No. 13791 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 3:08 pm
13791 spacer

RO water doesn't taste very nice, but it is very useful if you're an aquarium hobbyist or a meth cook.
>> No. 13794 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 7:31 pm
13794 spacer

UK tap water is still mostly all free chlorine, it's only really London, and bits of Anglia and Scotland that have switched to Chloramine.
>> No. 13795 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 11:02 pm
13795 spacer
> or a meth cook

A meth cook who is seriously invested in the absolute purity of his product no less. With most cooks you're lucky if they bother scraping the coating off the pseudoephedrine tablets never mind worrying about finding even distilled water for their various solvent solutions.
>> No. 13796 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 11:28 pm
13796 spacer
>If you're not sure just get a Britta filter and use that for a while.

I'd agree with this - I've found a Britta kettle to be one of the best compromises around this topic.

>> No. 10896 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 8:42 am
10896 spacer
Morning, lads.

I enjoy making my own sauces (mainly curry or for pasta) but I want to step it up a notch. Yesterday I made a delicious cashew nut, Quorn chunk, sweet potato and pea curry in an onion, spring onion, ginger, garlic, chilli pepper, bell pepper, cashew nut, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, nutmeg, honey and plum tomato sauce but I want to add more flavour for a bit more of a kick without making it too hot (I'm mainly cooking for a mild/medium vegetarian audience).

I'd say it's better than stir-in sauces and a lot of the takeaways around here (although that's because they're bland and shite) but I want to be able to produce something on par with a nice restaurant. I don't know if I need to up the grease/unhealthiness or what. Obviously I need to widen the range of ingredients I use, so I'd be grateful for any tips and pointers.
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>> No. 13697 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 9:01 pm
13697 spacer

We'll have built the .GS nursing home by then - your families will drop you off one day and you'll all actually come and live with me.

Also, I love this Indonesian tribe/culture where once a year they dig up their dead relatives - I can see that being a thing at the home.
>> No. 13708 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 8:00 am
13708 spacer

Mushy pea curry might be the most disgusting thing I've read in some time.
>> No. 13709 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 9:10 am
13709 spacer
>>13708 Is that not just a dal, with all the possibilities and horrors that that can entail?
'curry powder' isn't an auspicious start, but might be rescued.
I'm just saying the jury's out, this could go either way, despite how foul it sounds at first.
>> No. 13710 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 10:31 am
13710 spacer
I'd agree it's just a dal - I mean tarka dal is yellow split peas I believe, so it's not too out there.
>> No. 13739 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 12:42 pm
13739 spacer
>just a dal
Waking up at twelve with my cloves again
Feel my mouth explode from madras and vin
Another tarka plate

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