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>> No. 10049 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 6:26 pm
10049 Mead
Evening, lads.
I was wondering what the best brand of mead would be to buy in London?
I've heard that pic related is quite lovely.
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>> No. 10050 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 6:46 pm
10050 spacer


I bought this for a friend and it was lovely. They do lovely gift sets on that site too.
>> No. 10051 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 6:53 pm
10051 spacer
Lindisfarne mead isn't actually Lindsifarne mead, it's from Berwick. It used to be from Lindisfarne but ent no more.

The National Trust does a few meads, they're quite tasty. A tenner each though unfortunately.
>> No. 10052 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 6:55 pm
10052 spacer

>> No. 10053 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 6:57 pm
10053 spacer
Thankyou, lads.
>> No. 10054 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 7:43 pm
10054 spacer
plus £5 delivery though...
>> No. 10055 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 8:01 pm
10055 spacer
There is a village near Milton Keynes called Hardmead. It sounds like the perfect place for a fantasy themed pub but alas the village in question doesn't even have a pub and is little more than a collection of farms.
Sage for irrelevance.
>> No. 10141 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 3:32 am
10141 spacer

The one in >>10050 has £8 delivery.
>> No. 10142 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 5:43 am
10142 spacer
Is it actually worth looking for this? Last I heard from a beardy ale drinker type was that mead was rather bland and disappointing.
>> No. 10143 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 10:08 am
10143 spacer

It tastes like white wine, except if it had honey mixed into it. Pretty nice I think. Never listen to a real ale twat.
>> No. 10144 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 2:34 pm
10144 spacer
It's nothing like wine... And the closest to wine it can get is really thin mead which isn't mead at all.

Spiced mead would make a great Christmas drink.
>> No. 10145 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 2:51 pm
10145 spacer
As a real ale fan I'd like you to not paint us all with the same brush... most of us just like good beer. Then again I'm not middle aged, fat or bearded so I'm hardly the stereotype.
>> No. 10146 Anonymous
3rd December 2013
Tuesday 2:59 pm
10146 spacer

Do you like the footie?
>> No. 10456 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 4:11 pm
10456 spacer
Do you vote UKIP?
>> No. 10459 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 4:26 pm
10459 spacer

I recommend Lyme Bay's Traditional mead. I've found other meads to just taste like very sweet alcoholic honey but this has a slightly dry taste and some interesting flavours.
>> No. 10609 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 2:23 pm
10609 spacer
Don't suppose you lads know if there are any UK supermarkets which are known to stock mead? I had a look at my fairly large local Co-Op and they didn't have any, and I'd like to know before I make the trek to a fancy offie.
>> No. 10610 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 6:52 pm
10610 spacer
The only shop I've known to stock mead is on Park street in Bristol. It's called Guild, and is basically what the Guardian would look like if it was a shop.
>> No. 10611 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 7:20 pm
10611 spacer

I knew someone who supplied to the guild a good number of years back. Apparently they stuck on a 100% markup, which left my acquaintance feeling sufficiently aggrieved that he never did bother making things again and went into a regular job.
To reiterate, this is getting to be a seriously long time ago, and I'll confess that they do sell nice things. Although if anyone's after nice chocolate in the Bristol area, going anywhere except Guilbert's is indefensible.
>> No. 10612 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 7:51 pm
10612 spacer
A lot of places sell at heavy markup, just compare the cost of a decent scotch in Scotland vs England. Sure there are delivery costs but that shouldn't double the price.
>> No. 10613 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 8:13 pm
10613 spacer

Is scotch cheaper in Scotland? It's certainly a damn sight cheaper in the US ironically enough, because their alcohol duty is nowhere near as exorbitant as ours. I can generally pick up a bottle there for $N that costs £N here. Considering all the exportation costs etc, that's quite remarkable.
>> No. 10614 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 8:15 pm
10614 spacer
>> No. 10615 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 8:22 pm
10615 spacer

> double the price.

Wait, what? Scotch is half the price up there? Time to start packing my bags.
>> No. 10616 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 8:22 pm
10616 spacer
Oh do stop being so objectionable, it's quite unwarranted. I was at home this weekend and I'm proud to say that my twelve-year old brother (>18. Big gap. Because reasons.) is now moving beyond the 'being facetious and picking holes in things for the sake of it' phase.
>> No. 10617 Anonymous
5th May 2014
Monday 8:39 pm
10617 spacer
That goes both ways mate. You said something obvious. I didn't say you shouldn't have said it and don't think we'd be better off if you hadn't. I just pointed out in the humorous way we are accustomed to on britfags that your remark was completely obvious and maybe ignores wider complexities. No offence was meant and just as you might say it was uncalled for, I could describe your comparison of me to a child in the same way. It's not like we are having a conversation in person and my post had the power by itself to derail proceedings. So yeah, stop being so defensive.
>> No. 10618 Anonymous
6th May 2014
Tuesday 2:51 am
10618 spacer
I've bought mead in Morrison's and Asda.

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