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>> No. 10335 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 6:41 am
10335 Special breakfasts
Any of you have special weekend only type breakfasts or ideas for such? Also post pics of good breakfasts.
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>> No. 10336 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 10:26 am
10336 spacer
Grilled kippers on thick brown toast is my second favourite. My definite favourite are devilled kidneys with the same but I rarely make them because my family moan about the smell, the dirty plebs.
>> No. 10337 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 2:34 pm
10337 spacer
I love breakfast food. Most days it's eggs or oats of some description, but on the weekend I'll occasionally make thick scotch pancakes with syrup and bacon.

I'm not as fat as you might think.
>> No. 10338 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 2:47 pm
10338 spacer
What do you have with your oats?
>> No. 10340 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 3:03 pm
10340 spacer

I make it with whole milk in a saucepan, adding cinnamon and ground ginger as I go. Sometimes I'll add a spoonful of smooth peanut butter. Vanilla extract can really help, too, but it's expensive and I always use too much too fast.
>> No. 10341 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 3:09 pm
10341 spacer

More oats m8. What are you, some kind of bumder?
>> No. 10342 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 6:58 pm
10342 spacer
There's a story behind that I am sure.
>> No. 10406 Anonymous
6th February 2014
Thursday 5:29 am
10406 spacer
I really like eggs Benedict, it straddles the line between fancy and satisfyingly crude. It's fast too once you learn how to make hollandaise, which is something you need to learn if you ever want to prove you're middle class, it's one of the very first parts of the test, right after throwing the Guardian's sport section away with your eyes closed, without losing G2 with it.
>> No. 10408 Anonymous
6th February 2014
Thursday 11:28 am
10408 spacer
Got any tricks for the hollandaise?
>> No. 10416 Anonymous
7th February 2014
Friday 7:16 am
10416 spacer

The biggest trick is practice, really, it's like scrambled eggs - you're going on instinct more than recipe. But I always recommend using clarified butter, and I feel using a Bain Marie isn't necessary.

Other than that just whisk constantly, and pay attention. And remember a single egg yolk can't absorb much more than 70g of butter, so if you overdo it there, it WILL split.

You can make great hollandaise in a blender too, and it requires much less practice. But once you learn to do it by hand, it's usually faster and cleaner. Just don't buy that stuff they sell in packets in supermarkets. It's labelled hollandaise, but it just isn't.

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